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18 Oct 02:33

En Garde

'Touch!' 'Nope, I sighed and stared at you with resignation, so I regained emotional right-of-way.'
07 Jul 18:23

People are Stupid

To everyone who responds to everything by saying they've 'lost their faith in humanity': Thanks--I'll let humanity know. I'm sure they'll be crushed.
16 Jun 13:43

November 16, 1985 — see The Complete Peanuts 1983-1986

November 16, 1985 — see The Complete Peanuts 1983-1986

08 Jun 18:57

November 2, 1985 — see The Complete Peanuts 1983-1986

November 2, 1985 — see The Complete Peanuts 1983-1986

08 Jun 18:51

Calvin and Hobbes for May 10, 2014

18 Apr 18:05

Free Speech

I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express.
07 Apr 15:19

May 30, 1985 — see The Complete Peanuts 1983-1986

May 30, 1985 — see The Complete Peanuts 1983-1986

11 Mar 23:31

Kola Borehole

Tonight's top story: Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, died in his home this morning at the age of [unintelligible rune]. Due to the large number of sharks inhabiting his former kingdom, no body could be recovered.
08 Jan 13:46


I hate when people take photos of their meal instead of eating it, because there's nothing I love more than the sound of other people chewing.
20 Dec 07:51

Undocumented Feature

And it doesn't pop up a box every time asking you to use your real name. In fact, there's no way to set your name at all. You just have to keep reminding people who you are.
17 Nov 17:49

Via Zac Gormon

11 Nov 18:08

Simple Answers

'Will [     ] allow us to better understand each other and thus make war undesirable?' is one that pops up whenever we invent a new communication medium.
21 Oct 06:42

Calvin and Hobbes for October 17, 2013

27 Sep 05:15

Téo & O Mini Mundo - 0038

by Caetano Cury

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06 Sep 06:59

129. MARC MARON: The social media generation

by Gav

129. MARC MARON: The social media generation

Marc Maron is a comedian and the host of my favourite podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, which is a comedy podcast where Maron interviews not only comedians, but musicians, actors, chefs and artists. His conversations are always engaging, funny, raw and honest. I recommend it especially to those who are pursuing a creative field, as most of his interview subjects have insightful and unique stories about how they became successful. (As you can tell from its title, WTF contains explicit language and is for mature listeners … you’ve been warned!)

Maron’s own success story is worth mentioning. In his 40s, having lived a life of anger, resentment, addiction, failed relationships and burnt bridges, Maron had just gotten fired from a radio gig when he started the WTF podcast as a last, desperate attempt to stay in the comedy game. The podcast not only became incredibly successful, leading to a resurgence in his stand-up career and a television series, but it’s also proven to be his salvation.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to do a Maron quote, as I must have listened to hundreds of hours of his voice while working on Zen Pencils. This quote is taken from his latest memoir, Attempting Normal.

RELATED COMICS: Bill Hicks It’s just a ride, Louis C.K. We don’t think about how we talk, George Carlin On assassination (explicit), Henry Rollins Who’s the crazier man?.

- Since my last comic about social media, I think it’s fair to say I’m still totally dependent and addicted to my phone. Who checks their phone as soon as they wake up and while still in bed? I do. Who takes their phone into the toilet with them? Me. It’s gross, but I bet you do it too … don’t lie. Who can’t be alone in public without looking at their phone every five minutes? Yep, me again. While I love social media (it has obviously helped Zen Pencils enormously and it’s incredible how easy I can interact with readers from all over the world), we should also remember some of its negative side effects, as this article points out.
- What are your favourite podcasts? Some of my other recommendations: Hardcore History, The Bugle, The Smartest Man in the World, The Nerdist, Stuff You Should Know, StarTalk Radio and The BS Report.

17 Aug 13:40


'Why don't you just point it at their eye directly?' 'What is this, 2007?'
30 Jul 17:49


08 Jul 18:24

July 14, 1971 — see The Complete Peanuts 1971-1974

July 14, 1971 — see The Complete Peanuts 1971-1974

20 Jun 05:40

Calvin and Hobbes for June 19, 2013

11 Jun 02:59

119. JOHN GREEN: Make gifts for people

by Zen Pencils

119. JOHN GREEN: Make gifts for people

John Green (1977-) is an American author and video-blogger extraordinaire. He has written best-selling young adult novels including Looking For Alaska, Paper Towns and the recent The Fault in our Stars, which was named Time magazine’s best fiction book of 2012.

John and his brother, Hank, are the Vlogbrothers. They helped pioneer video blogging when they communicated only through YouTube videos for a year. They’ve since produced a wide variety of video series and have attracted a devoted army of fans known as the Nerdfighters.

I discovered John Green when a reader sent me the link to the awesome Crash Course World History series, which Green hosts and co-writes. The series tells the entire history of civilisation in over forty, very entertaining 10-minute videos. I was totally addicted to it and I highly recommend it. There have since been a Literature series and Green is currently updating a series on American History. For you science buffs, John’s brother Hank has done a biology, chemistry and ecology series. All the videos can be seen on the Crash Course YouTube channel.

This quote is taken from a 2009 Vlogbrothers video. Thanks to Kaley for submitting it :)

RELATED COMICS: Advice for Beginners by Ira Glass. Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman.

- Green’s official website.

UPDATE: You can pre-order this comic as a poster at DFTBA.COM!

08 Jun 16:57

Fleshing out the story, but still being succinct.  That’s...

Fleshing out the story, but still being succinct.  That’s talent!

08 Jun 16:57


Good thing we're too smart to spend all day being uselessly frustrated with ourselves. I mean, that'd be a hell of a waste, right?
08 Jun 16:56

September 28, 1970 — see The Complete Peanuts 1967-1970

September 28, 1970 — see The Complete Peanuts 1967-1970

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26 May 16:42

Pareciam doentes, Pareciam felizes.

by Gus Morais

25 May 14:45

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can make me think I deserved it.
21 May 02:13

116. CAITLIN MORAN: We’re all dying

by Gav

116. CAITLIN MORAN: We’re all dying

Caitlin Moran (1975-) is a British author, TV presenter, music critic, journalist and outspoken advocate for women’s rights. She currently writes a variety of columns (most of which are hilarious) for The Times UK.

Moran was something of a child prodigy. After being home-schooled (she left school after a few weeks when she was 11) she had her first book published at 15, had columns running in the Observer and Guardian at 17 and got her gig at The Times when she was 18.

This quote is taken from her best-selling memoir How to be a Woman. Her new book, Moranthology, has just been released.

Unlike Moran, I went to Catholic School for 12 years where my head was filled with all kinds of fanciful stories that I blindly accepted. Only when I left high-school and starting reading more books about science and evolution (mainly by Carl Sagan) did I begin to re-evaluate what I had been taught for all those years.

RELATED COMIC: Make the most of this life.

- Caitlin Moran’s official website.
- Thanks to Barclay for submitting this quote.

16 May 03:13

Tira 1671

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revolucionário OChê

by Rodrigo Leão