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by Edições 50kg

“Ora, os touristes formam uma interessantissima classe,quasi uma casta, que poderá commover as almas bem dotadas, mas que antes de tudo provoca riso e mofa. A massa dos touristes é, na sua grande maioria, composta do cosmopolitismo endinheirado, marcado das taras de degenerescencia que particularmente ataca a gente rica: uns meios nevroticos, outros meios imbecis, outros meios loucos, outros meios scelerados, todas as mazellas emfim que impellem às grandes viagens sem intuito, ao movimento pelo prazer do movimento, quando a vida normal, na patria e na paz do lar, se torna intoleravel. “

Wenceslau de Moraes, “Cartas do Japão”, Vol.1, pág. 74, Imprensa de Portugal-Brasil, s/d, Lisboa.
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by Laerte Coutinho

17 Nov 14:14

hideback: Augustin Lesage (French, 1876-1954) One day, while...


Augustin Lesage (French, 1876-1954)

One day, while working as a coal miner, Augustin Lesage heard a voice that he believed came from his sister, Mary. Mary had died in childhood long ago. The voice instructed him to become a painter. He heard more voices, sometimes from Leonardo da Vinci, with specific instructions for how and what to paint. Starting in 1911 at the age of 35, Lesage painted every day after work in the mines. At his death, Lesage had painted hundreds of enormous canvases, in his uniquely detailed and symmetrical style.

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by 50kg

- Dona Alice traga papel e caneta e tome nota por favor:

                                         Porto, 13 de Junho de 1988.

      Excelentíssimos Senhores,

      A treze de Junhode 1987, faz então hoje um ano, enviámos-lhes, em papel timbrado, uma missiva registada onde a relação de débito para connosco encontrava-se devidamente listada e onde se solicitava a sua regularização.
     Hoje, enviámos-lhes novamente uma lista onde as facturas em atraso voltam, novamente, a ser listadas. Porém, desta feita, não exigimos qualquer liquidação das mesmas. Não, bem sabemos, e já há muito, que as dívidas(sublinhe-se) são coisas das vidas. Por isso esta carta tem apenas o objectivo de festejar convosco o vosso primeiro ano de dívida.
     Parabéns! E muitos anos de dívida são os votos que os funcionários e a direcção da nossa empresa lhes desejam.

     O Director

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ofhouses: 326. Walter Gropius & Adolph Meyer /// Adolf...


326. Walter Gropius & Adolph Meyer /// Adolf Sommerfeld House /// Berlin-Dahlem, Germany /// 1920-22

OfHouses presents ‘The Grandfathers of Modern Architecture and their First Houses’.
(Photo: © Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin. Source: Gilbert Lupfer, Paul Sigel, “Walter Gropius 1883 - 1969″ (Köln: Taschen, 2004), pp. 27-30.)

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moodboardmix: Man Ray “Optic Topic” Mask in Gilt Silver, circa...


Man Ray “Optic Topic” Mask in Gilt Silver, circa 1974.

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screenshotsofdespair: Some of the best screenshots of despair...


Some of the best screenshots of despair are irl.

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52 YA Covers for 2015

by Dan

As my 2014 post was such a hit, here is my second annual look at the past year’s young adult book covers. This isn’t my speciality, so this list is a lot more of a crowd-sourced effort than my very personal adult list. A special thank you to all the designers who have made suggestions in the past couple of weeks  — you know who you are! — and if there are any burning omissions, please let me know in the comments!

Birdy Jet Purdie
Birdy by Jess Vallance; design by Jet Purdie (Hot Key Books / July 2015)

Big Lie design Jet Purdie
The Big Lie by Julie Mayhew; design by Jet Purdie (Hot Key Books / September 2015)

Conviction by Kelly Loy Gilbert design by Maria Elias; illustration by Christopher Silas Neal (Disney-Hyperion / May 2015)

Cut Both Ways design Erin Fitzsimmons
Cut Both Ways by Carrie Mesrobian; design by Erin Fitzsimmons (HarperCollins / September 2015)

Zebulon Finch design Lizzy Bromley illustration Ken Taylor
The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch; design by Lizzy Bromley; illustration by Ken Taylor (Simon & Schuster / October 2015 )

Delicate Monsters design Kerri Resnick
Delicate Monsters by Stephanie Kuehn; design by Kerri Resnick (St. Martin’s Griffin / June 2015)

