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05 Sep 02:32

Steam Linux Usage Reportedly Ticks Up To 0.8% For August

Due to the US Labor Day holiday, Valve was slow in updating their monthly figures for their controversial Steam Survey of hardware/software data by polled users. At least for their initial batch of August numbers they are reporting a small increase in the Linux gaming population...
19 Jan 22:03

Chick In Trouble

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11 Jan 22:39

Cheetos Breakup

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04 Jan 16:21

High As A Bird

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04 Jan 16:20

Lost Aunt Found

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02 Nov 04:18

Just Do It

by james
Just Do It - Siblings

“My brother’s Nike knockoff from Korea in the 90′s.”

(via source)

“My brother’s Nike knockoff from Korea in the 90′s.”

(via source)

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23 Aug 20:53

Don’t Slam Your Door

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16 Aug 17:44

Romeo and Juliet’s Military Father

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11 Aug 06:14

How About Now?

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09 Aug 15:24

Go On…

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27 May 04:03

On Blast

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12 Apr 00:17

Uncorked Shame

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28 Mar 16:13


BREAKING: Senator's bold pro-podium stand leads to primary challenge from prescriptivist base.
09 Feb 18:39

Grape Counters

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21 Jan 02:40

Trump Food Analogy

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05 Nov 17:45

First rule of Flight Club…

by engrishwebmaster


Photo courtesy of Oroboras.
Spotted in Harajuku, Tokyo. 

20 Oct 12:53

Thou wouldst heed this:

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If wife broke use adapter.

Photo courtesy of Jay Penfold.
Label on bottom of 8 port switch.

21 Jul 23:14

So this exists…

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15 Jun 14:06

I have a neck, can I use the theater?

by engrishwebmaster

I’m becoming pregnant right now.

Photo courtesy of Jean-Marc Leguerrier.
Found at the Osaka maritime museum.

09 Jun 17:21

Hey, I’m into hills.

by engrishwebmaster


Photo courtesy of Terrence McClinton.
Sign found in Japan. 

20 May 03:35

What are you doing?

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13 May 15:40

Thanks? I guess?

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12 May 18:38

Whale that escalated quickly…

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29 Apr 21:31

Not Sure

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28 Apr 08:52

…and that’s how ceeent is made.

by engrishwebmaster

Leave a comeent below.

Photo courtesy of Heidi Iwashita.
Found in Osaka, Japan.  

22 Apr 07:06

Talk like a politician

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17 Apr 18:54

Grandpa + Facebook

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01 Feb 20:28


"Oh, you're using their Chrome APP, not their Chrome EXTENSION. They're very similar but one handles window creation differently." is a thing I hope I can stop saying soon.
23 Jan 01:02

“Cosby did it”

by engrishwebmaster

I can’t wait to hear their views on climate change…

Photo courtesy of Angela Raue.
Found in Seoul, Korea. 

04 Dec 17:34

Pretti plesse…

by engrishwebmaster

Photo courtesy of Tony M.
T-shirt found in Japan.