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02 Oct 13:12

10+ Of The Funniest Entries From The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

by Lina D.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


28 Sep 13:10


by Reza


15 Sep 07:01

The Pirate and the Ent

by Doug
02 Aug 20:43

Tatsuya Tanaka's Fantastic Miniature Photography

It's been a while since I've fallen down the rabbit hole of a single person's portfolio, but this here is the guy. To say Art Director Tatsuya Tanaka's imagination is fertile is an understatement, and his attention to detail borders on fanatical. 

Whereas the designers among us might touch an object and become fixated on a parting line, a unique joinery method or a particularly artful weld, Tanaka sees entire worlds in the tiniest of details, and sets up miniatures to help us see what he sees. Tennis ball seams are biking trails; 

a protractor, a blackjack table; 

an F1 pit stop where the "F" stands for "Footwear;" 

a stack of magazines become nighttime snack stands in Hong Kong.

My favorites are the ones that specifically reference life in Tanaka's home country of Japan. A dishwashing sponge becomes the natural carpet of a hanami (cherry blossom bloomtime picnic);

a tameshigiri practioner produces penne;

a circuit board becomes a partially harvested rice paddy;

Muji notebooks become a cityscape;

Pocky become lighsabers;

a dumpling skin becomes a Sumo ring;

high heels become the entrance to a Tokyo train station.

Which is not to say the non-Japanese-specific ones are not also fascinating.

Most amazing of all is how prolific Tanaka is. Since April of 2011 he has released one new photo a day, every day, in a calendar format. Be careful if you're at work--you can spend hours clicking through his set-ups.

26 Sep 20:00

Insomnobot Is a Chatbot That Gives You Something to Do When You Can't Sleep

by Thorin Klosowski
Insomnobot Is a Chatbot That Gives You Something to Do When You Can't Sleep

Insomnia sucks, and while everyone has their own ways of dealing with it, sometimes you just want someone to talk to. The mattress company, Casper, decided to build a chatbot for just that.…

The Insomnobot-3000 only works between 11pm and 5am (your local time) and is meant as a simple communication tool for those sleepless nights when you’re looking for someone to talk to. Obviously, more screen time is probably not the best for getting a good night sleep, but if nothing else is working and you’re just stuck staring at the ceiling, Insomnobot’s a goofy distraction. Sure, it’s built by a mattress company as a marketing tool, but it’ll at least help pass the time. To get a chat going, send a text to 844-823-5621.…


26 Jul 15:37

Heartwarming Portraits of Senior Dogs Pay Tribute to Aging Pets

by DL Cade


The artist statement Nancy LeVine sent us for her series Senior Dogs Across America begins with a paragraph that left this writer in tears—a tribute to the two dogs she had to let go of. “I loved them passionately,” she writes. “To the quiet, exquisite presence of each aged dog, I honor them with this work.”

More often than not, dog portraits feature healthy, vibrant pups in their prime; better yet, puppies. But LeVine’s photo project and book strays from the well-worn “adorable dog photos” path to cut its own through the heartbreaking thicket of old age and mortality… LeVine’s and her pets’ both.

Senior Dogs Across America is the result of this exploration, which started 12 years ago this year.

Cover Final_Senior Dogs Across America 800

“My interest in the world of the senior dog began as my own two dogs began to approach the end of their days,” writes LeVine. “This was at a time when I had lived enough years to start imagining my own mortality. I entered a world of grace where bodies that had once expressed their vibrancy were now on a more fragile path.”

She was inspired by the dignity and absence of fear that dogs bring to the process of aging, to the process of dying:

I saw how the dog does it; how, without the human’s painful ability to project ahead and fear the inevitable, the dog simply wakes to each day as a new step in the journey. Though their steps might be more stiff and arduous, these dogs still moved through each day as themselves—themselves of that day and all the days before.

