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27 May 06:23

geekmehard: carapace-cowl: lucasrobledo: Mechas + Machete =...


Is this a real thing? Breaking Bad meets Pacific Rim?




Mechas + Machete = Juarez 2045

This is everything I never knew I needed, wanted, and desired.  Now.  Because THIS IS EVERYTHING!



what’s going on in this

is this a real thing

27 May 16:45

cowscratch: crinoline-gremlin: rowsdower-saves-us: enbylebeau: xcziel: kabber: So I just woke...









So I just woke up and my first thought was “what if in the four horsemen of the apocalypse, pestilence was one of those anti-vax moms?”

quite frankly the four white suburban soccer-moms of the apocalypse would scare me way more

War is the one constantly screaming at retail workers

Famine is a diet nut, one of the really annoying ones who is all ‘OMG PALEO IS THE TRUE WAY TO EAT AND IF YOU DON’T EAT PALEO YOU’RE GOING TO DIE OF CANCER’

Death drives a minivan


I’m sorry I just really had to draw this _(:’3_)_

27 May 00:00

Keyboard Mash



27 May 10:00

sixpenceee:Pictures of Sunsets through Shattered Mirrors by Bing...


An old idea done beautifully!


Pictures of Sunsets through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright 

25 May 16:54

Zero emissions eh?  Just make sure you don’t buy a new...


Ugh. I knew about the high energy cost of smelting, but I didn't know about the other problems in the production of aluminum. Anyway, aluminum makes shitty bikes (unless you race, but racing bikes aren't "good" bikes, merely fast ones under certain circumstances) steel is the only material for bikes! *ducks*

Zero emissions eh?  Just make sure you don’t buy a new bike…

Environmental Costs of Aluminum Extraction

Overall, the entire process of transforming raw bauxite into aluminum is incredibly energy intensive, requiring copious amounts of electricity, water and resources to produce (that is the main reason why power plants are built solely to support the aluminum industry).

Since pure aluminum ore is so stable, an extraordinary amount of electricity is required to yield the final product and, at least in the U.S., half of the smelting energy consumed is courtesy of coal, one of the most notoriously polluting fuel sources known to mankind.

The EPA says that the release of perfluorocarbons during the aluminum smelting process are 9,200 times more harmful than carbon dioxide in terms of their affect on global warming.

When bauxite is extracted from the earth, the strip-mining process removes all native vegetation in the mining region, resulting in a loss of habitat and food for local wildlife as well as significant soil erosion.

The caustic red sludge and toxic mine tailings that remain are commonly deposited into excavated mine pits where they ultimately seep into aquifers, contaminating local water sources.

Greenhouse gas emissions released during smelting and processing (which have been found to blanket surrounding regions with toxic vapors) include carbon dioxide, perfluorocarbons, sodium fluoride, sulfur dioxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and a vast list of other problematic elements.

Particulates released during processing that are known to compromise air quality include combustion byproducts, caustic aerosols, dust from bauxite, limestone, charred lime, alumina and sodium salt.

Compared to producing virgin aluminum from raw bauxite, recycling old aluminum consumes just 5% of the energy and releases a mere 5% of the greenhouse gases

24 May 20:39

About half the equipment my company hauls is tracked…...


Those guys in front are experiencing such a combination of empathy and hilarity. I do hope it's proceed to be totally strapped in when attempt to load a tank.

About half the equipment my company hauls is tracked… this is easy to do, all you have to do is get the angle a little off (he’s probably less than 5 degrees from square on that trailer).

21 May 23:27

Real-life solarpunk: the Cosmovitral


Oh! Oh my!


The Cosmovital Botanical Gardens of Toluca, Mexico are known for their stunningly beautiful stained-glass windows, and provide a stirring example of ways that a city can find beautiful re-use for its built infrastructure.

