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25 Mar 17:00

Drawing with Darkness: 24 Incredible Works of Shadow Art

by Steph
[ By Steph in Art & Installation & Sound. ]

Shadow Art Dancing

How is it even possible that a mess of steel wires or a pile of useless scraps of trash can produce shadows that so perfectly mimic human faces and figures? Whether bringing forth unexpected shapes by combining abstract sculptures with a light source or exploring the psychological connotations of shadows, artists make light and darkness a physical element in each of these works.

Amazing Illusions by Kumi Yamashita

shadow art kumi 1

shadow art kumi 2

shadow art kumi 3

shadow art kumi 4

Faces appear out of the most unlikely shapes and materials, from scrunched fabric to numbers mounted on a wall, while figures spring out of thin strips of metal. Says artist Kumi Yamashita, “I sculpt using light and shadow. I construct single or multiple objects and place them in relation to a single light source. The complete artwork is therefore comprised of both the material (the solid objects) and the immaterial (the light or shadow.)”

Steel Wire Shadow Art by Larry Kagan

shadow art kagan 1

shadow art kagan 2

shadow art kagan 3

Though they do have a certain beauty in and of themselves, look at Larry Kagan’s wire sculptures on their own, without a light source, and you may find yourself scratching your head at what the word ‘art’ even means. But when they’re illuminated from just the right angle, they transform into something different altogether, becoming birds, insects, ladders and maps of the world.

Plasticine Body Cast Shadow by Rook Floro

shadow art rook 1

shadow art rook 2

Artist Rook Floro made a plasticine cast of his body to create this eerie shadow sculpture, which he displayed in a gallery while sitting nearby with his entire body painted black. “My sculpture/performance piece is inspired by Carl Jung’s psychological theory about the shadow. It concerns with the repressed ideas, weakness, and desires of oneself that the conscious mind refuses to acknowledge. It represents my ‘shadow’ which involves my hidden desires to be different and become perfect in y own right. We always feel the pressure to be perfect by everything around us such as the media, social network, advertisement, friends, and family.”

Interactive Shadow Picture Book by Megumi Kajiwara and Tathuhiko Nijima

shadow art book 1

shadow art book 2

shadow art book 3

This adorable Japanese children’s book by Megumi Kajiwara and Tathuhiko Nijima is enhanced with the use of a flashlight to bring out extra figures via pop-up silhouettes. The book is hand-made to order.

Dancing Shadow Sculptures by Laurent Craste
Shadow Art Dancing

Two static sculptures suddenly start to dance as a light source swings maniacally around them in this interactive art installation by Lauren Craste, created for the Chromatic festival in Montreal. It seems straightforward at first, but then the figures seem to take on a life of their own, moving in ways that don’t make sense. The secret is a hidden projector that tracks the movements of the light source to create certain effects.

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Drawing With Darkness 24 Incredible Works Of Shadow Art

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08 Apr 19:12

My 21 Aerial Drone Photos Would Be Totally Illegal Today

by amos.chapple

Between the introduction of drone technology, and today’s laws limiting or banning their use, there was a glorious period when you could fly a camera almost anywhere.

These are the results of two years travel with a quad-copter in my backpack.

More info:

The neatly arranged suburbs around Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


Octagonal city blocks and spacious street corners create a spectacular view. Al fresco beer & tapas in the town become such a delight.

The Hermitage Pavilion, St. Petersburg in autumn mist


I can’t see what the camera is seeing. People find that weird but I quite like the suspense of not knowing what I have until I get the camera in hand.

Clouds swirl through the pillars of Sagrat Cor Church, high on a hill above Barcelona


The star fort at Bourtange


Three centuries after the last cannonball was fired in anger at the fort, it now serves as a museum and center of a sleepy farming village in eastern Holland. The low, thick walls were designed to offset the pounding force of cannon-fire.

Church on Spilled blood, St. Petersburg


In the early days (2013) you could fly drones almost anywhere.

