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03 Apr 23:00

Piercing trouble

04 Apr 04:00

#824 – Spy (3 Comments)

by Chris

#824 – Spy

03 Apr 12:58

Home Is Where the Hunt Is

by Steve Napierski
Home Is Where the Hunt Is And level grinding was my favorite part about playing RPGs. Now I just feel like a heel.

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03 Apr 07:34

Money Vs People

by jon


We’re back at the Huzzik Empire’s Supreme Court for another wacky ruling! Next thing you know they’ll be declaring donuts to be sentient and monkeys to be hot dogs.

They may be right about hot dogs.

You know what you should do? You should buy something from our store. Maybe a t-shirt for the warm weather?


02 Apr 23:00

Before Facebook

03 Apr 04:01


by David M Willis

this was a startling discovery for me

i turn thirty-five today

02 Apr 17:17

Reading between a coder’s lines

by CommitStrip

02 Apr 05:08

The System 716: Name Nightmares

by admin

He actually just reversed them. It's Eric and Steve.

Getting people’s name wrong is one of the reasons I try to never be in the same room with people twice.

01 Apr 04:00

#821 – Fit (7 Comments)

by Chris

#821 – Fit

31 Mar 19:00

Before the Internet

by Steve Napierski
Before the Internet I remember talking to a coworker about this a little while ago. I commented to her that there was a time, before the internet, when a computer could not be connected to any sort of digital network and it still felt complete. Nowadays, a computer without an internet connection is basically broken. Sure you can still do stuff on it, but not having access to the web gives you this looming feeling that something is wrong and it simply won't go away until you reconnect to the grid.

source: xkcd

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30 Mar 01:25

Schlock Mercenary: March 30, 2014

by Howard Tayler
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29 Mar 17:12

Rhapsody in BOOZE

by Justin Pierce

Please do not give Kool-aid to babies.

29 Mar 00:00

Dick pics

26 Mar 04:01


by ARG


Honestly, I don’t know why she said yes. It was probably because of all my sweet lego.

HEY! Are you going to EMERALD CITY COMIC CON??? Lynn and I are! we’re flying out to Seattle tomorrow night to set up in the ARTIST ALLEY at TABLE K-10! We’ll be beside lots of cool comics folks and we’ll have lots of comic prints and other merch for sale! So come on by, say hello and support ARG and all independent comic creators!

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26 Mar 13:01

An Honest Way to End a Boring Conversation

by Steve Napierski
An Honest Way to End a Boring Conversation A more effective solution is to exclaim to the boring person, "Hey, look at the time." And then when they look at the time, you hit them over the head with a metal folding chair, steal their wallet, and run like hell. I think I've used that tactic at least three times this week. The key is to hit them just right, as to knock out all of their short term memory. Super effective!

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27 Mar 03:38

Night of the Cassingle

no one gets out of coffee alive.
27 Mar 05:00


by Mary Death


I think Mary has a future in marketing…

This was a fun comic to write. So many terrible buzzwords. Created a decent list of rejected tag lines too.

27 Mar 04:00


by Jennie Breeden
27 Mar 07:00

This strip was Not Invented Here on Thursday, March 27, 2014

Not Invented Here collections now available in ebook and good-old-fashioned paper versions!

Not Invented Here strip for 3/27/2014

Maybe Desmond isn't as smart as we all assumed.

Going to Emerald City Comic Con? Come see Jeff and Bill at booth 112!

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27 Mar 15:48

Placebo Effective

by Steve Napierski
Placebo Effective I just press the keys on my keyboard a little harder and with more determination. That usually works.

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27 Mar 17:34

Coder’s OCD

by CommitStrip

28 Mar 01:21

Schlock Mercenary: March 28, 2014

by Howard Tayler
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28 Mar 04:00

Before the Internet

We watched DAYTIME TV. Do you realize how soul-crushing it was? I'd rather eat an iPad than go back to watching daytime TV.
28 Mar 04:00

Girl Genius for Friday, March 28, 2014

The Girl Genius comic for Friday, March 28, 2014 has been posted.
28 Mar 04:00


by Jennie Breeden
28 Mar 00:00


by Thom Zahler


27 Mar 07:00

Evepuff and The Trial of Spirals – Nightsphoria

by Evelyn Poor

Evepuff and The Trial of Spirals – Nightsphoria

What is Evepuff thinking? Maybe we’ll find out soon!

I was a bit apprehensive about doing this, and tried to think of a way to do this without going into TMI/NSFW territory. This will have to do.

28 Mar 14:44

Future Shock

by Steve Napierski
Future Shock Yup. Pretty much what I expected. Called it!

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28 Mar 18:01

IE sweet dreams

by CommitStrip

28 Mar 21:06

The System 715: The Weekend

by admin

All weekend long.

It’s a vicious cycle.