23 Apr 05:17

Мы выбрали российский гимн, мы молодцы

Интересная штука с этими The Stooges: названия песен мрачны и на первый взгляд социальны (мы упадём вместе с российской экономикой, радости в этом никакой, всё говно). Реальность художественного мира Игги Попа гораздо проще - он поёт про секс - грубый, жёсткий, во все дыры, но, в конечном итоге про взаимоотношения пестиков-тычинок с точки зрения перворождённого панка. Впрочем, русский человек (даже если он еврей) и в этом видит только социальный протест.

Третьего дня я попросил амигос выбрать студжевскую композицию, достойную гимна России. Как выяснилось, многие ориентируются только на название, не вслушиваясь в текст (мысль о том, что многие просто не слышали The Stooges я сразу отогнал как оскорбительную для традиционных российских ценностей) Уже в первом туре голосования справедливую победу одержал кандидат от Fun House по фамилии Dirt (последний на первой стороне второго бюллетеня).Остаётся создать петицию на Change.org и набрать свои 100 000 голосов.

Знаете, в оркестровой обработке (по моему скромному мнению) это будет звучать мощно. К сожалению, именно оркестрового кавера я не нашёл, зато Youtube любезно предложил вариант от от Lisa Mezzacappa Trio feat. Fay Victor - мерзкий вариант, негармоничный, да и снятый отвратительно. Экспертная группа в составе трёх девиц дружно его отвергла, причём у первой девицы тут же сработал рвотный рефлекс, вторая захотела немедленно свалить из России, а третья призналась в тайной ко мне любви. Я ржал как лошадь. А к толстым негритянским тёткам я отношусь нежно, что бы те ни пели.
22 Apr 14:48

Ad giants enforcing web standards? Hmmph.

The Wall Street Journal says Google is considering giving a boost in its search-engine results to websites that use encryption.

Is Google being a bully? Are they a force for good? I’m not sure it matters. What concerns me is the idea that a company is now so powerful and influential that it can force the rest of us on the internet to make decisions that may or may not be in our best interests.

I know a lot of people lost their faith in the company when they dropped Google Reader. But I think we all more or less understand why it happened.  I recently got one of those calls confirming recent credit card transactions and they described Google as an advertising company.  Nothing about technology or the internet.

Google’s power comes from the fact that, to a very large extent, they control what people see on the Internet. They create the system and they game the system to their own ends. They offer a service for free to the end user- provided they can make money off that service. 

It is probably inevitable that almost all technologies we depend on for our online experience will be heavily influenced by a few powerful organizations. The question is, where does that influence and control end?

Here’s a useful thought experiment. Imagine that Google takes away search results. Search may seem like the company’s essential function. But why does Google have to keep serving up search results from the Internet? Very few people look beyond the first couple results anyway.

Why wouldn’t a company in a position of almost total control serve up nothing but sponsored content if they could? Or just content only from sites that jump through their hoops. (Content from unencrypted sites would almost never be seen if Google changes its algorithm to de-value their content.)  

In fact, Google would probably make more money than they already do if they took this approach. The idea that a search engine doesn’t show search results isn’t too far fetched once you think about it.  No different than Facebook neglecting to show you posts from a person or company that you follow.

I don’t expect everyone to trust me or assume that we have their best interests at heart. We want people to gravitate to the Old Reader because it gives them what they ask for. It’s not altruism- it’s just how the open web works. We will certainly make decisions about how to run the service that not everyone will agree with.

Critics have said that RSS has not always been as consumer-friendly as social media. But what is more user-friendly than giving you exactly what you want to see, and not what a single company wants you to see? That’s how the Internet is supposed to work. 

By its very nature, The Old Reader is not a closed system and will never have the kind of concentrated market power to control what you see. The very nature of RSS is that it delivers the content that you request.

We don’t need some Advertising firm telling us how to consume or construct our web.  Do we?

