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Carpet Surfing

Carpet Surfing

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Социальный флешмоб: мертвому еноту создали мемориал на улице

Торонто, Канада, 9 часов утра. Прохожий обнаружил на улице мёртвого енота и предупредил об этом городские службы при помощи твиттера.

Вскоре городские службы Торонто, ответили ему, что они получили сообщение и в скором времени животное будет убрано.

Три часа спустя животное продолжало лежать на тротуаре, и кто-то решил отдать ему дань уважения. "Покойся с миром дорогой енот, помощь в пути".

К 15:00 в поле зрения не появилось ещё ни одной машины городской службы, поэтому мертвый енот получил новую долю уважения.

Скорбящие прохожие даже создали специальный мемориальный хэштег для него #DeadRaccoonTo

Который пользователи стали активно использовать.

"Спи мой милый принц, люди любят тебя и помнят"

День подходил к концу, а машины городской службы всё ещё не было, поэтому этот пушистый парень продолжал получать знаки внимания.

Член городского совета Норм Келли даже призвал людей оставить на ночь мусорные баки открытыми, чтобы другие еноты могли помянуть своего погибшего товарища.

20:20, день превратился в ночь, а енот по-прежнему лежал на тротуаре, ожидая достойного погребения.

Люди начали зажигать свечи в его честь.

Неизвестно, был ли енот христианином, но, безусловно, он бы оценил этот жест.

Люди устали ждать ответной реакции от городских служб, поэтому поставили ящик для пожертвований, чтобы заплатить уже кому-нибудь, кто мог бы убрать этого енота с дороги.

И продолжали приходить и молиться за упокой души енота.

И наконец, спустя 14 часов, ровно в 23:00 на месте появилась машина городской службы, чтобы убрать бедное животное.

Но привычка уже сформировалась, и люди продолжали идти на это место, чтобы отдать еноту дань уважения.

Честно - завидую Канаде и её проблемам. Нам бы так.

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New Delicate Cut Paper Flowers by Maude White

by Christopher Jobson


Paper-cutting artist Maude White (previously) continues to astound us with her painstaking illustrations cut from single sheets of paper. Limited to only negative and positive space, she explores poetic compositions of line and shape as she renders each piece with a knife. White is currently working on a series of blooms as part of an upcoming exhibition at Buffalo Arts Studio, and if you want to learn a bit more about her process she recently did an interview over on Block Club.







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sandandglass: Why? With Hannibal Buress s01e01


Why? With Hannibal Buress s01e01

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Village and the Tower

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incidentalcomics: How to Climb a Hill


How to Climb a Hill

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New Densely Embroidered Animals by Chloe Giordano

by Christopher Jobson



Embroidery artist Chloe Giordano (previously) continues to evolve her extraordinary talents with needle and thread in these latest stitched illustrations of small animals. Embracing her background as a traditional illustrator, Giordano is able to layer countless different thread colors as one might do with pencils. The Oxford-based artist is very open about her techniques and often fields questions on her Tumblr. Her latest piece, Sleeping Hare, is currently available through Light Grey Art Lab.








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Joker hand-mask

by Cory Doctorow

[Source] (via Neatorama)

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Serious advertisements | #1240

by Daniel Nelson

Ads are mostly used by companies that want to market their product or service to make more money. But advertising is also used by organisations world wide to wake public awareness about important matters. Here’s 25 new really strong advertisments with messages that surely will grab your attention.

Brazilian Association of Organ Transplant
Go to image pageBrazilian Association of Organ Transplant

Éxito Mobile: Don't shoot yourselfie
Go to image pageÉxito Mobile: Don't shoot yourselfie

Covenant House Toronto: Home sweet home
Go to image pageCovenant House Toronto: Home sweet home

Prostate Cancer Prevention Campaign by Fuze Image Maker
Go to image pageProstate Cancer Prevention Campaign by Fuze Image Maker

Romanian Red Cross: Killer popcorn
Go to image pageRomanian Red Cross: Killer popcorn

Abrinq Foundation: Write a new story in the lives of those who need it.
Go to image pageAbrinq Foundation: Write a new story in the lives of those who need it.