Designed in art nouveau style by engineer Manuel Arratia, the building was originally constructed in 1909-1910 as the 16th de Septiembre Market. Over time, Toluca outgrew the market’s capacity, and it was closed in 1975. Debates over what to do with the space ensued: some suggested it be demolished and replaced with an open plaza, or sold to private interests to convert into offices. Local artist Leopolodo Flores worked with Yolanda Sentíes (the city’s first woman mayor) to gather support around converting the metal-and-glass upper structure into a space for art:

Flores envisioned something magnificent for the space.  He saw a huge stained glass mural encircling the entire building and running across the ceiling.  Below and within its confines he proposed a botanical garden.  The art would show the relationship between man and the universe, the flora that which places man in his ecological environment.

Over the next four years, work continued to clean off seven decades of grime, reinforce structural integrity, and construct the vast mural. It opened to the public in 1980, though battles in local government meant that the ceiling was only finished in 1990.

Flores and sixty artisans worked for three years, from 1978 to 1980. The window-mural consists of 71 modules which cover an area of about 3,200 meters square. The work uses approximately 75 tons of metal supports, 45 tons of blown glass and 25 tons of lead to join the about 500,000 glass pieces, which range in size from 15 to 45 cm. Twenty eight different colors of glass were used, most of which came from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, Canada and the United States. On the north side of the building, blues dominate, with brighter colors on the south side. The sun is placed on the east side. The windows are the largest of their kind in the world.
Each year on the spring equinox, the sun aligns with the Hombre Sol. This annual event lasts about twenty minutes in the late afternoon and is celebrated with a classical music concert, timed to the passing of the sun. 

The Hombre Sol has come to be taken as a semi-official symbol of the city and state. At present only five percent of visitors are foreigners, but perhaps that might change.

Source: Kuriositas, Wikipedia. Also check out Lucy Nieto’s Flickr for more great photos.

26 May 01:37

Garden security camera motion tripped: headless turkey alert!...


And despite that episode of WKRP, turkeys CAN fly. How to keep them from hoping the fence?

Garden security camera motion tripped: headless turkey alert! Wait, I guess we don’t have to worry about it if it’s headless? Right?

25 May 22:13

Caught installing a soapstone sink by the Garden SuperMax...

Caught installing a soapstone sink by the Garden SuperMax Security camera. If beasties do make it past our defenses we will know what species to target.

24 May 19:12

If they'd given Commander Riker his own Star Trek spinoff show, it would not be as good as this

by Rob Beschizza

Bwahahaaha! (via Cooper Griggs)

They should have given the franchise to Jan van den Hemel. [via The Verge]
25 May 23:46

uropyia: the-strength: Dude. Got. THE FUCK. Outta...


Oh shit!



Dude. Got. THE FUCK. Outta there!


21 May 22:10

loquacious-lucy: highfivesforcoolguys:u-ok: I call this People...


Russians, it seems, do not fuck around when it comes to memes.




I call this People in Red Shorts Falling Off Buildings and Being Aimed at By Guns

By far the best Russian meme

No, you don’t understand. All these photos are staged. For a while it was the hot new trend in Russia to hang on the outside of a building clad only in red underwear while somebody pretended to be about to shoot you. Like planking, only more russian.

A great russian meme, but how can it possibly compare to the “waiter popping out of a hole in the wall” meme?

25 May 18:00

MakerBot Closes Stores; Is 3D Print Retail Dead?

by General Fabb

Well that didn't take long.

With the sudden closure of MakerBot’s retail stores, one might ask the question, “Is 3D Print Retail Dead?” We...

Read the whole entry... »

26 May 09:41

This soapstone sink has a Y2K error.


From my parent's house, soon to be a prep sink in our garden.

This soapstone sink has a Y2K error.

23 May 18:07

Fixing a gasoline powered clock with spinning knives for hands...


20 year old rototiller that's been dead and out in the yard for 3 years will roar back to life this weekend!

Fixing a gasoline powered clock with spinning knives for hands while listening to @Unwoman.

23 May 17:05



Dat Eames.

