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17 Sep 13:53

Calvin and Hobbes for September 15, 2014


Guys, let's talk about something.

During the year-long hunt for a Reader replacement, one of the sites that I tried was Inoreader. Schubin and I gave it a spin that lasted about two minutes. It was ugly and terrible. We moved on.

Last week I got an email from Inoreader alerting me to the fact that they had undergone a massive redseign. I thought what the hell, and checked it out. Something amazing had happened. It turned pretty. And fast. And appealing.

I enlisted Schubin and Julia to help me kick the tires, which we've been doing for the last few days. The result is this: we would like you all to come join us there.

The strengths of this site over TOR are many and varied, and it would really be easier for you to see, but I will just say that its design is simple and clean, its sharing and commenting are easy and contain more features than TOR, and there is no subscription limit for free accounts.

To answer the question right off, there is no sharing bookmarklet, but that puts us approximately even with our current site.

There was some discussion when we decided on TOR about how maybe there is no magic bullet, and we're chasing an imagined ideal of Google Reader that never existed. I really don't think that's true. I don't think Inoreader is there, but it's closer than TOR.

Come on over and take a look around. Believe me, I would not be disrupting a perfectly functional system if I didn't think the alternative was an improvement.

12 Sep 15:54



Followed a link from the isolated Courtney Love vocals that came out yesterday, which I don't care about even a little bit, to this. I know it's old but I would share it every day. It is so lovely.

12 Sep 15:46

Doctor Who Greatest Companions

by Marcus

Barbara Wright
Sarah Jane Smith
Rose Tyler
Jamie McCrimmon
Zoe Heriot
Amy Pond
Jo Grant

So now we can get on with the business of the magazine telling us Sarah Jane is number one. And probably Rose is number two.

Top 10 Doctor Who CompanionsThe new digital issue Radio Times, available iOS on Apple’s Newsstand, includes an exclusive 46 page supplement of the Top 10 Doctor Who Companions as voted for by readers of Radio Times. The supplement includes archive interviews and photoshoots with the Doctor’s most memorable companions.

The new issue of Radio Times also includes interviews with Jenna Coleman on the rumours of her departure from the hit show, working with Peter Capaldi and her experiences of launching the new series around the world; Cilla Black, ahead of the ITV drama based on her life; the panel of BBC’s Would I Lie to You; and Nicholas Lyndhurst; plus comprehensive TV and radio listings 13-19 September 2014.

The Radio Times digital special also features an exclusive photo-galleries of Sherlock star Andrew Scott; the cast of BBC One’s Would Like Lie to You; and a behind the scenes look at new drama The Great Fire.

Radio Times on iPad contains all the great features, interviews, reviews and comprehensive TV and radio listings for 146 channels available in the print issue, alongside additional interactive features to enhance the readers’ experience. The additional features in the digital issue include:
  • Specially designed contents page for quick and easy direct access to daily choice and listings pages
  • Direct links to the week’s recommended programmes on-demand and catch-up TV services, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer and 4OD
  • Photo galleries, including exclusive behind the scenes videos from photo-shoots and interviews
  • Pinch and zoom TV & radio listings for ease of use
  • Comprehensive TV and radio listings, including BBC local radio, with handy links so you can jump to your desired day of the week.
Radio Times is available on the Apple Newsstand every Tuesday, for iPad and iPhone, at £1.99 per issue, £6.99 for a monthly subscription or £79.99 for an annual subscription. The digital issue is initially available on Apple devices and will be rolled out across other mobile and tablet platforms thereafter.
12 Sep 15:38



This is in the header of Uproxx right now.

12 Sep 15:26

The Simpsons Are Going To Meet The '80s Versions Of Themselves In "Treehouse Of Horror"



Entertainment Weekly reported that the family will meet themselves in The Simpsons ’ next Halloween special.

The Simpsons / Gracie Films / Fox

The Simpsons / Gracie Films / Fox

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12 Sep 14:32

Great Job, Internet!: Widescreen Star Trek provides proper scope for utopian future, lava monsters

by Rob Dean

Despite being a show about the expanses of space (and making out with whatever you find there), Star Trek, like all other shows in the mid-’60s, was broadcast in the boxy 4:3 ratio. The beloved original series may have explored the far flung outer reaches of the galaxy, but the literal scope of the image was confined by television sets of the day. Illustrator and concept artist Nick Accosta has started to take steps to amend this shortcoming. Using images from the HD sets, Accosta took scenes where the camera panned over the same set and stitched the shots together to create a much larger canvas for the action.

