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Dedicated Human Builds a ‘Game of Thrones’-Style Iron Throne Out of Carrots and Cardboard for His Demanding Rabbit

by Lori Dorn

Wallace the rabbit has gone from being an incredibly accommodating bunny to acting as a mad king and has demanded that his human provide him with a throne. Following the mandate, his dedicated human built a Game of Thrones-style Iron Throne using carrots and cardboard.

It is beginning to feel like spring, but winter is coming. Wallace’s internet fame has completely gone to his head and now he demands a throne. Will his rule be just, or will his hunger for power be his downfall?

via Time

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predeath:jean paul gaultier fw 2014


jean paul gaultier fw 2014

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gdfalksen:Elegant Evening Lace up Boots, from Vienna, ca....


Elegant Evening Lace up Boots, from Vienna, ca. 1895


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Wee-snawJokes on jokes on jokes.Cheers,Lume


Jokes on jokes on jokes.



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bolto:worlds most excited bird 2


worlds most excited bird 2

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givemeyodickandmoney: Iconic

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otter attack!

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Two Bright Pink Chickens Rescued on the Waterfront in Portland, Oregon

by Rebecca Escamilla

Pink chickens in Portland
photo by Emily Sinovic via Multnomah County Animal Services

Yesterday, two bright pink chickens were spotted wandering on the waterfront in Portland, Oregon. After Portland-area news organization KATU reported the runaway animals, an officer from Multnomah County Animal Services promptly picked up the chickens and brought them to the animal shelter for safe keeping.

Workers at the shelter say that food coloring is often used to dye chicks, an effect that lasts until the animal’s first molting. The practice of dyeing the animals is physically harmless to chicks, but some animal welfare groups frown upon it as it may discourage pet owners from seeing dyed chickens at Easter as a pet that requires a home and care for years.

North Portland resident Bruce Whitman came forward Friday afternoon to retrieve his two pet chickens, claiming that he purposefully abandoned his chickens—whose feathers he dyed with Kool-Aid, beet juice, and food dye—to elicit a response from the public.

Pink chicken
photo via Multnomah County Animal Services

Pink chickens
photo via Multnomah County Animal Services

Pink chickens on waterfront
photo via Emily Sinovic

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autoreshare hall of famer

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adelicateart:somewovendissonance: eeEEEUGHHH *barfs* So...






*barfs* So pretty! *barfs some more*

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Memorial Ash Beads, Heartfelt Handcrafted Jewelry Made From the Cremated Remains of Deceased Loved Ones

by Lori Dorn

All Four

Artist Merry Coor has created a line of heartfelt handmade jewelry crafted from the cremated ashes of loved ones. Coor creates the beads one at a time from her own studio in Eureka, California and accepts long-distance requests. She also does her best to understand who the person was by learning as much as she can with whatever materials the requestor provides.

If you decide to have me create an ash bead, I will send you a padded, pre-paid envelope, along with instructions and a small tin where you will place the ashes. Send me about ½ teaspoon of ashes for each bead and any photo, letter, or story about your loved one. When your bead is complete, you will receive within 2 to 4 weeks, the bead or beads you requested and any photos and information you may have sent me. The bead will be finished with your choice of an 18 inch sterling silver or gold filled chain, and clasps. Bead caps and head pins finish the bead into a pendant. If you wish, you may send a photo of your loved one, the music that they like to listen to, and even a story about them. I will listen to their music, and look at their photo, and put good intentions, and energy, and heart into their bead.

Memorial ash beads are available either through Coor’s site or through her Etsy store.

Gold Medium Silver Medium

Gold - Small Silver Small

images via Ash Beads

Thanks, Tisha Sloan!

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clehjett:kindlyborrowed: i dont understand this website It’s a...



i dont understand this website

It’s a dog with a garlic on his head and another photobombing him

There’s nothing to understand, only to feel

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Indiana officials, businesses scramble to stem ‘religious freedom’ law fallout

by TOM DAVIES [ap]
Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.)The heat over Indiana's new religious objections law spread Friday across social media and to the White House as many local officials and business groups around the state tried to jump in and stem the fallout.
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Hand Carved Faux Fossil Table is a Paleontologist’s Dream

by Cabe Atwell

Though the fossil isn’t real, Andrew Klein’s table is still an exceptional piece of work.Fossils and tables generally aren’t combined to make furniture, but one exceptional craftsman put the two together for a truly stunning piece. Andrew Klein began his build by bending the lamination to form the three curved legs of the table, which he strengthened and stabilized using a ‘floating’ box to […]

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gynostar:thenoirguy: smallstrawhat:trillgamesh:this is one of...





this is one of the sweetest videos ive ever seen

this lizard’s name is peperonie this is the most amazing video on the internet


"I’m gonna become a witch, and you’re gonna be immortal too, cause you’ll have familiar powers and you’re gonna live forever." AWWWWW!