The book features 86 of the portraits she captured all across America—from Hawaii to Mississipi, from Massachusetts to Wyoming. Here’s just a small selection

Sunshine, 14 years old. Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary
Sunshine, 14 years old. Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary
Poopie, 14 years old. New York, New York
Poopie, 14 years old. New York, New York
Englebert 9 yo, Hercules 17yo, Climber Eeoyore 14yo. Denver, Colorado
Englebert 9 yo, Hercules 17yo, Climber Eeoyore 14yo. Denver, Colorado
Ginger, 12.5 years old. Devils Tower, Wyoming
Ginger, 12.5 years old. Devils Tower, Wyoming
Rosie, 13 years old. Princess, 14 years old. Hileal, Florida, Friends of Greyhounds
Rosie, 13 years old. Princess, 14 years old. Hileal, Florida, Friends of Greyhounds
Jake, 16 years old. Higgins, Texas
Jake, 16 years old. Higgins, Texas
Joon, 16 years old. Sandwich, Massachusetts
Joon, 16 years old. Sandwich, Massachusetts
Murphy, 10 years old. Milford, Connecticut
Murphy, 10 years old. Milford, Connecticut
Springfeather, 17 years old. Kanab, Utah, Best Friends Animal Society
Springfeather, 17 years old. Kanab, Utah, Best Friends Animal Society
Wally, 14 years old. Ferrida, Louisiana
Wally, 14 years old. Ferrida, Louisiana

The artist statement on LeVine’s website doesn’t include the intro mentioned at the top. We’re including it below for those of you who don’t mind getting misty-eyed at work:

11-24-06 My dog, my muse, died today… on my birthday. She died only 5 months after her sister, my other muse. She licked my face – my tears – in the last moments of her life. My nine months of caring for two failing bodies is over now. The vet visits, acupuncturist, swim therapist, cardiologist, medications, supplements, diapers, stroller, my vigilance to their silent needs… hoping not to miss any. I loved them passionately.

To the quiet, exquisite presence of each aged dog, I honor them with this work. To the tight cord of love between them and their person(s), so profoundly palpable, I dedicate this work.

To see more of this work, be sure to pick up Senior Dogs Across America. And if you love LeVine’s work, you can find more on her website, Facebook, and the Senior Dogs Instagram.

(via Huffington Post)

Image credits: All photographs by Nancy LeVine and used with permission.

21 Jul 20:09

This Abandoned Power Station in Hungary is an Urbex Gem

by Roman Robroek


This semi-abandoned power station located in Hungary is a true gem among industrial locations and was once Europe’s most advanced power station.

The control room itself has been abandoned for quite some time, but most parts of the location are still in use providing power to a major city nearby. Therefor me and my friends were only allowed to visit a fragment of the huge complex. Luckily enough, this happens to be the most beautiful abandoned control room I have ever seen.


One of my recent articles received quite a bit of negative feedback because of the processing of the photos in it. Even though some of the reactions were rather harsh, I have to agree with most of them.

I regret using photos that have been shot and processed in 2014 when I was still using Photomatix/tonemapping instead of re-processing them. Since 2015 I have changed a lot in my processing and I hope the pictures in this article, taken and processed last week, help to support that claim. I still have my own way of processing photos, which is a lot more ‘natural’ than two years ago in my opinion, and it remains a matter of taste whether you like it or not.

Anyway, let’s dive into the history of this amazing building.



The control room is located in a power station that’s over a 100 years old. As mentioned above, the power station is semi-abandoned as most parts of it are still in use (privately owned). On a regular day it supplies the major city nearby with 60% of the heating and hot water. 4% of Hungary’s total energy supply also comes from this power station.

The main gas supply to this power station comes from Russia through Ukraine. In case it gets shut off, for whatever reason, the station has a liquid fuel-oil reserve on-site that can last for eight days.



In its early days the station was actually the first boiler house, first electricity supplier of the area, and Europe’s first electricity exchange.

The most precious feature of the station is the amazing art-deco control room with a huge glass ceiling, which has been shut down since 2005. It was designed by two architects around 1927, Kálmán Reichl and Virgil Borbíro, and was constructed within 2 years. The control room is protected by Hungarian law shielding it from ever being torn down. Unfortunately, this also means the control isn’t being touched at all, read: it’s not being restored.



The box-building, the one that looks like a small house, was actually built as a shelter for the workers in case the station would be bombed during WWII. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

Nowadays the control room and the other old parts of the station that are no longer in use are often used in films and music videos. The most recent example I remember noticing the control room in is the movie ‘Spy‘ with Melissa McCarthy.

