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28 Jun 22:37

The Robbery

by Jason Kottke

For once, it’s nice to watch an onscreen robbery where everything goes according to plan.

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30 Mar 20:25

Recreating history for the movies

by Jason Kottke

For movies based on historical events, getting the details right can be essential in convincing the audience they’re watching something meaningful and important, particularly if the real-world scenes are iconic. But often, historical happenings are changed to make scenes more cinematically effective. This video shows several historical events coupled with their cinematic recreations in films like Jackie, Into the Wild, JFK, Catch Me If You Can, and Selma.

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22 Jul 20:11

The top 10 best running gags on Arrested Development

by Jason Kottke

Still, where did the lighter fluid come from?

Sister is my new mother, Mother.

I'm afraid I just blue myself.

I'm about halfway through season two of Arrested Development again on Netflix and it might be the best show ever on television. I'm not even kidding.

Update: NPR has been obsessively cataloging the show's running gags here. Holy shit, the extensive foreshadowing of Buster losing his hand! This show is amazing. (via @Nick__Vance)

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04 Mar 21:34

Murmurations of starlings

by Jason Kottke

I keep waiting to get sick of seeing photos of huge flocks of birds flying around like they share a brain, but it hasn't happened. Alan Taylor has collected a bunch of starling murmuration photos at In Focus.

Starling murmuration

They're even better in motion.

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31 Jul 02:36

TV: Newswire: Showtime at the TCA press tour: What would you say to taking chances?

This summer’s Television Critics Association press tour has featured a lot of unflappability among the executives who take the stage for grilling from journalists. There’s nothing wrong with television! Why would anyone ever think there was anything wrong with television? The business model isn’t collapsing; it’s just contracting! And so on and so forth. If there’s one executive who’s earned a bit of unflappability, it’s Showtime’s David Nevins, who’s grown the network—long viewed by TV writer types as HBO’s poky kid brother—to 23 million subscribers, up 5 million ...