The artist says his project is an attempt to show what Star Trek would have looked like in Cinerama widescreen. To that end, these new shots create a deep field and even grander scope that matches the oversized imagination ...

12 Sep 02:34

via Imgur

via Imgur

11 Sep 23:26

(via St. Louis zoo just added this picture of Phil the gorilla...



09 Sep 19:53

Great Job, Internet!: Rocket and Groot make complete sense as Calvin and Hobbes

by Katie Rife

As the Han Solo and Chewy in a movie full of Han Solos and Chewies, Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon and Groot were pretty much guaranteed to steal the Internet’s heart. But is there any way to make the anthropomorphic duo any more lovable? Mash them up with Game Of Thrones, perhaps? (”When Groot Met Hodor” would be pretty great.) Build them out of Lego? (Oh wait, that already happened.)

Comic book artist Mike S. Miller has found the answer, and it’s deceptively simple—draw them like Calvin and Hobbes, of course. Miller has rendered the crossover comics duo of your Sunday funnies dreams in a series of illustrations that will give any fan of both Marvel and Bill Watterson (a pretty significant intersection, we’re willing to bet) a case of the warm fuzzies. For the moment Miller is only selling prints of “Rocket And ...

08 Sep 14:18

Newswire: Warner Bros. is celebrating Friends by opening a real Central Perk in New York

by Sam Barsanti



It might be weird to picture these days—with everyone constantly hopped up on little shots of energy-giving snake oil—but people in the ‘90s used to love sitting around and drinking coffee. They’d go to special restaurants called “coffee houses” and they’d talk about Grunge music and someone named Monica Lewinsky. It was a crazy time, and it all centered around this bitter, black beverage called coffee. TV shows even embraced this wacky fad, with several notable sitcoms featuring prominent coffee house locations.

One such show, Friends, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and Warner Bros. has announced that it will celebrate the occasion by opening a replica of that show’s Central Perk coffee shop in New York City. This comes from MTV, which reports that the actual functioning coffee place will be open from September 17 to October 18, and that—in addition to ...

04 Sep 13:22

Here’s a Very Impressive Supercut of Movie Characters Rapping Wu-Tang Clan

by Sharan Shetty

Making the rounds is a very funny supercut of movie characters rapping a Wu-Tang Clan classic. Which song, you ask, from the group's enormous back catalog? “Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta Fuck Wit,” of course.

There are 236 movies featured, a testament to Jukka-Pekka Bohm’s dedication and diligence in creating this masterpiece. Everyone from Simba to Batman delivers a line, and the inclusion of 2003’s Coffee and Cigarettes is a particularly nice touch—the film has Wu-Tang founders RZA and GZA sip some herbal tea while educating Bill Murray about the dangers of caffeine. Enjoy.

29 Aug 03:26

Newswire: Eddie Izzard joins Sony’s PlayStation-based Powers adaptation

by William Hughes

I read a bunch of Powers when I worked at Borders (which was a really long time ago wow), but nothing about this adaptation has yet been enough to make me upset that it's on Playstation. This news crosses that line.

Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard has joined the cast of Sony’s Playstation Network-exclusive superhero detective series Powers, based on the popular graphic novels by Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis. Despite our most fervent hopes, Izzard will not be reprising his previous supervillain role as dapper disco-themed henchperson Tony P from the 1999 cult classic Mystery Men. Instead, he’ll play Wolfe, a prominent figure in the comic’s mythology, reimagined for the show as an imprisoned, taunting master criminal in the Hannibal Lecter mold. Because that’s what Eddie Izzard does now: creep people out from inside cages.

Also joining the cast are Noah Taylor, recently seen as the villainous Locke on HBO’s Game Of Thrones, and High School Musical co-star Olesya Rulin. Taylor will play Johnny Royale, a prominent figure in the Powers underworld who acts as both antagonist and informant for the already-cast detective protagonist Deena ...