Drop design Maria Soler illustration Levente Szabó
Drop by Katie Everson; design by Maria Soler; illustration Levente Szabó (Walker Books / August 2015)

Dumplin design by Aurora Parlagreco illus Daniel Stolle
Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy; design by Aurora Parlagreco; illustration by Daniel Stolle (Balzer + Bray / September 2015)

Eden West by Pete Hautman; design by Matt Roeser; illustration Dadu Shin (Candlewick / April 2015)

Emmy and Oliver design Sarah Nichole Kaufman illustration Matthew Allen
Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway; design Sarah Nichole Kaufman; illustration Matthew Allen (Balzer + Bray / June 2015)

Everything Everything design N C Sousa
Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon; design by N. C. Sousa; cover art by Good Wives and Warriors (Delacorte / September 2015)

Extraordinary Means cover art by Julie McLaughlin
Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider; cover art by Julie McLaughlin (Simon & Schuster / June 2015)

This lung-tree illustration is just incredible, but it is worth noting that this UK cover is actually an adaptation of the killed US cover (HarperCollins).

Fans of the Impossible Life design by Jenna Stempel; art by Mia Nolting
Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa; design by Jenna Stempel; art by Mia Nolting (Balzer + Bray / September 2015)

5 to 1 design by Jennifer Heuer
5 to 1 by Holly Bodger; design by Jennifer Heuer (Knopf / May 2015)

The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough; design by Nina Goffi; illustration by Christopher Silas Neal (Scholastic / April 2015)

The Golden Yarn by Cornelia Funke; design by Mirada (Breathing Books / December 2015)

History of Blood and Glitter design Kelsey Premo Jones cover art Sam Weber
History of Blood and Glitter by Hannah Moskowitz; design Kelsey Premo Jones; cover art by Sam Weber (Chronicle Books / August 2015)

I Am Princess X
I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest; design Phil Falco; cover illustration by Kali Ciesemier (Scholastic / August 2015)

Ill Give You the Sun design Maria Soler; illustration Sophie Heywood
I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson; design Maria Soler; illustration Sophie Heywood (Walker Books / April 2015)

Walker Books also reissued Jandy Nelson’s The Sky is Everywhere with matching cover art by Sophie Heywood.

Theresa Evangelista‘s design for the hardcover of I’ll Give You the Sun was on last year’s list.

Infinite In Between by Carolyn Mackler; design by Michelle Taormina; art by Matthew Allen
Infinite In Between by Carolyn Mackler; design by Michelle Taormina; art by Matthew Allen (HarperTeen / September 2015)

Island cover art Chris Riddell
Island by Nicky Singer; cover art by Chris Riddell (Caboodle Books / October 2015)

Lottery Boy design Jack Noel
Lottery Boy by Michael Byrne; design by Jack Noel (Walker Books / May 2015)

Madness So Discreet design Erin Fitzsimmons
A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis; design by Erin Fitzsimmons; cover art by Brooke Shaden (Katherine Tegen Books / October 2015)

Mosquitoland design Theresa Evangelista illustration Andrew Fairclough
Mosquitoland by David Arnold; design by Theresa Evangelista illustration Andrew Fairclough (Viking Books / March 2015)

My Heart and Other Black Holes design Jenna Stempel
My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga; design Jenna Stempel (Balzer + Bray / February 2015)

Nest design Jon Klassen
Nest by Kenneth Oppel; design Lucy Ruth Cummins; cover art Jon Klassen (Simon & Schuster / October 2015)

It also looks pretty spiffy with the jacket removed.

Next Together design Jack Noel
The Next Together by Lauren James; design Jack Noel (Walker Books / September 2015)

Night Owls design Leo Nickolls
Night Owls by Jenn Bennett; design by Leo Nickolls (Simon & Schuster / September 2015)

Panther by David Owen; design Gray318 (Corsair / March 2015)

Placebo Junkies design Ray Shappell
Placebo Junkies by J.C. Carleson; design Ray Shappell; photograph by Christine Blackburne (Knopf / October 2015)

PS I Still Love You design LR Cummins
PS I Still Love You design Lucy Ruth Cummins; Photography by Douglas Lyle Thompson (Simon & Schuster / May 2015)

Although this is really a variant to the cover of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han (on last year’s list), I still think it works really well.

The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things by Ann Aguirre; design by Anna Booth; photography by Jon Barkat and Gary Spector (Feiwel & Friends / April 2015)

Rest of Us Just Live Here
The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness; design by Erin Fitzsimmons; cover art by Josh Cochran (HarperCollins / October 2015)

It should be noted that this cover glows in the dark.

