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28 Aug 16:08

Orlando Bloom’s custom BMW S1000R

by Chris Hunter

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.
You don’t get many customs based on high-tech, 160 mph roadsters. But this stunning new BMW from Deus has the ‘go’ to match the show.

It’s called 4CYL and it belongs to Orlando Bloom—who is a certified custom bike nut and horsepower junkie. The project got rolling when Bloom visited the BMW factory in Munich and hit it off with BMW designer Ola Stenegärd (below right). Soon after, a freshly uncrated BMW S1000R was sitting in Deus’ Los Angeles workshop.

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.
4CYL is the work of Michael ‘Woolie’ Woolaway (above left), an old-school racer who heads up Deus’ Venice Beach design department

This isn’t the first BMW that Woolie has built for his friend. Bloom’s garage is also home to a 1964 BMW R60 that Woolie restored to original condition.

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.
As you can imagine, building this BMW S1000R was a completely different Kessel der Fische. After all, the first step was to remove all the plastics.

“I realized why not many people want to customize this bike!” laughs Woolie “There are a lot of electronics under the plastics, but not a whole lot of ‘raw beauty.’ It all had to be addressed.”

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.
As a point of reference, Woolie thought of the functional, stripped-back Butler & Smith racebikes from the 1970s—like the R90S ridden by Reg Pridmore. And he’s succeeded. This S1000R isn’t what you’d call conventionally pretty, but it celebrates the essence of the machine.

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.
The 158 hp inline four-cylinder motor is unusually wide. So rather than try to hide it, Woolie decided to accentuate its girth. He’s plumbed in an oversized Febur radiator, a functional architectural piece that adds character to the broad-shouldered bike.

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.
Another key element of the re-design is the pair of boardtrack-style bars that stretch across the top of the tank. “There were a few details that were important to Ola, such as the tank bars.” says Woolie. “They hold down the tank quite well.”

Next up was a custom subframe for the seat and tail section, which hides the electrical box. “This was not easy—there are so many electronics and gyroscopes and sensors, and they have to stay in the stock location,” says Woolie.

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.
The new tray that fits below the seat was shaped first with aluminum, and then vacuum-bagged in carbon fiber. The ABS brake pump and all the accompanying brake lines were removed to further free up space. The mirrors and brake fluid reservoir are from Rizoma.

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.
The one-off seat is wrapped in black waterproof Kushitani leather, with double diamond tuck stitching. Another classic element is the round headlight, secured by elegant brackets made from stainless steel tubing. It’s a stark contrast to the sharp-edged sport bike fairing that the S1000R left the factory with. The new front fender has a vintage feel too, despite being crafted from carbon fiber.

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.
Behind the small hand-shaped aluminum fairing, you’ll find the stock gauge cluster—stock because it’s hard-wired into the electronics. But the artist Ornamental Conifer has treated the face of the analog rev counter to a neat geometric design.

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.
To secure the forks, Woolie put a call in to fellow Coloradan Davey Durelle. “He had his guys make a clean top clamp, to match the clip-on bars from Gilles Tooling.” Gilles also provided rear sets and axle components, with the ultra-light carbon fiber wheels coming from BST. Traction is provided by Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa hypersport tires.

4CYL adds a dash of retro magic to an already great bike, swapping the edgy modern plastics for a more timeless vibe. If you like the style of the R nineT but want even more power, Orlando’s new ride is food for thought.

Deus Customs | Facebook | Instagram | Google+ image gallery

BMW S1000R cafe racer built for Orlando Bloom by Deus Customs, L.A.

25 Aug 16:06

things I learned about Maria Nikiforova from reading Atamansha:

-started her political career as an anarchist terrorist in Ukraine, robbing banks and bombing rich people and killing cops.

-tried to kill herself with a bomb upon her first arrest in 1908, but the bomb didn’t go off, so she was sent to siberia, so she organized a riot and escaped.

-went to NYC, western europe, etc., whereupon she decided to go to art school. Married a polish anarchist guy but didn’t take his name or become co-dependent.

-signed up for the french army during WWI, stuck around fighting the germans until the Russian Revolution, took off for Russia/Ukraine.

-She got arrested by the leftist government and all the workers rolled up and were like “oh hell no you got to let her go” so they let her go. But the armed anarchists in the next town over were already on their way over with guns to let her go, and they showed up and she was already free so instead of a battle they had a party.

-ended up in charge of this crew of hundreds of anarchists who rampaged around revolutionary / civil war Ukraine and robbed and killed rich people, burned tax and ownership records, set fire to every prison they found because fuck prisons.

-her crew rode into battle on horses and trains and armored cars because they were awesome.

-the men in her crew wore long hair, flared pants, and gold jewelry—none of which were the style at the time.