28 Aug 18:33

atomicocean: Robin Song / Woodpigeon


Love this.

27 Aug 20:09

Newswire: Tyler Perry wouldn’t have been in Gone Girl if he knew who David Fincher was

by Katie Rife

You know, this is ridiculous, but we saw a commercial for this the other night and it really did occur to me that Tyler Perry was out of place in this thing, in a vague tonal/ideological sense.

Because neither David Fincher nor Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl had anything to do with Tyler Perry before he was cast in David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, Tyler Perry was completely unaware of the existence of David Fincher, Gillian Flynn, and Gone Girl until his agent tricked him into taking the role.

That’s what Perry makes it sound like in a recent Yahoo! Movies interview where he casts aspersions on Fincher, presumably for the lack of wholesome messages and old-lady drag in his films:

“’If I had known who David Fincher was, and his body of work, or if I’d known the book was so popular, I would have said, No,’ he admits. ‘And my agent knew that! He didn’t tell me until after I signed on!’”

Perry apparently got along much better with co-star Ben Affleck, with whom he spent many ...

27 Aug 16:35

Under the bridge... IT'S TROYBOT!

by AOA
TroyBot mural

Check it out: There's a new mural under the Green Island Bridge depicting TroyBot.

The mural is on the wall of the Troy-side bridge overpass. It's based on a design by Ben Karis-Nix from Troy Cloth and Paper. A group of volunteers, including RPI and Sage students, helped paint the piece last week.

The TroyBot character is an imagined version of the Green Island Bridge that can transform into a giant robot. The mural depicts TroyBot helping the city after a storm.

Here are a handful of large-format pics.

26 Aug 20:48

The Greatest Line Every ‘Simpsons’ Character Ever...


So many personal favorites in here, but I have to make specific mention of "HEY MA, GET OFF THE DANG ROOF!"

Also I lol'd at the Hans Moleman quote.

18 Aug 15:00

This Stop-Motion Animated 'Usagi Yojimbo' Short Is The First Step Toward A Feature Film

by Matt D. Wilson

Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai has been in the news quite a bit over the past few months as his peers, publisher and fans have raised money to help him out of a dire financial situation. Plus, it's Usagi's 30th anniversary.

So far, the efforts seem to have gone pretty well, and there seems to be more good news on the horizon: An animated, direct-to-DVD feature film starring the rabbit ronin, whose exploits are currently published by Dark Horse Comics.

Continue reading…

13 Aug 14:29

What's On Tonight: Let’s all watch Legends and come up with terrible spy names!

by LaToya Ferguson

Their description of this show is amazing and also makes me want to watch it which I'm not proud of.

Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Wednesday, August 13. All times are Eastern.


Legends (TNT, 9 p.m.): In Legends, Sean Bean plays a deep undercover FBI agent who specializes in transforming himself into a different person with every single mission. If it sounds like it’s Human Target but with the opportunity for more jokes about Sean Bean dying in “everything,” that’s because it probably is. But that’s not what makes the show a top pick. The fact that Ali Larter plays a character named Crystal Quest is. Crystal. Quest. Hopefully she follows Sean Bean’s lead and transforms herself into a new character every week. Week one: Crystal Quest. Week two: Destiny Wondergem. Week three: Something else with a stone in the name, just like on The Famous Jett Jackson.


So You Think You ...

07 Aug 22:34

Save The Sounds!

by the man of twists and turns
07 Aug 18:40

motherboardtv: Going Deep with David Rees Is the Best Science...


You guys, get on board for this show. I have watched the first two episodes and I am HOOKED in a serious way.

06 Aug 18:16

Pop Chart Lab Breaks Down 'The Myriad Monikers Of Gotham's Villains' [Infographic]

by Chris Sims

Maybe I'll only post infographics about comic books now.

Like virtually everyone else on the Internet, I enjoy a good chart breaking down my favorite pieces of pop culture into their components, cataloguing and organizing them for easy -- or at least well-designed -- reference. As a result, I tend to be a pretty big fan of the folks over at Pop Chart Lab, who have devoted their considerable graphic skills to doing exactly that. The only problem I've had with them is that their first attempt at organizing the names of Gotham City's population of villains and assorted weirdos had some glaring omissions.

