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11 Jul 13:20

nothing like peeping a beetle orgy on a dead flower to start...

nothing like peeping a beetle orgy on a dead flower to start your day off right :’)

30 Jul 03:02

mammonmachinezeal: |WE KNOW THE DEVIL|—A Group Relationship...






Words and game design by Aevee Bee, with art by miaschwartz​, music by Alec Lambert, UI by Lulu Blue, and published and programmed by Datenighto.

Killing the devil is easy—that’s why you make teens do it. But some bad kids can’t even get that right, and that’s what the summer scouts are for; troubled teens who need discipline and jesus can go off in the woods and fight the devil and maybe die without bothering anyone. Meangirl Neptune, tomboy Jupiter, and shy Venus are the worst of the worst, 3 underachievers among underachievers sent off to a cabin in the woods for 12 hours waiting for the actual literal devil to hurry up and show himself so they can kill him and go home.

WE KNOW THE DEVIL is a Group Relationship Horror visual novel with three protagonists, set in a surreal midwestern christian summer camp with collage art style and a looming sense of horror. There’s no main character; instead, you choose which possible pairing of our three protagonists to follow as they hang out, drinking illegally, play truth or dare, and wait for an ominous and horrifying evil to appear. 


3 Endings (and a hidden fourth ending), of as many possible OTP combinations as you could desire!

Dynamic Crying and Dying Action™

Explore three different relationships with interpersonal development and intense processing

Teens being mean to each other

The eventual coming of the actual literal devil (???????)

This is an exciting project for Mammon Machine and I’m working with some of the most amazing people I know! I hope ya’ll love it!

04 Aug 18:57

“what happens if one of the ghostbusters dies and becomes a ghost”

03 Aug 05:42

meatpixie: speciesofleastconcern: andrewoclock: NOTORIOUS YO...








01 Aug 20:15

The first mention of Donald Trump in the New York Times was on October 17, 1973, in a front-page sto

by Brendan O'Connor

The first mention of Donald Trump in the New York Times was on October 17, 1973, in a front-page story on a Department of Justice lawsuit against Trump and his father, charging them with violation of the Fair Housing Act of 1968: “Major Landlord Accused of Antiblack Bias in City.”


02 Aug 12:00

Jericho the Lion Is Still Alive, Isn't Cecil's Brother

by Brendan O'Connor

America hasn't cared this much about lion succession since 1994.

A lion named Jericho, who CNN had reported dead on Saturday , is not dead, but is—thank goodness—still alive.


27 Jul 00:55

commander-carol: feathercut: In Japan, the broccoli in ‘Inside...



In Japan, the broccoli in ‘Inside Out’ was replaced with green peppers, which are more universally hated by Japanese children (source)

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30 Jul 13:35

clash-of-colour: If you are not reading “Prez” you need to be....


If you are not reading “Prez” you need to be. It’s so perfect and funny and terrifying all at once.

Source: Prez - Issue #2

30 Jul 20:00

mewmewcentral:goldenclitoris:I THINK THIS IS MY FAVORITE TUMBLR...




What th e fuc k

01 Aug 14:37

towritecomicsonherarms: You should all be reading PrezTrust...


You should all be reading Prez

Trust me.

It’s completely bonkers and unlike any other DC comic out right now.

It’s about a 19 year old girl who becomes President of The US of A.

Prez #2

by Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell

31 Jul 04:00

Hero Subway Employees Ignore Robber With Bag on Head Until He Goes Away

by Hudson Hongo

Two teenage sandwich artists thwarted an attempted robbery this week using nothing more than their natural apathy and the weight of their crushing indifference, WPRI reports.


28 Jul 21:20

Cereal For Dessert

by Jordan Sargent

Jordan Sargent singehandedly destroyed Gawker Media by outing Tim Geithner's brother. This is his next post.

Cereal For Dessert

Late at night, you may sometimes find yourself being tugged in two directions by the small and insistent hole growing in your stomach. Maybe you want a sweet treat before you lay your head down to sleep. But maybe you want something more substantial—not just the goodnight kiss of a morsel of chocolate, but what Taco Bell has accurately termed/branded the “fourth meal.” Thankfully for us all, I recently discovered a solution.

The solution is: cereal for dessert. Where normally people eat cereal for breakfast, I find that it works best as a nightcap. At once, you can finish the night on a sweet note without resorting to freezer-burned ice cream, while also putting something substantial in your stomach that isn’t an actual entire meal.

A bowl of 11:30 p.m. Frosted Flakes, for instance, checks both boxes. On many nights, I don’t even want anything that sweet so I’ll just eat a bowl of Crispix. The presence of dairy alone is enough to trick my mind into thinking I’m eating dessert. If you’re feeling super crazy/stoned, you can squirt chocolate syrup on your cereal. If you’re feeling super duper crazy/stoned, you can bend further towards dessert by placing a scoop of ice cream in a shallow pool of milk and then dropping cereal into the bowl.

Cereal for breakfast is still good. It’s hard to fuck with a classic. But cereal for dessert is better, and it’s right there waiting for you. We’re all the heroes of our own lives.

