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14 Jul 16:28

The Best Sustainable Coffee Cup for Your Coffee To Go!

by Karolina Kumstova

The war on disposable cups used in the food industry should be a higher priority than it actually is. The convenience factor of grabbing your coffee or any other beverage on the go and not taking care of the waste that is left behind causes massive piles of rubbish ending up in the world’s landfill. The majority of people do not know if their cup is recyclable or biodegradable, hence it ends up in a general waste.

Our editor Karo, who also works as a barista, struggles with this dark side of the coffee business every day: “Seeing so many people grab their espressos in a takeaway cup breaks my heart. This cup, after it has lived its 5-minute life of an espresso vessel, will be discarded and will live a post-mortem life out in nature for years, polluting our oceans and forests. The production of new cups will then deploy our forests and water resources. It is not necessary!”

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

Karo took on the task of filtering through numerous sustainable options of drinking coffee outside a cafe or your kitchen and hopes it will give you an overview of the cups that could become yours. Potentially, the following cups might be your way of chipping in, to bring on a more sustainable future and a protection of our environment. Discover her list of reusables!

Exploring the takeaway options

I have been using a variety of takeaway cups for years now. As many people, I had my Keep Cup at ready for the morning commutes to work. Moving from bus to a bike transport I opted for a sealable Klean Kanteen which I discovered thanks to Barista Guild of Europe. Now I got curious about the options of takeaway, travel, on-the-go cups and mugs that would make people think of how they drink coffee when they are out and about.

The following is a list of some that I got recommended, and others that I love and even newcomers that were recently released. Share the list with someone who could be a bit better with the environment and share your favourite one with us!

Reusable Take Away Cups

Reusable takeaway cups are an easy solution for someone who just wants to hold their cup constantly in their hand while running into the office, commuting to work or just walking around the park.

Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler

One of the latest products of Klean Kanteen is a handy mug that has got a shape of a regular cup, so it fits a brew or a cappuccino perfectly, but it is its clip-on lid that is the splash-proof advantage to any other reusable coffee-to-go solution.

Double-wall vacuum insulation and the size of 8 oz (240 ml) makes this tumbler the perfect cup for a morning coffee on the go. It keeps hot for up to two hours, but since it is suited for cold drinks as well, we invite you to incorporate it into your travels and sip on a tea from it at the camp site or have a beer in it at a festival. You can get it in a bigger version as well and it comes with the lid that is splash-free. Nobody likes to drive their car with splashes of milk around, or dance at a festival with a beer above their heads—or the rest of it!

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Klean Kanteen

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Klean Kanteen

Bodum Travel Mug

Bodum is a brand of kitchenware who is probably the most famous for their glass double walled cups. It is great that they are invested in the sustainable travel cups as well. They have options for those who are fine with one cup, but also the heavy drinkers. Here we feature the Bodum Travel mug. It is comfortable to carry around and decently sized. We only miss the security feature of no leakage. But that is the case of the take-away paper cups as well! Give this one a go then.

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Bodum

Keep Cup

Keep Cup, the Australian company that has built a reputation for itself for producing one of the first signature sustainable takeaway cups, has a large offering of colours and sizes. Since my preference for a coffee-to-go is usually a filter one, I would always opt for the glass Keep Cup with a cork handle. Glass does not disturb the delicate aromas of your brew as much as the plastic sometimes does, although it is probably more precious to carry around. I find it the most elegant way of taking your pour over coffee on the go since it almost looks like a cafe serving. And it will remain warm for quite a long time, too.

A tip for the coffee enthusiasts, the latest colours are in the range of the coffee flavour wheel. That is definitely a nice thing to geek about!

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Keep Cup

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Keep Cup


These reusable coffee cups are a similar type to Keep Cup and their glass version is the only version of this shape they produce. Similarly to other brands, the silicon lid is a clip-on one, just as with usual take away cups, and so you are not advised to put it in your bag. It is great there are more brands embracing the reusable cups and JOCO’s range of colours is definitely finding its customer group.