Fortunately for me and that blank spot on my wall, they've corrected that in a second version, and it is amazing. Check it out to see where the names of Arkham and Blackgate's maladjusted miscreants fall, from the Joker (categorized under "Inanimate Objects" and specifically under "Playing cards") to the extremely obscure Gloves (under "Gloves").

Continue reading…

05 Aug 15:45

Great Job, Internet!: Chart the many ways Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have changed in 30 years

by William Hughes

Julia, this is sort of, but not quite, the infographic we were hoping for. You get the design comparison, but the size difference isn't really clear. (Though they do mention that the new ones are bigger.)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have proved surprisingly durable for something that started out as a dumb joke: Ninjas are fast and agile, turtles are not. Repeat, for 30 years and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Across the decades, the Turtles have survived such tribulations as transitioning from comics to TV to movies and back again, an unavoidable cultural association with Vanilla Ice, and an hour with Oprah. It remains to be seen whether the adolescent Chelonii can also weather an adaptation produced by explosion fetishist Michael Bay, but the odds are in their favor.

But time, like glowing, green, secret-having ooze, is a powerful mutating force. The modern Turtles (both the new live-action versions, and the ones in the current animated series on Nickelodeon) are almost unrecognizable from their early comic origins, having been altered by changing tastes, focus groups, and the constant shifting of media that has marked ...

01 Aug 20:27

While discussing movies...


Dear non-geeks of the world: THIS MAN DOES NOT REPRESENT US

01 Aug 15:16

IDW Promises To Expand The World Of 'Orphan Black' In New Comic Series

by Andrew Wheeler


IDW Publishing announced a new comic series based on the critically acclaimed Canadian sci-fi series Orphan Black. Created by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, the show follows the story of Sarah Manning, a woman who discovers she's one of a number of identical clones and part of a sprawling conspiracy.

IDW promises that the comic series will offer new stories that expand on the world presented by the show. No creative team has been announced at this time. The cult following surrounding Orphan Black may help IDW fill a hole in its line left by Doctor Who, a licence the publisher recently lost to Titan Books.

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01 Aug 14:05

hodgman: Look at these historically accurate hipsters hanging...


Look at these historically accurate hipsters hanging out at Jordan Pond, Maine back in olde times.

31 Jul 15:14

(via Imgur)

(via Imgur)

30 Jul 15:42

Dirty feelings; dirty thoughts

by Uncle Lumpy

Please call me "Dirty"

Support this week's full-text RSS feed by buying faithful reader Jay Michael Jones' A Chatterstrip at the End of Civilization

You know Jay Michael Jones as faithful Comics Curmudgeon reader and commenter True Fable. His new book, A Chatterstrip at the End of Civilization is Southern Comedy set in Greater Metropolitan Roopville, featuring Truman Fable and his goats. Don't miss!

(What's the deal with these links? Click here for info.)


Mark Trail, 7/15/14

“Call me Dirty, Mark, like my good friends do! You like me, Dirty, don’t you? I sure like it when you talk to me: Dirty. And I will be Dirty for you any time and any way you want!”

In Carson McCullers’ novel The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, people constantly confide their deepest feelings in a character who is utterly incapable of understanding or helping them in any way. Mark Trail is exactly like that, but with more elephants and no actual hunting.

Archie, 7/15/14

One of the paradoxes of experimental psychology is that the paradigm for secondary reinforcement, which increases the frequency of a behavior, is identical to the paradigm for frustration, which decreases it. Both paradigms present stimuli associated with a primary reinforcer such as, oh, say, sexual release, but withhold the primary reinforcer itself. Archie, of course, has been dining out on that association for a long time – start with a stereotypically porny setup like oiling up your mostly-naked girlfriend by the pool in front of her angry but impotent father, but then cut to some dumb pratfall. Readers know it won’t deliver — it hasn’t for 72 years, and never will. I guess I’m just asking why anybody reads Archie, since it’s not porn.

Lockhorns, 7/15/14

It didn’t occur to me before seeing this panel today that Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn are never shown in casual daywear — check it out. Apparently in the absence of any sort of emotional connection they had been relying on deeply-ingrained but meaningless rituals to keep their lives from flying apart: parties, dress codes, weekly visits with Dr. Pullman, and other mechanisms to sustain their empty, endless charade of a marriage. It worked, too, right up until the instant Loretta said, “We’re not staying together for the sake of appearances — any more.”

