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19 Nov 20:01

House Passes Bill Requiring FBI Director Personally Sign Off on Each Syrian Refugee

by Gabrielle Bluestone

The House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday that would require the director of the FBI, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the director of national intelligence to personally sign off on each Syrian refugee entering the United States.


11 Nov 23:40

cookingpeach: the-best-medicine: inuzuk: im crying at this...




im crying at this little old lady who posts nothing but skyrim videos and starts it off with “hi grandkids”


I love this woman’s videos so far!

12 Nov 13:40

buttplunderer: Everyone go home, the pinnacle of fiction has...


Everyone go home, the pinnacle of fiction has been achieved

10 Nov 10:22

cosplaysleepeatplay: i-am-the-real-supersand: Source Oh no!...




Oh no! Just login my tumblr account and saw this killer Metroid cosplay

10 Nov 21:01

kindlyfuckoffpls:inappropriatedean: boredpanda: Rainbow...

07 Nov 15:21

Ultimate Trickster Ben Carson Claims He Was Named "Most Honest" Student in Yale Class That Didn't Exist

by Melissa Cronin

An infamous American myth, heralded by politicians for centuries, holds that George Washington, at the tender age of six, admitted his guilt by saying “I cannot tell a lie” after hacking down his father’s cherry tree. Ben Carson, it seems, has not heard this story.


09 Nov 17:11

Your Best Kazaa Memories (techno remix EXPLICIT).mp3

by Ashley Feinberg on Weird Internet, shared by Ashley Feinberg to Gawker

Back in the wild west days of file sharing, and for a moment all too brief, Kazaa reigned king. And thanks to a recently reinvigorated Twitter account, we’re reminded of the complete and utter mess that was our Kazaa-fueled Winamp queue. So for the sake of nostalgia, we ask you: What are some of your best (which is to say, worst) Kazaa memories?


04 Nov 20:17

Handstand Skunk: What the Skunk? 

by Kelly Conaboy

It is often said that life is about the journey rather than the destination. OK. If you’re so smart, then, what if the destination is a small clearing in the wilderness wherein a skunk is doing an impressive, seconds-long handstand? What’s more important then?


31 Oct 20:00


03 Nov 20:30

Good Pig

by Kelly Conaboy

It is almost four p.m. in Brooklyn, New York, and the sun will soon set to carry us unwillingly into a long, dark night—one of very many to come. For now, though, the sun is shining. Doesn’t have anything to do with this pig, just looking out a window currently.


29 Oct 17:25

Jeb and Rubio Agree: Chiang Kai-Shek Was an Imaginary Mystical Warrior

by Jay Hathaway

When Marco Rubio became Florida’s Speaker of the House in 2005, Governor Jeb Bush welcomed him by bestowing upon him the sword of “Chang,” who Bush described as “a mythical conservative warrior.” It’s odd how mythology develops: Bush was almost certainly, if unwittingly, talking about Chiang Kai-Shek, the Chinese nationalist leader best known for losing a civil war to the Chinese Communist Party and retreating to Taiwan. Chiang was, notably, not democracy’s number-one fan.


29 Oct 00:36

Driver Loses Control of Hot Red Mustang and Ends Up on Roof of Michigan Home

by Brendan O'Connor

On Monday, the driver of a red Ford Mustang, traveling about 60 miles per hour and suffering from blood sugar, The Guardian reports, took a detour across the eastbound lanes of Interstate 60, in Shiawassee County, Michigan, ending up parked haphazardly on the roof of a nearby house.


28 Oct 16:01


25 Oct 14:48

onyomugan3: セーラー・バルキリー 超時空要塞マクロス




26 Oct 22:16

Stop Using My Song, Asshole: A Playlist of Campaign Songs Politicians Were Asked to Stop Using

by Ashley Feinberg

Stop Using My Song, Asshole: A Playlist of Campaign Songs Politicians Were Asked to Stop Using

When it comes time to run for President—few things are more crucial to any good campaign than a rockin’, vaguely patriotic tune to blast as your stuffy, out-of-touch candidate comes bumbles out onstage. The second most crucial thing: A slightly less-rockin’ backup song to play when your first one gets canned because, as luck would have it, every good band hates you.