[art by Jim Cooke]

Contact the author at

28 Jul 18:30

New York Times Sorry For Sucking At Journalism, Again

by Kaili Joy Gray
Sorry not sorry

Sorry not sorry

Our esteemed newspaper of record told a riveting EXCLUSIVE! MUST CREDIT NEW YORK TIMES! tale last week about a criminal inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information with her personal email. And except for how it wasn’t about Clinton mishandling classified information, and the information wasn’t classified at the time, and the inquiry wasn’t criminal, it was all true! Which is why the Times quietly changed its story overnight to be slightly less inaccurate in its telling of this WHOA IF TRUE! story of Clinton criming while Clinton. And then it changed the story again. And then it published a “correction” about how the original headline and story were not exactly right, but it’s all good now, Pulitzers please!

Read more on New York Times Sorry For Sucking At Journalism, Again…

23 Jul 15:35

Writing and What Comes With It

by Hamilton Nolan

Should the published writing of professional writers be subject to any criticism? I believe yes. At least one professional writer disagrees.


22 Jul 18:26

Taylor Swift Invites China to Shake Off Massacre With Cute New Clothes

by Andy Cush

Taylor Swift Invites China to Shake Off Massacre With Cute New Clothes

Your best friend Taylor Swift is going to China. At least, a line of officially licensed Tayla merchandise bearing her initials and birth year will be available in the country soon. Do you think the Chinese people will buy it?

Why wouldn’t they? Well, 1989 was the year of the Tiananmen Square massacre, when Chinese troops killed hundreds of pro-Democracy protesters who were gathered in the titular Beijing square. 1989, duh, is also the title of Swift’s newest album. And her initials, T.S., well—you get it. The Guardian notes that the Chinese government is so defensive about the date that it has blacklisted social media users from publishing any successive combination of 6, 4, and 89 online. (The massacre happened on June 4.)

Swift’s line of inadvertent protest-wear will include t-shirts, sweatshirts, and dresses, the Guardian reports, which will be available via the Chinese online retailers Alibaba and A video posted to Weibo to promote the line shows several shirts emblazoned with “1989,” and 1989 the album is already available on JD.

It remains to be seen whether items like this official Tayla hoodie, which reads “T.S. 1989” without any additional text or information, will be made available in the country. Chinese Swifties looking for an extremely punk rock look might give it a try.

Contact the author at

22 Jul 13:30

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Is Finally Free

by Gabrielle Bluestone

After four years, artist Ai Weiwei is finally free to get the hell out of China.


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19 Jul 21:14

meowphologyandsyncats: OED: “slang”, origin unknown, possible relation to certain Norwegian uses of...


OED: “slang”, origin unknown, possible relation to certain Norwegian uses of sleng-

tumblr: but…have u consider…that is short for shortened language…it’s easy to miss i only just thought of it today :)

12 Jul 22:40

scificity: Don’t Blink

12 Jul 22:52

worldofthecutestcuties:Black Mage

13 Jul 16:52

inkerton-kun: he’s making new friends


he’s making new friends

17 Jul 13:39

beesmygod: when someone says “boy clothes” this is what i think...


when someone says “boy clothes” this is what i think of

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20 Jul 15:32

mathematicianalias: virginiaisforhaters: Wow it’s almost like...



Wow it’s almost like most of human history has been about controlling women… or something…

Anyone remember how about ten+ years ago texting was seen as something only teenage girls do to gossip and how it was a waste of time and money?

20 Jul 15:40


15 Jul 15:43

How a Sesame Street Illustrator Became the Truther Scene's Golden Boy

by Ashley Feinberg on Weird Internet, shared by Ashley Feinberg to Gawker

Screaming children run from oversized vaccine death needles. Barack Obama shows off a handwritten birth certificate bearing the words “KENYA” and “FIRE ME.” Swastika-inscribed fluoride tanks empty themselves into lakes beneath a sky full of chemtrails. It’s every overblown conspiracy theorist’s nightmare, and there’s not a drop of irony in sight.


15 Jul 18:30

Stephen Colbert Interrogates Shameless Pluto-Killer Neil DeGrasse Tyson

by Jay Hathaway on Morning After, shared by Jay Hathaway to Gawker


The space-traitor Neil DeGrasse Tyson would rather classify Mercury, Venus, Mars, and our own fair blue marble, Earth—the only home we’ve got and the only object in space known to contain Beyoncé— as dwarf planets than see Pluto officially become a planet again. Tyson confessed under questioning from Stephen Colbert in a topical! video on the Late Show’s YouTube channel.


13 Jul 22:10

FBI Arrests Suspect in "Gone Girl" Kidnapping Cops Thought Was a Hoax

by Jay Hathaway

Ben Affleck convinces police that kidnappings don't actually happen

Back in March, a 29-year-old Vallejo, Calif., woman disappeared from her home, and her boyfriend was left tied up and drugged with a note demanding a ransom for her return. Suspicion initially fell on the boyfriend, but when the victim returned two days later and refused to cooperate with investigators, authorities thought she may have staged the whole thing , a la Gone Girl. Which brings us up to this week, when a real suspect has been charged with the “hoax” kidnapping.


14 Jul 00:45

Who Is Scott Walker? A Six-Word Explainer

by Hudson Hongo