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20 May 17:59

Custom Tablesaw Blade Revolutionizes Wood Joints with Single Cut

by Matt Freund

That is pretty cool!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.38.20 AMAnyone who has built their own shop has sunk time into making drawers for a worktable. Andrew Klein has invented a sawblade profile that turns making drawers into simple origami. There are many traditional ways to build a drawer, but they all at minimum involve cutting four sides and a bottom […]

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21 May 17:59

Free--John Alden Sailboat 31' Needs Restoration (Chelmsford)


AH! Somebody take this before I do!

Free, free, free comes with stands. Needs to be restored. 4 cylinder diesel motor that needs rebuilding. Approximately 31' long. Fiberglass over wood with 700lb metal keel. Comes with anchor.
21 May 12:46

bomb fire wood free to take (lowell ma)


Bomb fire!

good weather is back who looking for scrap wood to burn i have half pick up truck load old broken big wooden benches i have broken down table , cheap broken dresser ,its all burn able.half pick up some branches as well
19 May 04:58

Sell your doge stock Invest in birb stock


Ima hold on to my doge stock. Such investment. So loyalty.

Sell your doge stock
Invest in birb stock

18 May 22:11

pattroughton: Star Trek DS9: The Way of the Warrior


Star Trek DS9: The Way of the Warrior

19 May 17:39

How free software activist Richard Stallman surfs the web

by Mark Frauenfelder

I met him once. He frightened me.


I'd rather go completely dead-tree than have to surf like Stallman does, but if it works for him, great! Read the rest

17 May 23:55

Sodastream: $15 for 1 lb of CO2. Welding shop $32 for 20 lbs of...


Fuck you Sodastream.

Sodastream: $15 for 1 lb of CO2. Welding shop $32 for 20 lbs of CO2.

19 May 17:05

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart spotted filming ‘Central Intelligence’ in Massachusetts


So the warehouse next to my work has been empty for more than a year and is slated to be torn down. Suddenly the parking lot is filled with cars and trucks and the place is bustling with activity!

The reason? The Rock is here!

After teaming up with Ice Cube in Ride Along, Josh Gad in The Wedding Singer, and Will Ferrell in Get Hard, Kevin Hart has a new buddy for his next movie – Dwayne Johnson.

According to Variety, their upcoming comedy, Central Intelligence, stars Hart as a “former high school sports star turned accountant” who learns his bullied ex-classmate (Johnson) is now “a CIA contract killer” that wants to recruit him to help stop a plan to leak classified military secrets.

One of our readers, Mike, spotted Johnson and Hart rehearsing in an office building in Burlington, MA last week. Filming was expected to begin in Burlington yesterday, before moving to other locations in Massachusetts.

On Monday, April 11, Central Intelligence will be filming off of Manning Ave in Middleton, MA.

Thanks to Mike for sharing his photo! If you spot Central Intelligence, send us a tip using the form below!

16 May 00:44

professorfangirl: #infant refrain from harming me further

16 May 21:43

We are lining our raised beds with hardware cloth to discourage...


I moved 4 cubic yards of dirt yesterday, one shovel full at a time. I feel remarkable good today for shoveling 8000 lbs to fill the beds.

We are lining our raised beds with hardware cloth to discourage tunnelers. #Garden #Supermax

18 May 20:54

What's the meaning of bdsm?


Old testament.

Bible Discussion & Study Meeting

18 May 20:21

Free Bad Gas (Allston)


"great for starting bone fires"

our shop has about 10 gallons of bad gas drained from assorted mopeds and motorcycles. free for the taking, used to just poor this gas into my truck but no longer have a vehicle. great for starting bone fires! must bring container to take away the ga [...]
14 May 22:00

balmungjourney: Sylphlands in Tension


Are those lanterns in the second image? If not, they will be 'cause ima gonna make em.


Sylphlands in Tension

15 May 12:00

There’s only one original Mad Max Interceptor and it’s not in Australia

by Hemmings contributor

I vote for a full on Road Warrior resto.

Mad Max Police Interceptor
Photos by Myles Kornblatt, unless otherwise noted.