The UK version was designed by David McDougall for Walker Books.

Save Me design Richard Deas photo art Adam Andrearczyk
Save Me by Jenny Elliott; design Richard Deas photo art Adam Andrearczyk (Swoon Reads / July 2015)

Show and Prove design by Christian Fuenfhausen
Show and Prove by Sofia Quintero; design by Christian Fuenfhausen (Knopf / July 2015)

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda design by Alison Klapthor illustration Chris Bilheimer
Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli; design by Alison Klapthor; illustration by Chris Bilheimer (Balzer + Bray / April 2015)

Six of Crows design Rich Deas
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo; design Rich Deas (Henry Holt & Co / September 2015)

Song for Ella Grey design Liz Casal
A Song for Ella Grey by David Almond; design Liz Casal (Delacorte / October 2015)

Symphony design by Matt Roeser
Symphony for the City of the Dead by M. T. Anderson; design by Matt Roeser; illustration by Kikuo Johnson (Candlewick / September 2015)

Thing About Jellyfish design Marcie Lawrence
The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin;design by Marcie Lawrence; illustration Terry Fan and Eric Fan (Little Brown & Co / September 2015)

Tonight the Streets design Elizabeth H Clark
Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales; design Elizabeth H. Clark (Farrar, Straus & Giroux / September 2015)

trouble in me
The Trouble In Me by Jack Gantos; design by Christian Fuenfhausen (Farrar, Straus & Giroux / September 2015)

Tiny Pretty Things art Sean Freeman design Michelle Taormina
Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra & Dhonielle Clayton; design by Michelle Taormina; cover art by Sean Freeman (HarperCollins / May 2015)

Vengeance Road illustration Teagan White
Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman; illustration by Teagan White (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / September 2015)

The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma; design by Connie Gabbert (Algonquin Books / March 2015)

We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach; Lucy Ruth Cummins; photographer Meredith Jenks (Simon & Schuster / March 2015)

I still prefer the title-less version!

Willful Machines design Dan Potash
Willful Machines by Tim Foreen; design by Dan Potash (Simon & Schuster / October 2015)

Winterkill design Will Steele illustration Studio Helen
Winterkill by Kate A. Boorman; design Will Steele;  illustration Helen Crawford-White (Faber / November 2015)

Will and Helen’s cover for Darkthaw, the sequel to Winterkill is also rather lovely.

The US cover for Winterkill designed by Maria T. Middleton with art by Shane Rebebschied was on my list last year.

Wolf Wilder illustration Dan Burgess design Lizzy Bromley
The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell; Design by Lizzy Bromley; cover art by Dan Burgess (Simon & Schuster / August 2015)

The Winter Place design by Paul Coomey
The Winter Place by Alexander Yates; design by Paul Coomey (Simon & Schuster / October 2015)

(This probably needs to be seen in person as the blue is, I believe, a metallic finish, and the back cover is the image reversed in a lovely orange-red).

Wonders of the Invisible World design by Lynn Buckley
Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak; design by Lynn Buckley (Knopf / September 2015)

X by Ilyasah Shabazz with Kekla Magoon; design by Matt Roeser (Candlewick Press / January 2015)

09 Jan 20:45

Series Design 2015

by Dan

In my last post on the book covers of 2015, I thought I would take a look back at some of the series that caught my eye this this year…


time space phase space

Stephen Baxter / Manifold; design by Mike Topping (Harper Voyager / 2015)

Moonseed titan voyage

Stephen Baxter / The NASA Trilogy; design by Mike Topping (Harper Voyager / 2015)


9781784870744 9781784870737

Vintage Bronte; design by Suzanne Dean; lettering by Lily Jones; cover art Sarah Gillespie; picture research by Lily Richards (Vintage / 2015)

Culture design David Pearson On Power and Ecology Propaganda design David Pearson Rethinking Camelot design David Pearson Year 501

Noam Chomsky; design by David Pearson (Pushkin Press / 2015)

cupcake design Lizzy Bromley shrimp design Lizzy Bromley gingerbread design Lizzy Bromley

Rachel Cohn; design by Lizzy Bromley (Simon & Schuster / 2015)

Freemans design by Michael Salu
Freemans; design by Michael  Salu (Grove / 2015)

The very first Freeman’s anthology was published in fall this year, but hopefully this design will set the tone for the rest of the series. The second volume is scheduled for next year.