Operation Smile
Go to image pageOperation Smile

Long Live NY: Signatures save life
Go to image pageLong Live NY: Signatures save life

Amnesty International: Little Mandela
Go to image pageAmnesty International: Little Mandela

Pro-Natura: Destruction of forests is a destruction of life
Go to image pagePro-Natura: Destruction of forests is a destruction of life

Act Responsible: The Shredder
Go to image pageAct Responsible: The Shredder

Environment friend
Go to image pageEnvironment friend

Menos 1 Lixo: We are the oceans biggest predator
Go to image pageMenos 1 Lixo: We are the oceans biggest predator

Drink your pollution
Go to image pageDrink your pollution

ea Shepherd: Graveyard
Go to image pageea Shepherd: Graveyard

Water changes everything
Go to image pageWater changes everything

Ecovia: Not using a booster seat can kill
Go to image pageEcovia: Not using a booster seat can kill

Choose one or the other. Never both.
Go to image pageChoose one or the other. Never both.

Plastic Bomb
Go to image pagePlastic Bomb

Volkswagen: Don't text and drive
Go to image pageVolkswagen: Don't text and drive

Hearing voices?
Go to image pageHearing voices?

Ms. Foundation for Women Annual Report
Go to image pageMs. Foundation for Women Annual Report

World Hunger Poster by Jeff_Stein
Go to image pageWorld Hunger Poster by Jeff_Stein

28 Too Many by Ogilvy & Mather
Go to image page28 Too Many by Ogilvy & Mather

Letters can kill 2 by Lightfarm Studios
Go to image pageLetters can kill 2 by Lightfarm Studios

If you would like to send us suggestions for these galleries, please click on the button “Submit” located in the header, and fill out the form. And don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow From up North on Twitter + Facebook to get all the latest updates.

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Beautifully Detailed Illustrations Created From Spilled Coffee, Wine and Chocolate

by Lori Dorn


Italian artist Giula Bernadelli takes playing with one’s food to a whole new level when she creates beautifully detailed and delicate illustrations using spilled coffee, wine and chocolate. Bernadelli recently spoke with Huffington Post France about how she gets her inspiration.

I never plan my work in advance, I’m just my instinct based on what I’m doing. For example, when I drink coffee, I reflect on the nuances that I could create if I was flipping in the table. …At breakfast, I can imagine the footprints left by the cat who would have walked into the jam.

Love Hurts

Coffee Guardians

Alice in Wonderland

Karl Who

MM Eyes

Red Red Jungle

Time Slips

images via Giula Bernadelli

via Huffington Post France, My Modern Met

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Truth About Centaurs

06 Jul 22:07

“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” (photo via syuk)

“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” (photo via syuk)

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Meanwhile, in a parallel universe

by CommitStrip

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Photos of an Unusual Pet Family Are a Hit Online


An unusual family of animals is winning hearts on Instagram. The account @bob_goldenretriever has attracted over 77,000 followers so far by regularly sharing snapshots from the life of one man’s pets: a eccentric but tight-knit group that consists of one golden retriever, one hamster, and eight birds.

31-year-old Luiz Higa Junior of São Paulo, Brazil, tells PetaPixel that his golden retriever, Bob, is a little less than two years old. In the beginning, he just had Bob, a cockatiel and a parakeet.

“Since the beginning I put them together to see their behavior,” he tells us. “It was nice, so I decided to have them play together sometimes during my free time.”

He then added more birds and a hamster to the group, and his Instagram account has been steadily growing in popularity since. Higa’s photos show the group posing, playing, exploring, and resting together.
















You can follow along with the family’s adventures by following its Instagram account.