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – JOCO Cup

Simplr Cup

Simplr has been producing double-walled insulated glass tumblers since 2016. In my eyes, Simplr embraces the popular idea of having a really large drink to go, while retaining a simple esthetics that is timeless. Are you a fan of lattes, filter coffee that will last you a two-hour walk with your dog, or have big hands? Simplr is a simple choice then.

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Simplr

Surfers Against Sewage Bamboo Coffee Cup

The Bamboo takeaway cup is a great compromise to a light coffee mug to go, which is also BPA-free, phthalate free and doesn’t contain petrochemical plastic. The naturally organic and naturally sterile bamboo fibre gives the cup its great advantage over other takeaways. Not only can you take the Surfers Against Sewage cup everywhere, it is light, yet resistant to water damaging, you can also easily recycle it when you really do not want it anymore. The cup can be crushed into pieces and dug in your garden. What other reusable cups can you do that with?

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Surfers Against Sewage

Just Swap It.

The best and the most approachable takeaway cups that won’t kill the planet must be the Berlin’s Just Swap It bamboo, resin and cornstarch cups. The cups look very similar to the traditional white paper cup and come in two sizes as well: 180 ml and 280 ml. Stack it on top of your coffee machine and merely any customer might notice the difference. Of course, unless they hold the cup in their hands. It comes with a silicone lid and the whole idea of “Swap It” is simple: Buy a cup once and keep it until it dies. Simply swap for the bamboo cup. It holds nicely in your hands and the hot drink won’t burn you!

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Just Swap It, Marcus Werner

Travel Thermo Cups and Sealable Flasks

As big filter coffee fan, and an advocate of responsible treatment of our environment, I am definitely biased when it comes to preferred types of reusables. I would recommend anyone to buy a big reusable bottle for their water and have a large thermos at hand for their morning brews or teas. A whole filter coffee can fit in a thermos and keep you caffeinated, but the fact you can seal the thermos makes it so much more appealing to me! Have your coffee with you and keep your hands free. For active people, drivers, travellers, mothers with trolleys, tourists, kids… there is really no other option! And the choices are plentiful.

Klean Kanteen

The US brand has been producing high-quality, insulated and water bottles for years. Klean Kanteen were cool before anyone else. Through their simple, yet varying designs, they really make a sustainable approach to the way that we live simple. With the option of choosing different sizes, lids, colours and materials, you are really not left with any other choice but to buy one bottle for yourself. There are also options for kids.

I have used their 16 oz (473 ml) bottle for a few years now, and they are still as new in terms of functioning. The material does not pick up any flavours or odours and it keeps the drink hot as new. It is one of my favourite products that I use every time I travel. Try it out!

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Klean Kanteen


Contigo is a sport and activities brand that supplies with thermos bottles anyone in the need of a hot/cold beverage while out and about, sporting, playing or travelling.

We like the range of products that Contigo offers since there is a growing number of people interested in brewing delicious coffee out of the comfort zone of their kitchen. This brand allows them to prepare their delicious coffee and take it with them to no matter where they are headed.

For anyone with an active lifestyle and a job on the road, this cup is the perfect option. Imagine having a brew on the mountain hill, above the clouds or while roller-skating around the park with a trolley. Yep, this cup can take it, and it is spill-proof!

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Contigo

Kinto Tumbler

Kinto is a Japanese brand of products for coffee and tea brewing and serving, which brings a modern touch to any household. Recently, they have also launched their version of a modern and minimalistic twist on reusable flasks, suitable for hot and cold drinks. It is to be the perfect combination of functionality and esthetics. We are sort of in love with Kinto Tumbler that proves that reusable cups do not have to be ‘too outdoors’ for your outfit. These are the perfect fit for anyone with the passion for responsible fashion and consumption.