Politicians—Democrats and Republicans alike—suffer from a long and storied history of being forced to pull campaign songs just as soon as they’ve pressed play. Whether the candidate in question has simply misunderstood the song (like Ronald Reagan’s misguided attempt to commandeer “Born in the U.S.A.”) or the musician simply prefers to stay out of the political realm entirely (Sam Moore’s cease-and-desist letters to Obama, for example), no party’s candidates are totally safe.

So for your listening pleasure (and with some help from FiveThirtyEight), we’ve compiled a Spotify playlist of some of our various presidential campaigns’ biggest musical upsets. And for those about to rock, we salute you (unless we don’t, in which case please stop rocking immediately or else you will be hearing from our lawyers).


2000 - Sting asks Al Gore to stop playing “Brand New Day.”

2008 - Sam of Sam & Dave asks Barack Obama to stop playing “Hold On, I’m Coming.”


1984 - Bruce Springsteen asks Ronald Reagan to stop playing “Born in the U.S.A.”

1984 - John Cougar Mellencamp asks Ronald Reagan to stop playing “Pink Houses.”

1988 - Bobby McFerrin asks George H.W. Bush to stop playing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

1996 - Sam & Dave ask Bob Dole to stop playing “Soul Man.”

1996 - Bruce Springsteen asks Bob Dole to stop playing “Born in the U.S.A.”

2000 - John Cougar Mellencamp asks George W. Bush to stop playing “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.”

2000 - Tom Petty asks George W. Bush to stop playing “I Won’t Back Down.”

2000 - Sting asks Bush to stop playing “Brand New Day.”

2000 - Sting then also asks Al Gore to stop playing “Brand New Day.”

2004 - John Hall of Orleans asks Bush to stop playing “Still the One.”

2008 - Boston asks Mike Huckabee to stop playing “More Than a Feeling.”

2008 - Van Halen asks John McCain to stop playing “Right Now.”

2008 - John Cougar Mellencamp asks McCain to stop playing “Our Country.”

2008 - John Cougar Mellencamp (once again) asks McCain to stop playing “Pink Houses.”

2008 - Heart asks Sarah Palin to stop playing “Barracuda.”

2008 - Jackson Browne asks McCain to stop playing “Running on Empty.”

2008 - Bon Jovi asks McCain to stop playing “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”

2008 - The Foo Fighters ask McCain to stop playing “My Hero.”

2008 - Tom Petty asks McCain to stop playing “I Won’t Back Down.”

2008 - Abba asks McCain to stop playing “Take a Chance on Me.”

2012 - Survivor asks Newt Gingrich to stop playing “Eye of the Tiger.”

2012 - The Heavy asks Gingrich to stop playing “How You Like Me Now.”

2012 - Dee Snider of Twisted Sister asks Mitt Romney to stop playing “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

2012 - Al Green asks Romney to stop playing “Let’s Stay Together.”

2012 - Silversun Pickups ask Romney to stop playing “Panic Switch.”

2012 - K’Naan asks Romney to stop playing “Wavin’ Flag.”

2012 - Survivor asks Romney to stop playing “Eye of the Tiger.”

2012 - Tom Petty asks Michele Bachmann to stop playing “American Girl.”

2012 - Katrina and the Waves ask Bachmann to stop playing “Walking on Sunshine.”

2016 Dropkick Murphys say this to Scott Walker over “Shipping Up to Boston.”

2016 - Neil Young asks Donald Trump to stop playing “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

2016 - Allee Willis asks Trump to stop playing Karate Kid’s “You’re the Best.”

2016 - Steven Tyler of Aerosmith asks Trump to stop playing “Dream On.”

2016 - R.E.M. asks Trump to stop playing “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.”


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27 Oct 00:57

Hobby Lobby Under Investigation for Smuggling Artifacts From Iraq

by Rachel Vorona Cote on Jezebel, shared by Brendan O'Connor to Gawker

Hobby Lobby Under Investigation for Smuggling Artifacts From Iraq

Hobby Lobby, the craft store made famous by winning a Supreme Court case on “religious freedom and government mandates,” may be guilty of looting ancient artifacts from the Middle East.