23 Apr 04:00

Phone Alarm

23 Apr 04:30

04/21/14 PHD comic: 'An Honest Methods Section'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
Click on the title below to read the comic
title: "An Honest Methods Section" - originally published 4/21/2014

For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

22 Apr 14:26

siriciryon: flyingcuttlefish: jesseengland: The video camera...




The video camera is plugged into the VCR, allowing it to record itself being poked and prodded.

GIF’d version of Vide-Uhhh! (2005)

This is some horror movie shit…

SCIENCE! And fairly clever observational technique.

22 Apr 20:22

Trifluoromethyltrimethylsilane: Nucleophilic Trifluoromethylation and Beyond

by Xiao Liu, Cong Xu, Mang Wang and Qun Liu

TOC Graphic

Chemical Reviews
DOI: 10.1021/cr400473a
23 Apr 07:46

Цитата #427861

мы преподавателя по психофизиологии загоняли в угол на лекции: договариваетесь, что когда препод начинает отходить вправо - то аудитория начинает потихонечку шуметь: ручками пощелкивать, бумажками шелестите, шептаться. Отходит влево - замолкает. Конец лекции читается из левого угла :))
22 Apr 17:34

(1) Tumblr

by walkman
23 Apr 09:00

Digging around in the legacy code

by sharhalakis

by secondhype

22 Apr 15:21


22 Apr 04:34

Titanium Oxide Nanosheets: Graphene Analogues with Versatile Functionalities

by Lianzhou Wang and Takayoshi Sasaki

TOC Graphic

Chemical Reviews
DOI: 10.1021/cr400627u
22 Apr 12:45

Working to Make the World Stronger

22 Apr 12:23

Highly Diastereo- and Enantioselective Silver-Catalyzed Double [3+2] Cyclization of α-Imino Esters with Isocyanoacetate

by Pan-Lin Shao, Jia-Yu Liao, Yee Ann Ho, Yu Zhao


Presented herein is a new complexity-generating method in which both functionalities of α-imino esters undergo stereoselective cyclization with isocyanoacetates to produce directly linked oxazole-imidazolines, which can be transformed into highly functionalized α,β-diamino esters and imidazolinium salts in high diastereo- and enantiopurity.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Double up: An unprecedented silver-catalyzed title reaction has been developed and provides access to directly linked oxazole-imidazolines. A highly diastereo- and enantioselective variant was also realized using the catalyst Ag/L*. The products can be easily transformed into highly functionalized chiral α,β-diamino esters or imidazolinium salts which are useful motifs in asymmetric synthesis and catalysis.

22 Apr 12:23

Remote Enantioselective Friedel–Crafts Alkylations of Furans through HOMO Activation

by Jun-Long Li, Cai-Zhen Yue, Peng-Qiao Chen, You-Cai Xiao, Ying-Chun Chen


Catalytic asymmetric Friedel–Crafts alkylation is a powerful protocol for constructing a chiral C(sp2)[BOND]C(sp3) bond. Most previous examples rely on LUMO activation of the electrophiles using chiral catalysts with subsequent attack by electron-rich arenes. Presented herein is an alternative strategy in which the HOMO of the aromatic π system of 2-furfuryl ketones is raised through the formation of a formal trienamine species using a chiral primary amine. Exclusive regioselective alkylation at the 5-position occurred with alkylidenemalononitriles, and high reactivity and excellent enantioselectivity (up to 95 % ee) was obtained by this remote activation.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Alternative strategy: An asymmetric and regioselective Friedel–Crafts alkylation reaction of 2-furfuryl ketones and alkylidenemalononitriles was developed and involves the in situ generation of a formal HOMO-raised trienamine species. A diversity of alkylation products were produced in moderate to excellent enantioselectivity under the catalysis of a chiral bifunctional primary amine-thiourea (1).