A ruined college inside the breakaway republic of Abkhazia


Ethnic cleansing went down here in the 90s and areas like this one (near Gali) are now a twilight zone of empty buildings and overgrown farmland.

St. Peter & Paul Cathedral, Petergof


With tiny little Christians walking round the base.

The Lotus Temple, dotted with pigeons at sunrise. Designed by an Iranian exile, the building serves as the centre of the Bahai’i faith in Delhi


Jama Masjid, the heart of Islam in India


Russia’s candy cane capital


Taj Mahal and gardens as the day’s first tourists trickle in


Security there is incredibly tight and I got busted.

The Taj Mahal in morning light


Morning over Maximum City


Known to the locals as a “Hill 3″ this knoll jutting above Mumbai’s northern slums is no more valuable than the land below. Access to running water, which the hill lacks, is more valuable than any view.

The windswept Liberty Statue, overlooking Budapest


Buda castle at night


The barge in the center of the river is packed full of fireworks. An hour after this pic they were sent booming into the night sky to celebrate the country’s national day.

The Katskhi Pillar, where a Georgian hermit has lived for the past twenty years to be “closer to god”


If you look close you can see the ladder. The terrifying ladder which I eventually had to climb.

Paris’ Sacré-Cœur glowing in a hazy sunrise


Worker and Kolkhoz Woman striding into the future that was


Built for the soviet pavilion of the 1937 world fair in Paris, the steel masterwork now stands in the suburbs of northern Moscow.

Moscow’s Hotel Ukraina lit up at dusk


This picture was taken as the Russian stock markets crashed on “Black Tuesday”. Little whiffs of panic could be felt on the street. Moscow never looked or felt more like Gotham city.

New Zealand, where only the hobbits have a hard time


Kauri Cliffs golf course.

A knot of fishing boats at the entrance to Sassoon Dock, Mumbai


01 Apr 13:33

Sad... Happy... Sad... Happy...

13 Apr 21:54


05 Apr 23:57

fencehopping: Giant balloon popping in slow motion.

fencehopping: Giant balloon popping in slow motion.

07 Apr 19:35


08 Apr 05:09


01 Apr 14:01

These Posters Perfectly Sum Up Twentysomethings' Addiction To The Internet

Ajit Johnson’s #This_Generation series is wise to your dependence on your phone, wifi, and Facebook.

Johnson told BuzzFeed: "#This_Generation is a series of minimal posters made to illustrate how technology has invaded our lives in a humorous manner."

The internet is life. Don't pretend you wouldn't choose that too.

Ajit Johnson / Facebook: ajitjohnson.n

"Everyone is Skyping instead of meeting face-to-face, and texting instead of having a real conversation. Of course they are not intended to stereotype but rather re-evaluate the way we use technology and gadgets".

View Entire List ›

30 Mar 05:11



02 Apr 12:18

A história de Meera

by Marcelo F Grava

 Parte 1


Parte 2


Parte 3


Parte 4


Nota do Autor

O Nepal tem uma das maiores incidências de tráfico de pessoas no mundo, além de ter pobreza extrema e baixo índice de alfabetização. Por esses motivos — sem contar o generoso apoio do meu colega nepalês Madhu Acharya — eu tinha certeza que jornalismo em HQ poderia fazer a diferença a informar as comunidades locais nas suas bases. Eu trabalho no Nepal desde outubro de 2012, usando jornalismo investigativo em HQ para cobrir o tráfico de pessoas para sites como BBC Online, Poynter Institute, e agora o Symbolia.