According to Candida Moss and Joel Baden at The Daily Beast, store CEO Steven Green and his family “have been under federal investigation for the illicit importation of cultural heritage from Iraq” since 2011. The antiquities in question are a collection of 200 to 300 clay tablets “inscribed in cuneiform—the script of Ancient Assyria and Babylonia, present day Iraq—and were thousands of years old.” Apprehended in Memphis, the shipment of small tablets was on its way to “the compound of the Hobby Lobby corporation.”

Cary Summers, president of the Museum of the Bible, located in Washington, D.C. and scheduled to open its doors in 2017, confirmed to The Daily Beast “both the seizure of the cuneiform tablets and the subsequent federal investigation.” The Green family is funding the new museum.

If the Greens are prosecuted, they will likely be compelled to hand over the tablets to the United States government. But Summers, The Daily Beast reports, “made it sound as if the ongoing federal investigation was simply the result of a logistical problem...‘incomplete paperwork.’” Yet there have been to date “hundreds of hours of interviews” conducted over this matter, suggesting far more complex and significant circumstances.

Moreover, the tablets were tremendously undervalued at $300, a ploy often used when “someone looking to bring antiquities into the U.S. knows that the artifacts should never have left their country of origin.”

Green has already been approached on this subject, but has remained noncommittal in his response. “Is it possible that we have some [illicit] artifacts? That’s possible,” he told Moss and Baden for a forthcoming piece in The Atlantic.

Jezebel will keep you updated as more details regarding this investigation unfold.

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Image via Getty.

27 Oct 15:18

Vape Terrorists Now Banned From Putting E-Cigs in Checked Baggage

by Jay Hathaway

Vape Terrorists Now Banned From Putting E-Cigs in Checked Baggage

Big vape news for big vape-men: The U.S. Department of Transportation has banned airline passengers from packing e-cigarettes and other battery-powered vaping implements—I don’t know? E-blunts?—in their checked baggage.

The new rule will take effect within the next two weeks, at which point you’ll have to keep your vape in your carry-on, and you still won’t be allowed to charge it on the plane.

Does the stuffy old Department of Transportation have it for future-men and their glimmering smokable robots? Nay. There is a sensible reason for this new rule, which is that e-cigs were literally exploding inside airplanes—26 of them since 2009—when people left them on or the battery short-circuited.

Since 9/11, eCigs have caused more explosions inside U.S. commercial planes than actual terrorism.

Smoking is dead. Vaping is the future.

[h/t Consumerist, Photo: AP Images]

23 Oct 15:55

Poll: Iowa Republicans Love That Ben Carson Is an Inexperienced Lunatic

by Ashley Feinberg

Poll: Iowa Republicans Love That Ben Carson Is an Inexperienced Lunatic

According to a recent poll from the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg, Iowa’s Republican caucusgoers love Ben Carson. And what they specifically love about Ben Carson is that he is a Muslim-hating, Holocaust-revising lunatic with no political experience whatsoever. In other words, Iowa Republicans love him because he is them.

As you can see from the questions above, Iowa’s GOP base is not at all bothered by the insane, wildly inaccurate things that have fallen out of Carson’s mouth in recent weeks (and months, and years). In fact, a 57 percent majority of “likely Republican caucusgoers” find the fact that Carson said the Affordable Care Act is the worst thing since slavery to be “very attractive.” What’s more, a whopping 81 percent of respondents found that belief attractive in any capacity at all.

Now consider this: 42 percent of respondents find a lack of any sort of foreign policy experience an attractive presidential quality. Dangerous misunderstanding of what happened during the Holocaust? Sounds good to me, say 77 percent of respondents. Hates Muslims? Great! Seventy-three percent approve. Of course, that last one is unsurprising considering the following response:

Poll: Iowa Republicans Love That Ben Carson Is an Inexperienced Lunatic

Carson isn’t the only one whose worst qualities seem to be what Iowa Republicans admire most. Carly Fiorina practically destroyed HP single-handedly. Does that bother her potential voters?

Poll: Iowa Republicans Love That Ben Carson Is an Inexperienced Lunatic

You bet it doesn’t.

As you can clearly tell from these poll results, 96 percent of likely Republican caucusgoers value “common sense.” The full poll results are below.

