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01 Jul 13:21

Chicago Dries&Krump 45 Ton (LOWELL) $10500


"Krump" is a great name for a 45 ton press.

Chicago Dries& Krump , Model 56-A Serial Number L-16759, 45 TONS 6' BED, equip with a AUTOMEC Autogauge CNC 99 , brake runs excellent has a clean appearance, Autogauge also works excellent, there is TWO adjustable fingers that is part of this package [...]
01 Jul 19:55

A New Trailer for the Steve Jobs Biopic Starring Michael Fassbender Features Jobs at Odds With Steve Wozniak

by Glen Tickle

Ah! Perhaps this explains the shift to a Bondi Blue based palette in movies this year?

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for Steve Jobs, the biopic about the late Apple cofounder starring Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs and Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak. The new trailer features Jobs at odds with Wozniak and the Apple board.

The film is scheduled to release in theaters on October 9, 2015.

Steve Jobs

photo via Steve Jobs

01 Jul 14:55

Snopes scopes the $43K "Relentlessly Gay" GoFundMe

by Andrea James

aw fuck, I hope it's not how it looks.


Baltimore resident Julie Baker raised $43K on GoFundMe to make her yard more gay after posting a letter she says she got from a neighbor complaining about her "relentlessly gay" yard decor. Snopes investigator Kim LaCapria did a little digging and found the story got curiouser and curiouser. Read the rest

30 Jun 23:12

‘35 Kenworth...

10 Jun 00:00

The Martian


Seems legit.

I have never seen a work of fiction so perfectly capture the out-of-nowhere shock of discovering that you've just bricked something important because you didn't pay enough attention to a loose wire.
30 Jun 19:48

Kenworth Bi-Level...


Well hello there!

29 Jun 19:12

WATCH: Insane excavator cliff descent probably not OSHA-approved

by Andrea James

The original mechs! When I was 14 my parents had a pool installed. I went out to look and saw the backhoe in the bottom of a perfectly rectangular hole. I thought "Duh! he must be new at this!" but then he expertly climbed out and *over* our hedge using the bucket and backhoe. It was unbelievable!

YouTuber YJSubs stabilized this crazy video of an excavator operator using the bucket to descend an unstable sandy embankment. Read the rest
30 Jun 16:44

Pope returns to cocaine

by vaughanbell

Interesting pope beat.

Image from Wikipedia. Click for source,According to a report from BBC News the Pope ‘plans to chew coca leaves’ during his visit to Bolivia. Although portrayed as a radical encounter, this is really a return to cocaine use after a long period of abstinence in the papal office.

Although the leaves are a traditional, mild stimulant that have been used for thousands of years, they are controversial as they’re the raw material for synthesising powder cocaine.

The leaves themselves actually contain cocaine in its final form but only produce a mild stimulant effect because they have a low dose that is released relatively gently when chewed.

The lab process to produce the powder is largely concerned with concentrating and refining it which means it can be taken in a way to give the cocaine high.

The Pope is likely to be wanting to chew coca leaves to show support for the traditional uses of the plant, which, among other things, are used to help with altitude sickness but have become politicised due to the ‘war on drugs’.

Because of this, recent decades have seen pressure to outlaw or destroy coca plants, despite them being little more problematic than coffee when used in traditional ways, and consequently, a push back campaign from Latin Americans has been increasingly influential.

However, two previous Popes have been cocaine users. Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius X were drinkers of Vin Mariani, which was essentially cocaine dissolved in alcohol for its, er, tonic effect.

Pope Leo XIII even went as far as appearing in an advert for Vin Mariani, which you can see in the image above.

The advert says that “His Holiness THE POPE writes that he has fully appreciated the beneficient effects of this Tonic Wine and has forwarded to Mr. Mariani as a token of his gratitude a gold medal bearing his august effigy.”

But being a Latin American, the new Pope seems to have a much more sensible view of the drug and values it in its traditional form, and so probably won’t be giving away some of the papal gold after having a blast on the liquid snow.

Link to BBC News story.
And thanks to @MikeJayNet for reminding me of the historical connection.

