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14 Jul 18:07

Real Stuff: The Joeist Philosophy

by Dennis Eichhorn
John Jarvis

This is great stuff! Just started reading it, and I'm really enjoying it. :-)

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10 Jul 08:54

#MashTag and the return of Black Tokyo Horizon

John Jarvis

Oh, that Horizon sounds interesting; certainly love all three breweries in the mix.

craft beers fresh out our brewery and into your paws
10 Jul 08:13

Safety rules lag as oil transport by train rises

John Jarvis

Yikes. Sobering thought.

As North American oil production continues to outpace pipeline capacity, shipment by rail is increasingly common, and critics worry that safety regulations have not kept up with the expansion and could lead to more disasters like the derailment and explosion in Lac-Mégantic, Que.

08 Jul 19:29

Real Stuff: Knock Knock

by Dennis Eichhorn
John Jarvis

Ha ha. Love it. About to tuck into Post Office for the time, as it happens.

[After reading "Knock Knock," Bukowski wrote a letter to Dennis, which Dennis ran in Real Stuff #2:]

Read the other Real Stuff stories and listen to Mark's interview with Dennis Eichhorn here.

08 Jul 18:50

Best American Comics 2013

by Julia Pohl-Miranda
John Jarvis

Woo hoo! Love this series!

Well lookee here, some details about the new Best American Comics, edited by Jeff Smith (Bone) have leaked, including that it just so happens to feature a cover by Hark! A Vagrant cartoonist Kate Beaton!

Inside you'll find work by a whole bunch of wildly talented folks, including Kate Beaton, Vanessa Davis, and Michael DeForge.
07 Jul 17:52

Spear Phishing Attack Against the Financial Times

by Bruce Schneier
John Jarvis

Really interesting; particularly how the attackers used their in-band notification against them.

Interesting story with a lot of details.

07 Jul 15:13

The Future of Satellite Surveillance

by Bruce Schneier
John Jarvis

Fascinating -- in unexpected ways, as well: for example, the quote from NASA about their staffing issues; I guess everyone struggles with retention these days.

Pretty scary -- and cool.

Remember, it's not any one thing that's worrisome; it's everything together.

06 Jul 15:25

The Japanese Response to Terrorism

by Bruce Schneier
John Jarvis

Very compelling. While you want to avoid debates on how much we're willing to pay, as it were, for our way of life, I think we often fail to recognize how precious even its more mundane aspects are.

Lessons from Japan's response to Aum Shinrikyo:

Yet what's as remarkable as Aum's potential for mayhem is how little of it, on balance, they actually caused. Don't misunderstand me: Aum's crimes were horrific, not merely the terrible subway gassing but their long history of murder, intimidation, extortion, fraud, and exploitation. What they did was unforgivable, and the human cost, devastating. But at no point did Aum Shinrikyo represent an existential threat to Japan or its people. The death toll of Aum was several dozen; again, a terrible human cost, but not an existential threat. At no time was the territorial integrity of Japan threatened. At no time was the operational integrity of the Japanese government threatened. At no time was the day-to-day operation of the Japanese economy meaningfully threatened. The threat to the average Japanese citizen was effectively nil.

Just as important was what the Japanese government and people did not do. They didn't panic. They didn't make sweeping changes to their way of life. They didn't implement a vast system of domestic surveillance. They didn't suspend basic civil rights. They didn't begin to capture, torture, and kill without due process. They didn't, in other words, allow themselves to be terrorized. Instead, they addressed the threat. They investigated and arrested the cult's leadership. They tried them in civilian courts and earned convictions through due process. They buried their dead. They mourned. And they moved on. In every sense, it was a rational, adult, mature response to a terrible terrorist act, one that remained largely in keeping with liberal democratic ideals.

04 Jul 21:49

The Pace of Modern Life

John Jarvis

Wonderful! Has to be one of my favourites (and it's in good company).

'Unfortunately, the notion of marriage which prevails ... at the present time ... regards the institution as simply a convenient arrangement or formal contract ... This disregard of the sanctity of marriage and contempt for its restrictions is one of the most alarming tendencies of the present age.' --John Harvey Kellogg, Ladies' guide in health and disease (1883)
04 Jul 21:43

Council of 300

John Jarvis

Ah. Another of life's questions, answered by xkcd.

'And hypnotize someone into thinking they've uploaded it and passed it around.' 'But then won't the uploader get suspicious that it pauses at 301+ for a while? Why don't we just forge the number entirel--' ::BLAM:: 'The Council of 299 is adjourned.'
29 Jun 13:07

Hey it’s my Birthday this Saturday! Instead of getting me...

John Jarvis

lol... definitely on my wish list.

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