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12 May 13:43

Lindsey Adelman's Afterglow show features lighting with cascading chains and spine-like frames

by Eleanor Gibson

Afterglow by Lindsey Adelman

Wall lamps with draping metal chains by New York designer Lindsey Adelman and huge modular lights that bend in different directions by her colleague Karl Zahn feature in a tropical-themed display. Read more

12 May 13:42

#GlobalStyle #NaturalMaterials

#GlobalStyle #NaturalMaterials

30 Apr 12:07

Campana brothers create tile collection based on Brazilian gemstones

by Amy Frearson

The Agate gemstone commonly found in Brazil provided the inspiration for these handmade tiles, designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Italian brand Bisazza. Read more

18 Apr 19:45

Stokes Architecture converts whiskey factory into shabby-chic hotel and restaurant

by Dan Howarth

Wm. Mulherin's Sons Italian Restaurant and Hotel by Stokes Architecture

Stokes Architecture has retained the industrial character of this 19th-century whiskey factory in Philadelphia during its conversion into an Italian restaurant and boutique hotel. Read more

07 Mar 22:31

Olafur Eliasson reveals his latest pocket-sized solar lamp, the Little Sun Diamond

by Rima Sabina Aouf

Little Sun Diamond by Olafur Eliasson

Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has previewed a third design in his series of solar-powered mini lamps made for people without access to reliable energy. Read more

07 Mar 22:30

Haberdashery's Canopy pendant light recreates the effect of dappled sunlight

by Ben Hobson

Canopy light by Haberdashery

In this movie Dezeen produced for Haberdashery, Ben Rigby introduces the London design studio's first commercial lighting product, which casts dappled light reminiscent of sunshine filtering through leaves. Read more

05 Mar 00:20


by So Soft Sunday
Sasha Pais


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I welcome March with these soft and earthy tones. Feeling more than ready for spring and some sunny days now... Spring please come soon!
15 Feb 20:55


by So Soft Sunday
Sasha Pais

как нудно и хорошо

In the small town of Hakuba surrounded by the Japanese alps, you can find a lodge transformed into a Danish/Japanese design hotel. The hotel is entirely decorated with FINN JUHL furniture. The Finn Juhl hotel in Hakuba is the first of its kind. A truly unique hotel experience in Japan, I am sure!
03 Feb 23:51

#modernglobalstyle #springbok

Sasha Pais

мммм, золотишко.
но шкура :(

#modernglobalstyle #springbok

01 Feb 21:42


by So Soft Sunday
Sasha Pais

мне нравится идея, но это неудобно. У диванов мягкая спинка for a reason. Там стоит маленький столик, значит это детская и эта штука - для чтения и игр. Точно неудобно, отвечаю.

photo © henrik nero via per jansson fastighetsförmedling

...and this years maybe coolest diy! I really really really want to built a kind-of-daybed in plywood! Just like this one! 

17 Dec 21:50

Rare Le Corbusier pop-up book showcases his colour theories

by Emma Tucker

Le Corbusier’s sample book 1931 first edition

A rare first edition of Le Corbusier's 1931 interactive design guide Polychromie Architecturale: Die Farbenklaviaturen is up for auction in New YorkRead more

10 Nov 22:55

internalisecarlohomedecor: Home tour: one of my all-time...

Sasha Pais



Home tour: one of my all-time favourites!
It is the home of the interior designed Jason Chongue and his partner Nathan Smith.

Internalise Carlo on facebook, instagram and pinterest.

27 Sep 21:17

Issey Miyake updates iconic Bao Bao bag with new shapes

by Anna Winston

The articulated Bao Bao bag – a perennial favourite among architects and designers – has been updated with an assortment of new piece shapes, including arrows, circles and lighting bolts (+ slideshow). (more…)

27 Sep 21:15

Sebastian Bergne designs jug shaped like enormous water droplet

by Emma Tucker
Sasha Pais

как красиво

London Design Festival 2016: British designer Sebastian Bergne's glass Drop carafe has been created to resemble an oversized droplet of water (+ slideshow). (more…)

22 Sep 11:32


Sasha Pais


22 Sep 11:31


31 Mar 10:27

Reebok to launch Sigourney Weaver's Alien Stomper trainers

by Dan Howarth

Reebok has announced the release of the boot-like sneakers worn by Sigourney Weaver in 1986 sci-fi film Aliens. (more…)

31 Mar 10:26

HÛT adds "jewel-like" glass extension to east London house

by Alyn Griffiths
Sasha Pais

сколько в магполисе ни живи, все равно будешь вить себе гнездо.

With the demand for contemporary house extensions continuing across London unabated, architects office HÛT has updated an east London terrace with a new glazed dining room (+ slideshow). (more…)

31 Mar 10:24

Iceland students turn willow branches into range of materials

by Olivia Mull

DesignMarch 2016: students from the Iceland Academy of the Arts have created a range of materials including paper, glue and string by adding nothing but heat and water to willow (+ slideshow). (more…)

31 Mar 10:20

Klaus Pichler goes behind the scenes of Vienna's Natural History Museum

by Amy Frearson
Sasha Pais

это я утречьком

Photo essay: a shark in a corridor and a toad seated on a filing cabinet are among the scenes found by Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler when he went backstage at the Natural History Museum Vienna (+ slideshow). (more…)

04 Mar 23:56

Mayuhana lamp by Toyo Ito now available in an even darker black

by Dan Howarth

Japanese architect Toyo Ito has updated the black version of his spherical mesh Mayuhana lamp so that the pendant now comes in an even darker shade. (more…)

01 Mar 20:19


Sasha Pais

потолочек! кресла красивые, но это неудобно, проверено :(

22 Feb 20:34

Stone wine cellar in Spain converted into a home by Cubus Arquitectura

by Amy Frearson
Sasha Pais


Barcelona-based Cubus Arquitectura has transformed an old stone wine cellar in Galicia, Spain, into a family home (+ slideshow). (more…)

09 Feb 20:21


31 Jan 21:59

Stepped concrete roof creates seaside viewpoint atop Norwegian retreat by Lund Hagem

by Jessica Mairs

This small seaside holiday home by Norwegian studio Lund Hagem nestles against a cliff, and features a stepped concrete roof that doubles as a viewing platform (+ slideshow). (more…)

13 Nov 20:19

Ai Weiwei's first jewellery collection is cut from a rod of gold rebar

by Emma Tucker

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has partnered with a London jewellery gallery to create "wearable sculptures" designed to look like reinforcing bars used in construction (+ slideshow). (more…)

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