Kinto has caught my eye with their pour over kettle that is just an embodiment of elegance, and now the Tumbler is what I feel would be a great investment of my money. Stainless steel, double walled, vacuum insulated. Its inner structure even catches ice cubes in your drink, so that they do not fall out while drinking. The only disadvantage is it does not come in any other but 350 ml version. I would go for 500 ml or a litre one for my water too.

Sustainable Takeaway Coffee Cup

photo – Kinto

Have you chosen yours? Tell us about it!

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01 Jun 16:48

Trend Report: This is The New "It" Home Accessory

by Arlyn Hernandez
(Image credit: New Darlings)

Move aside shibori, because there's a new pillow darling on the home front.


01 Jun 16:39

Arcade Guide Belt

by Beau Hayhoe

Arcade Guide Belt

Built to last.
26 May 09:15

10 Key-Shaped EDC Essentials

submitted by Jonathan Tayag

If there's one thing in your EDC you make sure to have when you step out the door, it's your keychain. That makes it a great place to include the EDC essentials that you'll need in a pinch. It's a convenient way to maximize your carry while keeping things as small and light as what's on your keychain. However, some keychain tools can be bulky and awkwardly shaped, which takes away from their utility overall. You can avoid this tradeoff by sticking to tools that are designed to fit right in with the rest of your keys instead. In this guide, we'll show you our favorite key-sized (and key-shaped) EDC tools and essentials.

Everyman Porter Key Knife

This is Everyman's take on a portable EDC folding knife that fits on your keychain. Use the knife to open letters and boxes, and the bottle opener to crack open a drink when you've got the time.

View on Amazon

Swiss+Tech Utili-Key 6-in-1 Multitool

This tool is very popular in the EDC community, and with how versatile it is it's easy to see why. In about the same size and shape of a standard key, you get a flathead and Phillips screwdriver, a precision screwdriver, a combo edge knife, and a bottle opener to round out its toolset.  The tool easily detached from your keychain too when you open it, making this one convenient EDC favorite.

View on Amazon

Streamlight KeyMate USB

If you find yourself fumbling around in the dark with your keys a lot, you're going to want the KeyMate. It's a USB-rechargeable LED backup flashlight that's no bigger than your car keys. It's made to give you a nice diffuse light in your immediate area, making it easy to find what you need in the dark.

View on Amazon

SOG Key Knife

If a full-sized knife will raise too many eyebrows, the SOG Key Knife can be a far more discreet way to EDC a blade. When closed, the knife looks like a standard key, but it packs a 1.5" long blade. It opens with a nail nick and a lockback mechanism keeps it in place during use.

View on Amazon

MyKee Brushed Titanium Multitool Key

Made out of a solid piece of grade five titanium, this tool packs wrenches galore. It has a bunch of standard hex wrenches in its skeletonized body, and one of them works as a bottle opener as well. The most innovative part of this tool is the claw design at the tip. This lets you use the tool to pry small things open, sparing your other tools from potential damage.

View on Amazon

NiteIze DoohicKey QuickKey

The DoohicKey is a small key-shaped multitool that's travel-friendly thanks to its lack of a sharp edge. The bottle opener is the most prominent part of the tool, but it also includes a flathead screwdriver at the tip. It also has rough indents that'll help you open boxes and cut through things with the help of force and friction.

View on Amazon


This looks a bit more exotic than the other keychain essentials on this list, but it packs a punch. Its 304 stainless steel key-sized design packs twenty different functions. Every angle of this tool packs wrenches, pry bars, cutters, screwdrivers, and openers.

View on Amazon

Nomad Key

Unlike the other items on this list, the Nomad Key is not a multitool. But it is an essential if you carry a mobile device. The Nomad is a compact key-sized cord without all the tangle and fuss regular cords have. It comes in both micro-USB and Lightning flavors to suit the device of your choice.

