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11 Mar 20:19

The force

by CommitStrip

Based on a true story by Simon F.

08 Mar 16:00

cvasquez: The beautiful Sigourney Weaver in Alien. (1979) 


The beautiful Sigourney Weaver in Alien. (1979) 

07 Mar 10:37

These Comics Remind Us How Strange Our Habits Are

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05 Mar 07:23

bitchtoss:Debbie Harry photographed by Martyn Goddard, 1978


Debbie Harry photographed by Martyn Goddard, 1978

24 Feb 11:59

juliancallos: “Rebel”Acrylic and gouache on Rives BFK mounted on...


Acrylic and gouache on Rives BFK mounted on wood panel
9″ x 12″

Here’s my piece inspired by Princess Leia for Gallery 1988’s Star Wars: Art Awakens gallery show and charity auction, a collaboration between Gallery 1988, Disney, LucasFilm, and Bad Robot. Pieces in the show will be auctioned off for charity on eBay on Friday, November 13th. If you’re in Los Angeles, you can see the artwork in person on Saturday and Sunday (November 14th and 15th) from 11am–10pm at Gallery 1988 (West). Find out more info here and support a good cause!

Almost everything in this piece is a reference from the original Star Wars trilogy: the symbols of the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, band patches for Max Rebo Band and the Mos Eisley Cantina band, “Rebel scum,” tattoos of Alderaan and Leia’s blaster, modified X-wing pilot gloves, the vest Leia wore on Hoth, her pants from Endor, the chain she used to strangle Jabba, and of course her hair from A New Hope. If you couldn’t tell, I had a lot of fun with this!

25 Jan 12:42

elpatron56: association-of-free-people: programmerhumour: Relat...

16 Jan 05:55


16 Jan 05:53

soundsof71:Debbie Harry by Roberta Bayley, via blondieofficial


Debbie Harry by Roberta Bayley, via blondieofficial

07 Oct 15:22

The Man who fell to Earth, María Hesse

21 Sep 05:47


by Robin Thiesmeyer

15 Sep 04:47


by Reza

02 Sep 05:08

28 David Bowie's Most Memorable Fashion Moments in the 1970s

by Nemo Ng
With a career spanning six decades David Bowie had long cemented himself as pop culture’s most fashion-forward music icon.

From his emergence as a monochrome teen mod in the 1960s, to the glitter-soaked, gender-bending explosion as Ziggy Stardust in the 1970s, and the new romanticism, neo-classicism and Berlin-channelling looks that followed, Bowie is best known for undergoing a style renaissance at every possible turn.

In wide leg pants posing for a portrait promoting the Hunky Dory album in London, 1971.

In a striped jumpsuit and platform boots posing for a portrait as Ziggy Stardust in London, 1972.

In an asymmetrical bodysuit performing onstage as Ziggy Stardust, 1972.

In lace up boots and a printed jumpsuit being interviewed at home in Beckenham, London, 1972.

Wearing a fringed number designed by Kansai Yamamoto performing at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1973.

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02 Aug 10:01

Adulthood is a myth, IG : itsPeteski

30 Mar 05:37

twixnmix: Debbie Harry photographed by Lynn Goldsmith, 1977.


Debbie Harry photographed by Lynn Goldsmith, 1977.

23 Mar 06:03

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Bayesophilia


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

This comic was inevitable, so let's get it over with, OK?

New comic!
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23 Mar 05:53

Basic functionality

by CommitStrip

19 Mar 21:02

Where’s your head at? IG : itsPeteski

08 Mar 06:59

dinosaurs-built-the-pyramids:i wish they had continued this...


i wish they had continued this bromance past season one even with Trobed.

26 Feb 06:55

20 Black and White Portraits of a Young Al Pacino During the 1970s

by Nemo Ng
Here's a gallery of 20 fascinating black and white portrait photos of a young Al Pacino, a name which has long been associated with cold-blooded murder and villainous roles in some of the most historic movies of Hollywood, is an epoch-making star who took acting to a whole new level.

He is often been counted among one of the most legendary villains of Hollywood, known for his extremely riveting portrayals of antagonists. But then, playing negative roles are not his only forte as his acting abilities know no boundaries. He is a resourceful actor who fits into the shoes of any character he is assigned to play. Be it a romantic or a comic role, he does it all with finesse. A brilliant actor with a unique style, Pacino, has set landmarks with almost every film he has worked in.