Visiting this beautiful location was great fun and I tried to capture a few photos outside of the control room in areas that we were allowed to see. Below you can find a couple of the other photos I made during my visit to this beautiful old power station:






About the author: Roman Robroek is a 29-year-old Netherlands-based urban photographer. You can see more of his work on his website, or by following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This article was also published here.

20 Jul 20:32

Photographer Captures Landscapes in the Viewfinder of a 35mm SLR

by Michael Zhang


Photographer Oliver Hihn thinks its a shame that so many old cameras sit around on shelves and slowly gather dust, so he decided to take his dad’s old Elbaflex VX 1000 35mm SLR out on a hike. Instead of shooting film photos, he decided to photograph landscapes framed in the waist-level viewfinder of the camera.

“I bought some analog film and took a few pictures,” Hihn says. “It’s all fun and it is a great feeling to try analog photography, but it is pretty expensive to develop the film and you have to wait until you see a result.”

“I’m an impatient person so I just combined analog photography and digital photography,” he continues. “These photos were all taken around my hometown Nürtingen, a small town in southern Germany.”












(via BoredPanda via Bokeh)

Image credits: Photographs by Oliver Hihn and used with permission

20 Jul 14:06

These Macro Photos of Colorful Insects Look Like Masked Faces

by DL Cade


Fine Art photographer Pascal Goet has been capturing macro photos for 26 years, but it’s only today that his work made its way onto our radar. His series Mask & Totem features some of the most colorful, anthropomorphic insects he’s photographed—insects that looks like mysterious, intricate masks.

Some of the “faces” are easier to see than others, but each begins to look like an alien or animal figure the longer you stare at it, especially if you attend one of Goet’s exhibitions and see the images printed large.

Pascal—who is represented by the Blin plus Blin Gallery in Paris—doesn’t alter the colors of the insects at all. A little bit of work with light and shadow is all these insects get in post.

See them for yourself below:








These images are currently on display in Albi, France until mid-August and will travel next to the Museum of Natural History of La Rochelle, France where you can see them up close from September 20th to January 15th. If you’re in either area, we definitely suggest dropping in.

To see more of Goet’s work, head over to his website.

(via Colossal)

Image credits: All photographs by Pascal Goet and used with permission.

18 Jul 20:00

Hitler’s Hospital: Exploring the Huge Abandoned Beelitz Hospital Complex

by Roman Robroek


This complex, built in the end of the 19th century, was on my wish list for a very long time. When the opportunity arose to visit it, I grabbed my chance and carefully planned the exploration.

There were a couple of buildings I badly wanted to see, and some I didn’t. I was aware of the exact location of some of the great spots and knew how to enter without being seen. It was a very exciting visit, running around on this huge site trying to not get noticed by the people working there… during the process of running from one building to another I had to quickly get down on my belly in the wet grass to avoid being seen by people that were there to cut trees.


The best architects designed this complex with luxury balconies, hallways, and platforms. At first there was enough space to house 600 patients (mostly poor and elderly people with lung tuberculosis). Soon, it turned out that there was not enough space and the capacity was doubled. Patients were separated into different buildings by gender. Staff buildings were also taken into account. For example, the laundry and kitchen were at the female part of the complex, and the boiler house was at the male part.

Over 25 years more than 115,000 patients were treated here. During the 1st and 2nd World War the complex was used as military hospital for the German army. Famously, even Adolf Hitler was treated here with an injured leg in 1916. Unfortunately, some parts of the complex were completely destroyed during the war.

Immediately after the 2nd World War, the Russians took over the complex and used it as their own military hospital—it was known as the largest military hospital outside of Russia. Striking is that the Russians didn’t change anything of the exterior of the complex. They did make some adjustments to the interior here and there though which nowadays are still noticeable.

In 1994 the last patients left the clinic. Since then, the complex is still standing in its original state. For years people could walk around freely but since a few deadly accidents happened, it’s been closed.

Fun fact is that parts of a few well known movies have been filmed here: Valkyrie, The Pianist, and Sick House for example. The band Rammstein recorded a music clip inside one of the buildings as well. The old entry post of the complex is being used as a bistro now. Other parts have been renovated. Nevertheless, most of the complex is not being used anymore, and is thus decaying.