23 May 18:22

best-of-tumblr: mikemoschetto:I’ll be the first to admit I...


Pucker, master class.



I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about sports, but something seems askew here.

no that’s fine

25 May 15:49

the1janitor:hidansays: cons-science: writer vs. muse: the...




writer vs. muse: the animation

I tried to scroll over this

i saw this a few times but I just realized what was happening, this is sick

25 May 17:50



"Rocketman" just stared playing in my head.

20 May 17:59

Custom Tablesaw Blade Revolutionizes Wood Joints with Single Cut

by Matt Freund

That is pretty cool!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.38.20 AMAnyone who has built their own shop has sunk time into making drawers for a worktable. Andrew Klein has invented a sawblade profile that turns making drawers into simple origami. There are many traditional ways to build a drawer, but they all at minimum involve cutting four sides and a bottom […]

Read more on MAKE

The post Custom Tablesaw Blade Revolutionizes Wood Joints with Single Cut appeared first on Make:.

21 May 17:59

Free--John Alden Sailboat 31' Needs Restoration (Chelmsford)


AH! Somebody take this before I do!

Free, free, free comes with stands. Needs to be restored. 4 cylinder diesel motor that needs rebuilding. Approximately 31' long. Fiberglass over wood with 700lb metal keel. Comes with anchor.
21 May 12:46

bomb fire wood free to take (lowell ma)


Bomb fire!

good weather is back who looking for scrap wood to burn i have half pick up truck load old broken big wooden benches i have broken down table , cheap broken dresser ,its all burn able.half pick up some branches as well
19 May 04:58

Sell your doge stock Invest in birb stock


Ima hold on to my doge stock. Such investment. So loyalty.

Sell your doge stock
Invest in birb stock

18 May 22:11

pattroughton: Star Trek DS9: The Way of the Warrior


Star Trek DS9: The Way of the Warrior

19 May 17:39

How free software activist Richard Stallman surfs the web

by Mark Frauenfelder

I met him once. He frightened me.


I'd rather go completely dead-tree than have to surf like Stallman does, but if it works for him, great! Read the rest

17 May 23:55

Sodastream: $15 for 1 lb of CO2. Welding shop $32 for 20 lbs of...


Fuck you Sodastream.

Sodastream: $15 for 1 lb of CO2. Welding shop $32 for 20 lbs of CO2.

19 May 17:05

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart spotted filming ‘Central Intelligence’ in Massachusetts


So the warehouse next to my work has been empty for more than a year and is slated to be torn down. Suddenly the parking lot is filled with cars and trucks and the place is bustling with activity!

The reason? The Rock is here!

After teaming up with Ice Cube in Ride Along, Josh Gad in The Wedding Singer, and Will Ferrell in Get Hard, Kevin Hart has a new buddy for his next movie – Dwayne Johnson.

According to Variety, their upcoming comedy, Central Intelligence, stars Hart as a “former high school sports star turned accountant” who learns his bullied ex-classmate (Johnson) is now “a CIA contract killer” that wants to recruit him to help stop a plan to leak classified military secrets.

One of our readers, Mike, spotted Johnson and Hart rehearsing in an office building in Burlington, MA last week. Filming was expected to begin in Burlington yesterday, before moving to other locations in Massachusetts.

On Monday, April 11, Central Intelligence will be filming off of Manning Ave in Middleton, MA.

Thanks to Mike for sharing his photo! If you spot Central Intelligence, send us a tip using the form below!

16 May 00:44

professorfangirl: #infant refrain from harming me further

16 May 21:43

We are lining our raised beds with hardware cloth to discourage...


I moved 4 cubic yards of dirt yesterday, one shovel full at a time. I feel remarkable good today for shoveling 8000 lbs to fill the beds.

We are lining our raised beds with hardware cloth to discourage tunnelers. #Garden #Supermax

18 May 20:54

What's the meaning of bdsm?


Old testament.

Bible Discussion & Study Meeting