-accordionists rode in the back of the formation in horse-drawn machinegun carts lined with furs and shit like that, and the horses in the calvary were lined up by color so that it looked more badass when they rode into battle.

-she shot anyone who fucked with her.

-she seemed incapable of giving a shit as to whether or not the odds were against her. Always went back to liberate captured comrades.

-one time these counterrevolutionary cossacks rolled in and the leftists disarmed the cossacks and then tried to convert the cossacks and the cossacks ignored the leftists and laughed at them and shit, until Nikiforova took the stage and they all shut up and listened and ended up sympathetic with the anarchists.

-the best insults the Bolsheviks managed to levy against her in their official accounts was maybe that she was ugly or mannish or intersex. Seriously that’s the best they managed.

-her and Makhno argued about whether to trust the bolsheviks in the end. Maria didn’t want to. She was right.

-Makhno wouldn’t give her money to keep up her guerrilla struggle against the reactionaries and the bolsheviks, so she robbed him at gunpoint.

-One time she was on trial and another anarchist general (or whatever they were called, this book doesn’t go into the military structure to any detail) was like “you all are going to find her innocent. Or, you know. Guns. We have guns.” The court found her innocent.

-When she was finally captured and sentenced to death, her husband was with her, serving in her command (as best as I can figure) and his crime was more or less literally “being married to Maria Nikiforova” and they both got shot and if that isn’t romance I don’t know what is.

18 Aug 14:58

foxwin: ‘People’ named you one of the sexiest men alive, when do...


‘People’ named you one of the sexiest men alive, when do you feel sexiest?

18 Aug 14:53

belllaaaxo-: My brothers are funnier than I care to admit


My brothers are funnier than I care to admit

17 Aug 16:24

cool-ghoul: hikikomomo: nerdgerhl: lyinginbedmon: lesbophobes: gaypet: paxamericana: The...








The epidemic began on September 13, 2005, when Blizzard introduced a new raid called Zul’Gurub into the game as part of a new update. Its end boss, Hakkar, could affect players by using a debuff called Corrupted Blood, a disease that damages players over time, this one specifically doing significant damage. The disease could be passed on between any nearby characters, and would kill characters with lower levels in a few seconds, while higher level characters could keep themselves alive. It would disappear as time passed or when the character died. Due to a programming error, players’ pets and minions carried the disease out of the raid.

Non-player characters could contract the disease but were asymptomatic to it and could spread it to others.[2] At least three of the game’s servers were affected. The difficulty in killing Hakkar may have limited the spread of the disease. Discussion forum posters described seeing hundreds of bodies lying in the streets of the towns and cities. Deaths in World of Warcraft are not permanent, as characters are resurrected shortly afterward.[3] However, dying in such a way is disadvantageous to the player’s character and incurs inconvenience.[4]

During the epidemic, normal gameplay was disrupted. Player responses varied but resembled real-world behaviors. Some characters with healing abilities volunteered their services, some lower-level characters who could not help would direct people away from infected areas, some characters would flee to uninfected areas, and some characters attempted to spread the disease to others.[2] Players in the game reacted to the disease as if there was real risk to their well-being.[5] Blizzard Entertainment attempted to institute a voluntary quarantine to stem the disease, but it failed, as some players didn’t take it seriously, while others took advantage of the pandemonium.[2] Despite certain security measures, players overcame them by giving the disease to summonable pets.[6] Blizzard was forced to fix the problem by instituting hard resets of the servers and applying quick fixes.[3]

The major towns and cities were abandoned by the population as panic set in and players rushed to evacuate to the relative safety of the countryside, leaving urban areas filled to the brim with corpses, and the city streets literally white with the bones of the dead.[7]

please read the full wikipedia article


Orgrimmar during the incident.

This is legitimately one of the most fascinating events in online and/or gaming history to date.

This post leaves out the most incredible part, which is that the CDC straight up contacted Blizzard and asked for all the data they had on the Corrupted Blood Plague for the purposes of refining their models of epidemic behavior in real human populations

Is this a real life thing

Yup! Scholars still look at it to this day.

17 Aug 13:44

spacetwinks: fantasy world where nerds keep falling through dimensional portals into them but none...


"I mean you're special... you just fall within a bell curve"


fantasy world where nerds keep falling through dimensional portals into them but none of them are chosen ones or anything like that so they just gotta fucking live and farm there now or something

15 Aug 20:27

vicanlp: goddamn nerd


goddamn nerd

15 Aug 19:57

Harry Brignull on Twitter: “How Target disguises what they...