Essa história foi traduzida para o nepalês e distribuída por ONGs em todo o país. Ele é parte de um estudo pioneiro feito em parceria com as Universidades de Stanford e Vanderbilt para medir os impactos de diferentes tipos de mídia (HQ, brochuras e rádio) em transmitir a mensagem anti-tráfico de pessoas em áreas remotas. Essas histórias, ouvidas em primeira mão de testemunhas que sobreviveram a esse crime, farão parte da minha novela em quadrinhos “No Home For You Here”, que vai mostrar também o processo jornalístico por trás das entrevistas assim como os desafios de cobrir tráfico de pessoas em tempo real usando a linguagem dos quadrinhos

Essa reportagem em HQ foi publicada na edição especial ‘Heroínas’ da revista digital de jornalismo em quadrinhos Symbolia

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25 Mar 12:33

игры с бумагой

© lustik
24 Mar 17:00

Captivating Geometric GIFs by Florian de Looij

by Christopher Jobson


Florian de Looij first sat down with a copy of Photoshop when he was 12 years old and apparently he never got up. The Netherlands-based designer has been exploring digital animation and illustration ever since, and late last year started sharing his animation experiments on a Tumblr called FLRN GIF. Florian says he’s always been inspired by the likes of M.C. Escher and other artists working with optical illusions, something that has clearly influenced the direction of his design practice. He tries to make a new GIF each day, and you can see tons more in his archives. (via Cross Connect)








20 Mar 23:12

exactlywhatiwasthinking:Rock on cacti.Rock on.


Rock on cacti.
Rock on.

16 Mar 14:28

Artists, TV Series and Movie Directors Luciano Laborde

Artists, TV Series and Movie Directors Luciano Laborde

10 Mar 14:48

Vertical Forest: An Urban Treehouse That Protect Residents from Air and Noise Pollution

by Kate Sierzputowski
© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

A potted forest of trees and branching steel beams disguise this 5-story apartment building in Turin, Italy. Designed by Luciano Pia, 25 Verde brings plants up off the ground in an attempt to evade Turin’s homogeneous urban scene and integrate life into the facade of the residential building.

The undulating structure creates a transition from outdoors to in, holding 150 trees that absorb close to 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide an hour. This natural absorption brings pollution protection to its residents, helping to eliminate harmful gasses caused by cars and harsh sounds from the bustling streets outside. The trees’ seasonal progression also creates the ideal microclimate inside the building, steadying temperature extremes during the cold and warmer months. The plants’ full foliage block rays of sun during the summer while letting in warm light during the winter.

The building holds 63 units, each benefiting from the terraces and vegetation just beyond their windows and walls. Each species of plant has been chosen purposefully from deciduous plant life in Turin to provide the highest variety of color, foliage, and blooming. This innovative design provides a childlike dream while also instilling real world benefits to those who live in this urban treehouse. (via Divisare)

© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

© Luciano Pia

© Luciano Pia

© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

© Beppe Giardino

23 Feb 15:34

Brooding Seascapes and Marine Vessels Painted by Justyna Kopania

by Christopher Jobson










Polish painter Justyna Kopania depicts melancholy seascapes and towering ships obscured by mist with liberal applications of oil paint. Crashing waves are depicted with splashes of paint, and sails are formed with the stroke of a palette knife. You can see more over on Saatchi Art and Facebook. (via MEERESSTILLE)

07 Mar 18:08

Bolt Poetry: A Blacksmith Evokes Surprisingly Human Forms from Single Steel Bolts

by Christopher Jobson






Oslo-based blacksmith and photographer Tobbe Malm manages to create unusually emotional sculptures using old bolts. The series began when Malm stumbled onto the rusting bolts at a barn in Bergsladen, Sweden. He immediately recognized the wide caps and slender stems as having humanistic qualities so he gathered them up and proceeded to heat, forge, twist and bend them into shape in his studio. The resulting collection of sculptures titled Bolt Poetry, evokes humanistic moments of affection, sadness, and pain. You can see more of his work on Behance. (via Lustik)

03 Mar 17:22


by admin

Santa Ceia...

Curta e compartilhe AQUI.

O post ENQUANTO ISSO, NA CEIA apareceu primeiro em Kibe Loco.

25 Feb 20:00


21 Feb 19:38

Tacere, Dino Valls

Tacere, Dino Valls

26 Jan 14:00

Improve Your Posture with these Exercises from the Army Field Manual

by Herbert Lui

Improve Your Posture with these Exercises from the Army Field Manual

Posture can affect a lot of things, including our confidence and how other people feel about us. Teach yourself good posture by practicing these exercises from the Army Field Manual. Good posture is a habit that pays off over time.