I was able to walk around those buildings for a whole day. Loved every minute.

Below you can find a couple of other photos from my visit. All the photos were shot in 2014:











About the author: Roman Robroek is a 29-year-old Netherlands-based urban photographer. You can see more of his work on his website, or by following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This article was also published here.

13 Sep 23:00

Keep Cockroaches Away With Peppermint Oil

by Patrick Allan
Keep Cockroaches Away With Peppermint Oil

There are all kinds of home remedies for keeping your house pest-free, and essential oils are a big player. If you want to repel some roaches, a little peppermint oil is surprisingly effective.

A mix of peppermint oil and white vinegar is a solid go-to for repelling several pests, especially spiders. But research from Auburn University suggests the mix is good for the peskiest of pests too. To make your own cockroach deterrent spray, Brittney Morgan at Apartment Therapy recommends dropping 10 drops of peppermint oil into a spray bottle willed with two parts water, one part white vinegar. Spritz it around cupboards, under the sink, in the bathroom, and anywhere else that roaches might want to hang out. You can also use straight peppermint oil to wipe down countertops. Not only will it keep pests away, it’ll smell nice too. Keep in mind, however, that this won’t kill roaches. If you have a serious infestation, get an exterminator to take care of them first, then use this spray to keep them from coming back.…

3 Non-Toxic Tips for Ridding Your Home of Roaches | Apartment Therapy

Photo by Ted and Dani Percival.

30 Aug 17:00

Sports Drinks Are Mostly Pointless

by Beth Skwarecki on Vitals, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker
Sports Drinks Are Mostly Pointless

Sports drinks seem like they should be healthy. Athletes endorse them, and they don’t have the same “liquid candy” reputation as the Pepsi a few shelves over. But how helpful are they to serious and casual exercisers? Not very, it turns out.

To be clear, we’re talking about sports drinks, not energy drinks like Rockstar and Monster. Despite the similar names, they’re no relation. Energy drinks are super-caffeinated soda with a few gimmicky supplements thrown in to make them look special. Sports drinks, on the other hand, are the beverages like Gatorade and Powerade that deliver carbohydrates and electrolytes in a typically fruity, brightly colored fluid sold in plastic bottles. To put it another way: energy drinks are for all-night video game marathons; sports drinks are for actual marathons.

For Casual Sipping, Sports Drinks Are Little Better Than Other Sugary Drinks

Aside from sugar, sports drinks mainly contain electrolytes like sodium and potassium. If you’re not in the middle of a marathon, you don’t need an extra dose of electrolytes. You get plenty of them from the food you eat, and arguably, when it comes to sodium, a lot of us already get too much.

If you’re feeling dehydrated, either from a stomach bug or from a hangover, sports drinks may help a little bit—not because there’s anything special about them, but just because water and sugar and electrolytes are helpful when you’re rehydrating. You can get the same benefits from a glass of water and your favorite snacks. Enjoy the Powerade if you like, but don’t expect miracles.…

The more concerning thing on the ingredients list is the sugar. It’s why these drinks taste so good, and it’s unnecessary outside of sports. Nutritionists and dieticians agree that we all drink far too much sugar to begin with.…

Twelve ounces of Gatorade have 21 grams of sugar. But if you drink the 32 ounce bottle, one of the common sizes, you’re getting far more than what experts recommend we consume in a day. The FDA’s new limit on added sugars (coming soon to a label near you) is 200 calories per day, or 50 grams.

At least sports drinks fare better than soda and juice. Twelve ounces of Gatorade’s shelfmate, Pepsi, contain 41 grams of sugar. The same amount of orange juice contains 33 or so. But really, all of these are more empty calories than we need—and don’t forget that the guidelines are per day, not per drink.

If you’re looking for a way to save calories compared to soda, sports drinks work, but not as well as switching to water, seltzer, or diet drinks. Some sports drinks are also available in a low calorie version, like Gatorade’s G2. At eight grams of sugar per 12 ounces, it’s even easier to fit G2’s calories into your diet. In short, sports drinks aren’t good for you, they’re just less bad than some of the other options.