22 Apr 04:10

Iridium-Catalyzed Regioselective Silylation of Secondary Alkyl C–H Bonds for the Synthesis of 1,3-Diols

by Bijie Li, Matthias Driess and John F. Hartwig

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/ja5026479
23 Apr 04:20

Mmmmnope. [pbs]

Mmmmnope. [pbs]

23 Apr 11:10

Organocatalytic Atroposelective Aldol Condensation: Synthesis of Axially Chiral Biaryls by Arene Formation

by Achim Link, Christof Sparr


Axially chiral compounds are of significant importance in modern synthetic chemistry and particularly valuable in drug discovery and development. Nonetheless, current approaches for the preparation of pure atropisomers often prove tedious. We demonstrate here a synthetic method that efficiently transfers the stereochemical information of a secondary amine organocatalyst into the axial chirality of tri-ortho-substituted biaryls. An aromatic ring is formed during the dehydration step of the described aldol condensation cascade, leading to highly enantioenriched binaphthyl derivatives. The fundamental course of the reaction is related to the biosynthesis of aromatic polyketides.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Head-turning! An organocatalytic atroposelective aldol condensation to tri-ortho-substituted biaryls is described. Key to the process is an efficient transfer of the stereochemical information of a secondary amine catalyst into the axis of chirality of binaphthyl products. The reaction proceeds analogous to the aromatic polyketide biosynthesis and is distinct in its initiation by virtue of dienamine formation. This method allows for the synthesis of axially chiral biaryls with remarkable atroposelectivity of up to e.r. 99:1.

23 Apr 15:01


23 Apr 04:00

April 23, 2014

Another favorite comic up up over at The Nib:

23 Apr 17:50

Buffalo Facts

by Reza


22 Apr 04:45

Цитата #427830

<denk> админокислоты
<dadv> жирные насыщенные и ненасыщенные
22 Apr 07:02

Gold(III) Corroles for High Performance Organic Solar Cells

by Shiu-Lun Lai, Lin Wang, Chen Yang, Mei-Yee Chan, Xiangguo Guan, Chi-Chung Kwok, Chi-Ming Che

While the use of molecular materials having long-lived triplet excited state(s) for harvesting solar energy could be an effective approach to boost up the power conversion efficiency (PCE) of organic solar cells (OSCs), the performances of this kind of OSCs as reported in the literature are low (< 2.9% PCE attained for the vacuum-deposited OSCs). Herein is described the realization of high performance OSCs by using gold(III) 5,10,15-triphenylcorrole (Au-C1), gold(III) 10-(p-trifluoromethylphenyl)-5,15-diphenylcorrole (Au-C2), and gold(III) 10-(pentafluorophenyl)-5,15-diphenyl-corrole (Au-C3), as electron-donors. These gold(III) corroles display excited state lifetimes of ≥ 25 μs and low emission quantum yields of < 0.15%. With the complexes Au-C1, Au-C2, and Au-C3, vacuum-deposited OSCs, which give PCEs of 2.7%, 3.0%, and 1.8%, respectively, are fabricated. The PCE can be further boosted up to 4.0% after thermal treatment of the OSC devices. Meanwhile, a solution-processed OSC based on Au-C2 with a high PCE of 6.0% is fabricated. These PCE values are among the best reported for both types of vacuum-deposited and solution-processed OSCs fabricated with metal-organic complexes having long-lived excited states as electron-donor material. The underlying mechanism for the inferior performance of the reported OSCs is discussed.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

High performance OSCs comprising gold(III) corroles as donors are demonstrated with 4.0% and 6.0% PCEs realized in optimized OSCs based on Au-C2 via vacuum and solution-processes. These PCEs are among the best reported for both types of devices with triplet photo-absorber. Involvement of Au-C2 with long excited-state-lifetime ≥ 25 μs and low Φ PL < 0.15% may benefit to OSC performance.