29 Jun 19:48

semitrckn: Atkinson classsic heavy haul


What a sexy beast!


Atkinson classsic heavy haul

29 Jun 17:23

Jigsaw Is Closing

by Michael Park, Treasurer

Oh noes! :(

It was fun while it lasted, but Jigsaw Renaissance is closing. We have to be out of the space by July 3. If you have any stuff there, pick it up before Friday. Other stuff is for sale to try to pay back rent.
Keyed members, please return your keys.

24 Jun 02:36

Why not?  If all you need to transport is one horse, and it’s a...


Pimp ride, dude!

Why not?  If all you need to transport is one horse, and it’s a pony, why not a horsey sidecar?  This guy’s a genius.

from Redland Maggie

29 Jun 03:58

Yay! So glad to be home with a fridge full of fresh veg, after...


It is a testimony to the people in my feed that I started at this picture for nearly a minute looking for the birb.

Yay! So glad to be home with a fridge full of fresh veg, after four days of eating mostly preservative-laden road food. I’m thinking huevos rancheros and leek-asparagus quiche tomorrow.

29 Jun 16:18



That didn't take long.

28 Jun 16:40

buffyboleyn: BTVS + Onion Headlines :...


Aw, Spike. *feels*


BTVS + Onion Headlines : Spike’s Condensed Character Arc

28 Jun 13:27

“Desert Festival Shade Cloth” )’(


Gonna try it out this week at the beach campground.

“Desert Festival Shade Cloth” )’(

27 Jun 02:40

So I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road and in no particular order here are my thoughts:- I must be a...


I like her point about Nux.

So I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road and in no particular order here are my thoughts:

- I must be a shitty viewer because I could not figure out what all the wives were called except for Angharad and Cheedo, like, I know one of them is called Splendid because that’s what Immortan Joe calls out but the others? And I spent a LOT of time paying attention to the very little dialogue.

- I actually liked that there was very little dialogue and the story told itself through much of the facial expressions and gestures and movements. 

- I get the Furiosa love since she’s a disabled woman but she wasn’t the only disabled character in the movie and it is deeply disturbing that there appears to be two kinds of disabled people: the conventionally attractive one, e.g. Furiousa and Max (who is clearly, mentally ill, so in my books he’s disabled), and the grotesque disabled, i.e.g Immortan Joe, his sons, who either wear prosthetics that emphasize their unattractiveness or require so much help that it makes no sense to me that they even survive. The only one that looks vaguely attractive is Rictor, who relies on his oxygen can, and even then he’s clearly an Evil Disabled Person. 

- BUT WHY DOESNT ANYONE TALK ABOUT NUX THO like he’s right in between the conventionally attractive disabled and the grotesque disabled–he has those cancerous lumps, he’s bald and skinny and he needs Max as a blood bag  He’s got SUCH a great DEVELOPMENT ARC??? Like he starts off having swallowed Joe’s teachings and trying to do his best to be a good War Boy and then he wallows in failure and doesn’t have the strength to lash out anymore and then he’s discovered by Capable (???) who keeps true to the “no unnecessary killing” rule and treats him with incredible compassion and he stays and changes and actually makes himself useful (omg a hero’s journey that doesn’t involve being a fucking inconvenience to women,  y’all to me this is a HUGE NOVELTY I AM USUALLY REALLY FUCKING ANNOYED BY THIS TYPE OF CHARACTER WHO’S DEVELOPMENT ARC COMES AT THE HANDS OF A WOMAN’S COMPASSION bc they tend to hog the center stage, but he manages to share the limelight in what is essentially an ensemble cast), he goes from treating Max as a blood bag to taking orders from Max. I totally shed tears for him. (Also, it’s thru Nux that we get a sense of War Boy culture up close? When he sprays chrome on himself, when he geeks out over being noticed by Immortan Joe, when he has that crisis, and what’s underneath it. Look, I have begun hating most male characters in general but I think there’s a serious lack of Nux love considering what he makes out of his vulnerability at the end, which is not to destroy or lash out, but to cooperate and help and, most of all, love.)