View on Amazon

ARKTYPE Masterkey

This is a eight-function multitool cut out of a piece of aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminum. Its minimalist key-shaped design includes four hex wrenches and two bike spoke wrenches for urban commuters. It also includes a bottle opener and an inch ruler.


Prometheus Epsilon EKO

EKO stands for 'emergency key opener' and it's a solid piece of 6/4 titanium that looks like a standard key. Unlike a regular key, the Epsilon EKO makes opening boxes a breeze with its finger-safe beveled edge. The EKO also includes a bottle opener in the side and a 1/4" hex wrench as well.


Got any tools riding incognito with the rest of your keys? Share your favorites in the comments below.

25 May 16:31


by Ryan Shazier

Search “Shazier hair” on Twitter and you’ll see the kind of ignorance that people with alopecia deal with every day. Some stuff was mean, and some stuff was funny as hell.
25 May 16:08

Lucas Brown (F) from Trenton Golden Hawks to Nipissing Univ.

by Elite Prospects
Date: 05/25/2017
Player: Lucas Brown (F)
From: Trenton Golden Hawks
To: Nipissing Univ.
Information: College Commitment
Source: Link
25 May 16:07

‘Nashville’ Midseason Trailer: “That’s The Door Slamming On My Career”

by Denise Petski
We’re getting a look at what’s coming up in the second half of Nashville Season 5, and there’s a lot happening. Season 5B picks up ten weeks after the midseason finale with Maddie’s (Lennon Stella) career starting to take off, as Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) struggles (“That’s the door slamming on my career.”). Scarlett (Clare Bowen) is pregnant and uncertain of the identity of the father. Deacon (Charles Esten) is fighting to keep Highway 65 afloat, but here comes…
17 May 13:27

Cafefin – Taste Vietnam

by Veronika Bílá

Many of you might not know that the Czech Republic is home to the third largest Vietnamese diaspora in Europe. The history of the Vietnamese immigrants into the country goes back to communist times, but it has only been quite a recent phenomenon that we have been enjoying one of the perks of the Vietnamese culture and that is its fantastic cuisine. For a long time, the Vietnamese restaurants would keep offering the “chicken of three flavors” kind of dishes perhaps thinking nobody would be interested in the real traditional food of Vietnam. Thank goodness that has changed.

Cafefin is not so much of a restaurant as a café, but even if you come in hungry, you can devour one of their Bánh mìs and choose from a variety of fillings from an egg omelette, beef and avocado to tofu for the veggie eaters. Cafefin is related to Pho Vietnam, an excellent bistro located just a few doors down on the same street. You could also start off there and leave Cafefin for dessert, but beware! At that point, your stomach might be too full for that!

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21 Mar 17:14

David Ross, Chicago Cubs' World Series Victory to Get Movie Treatment (Exclusive)

by Gregg Kilday, Mike Barnes

Radar Pictures is developing a film based on the catcher's memoir, 'Teammate: My Journey in Baseball and a World Series for the Ages.'

read more

22 Feb 17:27

Fixing the Wild’s 4th Line Carousel

by Mark Bowie

The Minnesota Wild are in the midst of the most successful season in franchise history. The team sits first in the Central Division, first in the Western Conference and second in the NHL’s overall standings. They rank second in goals against, third in goals for and also lead the league with 10 players already reaching double digits in the goals column.

The Wild’s only clear-cut weakness, other than back-up goaltending, is the team’s fourth line centre and left wing positions. Head coach Bruce Boudreau has used somewhat of a trial-and-error approach recently as he attempts to solve the team’s fourth-line puzzle – a puzzle that remains unsolved.

Internal Options

Jordan Schroeder

Jordan Schroeder (Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports)

Throughout the course of the 2016-17 season, a multitude of players have come up from the Iowa Wild to try their hand at becoming a fixture on Minnesota’s fourth line alongside veteran Chris Stewart. To date, not a single one of these hopefuls have taken their chance and run with it.