22 Apr 13:56

Frugal yet Fancy Homebrewing – with 30 Seconds of Work

by Mr. Money Mustache

discoSummer seems to have started a little early this year here in Colorado, and brought along all of its pleasant side effects. Abandoning the socks and shoes, gathering with local friends to play in the park and watch the sunsets, and of course an increased consumption of cold beverages.

Long ago, I wrote a post about brewing your own beer. It was an amazing experience and it produced great beer. Many readers are advanced brewers and they wrote in with advice and encouragement. It is still a great hobby for the many people who enjoy it. But unfortunately for my friends and me, we found that after a few batches the habit just didn’t stick.

It was all in the practicalities: the brewing process takes a couple of hours and involves quite a bit of repetitive labor that can be guilt-inducing for those of us who like to use all our time productively. Bottling is a particularly slow chore, and the more efficient alternative of keg storage encourages excessive beer consumption because you end up with your own refrigerated beer tap taunting you at all hours. To top it all off, the home-brewed beer was only slightly cheaper than the local microbrews, which can be found for just over a dollar a bottle around here if you pick them up during a sale.

To create a winning home brewing situation for lazy people like myself, I needed an impossible combination of attributes: a low time commitment, small batches, low cost, no major research, and no bottling. I didn’t think such a thing existed, but a local friend of mine who is known on this blog as The Honey Badger has proved me wrong. He has rediscovered an age-old method to convert good fruit juice into very good summer party beverages with about 30 seconds of work (plus of course two weeks of fermentation).

The end result is a sparkling beverage that is extremely tasty, much drier (less sweet) than the original fruit, and contains about 6% alcohol – the perfect level for adult relaxation and a factor in the easy breezy style of this very article which is being written with a large mug of cider right next to the laptop.

At less than 60 cents per 12 ounce serving, this is a truly frugal way to get the party started. Replacing a portion of your microbrew consumption with some innovative drinks you ferment yourself could save you hundreds per year. And pulling out a fresh gallon jug of this fine hard cider from the fridge is a prestigious way to impress your party guests. As long as you don’t use it as an excuse to consume more, something we laid down the rules for in the old Beer ‘o’ Clock article.

So let’s make some right now.

1: Procure the largest, fanciest bottle of juice you can find

yeastI chose this lovely one-gallon jug bottle of North Coast Sonoma County unfiltered apple juice from the new hipster market in town called Lucky’s. It runs about $5.99 for a bottle this size. The key is to look for something without preservatives, and with a very good natural taste. You can ferment pretty much anything with sugar in it, but we are fancy people here, so we use fancy juice. Apple, grape, mango, pineapple, pear, and berry juices work beautifully.

2: Take off the cap and dump in 1/2 teaspoon of Champagne Yeast
You might give it a little swirl or shake to disperse the yeast nicely through the juice. Save the cap, for you’ll be putting it back on once the brewing is done.

3: Put a cork with an airlock* in it.
stopperThen put an ounce of clean water (or a sterile liquid like whiskey as shown here) into the airlock. I recommend setting the bottle in the center of your kitchen table at this point so you can watch the show. Within 24 hours, it will start gently bubbling and fizzing, as the yeast works its incredible alchemy of turning the useless sugar molecules into useful alcohol ones. This bubbling will go on for about two weeks. At that point, you may notice that it slows down as the yeast runs low on sugar.

And you’re done! After those two weeks, put the cap back on, and put the jug in your fridge. A small amount of additional fermentation will happen, which will release more carbon dioxide that gets forced back into solution to make the mixture slightly bubbly. It will store well for many weeks in the fridge, or you can use it immediately. Dispense freely to self and friends, and watch the pleasant results.

Update: In response to the idea of in-bottle carbonation, some readers brought up the concern that it is possible to break certain bottles if the pressure grows too large. The thing is, you don’t know what “too large” is. Therefore, I will start a new dangerous experiment today that may cost me a whole bottle of cider: I’ll brew a new batch, cap the bottle tightly after two weeks, and leave it in a a protected enclosure in my warm garage for several additional days. Then see if it explodes, gets extremely fizzy, or just ends up perfectly carbonated. Plastic bottles will also eliminate the risk of dangerous explosions, because they have a great capacity to stretch.