(via @bob_goldenretriever via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Luiz Higa Junior and used with permission

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Photos Arranged Side-by-Side to Create Clever Scenes


Upon first glance, the images in art director Stephen McMennamy’s #combophoto project may look like surreal photo-manipulations created using Photoshop. They’re actually the result of a much simpler process.

For each one, McMennamy carefully shoots two photographs and creatively arranges them side-by-side to create imaginative new scenes.


“It’s really just from looking around and seeing what things are out in the world might make for an interesting fit or what would make for a nice contrast once combined,” McMennamy tells PetaPixel. “As far as process, it’s just a matter of me hunting things down and aiming for the cleanest shot possible.”


McMennamy says he looks for simple backgrounds that allow the viewers’ eyes to focus on the combinations. Some of the photos were shot in his garage, while others were on the side of the road after spotting something. “Wherever I need to get my shot I go get it,” he says.


Many of the early images in the #combophoto project were shot using an iPhone, but McMennamy recently purchased a new camera to improve the quality of the images. He also occasionally uses a drone to capture aerial photos.














You can follow along with this project on McMennamy’s Tumblr and Instagram pages. You can also participate by using the tag #combophoto.

(via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Stephen McMennamy and used with permission
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This mural was purposely painted upside down to reflect off of the water.

07 Jul 00:00

Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata

"Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Give a fish a man, and he'll eat for weeks!"
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How’s Your Color Vision? This Simple Game Will Tell You


Most of you have probably spent a considerable amount of time staring at the colors of photos in programs like Photoshop, but how good are your eyes at discerning colors? iGame’s Eye Test is a simple online test that will assess the quality of your color perception through a simple game format.

The game works as follows: you’re presented with a grid of colored boxes. All the boxes are the exact same color except one — find the irregular box and click it to move onto the next grid.

Each grid is harder than the one before it, and you have 15 seconds on each grid to make your decision. Clicking on a wrong box will also slash 3 seconds from the time remaining.

Each box you correctly find increases your score by one, helping you move up in the animal kingdom in the area of color vision:


After the test is complete, the results screen will tell you what animal your eyes are the equivalent to — score 25 or higher and you apparently have the eyes of a hawk (at least when it comes to seeing colors).


Give it a try and let us know what you get in the comments below!

Eye Test [iGame via CreativePro]

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Delicate Pencil Lead Sculptures Carved by Salavat Fidai

by Christopher Jobson


Starting with carpenter and art pencils containing thick leads, Russian artist Salavat Fidai uses an X-ACTO knife to carve miniature renderings of hands, buildings, and various characters from pop culture. The delicate process requires a good understanding of how much pressure the lead can withstand, but even then mistakes are inevitable. The Ufa-based artist is fascinated by all things miniature, and also paints on seeds and matchboxes. Watch the timelapse below to see his process for carving an entire replica of the Eiffel Tower.

You can follow Fidai on Instagram, and some of his pieces occasionally end up in his shop. If you liked this, also check out pencil carvings by Diem Chau and Dalton Ghetti.






14 Jun 19:12

Photographer Captures the Ruins of the Soviet Space Shuttle Program


Russian urban exploration photographer Ralph Mirebs recently paid a visit to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where inside a giant abandoned hangar are decaying remnants of prototypes from the Soviet space shuttle program.

Gizmodo writes that the Buran program was in operation for nearly two decades from 1974 to 1993. One automated orbital flight resulted from the extensive program, but the project was shuttered when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Mirebs went into the massive 62-meter (~203 foot) tall hangar and captured a fascinating series of photos showing the detail and complexity of a space program that met an untimely end.






















Of the two run-down Buran shuttles found in the hangar, one was almost ready for flight back in 1992 and the other was a full-sized mock-up that was used for testing things like mating and load. Unfortunately for both, and for the countless scientists involved in the program, things came to an abrupt halt just one year later, and the hangar has remained in this state for over two decades now.

