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29 Jun 10:25

Paul Lukin

by Eyeshot Magazine

The Age of Melancholy | As sadly rates of mental health issues are constantly increasing, The Age of Melancholy by Paul Lukin is a dark visual narrative that explores different aspects of life and loneliness from both personal and universal perspectives. In an age in which we’re all digitally connected, real connections seem to become harder to make. Loneliness is becoming a growing health epidemic of our era.

COUNTRY | Croatia – Thailand

BIO | Paul Lukin was born in Split, Croatia, in 1980. Lukin started photographing in 2004 and has been obsessed with the medium ever since.
He works on long-term, self-assigned projects, focusing on work that explores different aspects of the human condition from both personal and universal perspectives. Emotional monochromatic studies of life that is dark, poetic and at times humorous. Silence, darkness, and loneliness are recurring themes in his work. Lukin is a finalist of Sony World Photography Awards 2018, finalist of Siena International Photo Awards 2019, and was shortlisted for the World Press Photo 2019. He was also an invitee artist by European Cultural Center for the Venice Art Biennale 2019. His work has been exhibited in galleries internationally, including the prestigious Somerset House in London. His photographs appeared in publications and media outlets ranging from National Geographic, GUP Magazine to BBC.




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28 Jun 18:12

Get in, it’s open - Matt Mullican

28 Jun 18:09

Death Valley Days, Reuben Wu

28 Jun 18:09

Sebastián Thomas

by Kat Kiernan
28 Jun 16:37

Vhils Pays Tribute to Healthcare Workers by Chiseling Portraits Into Hospital Wall

by Jessica Stewart

View on My Modern Met

Mural by Vhils at the University Hospital in Porto, Portugal

Portuguese street artist Vhils is paying tribute to his country’s healthcare workers the best way he knows how—with a mural. In Porto, 10 members of the São João University Hospital Center’s staff had their portraits chiseled into the wall by the acclaimed artist as a way to celebrate the contributions of Portugal’s national healthcare workers.

Though the mural has been in the works for over a year, the timing couldn’t be better. Given the great sacrifice that these workers gave during the coronavirus, it seems only fitting that their portraits—appropriately masked—should be revealed at this time. As it was impossible for Vhils to portray everyone who works in the hospital, he chose a cross-section of doctors and nurses as well as the administrative staff, food services, and maintenance workers who make things run smoothly.

“The piece is an acknowledgment and a heartfelt tribute, on my behalf and on behalf of the Vhils Studio team,” shares Vhils, “to all those who are on the frontline, of both the present pandemic and everyday healthcare, for the importance they hold in the lives of every one of us. It is a commendation of the courage, dedication, and selflessness with which they place their lives at risk in the defense of our own.”

The grouping of portraits not only creates a visual frontline but also speaks to the teamwork and camaraderie found within the hospital. This beautiful symbol sits at the front entrance of the hospital, as a warm welcome to those who enter in a wish that they find comfort under the care of these workers.

Street artist Vhils created a striking mural celebrating healthcare workers in front of a hospital in Porto, Portugal.

Healthcare Worker Tribute by Vhils at Hospital in PortugalMural by Vhils at the University Hospital in Porto, PortugalPortrait of Frontline Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus by Vhils

Using his signature technique, Vhils chiseled and drilled their portraits into a wall.

Street Artist Vhils Working on Mural at Porto HospitalStreet Artist Vhils Working on Mural at Porto HospitalStreet Artist Vhils Working on Mural at Porto Hospital

The mural is a tribute to the dedication of Portugal’s national healthcare workers, particularly during the pandemic.

Healthcare Workers Mural at the Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João, Portugal by VhilsHealthcare Workers Mural at the Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João, Portugal by VhilsHealthcare Workers Mural at the Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João, Portugal by Vhils

Vhils: Website | Facebook | Instagram

All images via Expanding Roots. My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Vhils.

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26 Jun 09:52

As a Tribute, Vhils Carves Ten Masked Healthcare Workers into a Hospital Wall in Porto

by Grace Ebert

All images © Vhils, by Expanding Roots, shared with permission

To honor essential workers, Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, who goes by Vhils (previously), recently completed an expansive public artwork at the São João University Hospital Centre in Porto. Vhils chiseled 10 masked figures into an outdoor wall at the facility, creating a permanent homage to nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, maintenance workers, and kitchen employees. “It is a commendation of the courage, dedication, and selflessness with which they place their lives at risk in the defense of our own,” the artist says. “The disposition of the people in the composition, side-by-side, aims to symbolize not only the concept of frontline but also cooperation and teamwork.”