The key to this whole deal is that we have eliminated the time-consuming parts of beer and wine brewing. Instead of boiling grains for hours and adding multiple ingredients, we use just one ingredient. Instead of washing carboys and siphoning from one to another, we ferment in just the bottle supplied with the juice. And instead of sterilizing and capping dozens of bottles afterwards, we just throw that same bottle in the fridge and serve directly from it. The result is obviously not beer, but the variety of fruits and other sweet things that Nature makes available will still keep your taste buds entertained.

I just started this experiment two weeks ago. We cracked the first bottle last night, and it was such a success that I decided to share the results with you as well as start a few more bottles for future use.

Bottoms up!


*The Honey Badger has been brewing interesting concoctions to share at his own parties for several years now, and he even started a website called Simple Brew Kits to sell the extremely simple parts needed to ferment beverages like this at home. A rubber stopper/cork, an airlock, and some yeast. Under 15 bucks and you’re set for the summer. 

** Mr. HB is also the guy I teamed up with for The Foreclosure Project, and the one who introduced me to the Badass nature of Fasting. He is also known occasionally as Poppa from Poppa’s Cottage and Hirsute Pursuit.


22 Apr 14:36

Жизнь становится веселее

by tema@tema.ru
Весна, у тупорылых мракобесов начался период обострения. Они нашли ветерана, который подал на меня в суд. Моральный ущерб на миллион рублей.

http://www.ntv.ru/novosti/919056/ (пидарасы не смогли нормальный код для вставки видео сделать на сайте)

Телеканал НТВ в перых же строках сообщает зрителям ложь, пороча мою безупречную репутацию:

Иск против изобретателя и бизнесмена, прославившегося провокационными высказываниями, подали ветераны Великой Отечественной войны. На своей странице Лебедев назвал фронтовиков трусами, а памятник героям, которые погибли, защищая родину, — не иначе как куском бетона.

Источник: http://www.ntv.ru/novosti/919056/video/#ixzz2zclPusZm

Я никогда не называл фронтовиков трусами, поэтому НТВ должно принести мне извинения в эфире. Это не моя проблема, что люди читают жопой, а не глазами. У меня есть опыт требования извинений (см. пост "Нехуя пиздеть" про Независимую газету, которая тоже читала мои посты жопой, за что опубликовала извинение: http://tema.livejournal.com/863707.html).

А с другого фронта вылезли какие-то инвалиды мозга первой степени из неведомой "Партии великое отечество", которые опубликовали заметку "Список люстрации ПВО пополнили имена Лебедева и Шендеровича" (пруф: http://партиявеликоеотечество.рф/spisok-lyustratsii-pvo-popolnili-imena-lebedeva-i-shenderovicha). Товарищи не знают значения слова люстрация, но это не мешает им писать всякую хуйню. Даже не знаю - гордиться или переживать, что меня с Шендеровичем вместе решили люстрировать.

Уровень развития этой белковой массы характеризует фраза из памфлета:

А переходить к конкретике и цитированию Лебедева неприемлемо для любого здравомыслящего человека.

Источник: по ссылке чуть выше

Ничего. Скоро вся эта возня в интернете будет неактуальна. Приструнят народные депутаты зарвавшихся выскочек. Скоро у нас будет как в Иране, иншалла.

А пока патроны есть, буду защищать здравый смысл от толп кретинов.

22 Apr 10:13

Turn-on Phosphorescence by Metal Coordination to a Multivalent Terpyridine Ligand: A New Paradigm for Luminescent Sensors

by Andrea Fermi, Giacomo Bergamini, Myriam Roy, Marc Gingras and Paola Ceroni

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/ja501458s