The Army Field Manual features ten exercises that require you to move in a variety of different directions and ways. I found performing Exercise 1, which involves a lot of arm swinging, to be particularly relieving when I get out of my seat. Some of these exercises are pretty conspicuous and may be difficult to do in a suit or formal pants, but a lot of them can still be performed in the workplace.

These exercises are great to get you out of your seat. While you're in your seat, you can do yourself a favor by fixing your computer hunch and other posture problems.

WWII Workout Week: Posture Training | The Art of Manliness

17 Feb 20:05

Photographer Captures Amazing Images of a Tiny Green Tree Frog Riding Atop a Giant Rhinoceros Beetle

by Lori Dorn

Frog Riding Beetle 1

Indonesian wildlife photographer Hendy Mp has captured absolutely amazing images of a tiny Reinwardt’s tree frog riding atop a giant rhinoceros beetle, like a tiny cowboy upon his steed. Giddy-up!

Frog - Beetle Introduction

Frog Beetle - Getting On

Frog Riding Beetle Side View

Frog Riding Beetle 3

Frog Riding Beetle 2

photos by Hendy Mp

via Daily Mail, Bored Panda

10 Feb 10:06

Mentirinhas #771

by Fábio Coala


Pelo menos morreu em paz.

O post Mentirinhas #771 apareceu primeiro em Mentirinhas.

10 Feb 10:45

Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror

by Valentin

L’artiste hongrois István Orosz imagine des illustrations anamorphiques incroyables. Il dessine et peint des images qui semblent n’avoir aucun sens jusqu’à ce que vous placiez un miroir cylindrique au sommet de l’oeuvre d’art. István utilise de des algorithmes qui lui permettent de concrétiser ses idées sur le papier.

Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror_9 Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror_8 Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror_7 Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror_6 Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror_5 Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror_4 Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror_3 Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror_2 Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror_1 Anamorphic Work with Cylindrical Mirror_0
09 Feb 20:42

French Artist ‘Levalet’ Injects Humor into the Streets of Paris with New Site-Specific Street Art

by Johnny Strategy

Levalet (5)

Levalet (8)



Levalet (2)

Levalet (4)

Levalet (6)





A bronze bull head fountain is suddenly transformed into a minotaur. A decrepit corner of an alley becomes a holding pen for ostriches. If any of these odd happenings sound familiar to you, you’re probably living in Paris and have just witnessed the work of French artist Charles Leval (previously). Going by the name Levalet, the artist injects humor into the streets of Paris by gluing animal and human-shaped pasteups onto walls. A lot of thought goes into location too as each piece usually interacts with its environment in one way or another.

Levalet has been updating his site and facebook page with new work he’s created so far in 2015. When not on the streets, Levalet can be found in a classroom (he teaches art) and in a gallery (he held an exhibition late last year at Galerie Geraldine Zberro). “I was looking for places and contexts to operate,” says Levalet, referring to his prime medium: the wall. “The street became a creative space I had to invade.” (via StreetArtNews)

08 Feb 11:52


05 Feb 05:30

You want to do what?

03 Feb 06:54

Noé Ateu

03 Feb 14:15

Impressive Storms Photography

by Donnia

Depuis 2012, la photographe américaine Camille Seaman est ce qu’on appelle « une chasseuse de tornades ». Elle parcourt beaucoup de régions des Etats-Unis telles que le Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas ou encore l’Oklahoma, à la recherche de la tornade la plus élégante. Elle se retrouve à chaque fois confrontée à un ballet de nuages qui semblent aspirer l’horizon.

Camille Seaman/Caters News.

camilleseaman-17 camilleseaman-16c camilleseaman-16b camilleseaman-16a camilleseaman-16 camilleseaman-15 camilleseaman-13 camilleseaman-12 camilleseaman-11 camilleseaman-6 camilleseaman-2 camilleseaman-00000 camilleseaman-0000 camilleseaman-000 camilleseaman-00 camilleseaman-0