You can find a larger set of these photos and a writeup (in Russian) over on Mirebs’ blog.

Image credits: Photographs by Ralph Mirebs and used with permission

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Spun Glass Caterpillar: A Real Life Crystal Creature

by Carly Brooke

Photo: Rick Thompson

Photo: John Howard

spun glass caterpillar, Isochaetes beutenmuelleri (1)

Photo: Igor Siwanowicz

 Habitat: found from New York to Florida and west to Colorado and Texas
Status: No Conservation Concerns

No, this isn’t a Swarovski crystal creation, but it very well could be! Instead, it’s a Spun Glass Caterpillar (Isochaetes beutenmuelleri) that has dozens of glittering, almost frosty-looking, spines radiating from its body. Don’t be tempted by its beautiful crystalline gaze, though. Those puppies do sting. You’ll want to look, but definitely don’t touch!

Reminds me of when your parents took you to an antique shop when you were little and you were told DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. Then, you proceeded to secretly touch everything, especially the glass stuff. One time, I ended up breaking something – that was a more of a sting for my parents than for me, though.

Photo: Rick Thompson

If you look closely at the photo above, you’ll notice that you can see right through this creature! That dark green stripe running down the length of its body is actually its stomach.

Ultimately, it’s strange how these truly incredible spun glass caterpillars can transform into such plain Jane adults. Gotta grow up sometime and lose all your mystical qualities… I guess…

spun glass caterpillar, Isochaetes beutenmuelleri (2)

Photo: Eric Gofreed
*my spirit is spun of glass*

The post Spun Glass Caterpillar: A Real Life Crystal Creature appeared first on The Featured Creature.

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Idiot Box: Portraits of Kids with Eyes Glued to a TV


In any given week, the average US child will watch more than a day’s worth of TV. This subject is the focus of a new photo series by photographer Donna Stevens called Idiot Box. It’s a set of portraits showing blank expressions on kids faces as they watch television in a dimly-lit room.

“TV is just one of the ever present Black Mirrors through which we negotiate our lives today,” the Australian photographer tells PetaPixel. “Idiot Box hopes to explore the darker side of our love for technology.”

“Should we exhibit more caution about the role of technology in our children’s lives? Is our techno-paranoia warranted? No matter what gadgetry we may possess and blame for our undoing, do our problems still just remain human?”

Regardless of what the answers are, it’s clear that these kids are completely lost in a different world while their portraits are being captured.






You can find more of Stevens work over on her website.

(via Donna Stevens via Feature Shoot)

Image credits: Photographs by Donna Stevens and used with permission

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Mirror Self Portraits from the Early Days of Photography


Staring into a mirror and taking a self-portrait with a camera is nothing new. People have been trying to find ways to take their photographs since the 19th century. As humans, we take an interest in ourselves – a curiosity with a dash of self-obsession. A photograph can acknowledge our existence and allow us to view ourselves from the standpoint of others around us. Here are a collection of mirror self-portraits from years passed.

The Edwardian period, the first decade of the 20th century, gave birth to a self-portrait of a woman using her dresser mirror and a box camera. The photograph depicts the woman taking her portrait; on the side, is a shelf full of other photos. We can assume she was relatively interested in photography at the turn of the century.


One of the first self-portraits of a teenager was believed to have occurred in 1914. Since then, the ‘selfie’ craze has caught on and doesn’t appear to be dying down anytime soon. The photograph of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna depicts her on a chair, taking her picture with the aid of a large mirror. The photograph was then sent to a friend of hers with the attached message: “I took this picture of myself looking at the mirror. It was very hard as my hands were trembling.”


Nikolaevna shot another one with her sister the following year:


In 1917, Australian flying ace, Thomas Baker, snapped a photograph when he was twenty years old. Baker is using a Kodak Eastman camera with the support of a vanity mirror. The desk laid out in the photo includes an empty wine bottle and a glass – we will let you decide if this is the first ‘party selfie’ or not.