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21 Oct 00:42

qwantzfeed: He also never ever throws up.  He’s so great. This...


He also never ever throws up.  He’s so great.

This weekend (October 17th-18th) I’ll be at MICE: the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo!  It’s totally free, totally great, and if you’re anywhere around Cambridge, you should come.  

They asked if I’d do some comics themed around mice, comics, or expos, and that’s what I did!  I wrote out regular Dinosaur Comics scripts (I do actual scripts, now you know!) and instead of me laying them out, some of the terrific artists at MICE drew them instead.  And they’re super great!

This comic is by Braden Lamb who is a great guy I’ve collaborated with a ton in the past.  We did the Adventure Time comics (with Shelli Paroline!) and the three of us also did a comic called The Midas Flesh, from which you might recognize that very Cooper-ish utahraptor!

comics! merchandise! patronage!

23 Oct 12:00

internetcooldad: Nightman and dayman


Nightman and dayman

20 Oct 15:03

besturlonhere: sillybill1947:             ...


sillybill1947:              I follow back

lets all unironically reblog this

21 Oct 20:00

garfeildlogan:komeiju: catsbeaversandducks: “What’s everyone...




“What’s everyone looking at??”

So, there has been a green cat walking around the streets of Varna, Bulgaria this week. Many believed that it must’ve been the work of some awful vandals and started a Facebook page to find them… However, it was determined the cat turned himself green when he slept in some left over synthetic green paint and licked himself. People have been trying to catch this handsome fellow so they can clean him off but so far, have been unsuccessful. Apparently, this happened last year too so people don’t think it’s poisonous.
He and his friend sure don’t seem to mind but hopefully he’ll get his bath soon!

Watch the video HERE

Via BuzzFeed

this is like a tougher version of an enemy you find in an rpg later in the game

beast boys undercover mission has been compromised 

21 Oct 01:55

Accusations of gender discrimination are gaining traction at Stanford’s business school.

by Brendan O'Connor


Accusations of gender discrimination are gaining traction at Stanford’s business school. But! “Just because the majority of women interviewed felt that it was not always a respectful workplace, [Debra Zumwalt, Stanford’s chief counsel] said, ‘that does not mean that it was not a respectful workplace.’” Oh.


21 Oct 15:23

Drug Kingpin “El Chapo” Reportedly Broke His Leg, Smashed His Face While Fleeing Police

by Taylor Berman


Mexican special forces hunting Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman reportedly chased him off of a small cliff earlier this month, causing the escaped drug kingpin to break his leg and smash his face.


19 Oct 22:51

This Drowned Mexican Church Is Spooky As Hell

by Brendan O'Connor

For the second time in a little over a decade, a drought so severe has hit southern Mexico that water levels have dropped 82 feet—low enough to reveal the 16th-century church at the bottom of the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir, a watershed of the Grijalva river.


19 Oct 18:45

"Teen Stoner" Who Reportedly Hacked CIA Head: "i am pretty hype about it"

by Sam Biddle

Two self-described hackers say they’ve breached an AOL account belonging to CIA Director John Brennan, the New York Post reports. If their claim is true, this means a pair of teenagers has access to the personal files of one of the most powerful men in the world.


18 Oct 04:07

Larry David Fulfills Destiny, Plays Bernie Sanders In SNL Cold Open

by Timothy Burke on Screengrabber, shared by Timothy Burke to Gawker

Before you tweeted it Tuesday night, Saturday Night Live was thinking it: yeah, Senator Bernie Sanders does resemble Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David! So David turned up on tonight’s SNL cold open, managing the rare feat of overshadowing an Alec Baldwin cameo. We urge you all in the future to tweet how much Justin Timberlake resembles Donald Trump, or something.


18 Oct 13:12

hydrogencellophane: linklings: Our last day of school involved...



Our last day of school involved dressing up and I took it upon myself to be the sexiest one there

This is glorious.

18 Oct 20:01

4gifs: Dude, we’re at the park, let’s go! [video]


Dude, we’re at the park, let’s go! [video]

18 Oct 21:30

mememaster: batreaux: hes doing a great job he’ll be done in...



hes doing a great job

he’ll be done in no time