- (I also liked how the women took advantage of the men; Rictor being tricked by the Wife (Cheedo?) who asks to be taken back was an interesting (although not unexpected) move. I also feel that Nux was manipulated in some way as well, but the feelings between him and Capable were genuine.)

- I’m really disquieted, though, at the way the plot panned out with Furiousa and the women seeking an escape (because did they not consider that Joe would come after them and destroy the Green Place??) and then going back and just killing Immortan Joe in a car chase scene, when they could have done that at the Citadel itself, and taken advantage of some other War Boy like they were going to use Nux–did they not think they could bring about that change themselves?? It felt like this plot had to exist just so Max could have his redemption arc, which, grrr.

- I’m also REALLY frustrated at the world-building. This place is fucking falling apart! The politics of the space only make sense from a very particular way of thinking about the world (which is white, cis, and patriarchal). I’ve never seen any of the previous Mad Max movies so maybe this is a quibble that makes no sense. HOW did Immortan Joe even get control of all that water as a disabled man? I can understand his not having the foresight to invest in agricultural development in his Citadel because IIRC rich people who lack empathy don’t make good long-term decisions because the person in the future is someone different, and since they lack empathy, they don’t consider their own future selves, hence they make shit decisions that are only self-serving in the present (but they tend to have some sort of buffer anyway in the future).  How are the unwashed masses waiting for water surviving? What are those creatures on stilts in the swamp? How did the Green Place die, what created the toxic soil? Generally if you have a green space and you understand self-sustaining agricultural methods, a green place actually rejuvenates and can carry itself on but apparently not here?? How do the crows survive? Do they eat the things on stilts? If this was a far-away planet or fantasyland I might be able to handwave it, but no, this is supposed to be Earth, AND IT MAKES NO SENSE. 

(yes I know this is normal for dystopic post-apoc but that doesn’t mean it makes any more sense and I don’t think there’s enough people criticizing how really illogical this gritty aesthetic is)

- The chase scenes were immersive, but IDK, I wasn’t attracted to the aesthetics at all, and I kept thinking to myself, “OH MY GOD WHAT A GODDAMN WASTE OF OIL WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE” and it was so fucking frustrating not being able to handwave it because POST-APOC RESOURCE-LOW EARTH. (I guess I know now where my limits are for suspension of disbelief.)


- yes I get the love for the Wives, I do, I want to learn more about them. When Angharad smiles in relish at being free, that was a cool moment, and again when she publicly displays herself so Joe won’t shoot down the rig. I agree 10000% with everything that’s been said about them, especially with how the camera frames them and doesn’t sexualize them. I really liked that they were actual characters and not eye candy! 

- But while story-wise the major woman characters are served well, world-building-wise it makes no sense to me. BIG thing, for example: the fat women used as cows (and again, we have juxtaposition between the conventionally attractive and the grotesque; Furiousa is disabled and lacks an arm, but she is still conventionally attractive). I GET, from a storycraft POV, that this abjection is necessary as juxtaposition to the ending where they are the ones who open the water works to the people below. It’s an incredible symbolic gesture where they were previously forced to give up their milk, and at the end out of their own free will choose to water everyone else; it raises them up as a symbol of how the whole Citadel is newly free from Immortan Joe. I’m a bit sad that the camera didn’t linger on them some more to show the joy on their faces. HOWEVER, that gesture means that they are aware of how Immortan Joe controls people, and understand how control stuff works in the Citadel. So……. how do they not work with the Wives and with the Imperator? Why is there no rebellion seeded within the Citadel that throws over Joe? Why is there no network of sharing strength? 

Anyways it was otherwise an OK movie and I get the love for it

27 Jun 23:12

carsthatnevermadeit: Colani Sea-Ranger, 1979. One of the more...


Dat chair!


Colani Sea-Ranger, 1979. One of the more amazing of Colani’s creations, the one-off, amphibious Sea-Ranger was based on the Mercedes Unimog and built by Thyssen. Personally I think more vehicles could do with a fisherman’s perch. The bottom pic show Colani’s original model for the Sea-Ranger upon which the full-size version was based

28 Jun 16:24

vintageluxurytravel: 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT RV...