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clarawebbwillcutoffyourhead:It just smells so good outside.I want a perfume that smells like rain....


It just smells so good outside.

I want a perfume that smells like rain. Or different perfumes for different kinds of rain.
My favourite smell is the rain that comes after a hot New England day and the way the hot dry ground smells mixed with rain but I also like the smell of Portland in the spring time, just wet earth, or the heavy hot green of an east coast thunderstorm.

Mmmm.  Petrichor. Right there with you.

Are you familiar, by any chance, with Christopher Brosius’ scents? He’s the Willy Wonka of perfumes. I’m not sure if any of these would be exactly what you want, but his Soaked EarthBlack MarchWild Hunt, and November scents all convey petrichor of various types. From earthy and feral, to airy and glimmering.

Everything he concocts is magic. I cannot praise him highly enough. Pricy, but worth it. 

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the-two-germanys:Departure of the Witchess Falero Luis...


we got shit to do


Departure of the Witchess

Falero Luis Ricardo

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Man Bakes Tiny Cake Using Tiny Tools In A Tiny Kitchen



A tiny strawberry cake


Tiny Fried Shrimp


Tiny Sushi


Tiny Cheese Fondue


Tiny Pancakes

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GloZell shows why cultural representation is so important (x)

GloZell shows why cultural representation is so important (x)

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notordinaryfashion:Stephane’ Rolland Haute Couture Fall 2014-15


Stephane’ Rolland Haute Couture Fall 2014-15

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what even is the animes

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Language of World Bank Reports

by thuudung


What can be gleaned from a linguistic analysis of World Bank reports? That the language – and reality – of global finance grows ever more opaque… more»

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thxrsdxy:princesanegra91: str8nochaser:chasing-september: 4mysq...


TW: racism, death, violence






Cops Kill Another Unarmed Man, Gunned Down at his Place of Work Over Unpaid Traffic Fines

The police claim that, as usual, “they feared for their lives,” alleging Thomas was attempting to use the vehicle as a weapon to run down the officers.  Witnesses came forward immediately to the press, challenging the official report and essentially calling it a bold faced lie.

Supporting the witnesses allegation is the fact that there were no visible bullet holes in the windshield or front of the car, a likely place for a bullet to enter- had he been driving at the officers as they claim.

Certainly each of us understands that bigs excuse is a lie, racism and the notorious cops predisposition to violence played a much greater role in this incident.
Every day police assure that black would be so afraid of them that dare not even think about their rights and especially not felt like security within the United States.


Ya’ll, I’m tired. 

every 28 hours….. my God.


Ooookkkaay……. this is..

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"I can tell you what I think when I see someone wearing [the Non-Compliant symbol]. To me, it says “I..."

“I can tell you what I think when I see someone wearing [the Non-Compliant symbol]. To me, it says “I am finding the courage to be my authentic self, whomever he or she may be. I do not fit the box assigned me: I am too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, too loud, too soft, too silly, too serious, too masculine, too feminine, too passionate, too shy, too angry, too proud, too black, too brown, too religious, too atheist, too slutty, too frumpy, too WHATEVER-THE-FUCK IT IS that my culture will condemn me for today and I refuse [to] cede my power. I refuse to see myself through your eyes, just as I refuse to cast that same lens on my brothers and sisters. I will hold my head high and you will support me or get the fuck out.””


Kelly Sue DeConnick in the Milkfed Criminal Masterminds newsletter (via yodelmachine)

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kawrying:so its 2:17 am and my window is open and i burped really loudly and i heard someone yell...


so its 2:17 am and my window is open and i burped really loudly and i heard someone yell “what the fuck”

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West Wing Nine-Nine (7/?)