The team has tried Jordan Schroeder, Tyler Graovac, Zack Mitchell, Zac Dalpe, Christoph Bertschy, Teemu Pulkkinen, Kurtis Gabriel, Pat Cannone and Alex Tuch but all to no avail.

Schroeder has had his share of good moments and leads this group of try-outs in points. What hurts him is the fact that, at 5-foot-9, he’s not exactly your prototypical fourth-line energy generator and is easily pushed around.

Graovac is on the opposite end of the size spectrum, standing at 6-foot-5, but hasn’t exactly used that asset to his advantage. The big centre has been trying to play more of a finesse game rather than a grinding one and has been poor in the dot.

Tuch, the 18th overall pick in the 2014 draft, got his first taste of the NHL in February but just isn’t ready for full-time duty. A lack of urgency and pace were his biggest criticisms and will need to be improved upon before he makes Minnesota a permanent home.

Bertschy, Pulkkinen, Cannone and Mitchell can be grouped together in that they each have skills and scoring ability at the AHL level. The downside however is that all four have been unable to translate that talent to the NHL level thus far in their careers. Cannone was a good story of perseverance as he made his NHL debut this season at age 30. While he has certainly paid his dues in the minor leagues, he appears to be another in the long line of AHL stars who just don’t have that special something to make an impact at the NHL level.

Kurtis Gabriel (Courtesy of the Iowa Wild)

Veteran forward Dalpe and checking winger Gabriel might be the most inclined from this group of internal candidates to see NHL action during the playoffs. Both players were in the lineup for Minnesota last season when they battled the Dallas Stars in the first round and didn’t look out of place. The downside though is that neither individual is an established NHL player and they provide next to no offense.

Ryan Carter signed a professional try-out agreement with Iowa this week as he attempts a comeback from injury. The veteran of 473 NHL regular season games had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder just prior to the start of the season. Carter spent the last two years in Minnesota and could be an option for one of the fourth-line vacancies if he impresses before the end of the month.

A top team like Minnesota would prefer to have established playoff performers on their bench ahead of guys who can’t consistently crack an NHL lineup. Based on that fact alone, it should be a priority for the Wild to explore the trade market in order to complete their forward roster.

Potential Trade Targets

The Wild are in a prime position to be buyers at this season’s trade deadline. They have a deep lineup jam-packed with quality veteran players, they are experiencing success like never before and they also face the certainty of losing an impact player for zero return to the Vegas Golden Knights come June. Simply put, they are in win-now mode.

Wild management will be looking to bring in at least one quality veteran, preferably with significant playoff experience, for their bottom-six group of forwards. As a matter of fact, it would not be the least bit surprising if they brought in two capable bodies before March 1 has come and gone.

The emergence of Gustav Olofsson has suddenly given general manager Chuck Fletcher some added options and flexibility for trade. The Wild are eight deep on the blue line and that’s without counting second-year pro Mike Reilly. They could realistically use Reilly, Christian Folin or even long-time Wild defenceman Marco Scandella as bait to acquire one or two reliable forwards for their playoff run.

Patrik Berglund (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

Big-bodied veteran centremen would be the primary target — players like Brian Boyle (6-foot-7, 243 pounds), Martin Hanzal (6-foot-6, 226 pounds) and Patrik Berglund (6-foot-3, 217 pounds). All three players have between 13 and 17 goals and between 22 and 24 points. Boyle would come the cheapest, Hanzal is the best on faceoffs and Berglund lays the most hits but all three are comparable and would fit in what the Wild are trying to accomplish. All three are also scheduled to become unrestricted free agents July 1.

Secondary targets would be grinding players in their mid-20s who like to lay the body, stir the pot and pump up their teammates with their physical play. Some players of this mould who could be available include Marcus Foligno, Antoine Roussel, Ryan White and Dmitrij Jaskin.