Follow Vhils on Instagram to keep up with his upcoming carved artworks, and check out the book he recently released that collects his public projects. (via Street Art News)


26 Jun 09:49

William Chambers

by Kat Kiernan
26 Jun 09:49

The games we played, Guillem Vidal

26 Jun 09:33

Waters rising, Christine Buchsbaum

25 Jun 07:15

I read the news today oh boy, Sho Shibuya (because)

24 Jun 19:52

It’s in the bag, Alex Void

24 Jun 19:52

Rayneutro, Ray Spears

24 Jun 13:53

Leonardo Scotti Tells Colorful Stories Through The Aesthetic Of Film Photography

by Devid Gualandris

Italian photographer Leonardo Scotti specializes in film, blending portraiture, architecture, landscape, conceptual, and fashion photography with exceptional ease. With an eye for figures and natural environments and a distinct emphasis on color, Scotti creates images that frame an intimate connection between viewer and subject.

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24 Jun 09:12

2,292 Plants Fill the Audience in Opening Performance at Barcelona’s Gran Teatre del Liceu

by Grace Ebert

All images © Gran Teatre del Liceu, shared with permission

This week, Barcelona’s Gran Teatre del Liceu held its first performance with a live audience post-coronavirus, but it’s unclear whether the attendees were too green to appreciate Puccini’s “Crisantemi.” Seated in the red, velvet seats and among the gold balconies, 2,292 palms, ficus trees, and Swish cheese plants filled the iconic opera house to listen to the string quartet’s rendition.

A collaboration with Madrid-based artist Eugenio Ampudia and the Max Estrella gallery, the concert was meant to reflect on humans’ relationship with nature. “I thought why don’t we go into the Liceu like weeds, take it over and let nature start growing everywhere and turn it into something alive even when there are no people,” Ampudia said in an interview. After the performance, the leafy audience members were donated to healthcare workers who have been battling the virus during the last few months.


24 Jun 09:12

Villa Forever, Street Photography Awards - Lensculture




Villa Forever, Street Photography Awards - Lensculture

24 Jun 09:11

You can’t get there from here, Biodiversity Heritage...

24 Jun 09:11

Solemn Faces Emerge from Hazy Portraits by Artist GyoBeom An

by Grace Ebert

All images © GyoBeom An, shared with permission

Rendered in thick pencil, a new series of portraits by Seoul-based artist GyoBeom An feature models’ faces obscured in a monochromatic haze. While the distinct characteristics remain, a smudged overlay casts each subject in a blur. An tells Colossal that he begins with a figurative drawing that’s composed and deconstructed over and over. No matter the medium—the artist works in pencil, pen, and acrylic paint—he strives to reflect the “conflicts and emotions aroused from distinct social roles…that ranges from models and cartoon characters to gods.” For more of An’s considerations of the self and societal dynamics, head to Behance.


23 Jun 09:15

Melissa O’Shaughnessy’s Instagram Selection

by Melissa O’Shaughnessy

Selected images from Melissa O’Shaughnessy’s Instagram #signs4up challenge, featuring work where signs are an important element in the photographs.

Don Hudson. @donhudson1229
Don Hudson @donhudson1229
Don Hudson @donhudson1229
Don Hudson @donhudson1229
Spiros Loukopoulos. @pomis_
Michelle Rick. @villagegirl
Gloria Salgado Gispert @gloriasalgadogispert
Bhadri Verduzco. @bvstreet

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22 Jun 13:18

Kathrena Rivera

by Kat Kiernan
22 Jun 07:37

Summer Solstice

22 Jun 07:12

Hot Wheels, Chris Labrooy

19 Jun 14:24

We the people, Do Ho Suh

19 Jun 14:23

A cabin in the woods

19 Jun 08:49

Black hole sun, Reuben Wu

18 Jun 07:37

In the constellation of the Great Overdog, Thor’s Helmet -...

18 Jun 07:37

The ruins, Fabio Viale

© Fabio Viale Galleria Poggiali

The ruins, Fabio Viale

17 Jun 09:33

Apocalypse forever, Merrilee Thomas

17 Jun 09:33

Vanishing point, Georges Rousse

16 Jun 09:25

The New Yorker

16 Jun 09:22

The Ghost of Existentialism

Description: A man is in his house drinking beer.
Ghost: \