Judge Parker, 7/15/14

OK, I’m posting this partly because the dialog doesn’t make any sense – it’s like the authors pasted in speech-bubbles left over from other strips so they could make a tee time:

“What do you know about the fashion business?”
“Lots! Remember Jules? He didn’t know anything about business!”
“We met at an institute design class! That has nothing to do with business either!”
“But Jules was into shoes! Are we even talking about business any more?”
“That’s what design classes are for … to spark a passion! For shoes! Or Jules! Certainly not business — or design, whatever that is!”

But I mostly want to express my irritation that we are probably headed for a do-over of one of the most grindingly dull Judge Parker stories of all time, justly ignored in Josh’s retrospective: Mopey Eurotrash Jules and Sam the Man with a Business Plan. Spoiler: Sam winds up with a million-dollar stake in Jules’ business just because.

– Uncle Lumpy

This post, "Dirty feelings; dirty thoughts", originally appeared on The Comics Curmudgeon, which is the best blog on the Internet.

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29 Jul 14:59

'Put anything you want in me' said Space to Time, 'and you'll see.'

by Too-Ticky
Leo Vroman, a Dutch scientist, artist and poet who lived in the US for many years, died in February of this year. Elsevier Connect did a great article back in 2012. It's rare that we see people who are great poets as well as passionate scientists. Leo Vroman was both; he needed more than just one outlet for an exceedingly curious and creative mind. His was an extraordinary life; he was a survivor of a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp, who managed to be reunited with his fiancée Tineke after the war. They married and remained together until his last day.

In the US, Vroman worked as a researcher at various institutes, including the American Museum of Natural History, The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, the US Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Brooklyn, and Columbia University. While at Mount Sinai, he conducted research that enabled him to receive his PhD in physiology from Utrecht University.

His discovery, known as the Vroman Effect, describes the specific succession of blood proteins as they move along surfaces — research that provided new insight into blood. The work has influenced research in biomaterials, blood physiology and enzymology.

To the Dutch audience, Vroman is mainly known as a poet. You can read seven of his poems here.
28 Jul 15:25

New Portrait Of Ben Affleck's Glorious Bat Chin Sighted In San Diego

by Andrew Wheeler

Sharing for the sentence "Unsurprisingly, Affleck’s chin game is strong."

Also, I just want you guys to know that I am excited about pretty much everything that was announced at Comic Con and I'm fighting the urge to share every article about everything.

The cunning folks at DC Entertainment snuck an exclusive new image of Ben Affleck's Batman out into the world by hiding it in plain sight at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The DC booth features a montage of Batman images celebrating the Dark Knight's 75th anniversary -- and in among those images is a never-before-seen picture of Batfleck's impressive Bat chin in profile.

We already saw a fuzzy glimpse of Batfleck from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder earlier this year -- and we noticed at the time how very Frank Millery it looks. Earlier today we also gawked at Batfleck's cape and cowl on the convention floor -- and it was but a spectral apparition without a meaty Ben Affleck to fill it.

Continue reading…

23 Jul 17:27

TV Club: Gargoyles: “Awakening (Parts 1-3)”

by Oliver Sava

Oh man this show was so fucking good. I watched these first episodes again last year and was psyched at how well they held up.

Gargoyles was supposed to be Disney’s Fantastic Four #1, the start of a sprawling fantasy universe featuring characters with wings and loincloths instead of masks and spandex. In this interview with ComicM!x, series creator Greg Weisman details the sequence of events that led to the development of Gargoyles, which began as a light-hearted comedy series in the Gummi Bears vein before developing into something far more dramatic and complex.

After considering and ultimately rejecting a plan to purchase Marvel Comics, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner wanted to create a shared “superhero” universe that the company could call its own, and Gargoyles would be where it all began. (15 years later, Disney purchased Marvel.) Executive turnover at Disney halted this initiative from moving forward, but that ambition to be something bigger than the ordinary children’s cartoon gave Gargoyles the depth that makes it a modern cartoon classic.

Incorporating ...