“It started when I was very young. I mean, really young,” he said. “I wasn't let out much. I was kept in. And while I was home I found myself repeating the roles from the movies I saw with my mother. Sometimes she'd take me to the movies when she came home from work. That was our date.”

Charming and appealing, young Pacino was not one of those actors, who believed good-looks were only associated with protagonists. He chose to play characters, who were handsome, attractive and charismatic, but evil. He belongs to the generation of actors who challenged the conventions and changed the face of modern day cinema through their sheer brilliance and hard work.

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20 Feb 07:26

Being Complete [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
16 Feb 21:17


29 Jan 07:11

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Free Will


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Later, a god-like consciousness comes in and insists that you have a logically inconsistent form of free will.

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18 Jan 04:44

Artist Inspires Himself from Everyday Objects to Create Spaceships [Pics]

by Geeks are Sexy

At day, Eric Geusz is a software engineer, but during his free time, he’s also a freelance artist, and a very talented one at that. Recently, the man has started illustrating common household items, such as a playtation controller or a can opener, into starship designs. Check out some of our favorites below!

[Eric Geusz – Artstation]

The post Artist Inspires Himself from Everyday Objects to Create Spaceships [Pics] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

15 Jan 06:52

It’s fine @itsPeteski

02 Jan 15:40

Dune Production illustrations 1983, Ron Miller

30 Dec 06:27


by Reza

30 Dec 06:26

thecollectibles: Art by JOHAN EGERKRANS

21 Dec 07:22


14 Dec 18:55

vintageruminance:Lynda Carter - 1970s


Lynda Carter - 1970s

12 Dec 12:15

Riot Simulator Released

by René

Der Aufstand-Simulator Riot – Civil Unrest von Leonard Menchiari wurde vor ein paar Tagen veröffentlicht, leider nur Win. Hier neuer Trailer und Gameplay-Video:

Corruption, persecution, racial tension, financial inequality… Civil conflict across the globe has exploded. As inequality tears the very fabric of society the discontentment of the masses manifests itself in violent public disturbances and disorder.

RIOT – Civil Unrest is a simulation video game that recreates some of the world’s infamous riots. Campaigns include: The Italian NoTav opposition to a planned high-speed rail link between Turin and Lyon; The Arab Spring uprising in Egypt; Indignados, the anti-austerity protests in Spain; and Keratea, the landfill fuelled struggle against the government in crisis-racked Greece. In addition, there are over 30 single scenarios including London in the UK and Oakland in the USA.

RIOT – Civil Unrest’s creator, Leonard Menchiari, experienced rioting first-hand at the NoTAV protests in Italy. He created the game to tell the stories and express the emotions felt during these clashes. What triggers the anger and aggression? Often outnumbered, what does a police officer endure during the conflict?

RIOT – Civil Unrest features Leonard Menchiari’s unique and beautiful pixel art. The Bologna-based development team worked hard on the crowd behaviour. Each individual character has its own artificial intelligence and personal space that gives the overall crowd mass very realistic and fluid movement.

Aus 'ner Feature-Liste vom vergangenen Jahr:

- Employ numerous crowd-control tactics, both passive and aggressive.
- Command Assault, Tactical, Ballistic, Arrest and Plain Clothes squads.
- Call in police trucks, water cannon, snatch squads and others.
- Choose whether to use smoke grenades, rubber and plastic bullets, tasers or even live ammunition.

- Instruct Leaders, Agitators, Rioters (armed and passive) and Journalists.
- Incite rage and cause the masses to act aggressively or try to calm the situation with tactical crowd reformation and retreats.
- Attack authority with Molotov cocktails, fireworks, paper-bombs, rocks, street furniture and the power of the media.

- Twenty levels split over four campaigns Keratea (Greece), NoTAV (Italy), Indignados (Spain) and Arab Spring (Egypt).
- See the story unfold from both sides - play all twenty levels as the Rioters or the Police.
- Single player mode - play against the computer AI.
- Skirmish mode - play against a friend on the same computer.
- Multiplayer mode: play against a friend online.

- Alter the look of the confrontation by importing your own background graphics.
- Position elements, vehicles and obstacles where you want them.
- Set the time of day and the weather.
- Choose and position rioters and police starting points as well as their orders and level of aggression.