Editor’s note: With Mad Max: Fury Road opening at theaters everywhere this weekend, we thought it appropriate to run a piece on the real star of the first two movies. This article comes to us from Myles Kornblatt, curator, Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection. Myles contributes to multiple publications as well as

“She the last of the V-8s. She sucks nitro.”

That statement, uttered by an Aussie mechanic in a low-budget film, would ignite a passion in just about everyone, from the leather-clad main character to teenagers in their theater seats. The only original Pursuit Special is an icon, inspired folklore, and just like Mad Max, refuses to die – both on screen and in real life.

Mad Max Police Interceptor

So why would a classic Australian rebel be living the retired life at the Miami Auto Museum? Maybe it’s following the movie’s other star, Mel Gibson’s lineage. After all, the American-born Gibson is seen as a true Aussie who made his home in the United States. Could this Australian Ford with an American parent just be returning home? For those who don’t buy into that last analogy, it might help to understand this important coupe’s long and strange journey.

Mad Max Police Interceptor

The first Mad Max film might have been tight on funds, but creators George Miller and Byron Kennedy knew it needed the right bravado to help its title character seek his revenge. They started with the meanest car they could think of, the 1973 Ford Falcon GT with a Cleveland V-8. It needed to be vicious, so it was painted black as midnight, and then given matte black stripes. A sleeker Concorde front end and a roof spoiler were fitted. The only bits of chrome would be from the quad side pipes and the supercharger. The latter was intentionally set up so conspicuously high off the intake that it became a nonfunctional item.

Mad Max Police Interceptor

Hemmings’s friend Mark Scarselli was instantly hooked on this car. He had just earned his driver’s license when the Pursuit Special hit the screen. It sent this future cop, and others just like him, on a quest to build their own Mad Max machines. “That car was a true character in the movie,” says Scarselli. “It’s just as important as the Enterprise in Star Trek.”

Mad Max Police Interceptor

In reality, the original car was a bit more of a commodity. After filming, it was given to stuntman Murray Smith because Miller and Kennedy blew their budget creating this icon. The car was converted back to road-legal specs, including removal of the superfluous supercharger. It was put up for sale, but without a buyer, the Falcon was re-enlisted for sequel duty.

Mad Max Police Interceptor

The sleek coupe was given a roughneck makeover for Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior that gutted the interior and ripped out the rear section to make way for massive dual fuel tanks. In the second film, a mechanic referred to the car as “The last of the V-8 Interceptors.” He was right on many accounts. That was the beginning of this car officially being called the Interceptor, and because the stunt car was blown up during production, this was the only original car that remained.

Mad Max Police Interceptor
The Mad Max Interceptor in the scrapyard. Photo provided by Jim Martino.

Because Max’s Interceptor was destroyed in the movie plot, it was decided that the remaining coupe would be scrapped with the rest of the leftover production vehicles. But similar to how Joe Bortz’s GM Motorama cars were saved thanks to Harry Warholak, Sr., there was no way the local scrap yard was going to destroy this piece of Aussie pride. Instead, the wounded-but-somewhat-complete Interceptor had a succession of caretakers over the years, eventually leading to Bob Fursenko in the mid-1980s.

Mad Max Police Interceptor
Photo provided by Jim Martino.

He replaced the heavily damaged Concorde front end, but left the rear as it was in The Road Warrior. Fursenko also painted the whole car a high gloss black lacquer that was shinier than the Interceptor had ever been on screen. It seems Fursenko wanted his movie star to shine while it spent the rest of the 1980s on tour in Australia.

Mad Max Police Interceptor

In 1992, the Falcon joined the Cars of the Stars museum in Keswick, England. It was on display until 2011 when the entire collection was bought by the Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection. It’s now part of an exhibit that is open to the public seven days a week, so its pursuit days are over.

Mad Max Police Interceptor

The Interceptor sat awkwardly its first year in south Florida. Despite being the signature ride of a detached drifter, the Interceptor seemed to be missing a bit of its persona. The modified rear was not just a gas tank in the movie. It was also Max Rockatansky’s home, which included the workshop, cupboard, and bedroom. But all of these elements were missing.