Harry Brignull on Twitter: “How Target disguises what they know about customers, to avoid creeping them out. – ‘Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg”

15 Aug 19:56

Church for Crabs: Architectural 3D-Printed Hermit Shell

by Steph
[ By Steph in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

hermit crab castle

A hermit crab scuttles along the sand, carrying a perfect replica of a Japanese wedding chapel on its back, complete with a tiny spire. After designing a series of crystal-clear ‘crawling cities,’ artist Aki Inomata returns with another detailed architectural alternative to natural shells, rendered in transparent acrylic so we can still see the crab’s body within.

hermit crab castle 2

Entitled ‘White Chapel,’ this miniature sculpture is the third installment of Inomata’s project ‘Why Not Hand Over a Shelter to Hermit Crabs?’ The shape will look familiar to Westerners, of course, as we see churches like this practically on every block. But in Japan, such structures are used for weddings only, and rarely for worshipping or any other form of religious services.

hermit crab castle 3 hermit crab castle 4

“When I visit Western countries, I sometimes notice the origin of architecture, habits, foods, etc… in Japan, they would be transformed into local styles, and I ask myself, ‘are we Japanese living in mimicry of western world?’ says the artist. “For me, these imitations, or I would say reproductions or arrangements of Western-style architecture, seem to reflect identities of post-colonialism inside of Japanese people.”

hermit crab castle 5

Inomata uses CT scanning to perfectly replicate the interior shape of a natural hermit crab shell so all of her artificial alternatives fit comfortably. Previous versions have included skylines of New York City and Amsterdam, as well as reproductions of buildings in Paris and Tokyo.

Want More? Click for Great Related Content on WebUrbanist:

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Hermit crabs carry crystal-clear cityscapes on their backs, thanks to a series of 3D-printed shells by Aki Inomata. The artist scans the insides of hermit crab ... Click Here to Read More »»

Bio-Mobile: 3D-Printed Car Body Inspired by Turtle Shell

3D printing enables the body of a car to be more complex than ever, yet fairly quick and economical to produce. EDAG, the world’s largest engineering ... Click Here to Read More »»

Light Lines: Stunning String Installation Inside Abandoned Church

What seems at first to be narrow rays of turquoise light streaming in through the stained glass windows of a vacant Gothic Revival church turn out to be over ... Click Here to Read More »»

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[ By Steph in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

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15 Aug 19:38

gaywrites: In which Canadian MP Megan Leslie back-sasses an...


In which Canadian MP Megan Leslie back-sasses an online troll who was bashing a political poster featuring some LGBT members of the New Democratic Party. The Gay Agenda is alive and well. (via Gay Star News)

15 Aug 19:34

tastefullyoffensive: Video: Fish Jumps Out of Water to Bite...



15 Aug 19:32

geekandmisandry: geekandmisandry: geekandmisandry: geekandmisandry: geekandmisandry: My husband...






My husband doesn’t believe me that shaving your legs is difficult and time consuming. So long story short he is about to shave his legs for the first time.

Update: he is part way through one leg and regretting his decision. I got him to switch from his men’s razor to my woman razor (his is for face shaving) and it’s going slightly better.

He is hating shaving his legs. HATING it.


My husband from the shower: how many notes does your post have?

Me: roughly one for every YEAR you have been in that shower!






He says it was ridiculous and he can’t imagine having to do it again in a few days time, it’s much harder than shaving his face (he had previously claimed they would be abut the same). He says he feels he has learned a lesson!

Edit: He also pulled a muscle while shaving his legs! He said it was like exercise. “Yoga in the shower with razors” indeed!

Update: he has been rubbing his legs together in bed for ten minutes.

15 Aug 19:28

Nesquik and Trill


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15 Aug 19:25

bl-urryface: youjustgotunfollowed: this is one of the best...



this is one of the best puns i have ever seen

I sent this to my government teacher and he said it was the funniest thing a students ever showed him

15 Aug 19:12

mllescarlet: mercsmuffler: im so glad Finally



im so glad


12 Aug 16:46

thebrightstar: finchfry: the best and most accurate...



the best and most accurate thing

This literally NEVER gets old.

12 Aug 02:05

I mean, I think this was inevitable. Feel free to use it, MTA!

by chozzles

I mean, I think this was inevitable. Feel free to use it, MTA!

11 Aug 17:38


11 Aug 17:37

Visionary Inventions: 13 Bold Designs for the Blind

by Steph

Yes "for the blind" but also just damn good design.

[ By Steph in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ]

blind main

Those of us who aren’t visually impaired take for granted simple everyday actions like navigating unfamiliar places, reading bus schedules, telling the time or distinguishing between spices when cooking. These innovative gadget concepts use a combination of tactile displays, sensors, Bluetooth technology and apps to make the world a more accessible place for people who are unable to see, ranging from simple braille adaptations to cutting-edge neuroscience.

Invisual Tactile iPhone Case

blind inventions invisual

blind inventions invisual 2

This stretchy silicone casing for the iPhone covers the entire phone, front and back, replacing the glass screen with a tactile pad. Used along with an accompanying app, the phone offers special accessibility functions like text-to-speech as well as all the usual apps and programs you find on an iPhone.

Munivo: Wearable Silicone Guide

blind inventions munivo 1

blind inventions munivo 2

Distance sensors on this wearable gadget that wraps around the palm like jewelry guide the visually impaired toward a particular destination using actuators in the silicone film that’s in contact with the skin. The sensations include pressure, temperature and vibration, alerting the wearer whether to stop, turn right or left, or to be aware of the road widening or narrowing.

Section Cooking Surface

blind inventions sentino

Braille-like raised textures on this cooking mat let you know where the cooking surfaces are, and then keep track of how hot they’re getting with sounds. The designer converted the typical stove eye dial from circular to linear for easier use.

Touch and Go Navigation

blind inventions touch and go

Another ultrasonic navigation device fits onto the top of the hand and pairs with a Bluetooth headset, sensing obstacles and letting the wearer know their location via sound and as a relief map on the face of the gadget, both telling them where to go and showing their position on the map in respect to their destination.

Braille Spice Jars

blind inventions spice

blind inventions spices

Differences in shape and texture, as well as braille letters, identify salt, pepper and various spices in this set of jars for the visually impaired. The designer split spices into ‘mediterranean’ and ‘oriental’ groups, giving each one a unique shape. The teardrop-shaped salt and pepper shakers are distinguishable from each other using matte or smooth surfaces. Each little pod fits ergonomically into the palm of the hand and is easy to refill.

Next Page - Click Below to Read More:
Visionary Inventions 13 Bold Designs For The Blind

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Technology to assist visually impaired people is progressing far beyond the dog and cane. These technology concepts  – all of which are still in the ... Click Here to Read More »»

Touching Art: Raised Prints of Famous Paintings for the Blind

Enabling the visually impaired to quite literally put their hands on priceless artworks, this unique exhibition allows blind people to experience works like ... Click Here to Read More »»

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11 Aug 17:23



11 Aug 17:20

warriorwednesday: mysticmoonhigh:So I was talking to a boy today and called him “dude” and he goes,...



So I was talking to a boy today and called him “dude” and he goes, “Hey, I’m not your dude. I want to go by bro.” And the very first thing that popped into my head was ‘wow, he has preferred bronouns’.

09 Aug 14:26

ss-ukaku: themetaphysicalgrind: The Eerie Sounds of Saturn The...



The Eerie Sounds of Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft was able to record Saturn’s haunting radio emissions. Listen to more sounds of space here

09 Aug 14:25


08 Aug 19:54

prostheticknowledge: WandermentShort indie game by Andrew Wang...



Short indie game by Andrew Wang where you play a blind kitten navigating an envirnoment presented as particles based on your actions (a sort of kitty-sonar). Here is a video review by ToriDori:

Enjoy the adventures of a playful blind kitten journeying across town to find its friend. Particle-based 3D platformer. Sense your surroundings by splashing and walking. Take your time, savor and enjoy the experience.

Made in 72 hours for #CloneJamJord.

You can find out more (and download the game) here

08 Aug 19:54

Level of confidence: Open-source art memorial to the missing -...

Level of confidence: Open-source art memorial to the missing - New Scientist

Green points and lines plot out your features, taking stock of what makes your face unique. The haunting expressions of young men stare back impassively, as a progress bar marks how far the software has got in matching your face with one of theirs.

This is Level of Confidence – a chilling and moving work by Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Currently on show at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, this work is a response to the kidnapping of 43 student teachers in the city of Iguala, Mexico, in September last year.

The students had been protesting over teachers’ wages and union rights before they were rounded up, taken into the hills and, it is believed, turned over to a local drugs cartel. Most people think they were killed and their bodies burned – drug-related atrocities are all too common in the Guerrero part of Mexico.

08 Aug 15:25


by willowbl00

I got this for you, sharebros.

willowbl00 posted a photo:


08 Aug 02:02


by rosalafae

07 Aug 21:15

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Grounding


Hovertext: If parenting existed, it would be necessary to abolish it.

New comic!
Today's News:

About 20% of general admission tickets to BAHFest are sold in the first 48 hours! Get'em while they're extant!

07 Aug 21:12

Any Excuse Will Do for Them


surveillance state can lead to things like this!


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07 Aug 21:10

The pool at my hotel for DC.


not at DEFCON. not sorry.

The pool at my hotel for DC.