The Second Sex The Beauty Myth A Vindication of the Rights of Women

Vintage Feminism; design by Matthew Broughton (Vintage / 2015)


9780141398556 9780141398532 9780141398181

Little Black Classics; design by Jim Stoddart (Penguin / 2015)

(There are an awful lot of these!)

Weight of Glory grief observed screwtape Great Divorce problem of pain

C. S. Lewis; design by Kimberly Glyder (HarperOne / 2015)

Media and Public Life design by David Gee
New Directions in Media History; design by David A. Gee (Polity Press / 2015)

9781472531247 Modernism Global AW

New Modernisms; design by Daniel Benneworth-Gray (Bloomsbury / 2015)

The Things They Carried

Northern Lights If I Die in a Combat Zone The Things They Carried Going After Cacciato

Tim O’Brien; design by Jo Walker (Fourth Estate / 2015)

The Penguin Book of the British Short Story; design Matthew Young The Penguin Book of the British Short Story; design Matthew Young

The Penguin Book of the British Short Story Volumes 1 & 2; design Matthew Young (Penguin /2015)

Jesus Son_rounded

Housekeeping_rounded Steppenwolf_rounded Virgin Suicides_rounded

Picador Modern Classics; design by Kelly Blair (Picador USA / 2015)

Vertigo Keenan The Tokyo Zodiac Murders Keenan The Disappearance of Signora Giulia Keenan She Who Was No More Keenan Master of the Day of Judgment Keenan I Was Jack Mortimer Keenan

Pushkin Vertigo; design by Jamie Keenan (Pushkin Press / 2015)


Cherry-Orchard-front.6.16_670 The-Inspector-Mech-ID5_670

Russian Plays in Translation; design John Gall (Theater Books / 2015)


Barrett_McIntosh Rowbotham Mitchell

Radical Thinkers Volume 9; design by Rumors (Verso / 2015)

This isn’t a new series of course, but this set marked a colourful change of direction. You can read about the design here.

Fatale design Steve Panton

9781781254905 Seven_Madmen_FINAL_Cover_RGB (1)

Serpent’s Tail Classics; design by Steve Panton; series design Peter Dyer (Serpent’s Tail / 2015)

Checker design Stuart Bache
23 Dec 13:21

mythologyofblue:Weegee, Time is Short, Every Minute Counts, NYC,...


Weegee, Time is Short, Every Minute Counts, NYC, 1942  (via hollybailey)

21 Dec 16:02


by oficina do cego
Querubins à bufatada
Gravura de Inês Cóias
Impressão no prelo de provas

A Oficina do Cego deseja um conspícuo e excelso 2016 a todos. Prenhe de encómios. Até Janeiro. Saúde e muito dinheiro.
21 Dec 13:15


by 50kg
A poesia tão igual a uma lepra!
.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .

E os poetas na leprosaria
vão vivendo
uns com os outros,
inspeccionando as chagas
uns dos outros.


Jorge de Sena
, “Trinta Anos de Poesia”, Editorial Inova, pág. 26, Porto, Dezembro de 1972. 
05 Dec 19:11

antonioedsoncadengue: topcat77: Ossip Zadkine  portrait...



Ossip Zadkine

 portrait head

Please follow me:

05 Dec 19:10


by 50kg

“As mil-maravilhas duma viagem ao reino do Mexilhão em comboio-fantasma!

Monstros, almas penadas, múmias pré-históricas e outras teias de aranha de primeiríssima fancaria (paridas pelo Grande Sono da Razão)!

Cadáveres esquisitos! Videntes à tarefa! Fuças medonhas! Broncossáurios!

Caixöezinhos de surpresas!

Sustos pele-de-galinha e cabelos-em-pé!

Organizadas manifestaçöes espontâneas! Pedintes Voadores (sem rede)!

Discursos em Gótico Ornamentado! Medalhas Comemorativas!

Marchas típicas, procissöes e outras cívicas manifestaçöes de notáveis e mexilhöes!
(trajo de fantasia)

(fornecem-se dentaduras postiças)


Uma câmara de torturar palavras. Um computador maluco! Uma ilha que se transforma em duas casa! Uma camioneta do feitio de um burro (eminentemente bíblico)! Um mostrengo que está no fim do mundo e que morre e ressuscita só para morrer de vez em estátua!