That last one!


1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT RV Motorhome

The Toronado was popular for conversion into a motorhome or car hauler because its Unitized Power Package was so overbuilt that it was used in the car and in the cult-followed GMC Motorhome, and the front-wheel-drive allowed you to cut the car behind the driver’s seat and add anything you wanted to the back half of the car.  I can’t think of any other production vehicle with two non-powered tandems in the back, can you?

23 Jun 14:25


What the fuck Google?

26 Jun 20:41

Guys. The White House changed its official social media icons to this.

by Xeni Jardin

Kind of a crazy day, right? (more…)

26 Jun 20:39

This cartoon nails today so perfectly: Confederate flag down, rainbows up

by Xeni Jardin

Spotted first on the Southern Poverty Law Center's Facebook Page.


25 Jun 23:40

theaudacityofswope: kellysue: adoremexatxtheritz: wilwheaton: ...


Our does not have a "vortex" setting. I think it may be time for an upgrade.






Robopotty has a VORTEX setting. #vortex (Also I think it just spoke.) (No, seriously.)

One vortex massage, please.

It looks very much like it’s going to space invader your butthole.

Reblogged for comments. 

bowel disruptor 

25 Jun 01:44



25 Jun 12:30

How does our garden grow? Let me show you!


Lost a few pepper plant leaves to cut-worm, but nothing serious. No sign of the voles but I did catch a snake slithering through the garden!

I'm hoping snakey will eat up all the cutworms!

How does our garden grow? Let me show you!

25 Jun 13:01

VW 1971 Squareback (Cohasset) $4000


Wow, I have the same car in my drive right now. I'm getting ready to sell it. Mine's rougher but this one can't possible be worth 4K, can it?

Up for sale is my 1971 VW Squareback, Automatic, Fuel Injected, 1600 dual port engine. Engine has very few miles on a rebuild from real clean case. Transmission was rebuilt in 2005. Sunroof, rear rubber deck mat. Floors were sanded to metal and pain [...]
25 Jun 12:27

I can’t even parse this. WTF?


At least it's not on a car with Mass plates?

I can’t even parse this. WTF?

24 Jun 08:01

Crawlspace Warehouse Includes Midget Forklift

by James Hobson

OK, this makes me want some sort of automated storage system for my warehouse.

Meet [Cliff Stoll], producer and entrepreneur-extraordinaire of the ACME Klein Bottles. Years back he helped a friend program a glass oven to get the right temperature profiles for glass blowing. When asked how he wanted to get paid for his help, he asked if they could blow a Klein bottle — and so they did.

Excited at the prospect of his creation, he showed it around to some friends, and was surprised to find out that people wanted to buy it! The one he created took 3 days of sweat and tears to build, so he wasn’t about to start manufacturing them himself. Instead, he decided to call around to some glass manufacturers and see how much he could get Klein bottles made for… That’s when he discovered the power of buying in large quantities.

So what do you do with over 1000 Klein bottles? You build a mini-warehouse in your crawlspace — that’s what.

Yep, this guy made use of his low-ceiling crawlspace, and turned it into a storage facility for his Klein bottles. He even built a mini remote controlled forklift in order to move material around.

And for more videos featuring [Cliff] and his crazy collection of Klein bottles, don’t forget to check out the whole Klein Bottle playlist by [Numberphile]!

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24 Jun 16:23

stayfree70: milhaus

by theburnlab




24 Jun 16:46

A Norwegian Alcohol PSA Demonstrates How to Dock a Boat Like a Boss

by Glen Tickle

Retired me.

A new public service announcement by Norwegian NGO AV-OG-TIL demonstrates how to dock a boat like a boss. The video is meant to demonstrate that operating a boat is an activity that’s best done sober, but doing it with sweet sideburns and a mustache certainly looks like it helps.

Thanks, Brad Jennings!

23 Jun 19:48

doyoulikevintage: 1941 Horch 853 Sportcabriolet




1941 Horch 853 Sportcabriolet