Foligno could be of particular interest. He ranks third league-wide in hits, has nine goals and is on an expiring contract.

Wild-Card Solution

Not to be forgotten is the fact that 19-year-old Joel Eriksson Ek could potentially return to North America before all is said and done in 2016-17. The defensively responsible rookie was loaned to the Swedish Hockey League back in November after dressing for nine games with the Wild. The 2015 first-round pick would be eligible to return to Minnesota once his SHL club is finished their season.

Joel Eriksson Ek

Joel Eriksson Ek (Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports)

Eriksson Ek showed well in limited NHL action picking up five points and displaying poise beyond his years. The 6-foot-2 centre was even more impressive during the world juniors where he served as captain for Team Sweden and scored six goals and nine points in seven games.

Since returning to Farjestad, Eriksson Ek has registered 13 points in 19 games. That’s just two points shy of the 15 he racked up in 41 contests with the same team last season. Wild management have to be happy with the way this prospect’s development is tracking.

The only caveat is that if Eriksson Ek plays one more game for Minnesota, his entry-level contract kicks in and he’s one year closer to free agency. Even with that in mind, he represents a lot of what the Wild will be trying to acquire and it would not cost the team any assets to bring him back into the fold. He has size, maturity, a defensive acumen and a scoring touch to go along with the fact that he is familiar with the players, the coaches and the systems in Minnesota.

The Wild definitely have options when it comes to filling the vacancies in their bottom six. How they will choose to do it remains to be seen.

22 Feb 17:23

Why the Flames should be buyers and sellers at the trade deadline

by Jonathan Willis

Dennis Wideman could attract some interest as a backup plan for teams looking for a power-play specialist. (Matt Marton/AP)

For Stanley Cup contenders and NHL cellar dwellers, the league’s annual trade deadline features few complex decisions. Potential champions add to their rosters. Bad teams collect futures, sending away players on expiring deals and older veterans without long-term utility.

Teams like the Calgary Flames have it tougher. Sixty games into the season it isn’t clear whether they’ll be good enough or lucky enough to make the playoffs. They have only the narrowest of leads on the Los Angeles Kings and Winnipeg Jets for the West’s final playoff berth.

On Monday, general manager Brad Treliving signaled that the possibility of the postseason was worth some risk, bringing in defenceman Michael Stone at the relatively cheap price of a third-round pick. Included was a conditional fifth-rounder in the event he signs an extension with the Flames.

The Flames can afford to take a few risks, and should be willing to make modest outlays to address areas of real need. At the same time, they should shop their own assets and avoid expensive additions. It’s difficult to prepare for the playoffs and simultaneously safeguard the future, but such is the plight of any rebuilding team.

The Stone trade was the sort of deal that fits the optimal trade deadline strategy for Calgary, though Stone himself certainly wasn’t the ideal target.

Stone was available for cheap because has some serious flaws as an NHL player. He has a history of mediocre performances alongside superior partners. He had knee surgery last summer and his performance this season represents a low point in his career. Still, there is logic behind the team’s thinking.

Calgary’s top need entering the deadline period was for a No. 4 defenceman. The team’s top pairing has been excellent and the third pairing can be sheltered, but with T.J. Brodie on the ice at 5-on-5 the Flames have been outscored 46-26. Brodie’s a good player in the prime of his career, so mediocre partners Dennis Wideman and Deryk Engelland get much of the blame for that.

Stone is an uncertain upgrade, but he’s also trended up for the last month. For most of the year, he has been Arizona’s worst defenceman by the shot metrics. Since mid-January, however, the Coyotes have done a marginally better job controlling the shot clock with him on the ice instead of the bench.

Finally, Calgary doesn’t have to worry about expansion draft ramifications with this addition. Treliving offered a hypothetical scenario to the team’s website earlier this month in which a team with three good defencemen suddenly had to change its expansion plan after adding a fourth. It’s a scenario which just happened to fit the Flames. Even if Stone plays well the rest of the way and earns a new contract, Calgary isn’t likely to protect him.

One additional benefit of the deal is that in conjunction with the signing of Matt Bartkowski, Calgary should be able to move out its own defencemen on expiring contracts.

Wideman is paid too much and near the end of his NHL career, but still conceivably has value as a power-play specialist. The Flames are set in that area and can retain salary to make a deal work. As a Plan B or C closer to the deadline, Wideman might attract some interest.

Engelland is a different matter. Physical depth defencemen like Engelland always seem to have value at the deadline, and the Flames don’t have a good reason to hang on to a 34-year-old third-pairing guy. There should be a trade to be made there.

Other free agents include winger Kris Versteeg and goalies Chad Johnson and Brian Elliott. Versteeg has been a good fit on multiple lines and adds secondary scoring; it’s hard to see trading him as a worthwhile endeavor given the likely return.

In net, Calgary needs one of Johnson or Elliott unless it acquires a ‘tender from elsewhere. Johnson has been the better goalie on the year but is in a slump, while Elliott finally seems to be turning a corner. The returns on backup goalies are rarely good and unless that changes the Flames may as well keep both. It also makes sense to hold off on shopping for a replacement starter until summer, when expansion should drive the price down.

An acquisition that would make sense is a complementary forward.

Ideally, Calgary would bring in a centre, but typically players at that position fetch a premium at the deadline. It doesn’t make sense to pay a premium, so that leaves some combination of Matt Stajan, Sam Bennett and Freddie Hamilton in bottom-six roles.

A better idea is going after a cheap winger. Teddy Purcell of the Los Angeles Kings is an example of the kind of player who might be able to help without costing much. Although he was sent down to the AHL early this season, he’s averaged a point-per-game in the minors and has a decent track record of being a complementary scorer at the NHL level.

Waivers are another resource that should be tapped. Looking at Stone, it’s hard to see why the Flames would prefer him to someone like Zach Redmond, who cleared waivers earlier this year despite good numbers with the Canadiens. Calgary has room to add a contract or two and doesn’t have the depth to turn its nose up at freebies.

Hunting for bargains and a mix of buying and selling isn’t an exciting deadline approach, but the Flames have little choice. The team doesn’t have an overly deep prospect pool and needs to keep an eye on the future. At the same time, it should be possible to improve the roster without sacrificing those other objectives, and that should be Calgary’s goal.

22 Nov 16:56

Martin's Five Favourites in Prague

by Taste Prague

You know, Czech has a formal and an informal “you” (think “” and “usted” in Spanish). And just like Jaromir Jagr, the Czech ice-hockey legend and Jan’s future husband (if his dream/nightmare becomes a reality), Martin hasn’t used the formal “you” in years. Yup, you had Martin at “hello”. You’re friends now. 

He also has a very interesting background (and we don’t meant that physically): How on earth does a psychotherapist with an Austrian passport born in the Czech Republic become a butcher in Prague? Is it because stabbing dead flesh with a knife gives you more job satisfaction than dealing with problems of people who are alive? Well, that’s Jan’s theory. The fact is we hit it off the instant he appeared behind the counter of the Nase maso butcher shop, and we’ve been hitting it off ever since. He’s a big guy with an even bigger heart who’s main problem is that he doesn’t call Zuzi after the tour to tell her how it went soon enough because he just wants to make sure you don’t get lost on your way to the hotel so he just takes you there. Or for a beer.

And he loves food. Having travelled through most of the world (under conditions we sometimes find hard to believe - do commercial aircrafts really have a spare seat in the back?) and eaten just about anything, Martin knows good food and spends most of his free time trying to recreate the food memories he has gathered over the years. Want to meet him on Sunday? Check out the Vietnamese Sapa market, or the new Mexican joint that has just opened. Do you want to meet him at night? Just visit a popular pub or club. Because he just loves company, and the company loves him back. 

Five Prague Favourites

Sapa Market 

 Sapa market Prague

The Sapa Market is where they scratch my itch when I'm craving Vietnamese food. It doesn't get more authentic and delicious than inside this warehousing complex. You feel like you’re really in Hanoi. People are riding bikes with pho in hand, and you have to speak with your hands and feet. 
My favourite place is Hai Ha. You get the best Bun Cha there. It's s pork belly grilled on a outside grill with rice noodles and lots of fresh herbs. 
The unpleasant thing: the screaming lady. She's the owner of this place and she is the one that rules there. So don't say something inappropriate or try to argue with her. She will scream at you and be very unfriendly. And trust me, you don't want that. Especially when she is the one who prepares your food. 
The other places I love: Dung Lien. The best grilled duck Vietnamese style. Or Pho Tung, where they have the best pho noodle soup.
Besides that you, can shop the freshest veggies and herbs in the Asia market. Beautiful! 

Nase maso

 Nase maso butcher shop Prague

My workplace! I’ve been a huge fan from the first day they opened. We at Nase Maso love what we do. Best meat in town and it's hilarious working with these guys. It's fun and we are very proud of what we are doing. I applied for the job just out of fun and I’ve been stuck there over a year now. Never meant to work in a butcher shop but I cought fire from the first minute on.

onesip coffee

 onesip coffee Prague

My daily routine. It's around the corner from Nase Maso and my daily go-to coffee shop. Either they really have the best coffee in town or they trained me and spoiled me so much that I don't know the answer any more. Although I try many different coffees across town, I think Zdenek's and Adam’s is the best. There. I said it. (Drops the mike.)

U zlatého tygra

Yes, I am Czech, and I'm a beer lover. Sue me. Pilsner Urquell never tasted that good in any other place I've been. Although the staff can sometimes be unfriendly and rude and the thick clouds of cigarette smoke can sometimes obscure your view of the next table, this will always be THE pub with the best beer. The whole interior and ambience is part of the Czech soul. The photos of former presidents and international celebrities remind you of the importance of this place. If this pub ever closes, the Czechs will lose a great cultural institution. 

Stalin in the summer

My favourite place in the summer. I remember watching a big statue of Michael Jackson on Letna (replacing the statue of Stalin who used to stand there) as a teenager. Yup, used to be a huge Michael Jackson fan. Please don't judge me. From this moment, this place has been magical for me.
The thing I like the most about Prague is how beautiful it is and how different it looks from different viewpoints. And Letná/Stalin is my favourite point of view. You have a beautiful view of the entire Old and New Town and the river with its beautiful bridges. 
I always get a beer "to go" at Lokál nad Stromovkou and sit on top of the concrete stand. During the day there is one of the best skateboarding spots in Europe and during the night you can enjoy electronic music (or classical music) and just hang out with your friends.


Anthony Bourdain 

Still a classic! He inspired me to travel for good food. Because of him, I wanted to travel to places I never thought of visiting. He has the same taste buds as I do, and he’s open to every new taste experience as I am. I get very curious when it comes to tasting strange new things. 

Pitt cue and co 

Masters of the "nose to tail" philosophy. A London restaurant that makes wonderful things out of parts that are normally thrown away. Entrails. I love entrails. 

Local bloggers

Every good local food blogger from the destination I'm planing to visit next. Because the pleasant anticipation of what’s coming is the best joy ever. 

Appetite for China

The best recipe blog when it comes to authentic Chinese recipes. I loooove Chinese food! 

Honza Zima

To keep up with Prague’s hipsters ;)

My secret tip in Prague 

Letná district, my hood 

For me the best part of Prague to live in. Many good places to eat. Two tram stops from the centre, and the Letná and Stromovka parks are in front of my door. The walk trough the Letná park during this time of year is simply breathtaking. I love being a resident of the Letná district