Sports Drinks Aren’t Necessary for Most Exercise

Most of us know it’s cheating to chug a Powerade while sitting in the couch, but it probably seems like a good idea to grab a bottle on your way home from the gym. But if you’re doing a quick bodyweight workout, an hour’s sweat session in the gym, or a few miles of running, you still probably don’t need sports drinks. Here are the ingredients that are supposed to help athletes:

  • Water: It’s good to sip water according to your thirst, so this is legit.
  • Sugar: Your body keeps enough sugar on hand to get through at least an hour or two of working out. You definitely don’t need to consume any during a workout that lasts less than 60 minutes. After you finish, your next meal or snack will easily replenish what you lost.
  • Electrolytes: Your body loses sodium in the form of sweat, plus smaller amounts of other electrolytes like potassium. Again, we replenish these when we eat. There’s no need for an emergency infusion of electrolytes before, during, or after a short workout.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) concludes that sports drinks can be helpful for intense exercise that lasts more than an hour. Gatorade-funded researchers and trainers would prefer that you drink sports drinks at every opportunity, but that advice benefits their bottom line more than your body.

There is a tiny advantage to consuming sugar during a workout, even a short one, but it’s not what you think. In several studies on runners and cyclists, reviewed here in Nutrition Journal, athletes who tasted sugar were able to turn in better performances. They didn’t even have to swallow the sports drink to get this effect; a swish and spit worked just as well. Researchers still aren’t sure why this happens, but if you’d like to experiment with it yourself, any sugar source should do the trick.

If You Need Electrolytes, Sports Drinks Aren’t Your Only Option

The classic case for a sports drink is an athlete who is working out for hours at a time, burning tons of calories so they need sugar to keep them going, and sweating a lot so they need to replace sodium. That leaves us with people like marathoners, who want to make sure their blood sugar stays in an optimal range during their whole race. Football and soccer players also drink the stuff, since their game day exercise adds up to several hours and they’ll be working out at a fairly intense level.

These are the athletes sports drinks were originally developed for, like the University of Florida’s football team, the Gators whom Gatorade was named. Still, a lot of athletes who fit the bill don’t actually drink commercial sports drinks. Some do, of course, especially if their team has a sponsorship deal with a sports drink company. But many marathoners, for example, prefer water with (or sometimes without) a separate source of electrolytes.…

Those electrolytes can come in packets like Ultima Replenisher or tablets like Nuun. Some athletes swear by pretzels for sodium and bananas or coconut water for potassium. The advantage of this DIY approach is that you can manage your electrolytes, sugar, and water as separate factors.

Sports drinks and their alternatives make the most sense for endurance athletes. If your specialty is strength training, on the other hand, you aren’t continually draining sugar out of your blood in the same was as a runner or cyclist who is covering mile after mile. If you’re working out to gain muscle or to lose weight, you’re also probably watching your diet closely. Rather than using some of your day’s calories on sports drinks, you’re probably better off spending those on protein or other healthy foods that help you towards your goals.…

One argument against sports drinks, even for runners, is that sugary liquids can cause digestive upset. If you’re chugging sports drinks all marathon long, don’t be surprised if you’re spending a lot of time in the porta potties after the race - or, if you’re especially unlucky, during it.The ACSM recommends that sports drinks be less than eight percent carbohydrate for exactly this reason; soda and juice are both too sugary. Bottled sports drinks are usually between six and eight percent carbohydrate, which works for some athletes but not others.

If you’re in this category of super-active exerciser, you probably already know it. As you’re training for your marathon, you’ll end up experimenting with drinks and snacks that fuel you for the long haul without upsetting your digestive system. Maybe sports drinks will be part of your routine for when you’re on your feet. Maybe they’ll just be a favorite treat to cool down after a long run. And if you choose to go without sports drinks entirely, that’s a perfectly good option too.

Illustration by Angelica Alzona.

10 Aug 20:30

What to Do If You Start Choking When You're Alone

by Patrick Allan
What to Do If You Start Choking When You're Alone

If, like Liz Lemon, you’re afraid of choking when you’re home alone, knowing this procedure might give you some peace of mind—and maybe save your life.