(trajo de cerimónia)


Romagem à cartilha do Superdoutor (ou Doutor-entre-os-Doutores, ou Doutor-por-todos-os-lados), o Excelentíssimo Imperador Dinossauro Primeiro, o Bicho-Que-Devora-Palavras!

Excursão à Torre das Sete Chaves, à estátua de bronze, à vírgula caseira, à sala das torturas linguísticas, à amnésia fatal tudo lugares RIGOROSAMENTE HISTÓRICOS!
(trajo de luto)

(Todos os dias, novas viagens do comboio-fantasma)

Visita guiada à Fábrica dos Doutores, primeira indústria do Reino!

Grandiosos Ventos Históricos! Turismo ao Pó da Sonolência e ao Tanto-Faz-Como-Fez!

Folheto especial para se entender a língua da Comarca, o código democraticamente secreto de sinais convencionais!
(Para ler nas entrelinhas)”

(nas Badanas de “Dinossauro Excelentíssimo” de José Cardoso Pires, 5.ª ed., Livraria Bertrand, 1973.)

04 Dec 19:07

comicartsbrooklyn: Here’s a page by Yuko Shimizu, published in...


Here’s a page by Yuko Shimizu, published in TOON  Books’ Little Nemo’s Big New Dreams.

04 Dec 19:06

Assaltaram bar e tomaram pequeno-almoço com objetos furtados

by Rui Manuel Amaral
O furto ocorreu na Rua Infante D. Henrique, uma das mais movimentadas e centrais da cidade, no Bar Tertúlia, às 4.56 horas, cerca de hora e meia após o enceramento.
Os dois homens, um jovem e um outro elemento de 64 anos, emigrante em França, usaram pedras da calçada para partirem vários vidros da montra.
Já no interior e depois de se terem cortado no vidro que partiram apoderaram-se de bebidas e aparelhagem de som.
Na pose dos objetos furtados, o duo de assaltantes foi tomar o pequeno-almoço a uma padaria da cidade. Encostaram a mesa de mistura e a garrafa de gin que exibiam sinais de sangue a um canto daquele estabelecimento de restauração.

03 Dec 15:34

"Até sempre"...

by 50kg


Perdeste a lágrima, menino?
Quem afligiu a tua bola?
Pega lá vida, faz o pino:
Sempre o contrário nos consola.

A vida é péla, rasga a vida,
Que em mim já antes papel é.
Vê como a levo de vencida
Desde que nele escrevo, até...

Sempre, menino, até sempre!
No bibe o corpo; deixa! Lava-se
E não te esqueças, chuta sempre!
(Não chegou a chorar, mas preparava-se).


Vitorino Nemésio, “O Verbo e a Morte”, pág. 18, Morais Editora, 1959.
03 Dec 15:05

Too bad my September lessons didn’t include finish & post...

Too bad my September lessons didn’t include finish & post the things you need to finish & post :) But better late than never.

Previous monthly lessons here.

02 Dec 15:39 to open 1,000 bookstores in China

by Chad Felix is a B2C e-commerce retailer with an attractive logo is a B2C e-commerce retailer with an attractive logo

E-retailers the world over are finally realizing the importance and joys of brick-and-mortar bookstores—or something like that.

Yes, it would seem that physical bookstores are on the rise: there are tech-bros in London putting their tablets away in favor of bookshelves and DJ booths, there’s Jeff Bezos, a man who once told an Amazon exec to “proceed as if your goal is to put everyone selling physical books out of a job,” back-pedaling himself right into a physical life-size model of a bookstore in Seattle, Washington.

Next to hop on the trend is, who, as China Retail News reports, will open 1,000 physical bookstores across the People’s Republic of China by 2018. The B2C e-retailer’s first shop—located in Changsha City, Hunan—is due to open this month.

Dangdang executive Zhang Wei explains:

Our bookstores in the first- and second-tier cities will be as large as one to two square kilometers, and they will become a cultural complex with sales of books and other related products with higher profit … Meanwhile, we will team up with renowned shopping malls in an attempt to substantially cut bookstores management costs.

To put the scope of this project into perspective, Barnes & Noble—American’s only standing national bookstore chain—has just 647 locations as of August 2015, and B&N has been around since 1917. To call Dangdang’s effort to build, staff, and operate 1,000 stores in three years ambitious is a gross understatement—it’s very difficult to imagine Dangdang’s “renowned shopping mall” locations helping the company offset costs all that much.

