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01 Jan 03:02

Dark Souls Player Gloriously Trolls Everyone by Defending His Swamp as Shrek

All he wanted was some peace and quiet.

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04 Nov 21:45

If That's Your Brain, They're of Roughly the Same Intelligence

04 Nov 03:24

Confused John Mayer Asks Internet Why Garfield Hated Mondays So Much

Confused John Mayer asks people on Twitter why Garfield hates Mondays so much.

Just so you guys know, John Mayer is hopelessly, miserably confused about Garfield and the character's outspoken hatred toward everything that is Mondays. 

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07 Oct 01:42

Dude Uses His Girlfriend To Trick Strangers Into Losing A Bet

16 Aug 17:49

Watch This Kid Accidentally Presses His Dad's NSFW Hotkey While He's Streaming

That moment when he realizes what he's accidentally done...

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