Chicagoland area custom car builder Jim Martino was beginning his own Road Warrior-spec Interceptor build around the same time the original arrived in Miami. Now that his favorite Ford was on his home turf, Martino was not going to let Mad Max go without supplies. He used lessons from his car to help restore the museum’s Falcon. “I used my car as the mock-up,” according to Martino. “It was kinda like building two cars at the same time.”

Mad Max Police Interceptor

He helped stock the car to look more authentic for a post-apocalyptic Winnebago Interceptor. This included everything from cargo nets to cans of the fictitious Dinki-Di dog food that Max shared with his four-legged friend named Dog. Martino even added little details such as an old Fairlane emblem that was only recognizable to keen eyes watching the Blu-Ray version. All of this was at his own expense and simply out of a passion for the only original Interceptor.

Mad Max Police Interceptor

The interior will still look a bit gutted to the casual tourist, but movie fans will know it now carries the authentic creature comforts for the Road Warrior. Max’s dog still has his seat bolted to the passenger door and the voodoo doll remains the dashboard companion. Unfortunately, all the exposed metal means corrosion is a constant.

Mad Max Police Interceptor

Outside, the Interceptor continues to look like it is from an odd transitional period between the first two movies. The front end is too clean for The Road Warrior and the rear survival gear was never part of Mad Max. Fursenko’s high gloss paint is cracked and scratched from its global journey and decades of tourists getting too close.

This might seem like a sad conclusion, but it really isn’t. It would be nice to have the Interceptor back to original spec, and that’s still an available option. But then the question becomes, what time period would be correct? Mad Max? The Road Warrior? This icon could have been lost, hidden, or crushed multiple times since its time on-screen has ended. Instead, this survivor is spending its retirement in Miami. Just like any other pension-ready Floridian, the Interceptor wears it creases and battle scars earned over a lifetime of work. Today, Mad Max Rockatansky might be wrangling dirt down Fury Road, but the original last of the V-8 Interceptors has earned its comfy place in the air conditioning.

15 May 19:38


14 May 04:25

whoredinarygirl: barely passing a class like


barely passing a class like


15 May 06:43

Old hard drive magnets are good for so many things.

Old hard drive magnets are good for so many things.

14 May 21:17

Inventor Creates a Jet-Powered Go-Kart

by Rollin Bishop

Holy shit. That thing is frightening!

Inventor Colin Furze (previously) has created a jet-powered go-kart. Furze is perhaps best known for inventing something similar in 2013: a jet-powered bicycle. Furze has written a detailed post about the go-kart on his website.

So there we have it its done and it flys, Top speed as of yet is around 60mph as you can see in the video but i run out of runway so could be more in it but until i get on a longer runway i won’t know. Everything works great the starting system worked as plan the fuel system once the main throttle was changed to the air pressure pump edition also worked without fault so if i was to build this all again i’d change nothing. Yes the chassis flexes a bit and there is low ground clearance but this never reared its head as a problem and did make the handling very good. The heat shield behind the seat was good enough although i had to change it to stainless as when the jet warms up it expands and can touch the shield so when it was aluminium it actually melted the first layer right through.

Part 1 – Chassis

Part 2 – Controls/Fuel

15 May 15:09

4 FREE Work Stations / Assembly Benches (Uxbridge)


Oh wow! I am currently fully benched, but these are nice!

We have 4 large work benches previously used for electronic assembly (3.5' x 6.5' work area). We plan to have them hauled away for trash on 5/20/15. They are free to anyone who wants to pick them up this weekend. They are not in the best shape, but [...]
15 May 15:35

High Fashion Is a Prison in These Striking Print Ads Opposing Child Labor

by David Gianatasio


The striped patterns on dresses, shirts, tunics and sweaters become prison bars—with small, sad faces peeking through—in this Brazilian campaign against child labor.

Lew'Lara\TBWA created the print ads for the Abrinq Foundation, which is affiliated with Save the Children, in the style of high-fashion magazine spreads. Each one features a single line of copy, such as, "A dress shouldn't cost a childhood." Brazilian model Caroline Ribeiro appears in some of the ads, which were shot by top fashion photographers.

#Dress4Good is the hashtag, and the public is encouraged to post "positive fashion-foward images" on Instagram. According to the agency, the initiative is not intended as an attack on the fashion industry per se, but is designed to spread the message that "child labor crimes are closer to the consumer than they might think."