As an e-retailer, Dangdang’s primary competitor is—no surprise—Amazon China, and like Amazon Books in Seattle, Dangdang bookshops will offer their online prices in-store, a fact that, given the sheer number of locations, may prove to be a serious threat to other bookstores throughout the country.

And, unless they can afford to lose money every year like Amazon, to themselves.


30 Nov 16:59


by Laerte Coutinho

23 Nov 23:10

grupaok:Ad Reinhardt, Rough Sketch for a Leaflet in the “Event”...


Ad Reinhardt, Rough Sketch for a Leaflet in the “Event” or “Happening” of a Fine-Artists Strike, 1961

23 Nov 23:09

jonasgrossmann:arnold newman… museum of modern art, alfred bra,...


arnold newman… museum of modern art, alfred bra, director, for life magazin, 1950 @ ivasfot

17 Nov 13:41

Letra em saque...

by 50kg


Continuavam as aulas de caligrafia
da dona Otelinda com o seu
aparo de lança n.° 120,
molhado de tinta azul, a deslizar
em torneadas maiúsculas
no papel almaço. Continuavam
apesar das máquinas de escrever
da sala 8, para as alunas mais

No cursivo inglês
que talvez Pessoa tivesse aprendido,
caligrafávamos: Amigo e Senhor e
de Vossa Senhoria, Atenciosamente.

Depois nas aulas de francês e inglês
aprendíamos – já sem caligrafia – e
regressadas à esferográfica (que
Pessoa não conheceu) as
mesmas cantigas de amigo. Havia
sempre um Dear Sir ou um Cher
para redigir carta
sobre a letra a receber ou
a pagar avec nos salutations,
les plus distinguées.

Letras com um sacador
e um sacado, que se tornava
sempre o aceitante, até
à data do vencimento.

Inês Lourenço, “O Segundo Olhar (Antologia)”, p. 25, Companhia das Ilhas, 2015.
16 Nov 13:19

by moço
Quinta-feira, 12 de Novembro

      Já não me apetece muito
      Escrever pohesias
      Se fosse como dantes
      Fá-las-ia abundantes
      Mas sinto-me muito velho
      Sinto-me muito sério
      Sinto-me consciencioso
      Sinto-me preguiçoso

      Boris Vian, Canções & Poemas; trad. de Irene Nunes e Fernando Martins.
10 Nov 15:41

by moço
Sexta-feira 23 de Outubro
      A propósito do Outono #14
      Edgar Saltus: After all, it is not life that is short, it is youth.

[A propósito do Outono #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13]
10 Nov 11:11

littledallilasbookshelf: Austrian National Library, Vienna by...


Austrian National Library, Vienna by Amanda Rust on Flickr.
A secret door in the library

10 Nov 11:10

by Menina Limão
The West Wing (1999 - 2006), Aaron Sorkin
09 Nov 12:47

“Busy Person’s Correspondence Card – We’re having a gay old...

“Busy Person’s Correspondence Card – We’re having a gay old time! Why don’t you come?” vintage postcard

09 Nov 12:47

loverofbeauty: Cat sleeping in the arms of Madame Ingres,...


Cat sleeping in the arms of Madame Ingres, Jean-August Dominmique Ingres (1854)

04 Nov 13:45

Quer um Carro Utilitarista?

by José Oliveira
Imagem do carro de condução automática em diferentes situações e escolhas (retirada do artigo).

Em breve o Problema do Trólei deixará de ser uma experiência mental para testar as nossas crenças éticas e tornar-se-á uma realidade do dia-a-dia. Isto porque os carros de condução automática já aí estão e vão ter de tomar esse tipo de decisões.
  • Deverá um carro de condução automática matar os seus passageiros para evitar matar um grupo de pessoas que o inclui a si?
  • Deverá o seu carro de condução automática matá-lo a si para evitar um número maior de vítimas?
  • Será que o carro deverá responder da mesma maneira a estas duas situações e se não, porquê?
Foi em questões deste tipo que pensou um grupo de investigadores liderado por Jean-Francois Bonnefonda, na Toulouse School of Economics, e publicaram agora os seus resultados.

Outras questões que este projecto levanta podem ser as seguintes:
  • Deverá haver outras opções de carros que respondam a diferentes teorias éticas? Como?
  • Será que estes carros mostram que toda a gente é utilitarista, quando chegamos a questões de facto e saímos das teorias filosóficas?

[Agradeço ao Desidério as sugestões para melhorar este post.]