The study, led by Artur Luczak from the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience, and published in the journal Resuscitation, suggests two ways you can use gravity to help dislodge a piece of food that’s blocking your airway. The advanced scientific drawing above, from the study itself, shows the two positions that you can try if you think you’re choking and no one is around to help you. The first method is akin to the downward dog yoga position, while the second is best if you have a chair you can use for balance. The upside down position helps remove saliva and other fluids that may further obstruct your airflow while you’re choking, especially if the object is a semisolid. Once you’re upside down, you can try to do back blows and abdominal thrusts on yourself. The procedure is similar to the way infants are treated when they might be choking. You can read more about it at the link below.…

Head-down self-treatment of choking | Resuscitation via Popular Science

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Viva Intensamente # 275

by Will Tirando


08 Sep 10:05

The modern nomad

by Cale








The post The modern nomad appeared first on Things in Squares.

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Time Flies

by Doug
02 Sep 12:56


01 Sep 19:29



30 Aug 15:07

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Teach a Man to Fish


In economics, they're robots. In political economy, they're all jerks. In sociology, they're all misunderstood.

New comic!
Today's News:
23 Aug 15:13


by Will Tirando


12 Aug 16:12

Other Queen

by Reza


09 Aug 15:19

shitifindon: @shedoesnotcomprehend

04 Aug 15:36

Anésia # 294

by Will Tirando


03 Aug 10:54

Mentirinhas #1020

by Fábio Coala


O post Mentirinhas #1020 apareceu primeiro em Mentirinhas.

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Tilt Shift Van Gogh’s Paintings

by Léa

Les tableaux de Vincent Van Gogh traversent les époques et émerveillent toujours autant. Les utilisateurs de Reddit se regroupant sous le nom de melonshade, ont transféré les toiles sur photoshop et les ont retravaillées en y ajoutant du flou pour renforcer certains détails ou encore donner l’impression qu’elles avait été saisies avec un objectif disposant de l’effet « tilt shift ».

vangoghtiltshift8 vangoghtiltshift7 vangoghtiltshift6 vangoghtiltshift5 vangoghtiltshift4 vangoghtiltshift3 vangoghtiltshift2 vangoghtiltshift1
12 Jul 13:14

The Troubled Typeface

by Grant

This comic appears in the Summer/Fall 2016 issue of The Southampton Review.

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11 Jul 13:59


by Lunarbaboon

Kickstarter Reward! - check out

21 Jul 19:30

Passport Map Shows You All the Countries You Can Visit With or Without a Visa

by Alan Henry
Passport Map Shows You All the Countries You Can Visit With or Without a Visa

Depending on the passport you hold, it can be a breeze to visit another country, or it can be a maddening process that takes months of paperwork, clearance, visits to consulates or embassies, and the risk of getting denied anyway. Passport Map can help you figure out what you’re in for before you plan a trip.…

Passport Map is a fun enough site in its own right, since you can explore the passports of various countries on the main page, but its real value is in the visa comparison table, where you can select the country you hold a passport with, and see what the entry and visa process is like for virtually every other country on the planet. You can even add multiple passports to the comparison list, so you can see how, for example, your Canadian friend would fare if you traveled together, or just what it might be like to be a tourist from another country.

If you prefer, click the “compare by destination” tab to see what specific countries put visitors from other nations through if they want to visit. Sadly the site doesn’t help you jump off to visa information for those countries, or even to the embassies for the countries that require them, but it’s a good starting point for your research if, for example, you’re an American looking to visit China, or a Canadian who’d like to visit Ghana, in which both cases a visa is required.

Passport Index

18 Jul 20:00

This Infographic Crams In Over 30 Essential Google Search Tips

by Thorin Klosowski

Google’s search engine is an always-expanding, extremely useful tool that’s packed with tons of different tools. Over on Zapier, they outline tons of different advanced tricks for searching Google as quickly as possible.…

Lifehacker alum Melanie Pinola digs into tons of Google search tips here, including some that are easy to forget, like the mortgage calculator, instant customer service phone numbers (search for the company named followed by “customer service”), and time zone conversions. Head over to the full post on Zapier for tons of detailed info, or check out the infographic below.

Search Smarter: 30+ Google Search Tricks You Might Not Already Know | Zapier

Thanks Melanie for sending this in!

This Infographic Crams In Over 30 Essential Google Search Tips
29 Jul 00:00

Sam Levenson

"You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself."