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Chat Systems

I'm one of the few Instagram users who connects solely through the Unix 'talk' gateway.
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For those in need …

dru'el the chaotic

bunny kisses !

For those in need …

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Definitely not lazy

by CommitStrip

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cheetah-ace: “Can you and your associates arrange that for me,...


“Can you and your associates arrange that for me, Mr. Morden?”

Babylon 5: Series 2 Episode 18

In the Shadow of Z’hadum

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Kierkegaard Relates to the Common Man

What's really tragic is that there are people out there leading happy, carefree lives.
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Bunny Can Sit on the Box or in the BoxThanks, Kelly, Melissa,...

Bunny Can Sit on the Box or in the Box

Thanks, Kelly, Melissa, and bunny Pipkin! Kelly writes, “This is a picture of my daughter Melissa’s lionhead bunny Pipkin, it is a girl bunny.  My daughter recently got a new apartment and Pipkin is enjoying the abundance of new boxes.”

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When You’re Done Taking Pictures, I’d Like Some Scratches,...

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Muppets Cure “Too Much News” Syndrome

by Joe Hennes
Muppets Cure “Too Much News” Syndrome

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to go online these days.  Every visit to Facebook is littered with stories about lying politicians.  Twitter is abuzz with unfair executive orders. Every news story has an undertone of a total rejection of basic human ethics.  What we need is a distraction.

And who better to distract than the Muppets?  Not only do they have decades of wonderful content, but they can bring the laughs and the feels when we feel like the world is joyless and heartless.

Obviously, you can tune in to any given Muppet, Sesame, or Henson TV show, film, or YouTube video and get that much-needed diversion.  But we’ve curated a small list to get you started.

Bummed about an the future of public schools?  Just remember how Sesame Street taught us the ABCs with the help of a frog and a precocious Cookie Monster-loving girl.

Have you heard about the potential defunding of the arts?  Don’t worry, it’ll feel better if you sing a song.

Can’t believe the ignorance about the state of the world?  It’s still wonderful, and there are puppies.

Wondering why it seems that so many politicians have to be so oblivious?  Find some wisdom with Cantus the Minstrel.

When you hear that the food stamp program may not have a future, remember happier times when all you needed to do was shout for your meal.

What’s going to happen as the president continues to ruin foreign relations with our allies in other countries? We’ll just have to remember that we must take time to understand one another and care about each other, because if we do, we can turn the world around.

What’s an “alternative fact”??  I don’t know, but here’s an actual fact: Grover is an amazing disco dancer.

Going crazy trying to explain why women’s rights are human rights?  Maybe this classic Sesame Street song will help.

What the hell is going on with the president’s ties to white supremacists??  There’s room in this world for people of all colors, species, and whatever Gonzo is.

Miss the Obamas?  Yeah, we all miss our exes once in a while.

Frustrated at the fact that we’re going to have to deal with this stuff for four whole years?  Big Bird reminds us that there ain’t no road too long.

And remember: You’re not in this fight alone.  As long as there’s resistance, there are millions of people who believe in you.  Deep enough, and hard enough.

Click here to cheer up because Kermit said so on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

06 Nov 18:37

Watch Steph Curry Hit This Pre-Game Shot From The Tunnel In Slow-Mo

by Spencer Lund

The Warriors won at Oracle Arena in the Bay last night in juggernaut fashion with a 121-104 win that wasn’t even as close as the final score. Draymond Green even stuck his tongue out at Blake Griffin after one big three-pointer. But before the game, Stephen Curry showed his range is inexorable. This is just […]

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"The movies’ main women’s stories had, largely, revolved around their partner or paramour, and the..."

The movies’ main women’s stories had, largely, revolved around their partner or paramour, and the one that didn’t — Black Widow (more on her in a bit) — fell victim to Kevin Feige’s hemming and hawing about lady-led films. “This isn’t for women,” that voice seemed to chide, reawakening the alienation and self-doubt I’d felt in my preteen years, “You don’t belong here.” Although that voice may not have been speaking the whole truth, it certainly felt that way.

That brings me back to Black Widow. Let me first make one thing clear about “Captain Marvel” — I am ecstatic. I am thrilled. I’m over the moon. It feels as though a weight has been lifted from my chest, that the tense knot in my stomach has eased. However, as psyched as I am about “Captain Marvel,” the fact that Black Widow has been left in the cold can’t help but cause discomfort.

This shouldn’t have been an “either/or” situation; it’s nonsense to argue that one or the other deserves a film more, when in reality it should have been both. In yesterday’s announcement, Fiege lumped Black Widow together with Hulk, saying that both will have big roles to play in the MCU to leave you satisfied — but he must have forgotten already that the Hulk has had two feature films and his own cartoon, where Black Widow has had none. What’s more, a “Black Widow” film is a treasure trove just waiting to be mined.


Meagan Damore summing up what a lot of people are feeling now and felt like in the past (no thanks to Feige). (via milesabovepeter)

"in reality it should have been both"

in media representation the answer is never a competition between X and Y the answer is always both

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Joy of Tech - 30 August 2013