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22 Jan 20:00

In Hockey There's Only One Way to Cock Block

And it hurts.

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13 Jan 02:48

Watch how Russia troops attached to S-300 unit repel an ambush during drills

by alert5

A Russian S-300 air defense unit convoy had to fend off an ambush during a training exercise near the city of Voronezh recently.

22 Sep 23:03

Clásicas Del Zipa in Bogota

by Richard Masoner

Clásicas Del Zipa in BogotaA child dressed in vintage clothes rides his bicycle in Bogota during World Carfree Day on September 22, 2015. AFP PHOTO / GUILLERMO LEGARIA

My Spanish language Google-Fu is weak, but I think Clásicas Del Zipa is something like a vintage ride group from the Colombian city of Zipaquirá.

04 Sep 02:28

Alleged victim of Dr. White's practice remembered by daughter

Dietra Beahan is relieved to learn Redding Doctor James Gregory "Greg" White gave up his medical license on Monday.
27 May 21:34


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26 May 09:25

Boop! Jazz hands! Do a barrel roll! Jazz hands! Retreat!...

Boop! Jazz hands! Do a barrel roll! Jazz hands! Retreat! [video]

20 May 14:00

Must Be a Union Job

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15 May 09:00

Bike of the day - LEVEL BLACK

12 May 21:36



five guys, 5 thais

12 May 16:09

Fastest wheelie machine EVER!

by Alan Sikirić

Thing is something' else huh? The inside the frame dual drivetrain is SLAYING ME, lol!

10 May 01:13

Boop. [video]

Boop. [video]

03 Apr 23:01

If This Craigslist Ad Can't Sell a Chevy Cavalier, Nothing Will


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13 Mar 23:03


19 Jan 03:46

two shots

by consumeconsume

two shots

20 Jan 21:41

Will A Bong Hit A Day Keep the Doctor Away? New Study Suggests Maybe

by Bucky Turco
Will A Bong Hit A Day Keep the Doctor Away? New Study Suggests Maybe

At this point, the medicinal benefits of cannabis are widely accepted, with even CNN’s top doctor touting its positives and NIDA opening up to discussing its therapeutic value. However, one sticking point remains: is it safe to smoke? As noted by Medical Daily, “if smoking cigarettes, or basically anything else, can damage the lungs, then the smoke from marijuana should as well.”

Although that may seem like a very common sense position and is the main reason cited by Governor Cuomo for why New York State won’t have a cool medical weed program like in other states, a new Emory University study indicates that moderate amounts of smoked herbals DO NOT fuck up the lungs as much as preciously thought, according to science:

In a cross-sectional analysis using data from two rounds of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES), researchers found that adults aged 18 to 59 who smoked one marijuana cigarette — aka joint — a day were still able to forcibly exhale the same volume of air in one second (known as forced expiratory volume, or FEV1) as someone who didn’t smoke marijuana. Measuring a person’s ability to exhale is called spirometry, and it’s the go-to method for diagnosing respiratory diseases, which impair lung function.

Marijuana users who smoked joints were also more likely to report minor bronchitis-like symptoms such as cough and sore throat, Mic reported. These effects appeared less often in smokers who used vaporizers, which heat the marijuana up just enough to release the active chemicals without combusting them. That meant it probably wasn’t the marijuana that caused the symptoms, but the papers the participants used to roll their joints.

And apparently it’s not the only study of this type. There has been previous research with similar results:

The current studies findings echo results from previous research. In one study from 2012, researchers found that people who smoked weed each day for seven years experienced no adverse effects to pulmonary function. In another study from 2013, researcher Donald P. Tashkin, from the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, found “habitual use of marijuana alone does not appear to lead to significant abnormalities in lung function when assessed either cross-sectionally or longitudinally, except for possible increases in lung volumes and modest increases in airway resistance of unclear clinical significance.

Thanks for the study, smart people, but is there any way one of the authors involved in the research can take a moment and let the governor know about these latest findings before he fucks up New York’s medical pot?

(Photo: Pablo Mirano)

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09 Jan 20:00

Most Popular Water Bottle: Nalgene

by Shane Roberts, Commerce Team

Most Popular Water Bottle: Nalgene

In one of our biggest votes ever, Nalgene took the crown of Best Water Bottle with its combination of durability, capacity, and reputation. Some of them even glow in the dark.


04 Jan 05:34

32k Miles and Original Paint: 1989 Mazda RX7 GTUs

by bringatrailer

This 1989 Mazda RX7 GTUs (chassis JM1FC3318K0703615) is offered by the second owner who bought the car from the original owner in 2012. He had to have the engine rebuilt at the time due to the driving pattern of the original owner, apparently just to the country club and back for many years. The GTUs model is a de-contented lightweight of sorts, but with all the turbo model’s suspension and performance parts except with no forced induction. 1100 were supposedly made, and this might be the nicest one still in existence. Find it ending today here on eBay in Cincinnati, Ohio. Special thanks to BaT reader Nicholas D. for this submission!

1989 Mazda RX7 GTUs For Sale Red

The red paint is said to be all original. The black interior looks clean but the photos offered are pretty weak. A Nakamichi stereo resides in the dash, but otherwise things look stock. We like the red and black combo on this car, and the seats look like they have held up well.

1989 Mazda RX7 GTUs For Sale Interior

The GTUs name is a bit of a mystery. Does it mean this was a USA-only model, or was this model sold elsewhere? The seller lists the following as the GTUs specs:

  • 4.30 LSD
  • Turbo II brakes and suspension
  • Turbo II wheels
  • Shorter 5th gear .756
  • Aluminum hood
  • Rear wiper and sunroof delete


The engine bay is very clean, and we like the painted 13B RE intake manifold.

Mazda RX 7 Gtus | eBay

Below is a full review of the GTUs model from MotorWeek back in 1989. Does anyone else have Owings Mills, Maryland’s zip code memorized from watching John Davis recite it on that show for so many years?


29 Dec 19:08

Man On Drugs Jumps Off Bridge, Walks Away Like It's Nothing At All

by Michael Ballaban

A half-naked man in Tijuana, Mexico, found himself higher than an astronaut and cornered by police on both sides of a bridge. So he did the only thing you can when you're higher than an astronaut and half-naked in Tijuana, Mexico – he jumped.


29 Dec 12:00

When Bullies Made Fun of His Shoes, One Student Picked Up Some New Kicks for Him

16 Dec 20:21


10 Dec 23:00

Best Christmas Sweater Ever

16 Dec 20:30

"Now Don't Go Singing About This For Generations, Ya Hear?"

christmas,santa claus,dating

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16 Dec 00:07

These Onboard Rally Videos From WRC 1997 Will Break Your Brain

by Raphael Orlove on Black Flag, shared by Damon Lavrinc to Jalopnik

I was not sure race cars even could go this sideways.


15 Dec 19:30

We've Still Never Seen A Truck Like The 1994 Ford Power Stroke Concept

by Andrew P Collins on Truck Yeah, shared by Matt Hardigree to Jalopnik

We've Still Never Seen A Truck Like The 1994 Ford Power Stroke Concept

This is the 1994 Ford Power Stroke Concept. It looks like the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile wearing a raccoon mask. Back then Ford pitched this drivable showpiece as "a suggestion of what tomorrow could bring." How close do you think it came to panning out?


13 Dec 18:00

Physics Is Weird

15 Dec 14:00

It Was Either This or Chamichamagenachingahemanchengas


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