Henri Evenepoel was a Belgian artist who lived during the late 19th century. Evenepoel focused on a style of art known as Fauvism. This small mirror self-portrait was taken in 1898, a year before he passed away.


Swiss photographer Frédéric Boissonnas in 1900:


Luxembourgian American photographer Edward Jean Steichen shot a mirror portrait of his own in 1917.


Photographer Ilse Bing used a Leica camera for this self portrait in 1931.


Vivian Maier was a street photographer in the 20th century. You may be familiar with Maier’s work due to an American documentary film that debuted in 2013 entitled “Finding Vivian Maier”. A good selection of her photographs are self-portraits she took on the street using the reflections of buildings. The depicted photo was taken in 1954 with a Rolleiflex TLR camera.


Not every self-portrait was taken with a known individual as the subject. Here is a collection of other great early self-portraits, taken with a variety of different cameras.




Despite today’s craze of self portraits – they are nothing new. People have been photographing themselves since the 1800s and will continue to do so into the predictable future. It is up to you to decide what truly makes a self portrait worthy of display. Now excuse me, I left my selfie stick in the other room.

31 May 18:46

These Photos of Mini Figures Capture the Frustrations of Office Life


Ad agency brand strategist Derrick Lin has developed a creative way to vent about all the little annoyances of his office job. Using an iPhone, a desk lamp, and miniature figurines, he shoots miniature world photos that capture his real world frustrations.

It is impossible to get our coworkers’ attention when they wear headphones.

“It is impossible to get our coworkers’ attention when they wear headphones.”

It’s never smooth sailing when writing a creative brief.

“It’s never smooth sailing when writing a creative brief.”

Just when we start to like our coworkers, they leave.

“Just when we start to like our coworkers, they leave.”

It is impossible to get everyone to a meeting on time.

“It is impossible to get everyone to a meeting on time.”

Monday comes too soon when we worked the whole weekend.

“Monday comes too soon when we worked the whole weekend.”

Our defense is up on National Take Your Kid to Work Day.

“Our defense is up on National Take Your Kid to Work Day.”

Some coworkers always put their own convenience before ours.

“Some coworkers always put their own convenience before ours. “

With only hours to go, we just might have survived another April Fool’s Day…

“With only hours to go, we just might have survived another April Fool’s Day…”

We think permanent markers should be banned from meetings with white boards.

“We think permanent markers should be banned from meetings with white boards.”

A day trip to see a client is practically a night trip when you have to get up at 4am.

“A day trip to see a client is practically a night trip when you have to get up at 4am.”

It’s nice to know that our coworkers have our back.

“It’s nice to know that our coworkers have our back.”

Some conference calls give us gray hair.

“Some conference calls give us gray hair.”

When traveling for work, it’s me against all other travelers at the coveted charging station.

“When traveling for work, it’s me against all other travelers at the coveted charging station.”

Sometimes it seems all we do at work is kill trees.

“Sometimes it seems all we do at work is kill trees.”

The project was started back in March 2014, and is titled “1:87” — a name that reflects the 1:87 scale of the miniatures used.

A behind-the-scenes photo showing the size of the miniatures used.

A behind-the-scenes photo showing the size of the miniatures used.

A behind-the-scenes photo showing one of the photos being made.

A behind-the-scenes photo showing one of the photos being made.

“Sometimes work can be really hectic and frustrating and as grownups, we are expected to be cool about it and keep the whining to ourselves,” Lin writes at Bored Panda. “I work in advertising and my workday is often very chaotic and unpredictable.”

“While trying not to let the stress get the best of me, I decided to turn the mundane and often annoying little moments in my agency life into inspirations for something whimsical and magical.”

You can follow along with this project through its Tumblr and Instagram pages.

(via BoredPanda via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Derrick Lin and used with permission

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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

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Swiss Settlement

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