The work is similar in theme and execution to "What's Behind," a recent public-service effort from Brazilian human-rights group Cepia (though Abrinq's use of stripes—note how the kids' fingers clutch at them in desperation—really drives the point home).

Ultimately, both campaigns do a fine job of encouraging consumers to dig beneath the surface and find out what's really going on.

Agency: Lew'Lara\TBWA
Client: Abrinq Foundation - Save the Children
Campaign Title:
CCO: Manir Fadel
Executive Chief Creative: Felipe Luchi
Copywriter: Gabriel Sotero
Art director: Rodolfo Fernandes
Art Buyer: Ale Sarilho, Sabino and Caio Lobo
Image treatment: Arms Image
Photographers: Jacques Dequeker, Jayro Goldflus, Henrique Gendre, Daniel Klajimic and Gil Inoue
PR: Bia Ribeiro
Client: Victor Alcântara da Graça, Yeda Mariana Rocha de M. Pereira e Denise Maria Cesario

14 May 20:14

ultrafacts: Mark Rutland, Professor of Surface Chemistry, says...


Touch is amazing.


Mark Rutland, Professor of Surface Chemistry, says that the human finger can discriminate between surfaces patterned with ridges as small as 13 nanometres in amplitude and non-patterned surfaces.

“This means that, if your finger was the size of the Earth, you could feel the difference between houses from cars,” Rutland says. “That is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this research. We discovered that a human being can feel a bump corresponding to the size of a very large molecule.”

Fact Source/more info: [x]

For more facts, follow Ultrafacts

14 May 18:25

body-mod-universe: Sasha san


Huh. The other night I dreamed that I had gotten a tattoo almost identical to her headband.


Sasha san

13 May 11:33

Lilacs! #lilacs


The whole neighborhood smells of them, it wafts in all the windows of the house which I keep open even though its a little chilly at night. Lilacs! They're baaack!

Lilacs! #lilacs

14 May 19:44

AluminumShed curb alert (100 macy quincy ma)


So many crushed shed this spring! Also: not aluminum.

Shed is all aluminum at curb alert forst come first serve 100 macy st in quincy come take it now
13 May 16:53

We want YOU to work on our party/art bus!!! (Cambridge, MA)


These guys again. I wonder what their game is?

Hey! We're a fun bunch of artists and engineers who happen to be part of a creative agency in Cambridge. In our spare time we built a bus and have a big project for you! So far: - we gutted the bus (most of it has hardwood floors) - welded metal f [...]
14 May 13:00

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1950 Citroen 11B custom

by Kurt Ernst

That is a sweet update!

1950 Citroen 11B

If you’ve ever thought the world needed more postwar French cars stuffed full of small-block Chevy V-8, this 1950 Citroen 11B custom, for sale on, may be the street rod you’ve been waiting for. We’re not quite sure how the builder managed to fit the 350 V-8 between the front fenders, but installing it meant fabricating a custom driveline to convert the car from front-drive to rear-drive. In other words, it took quite a bit of engineering to put this French-American hybrid together, and it most assuredly will get your baguettes home from the boulangerie before they get stale. You can be absolutely certain you’ll never encounter another in the parking lot, though other Citroen owners may cast the occasional disapproving glare. From the seller’s description:

1950 Citroen 11B Custom, one of a kind—-converted to rwd. 350 Chev crate motor, Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock 4bbl carb, evans coolant, 350 turbo trans., custom chassis, TCI ifs front end, TCI power rack and pinion steering, dual master brake cylinder, disc brakes front, drums back, dual exhaust, battery in trunk, air con. blows cold, custom grey mohair interior, stewart warner guages, bucket seats,console, seats 4 comfortably, custom paint w/pinstriping, centrec 14″ chrome wheels, early ford bumpers,turn signals and lights.

everything works, totally dependable driver, handles super and goes fast.

1950 Citroen 11B 1950 Citroen 11B 1950 Citroen 11B 1950 Citroen 11B 1950 Citroen 11B

Price: $45,000
Location: cathedral city, California
Status: Available

Find more Citroens for sale on

14 May 02:32




13 May 22:39

Cranking out raised beds for the SuperMax garden.


(8) 4'x8' beds built, one 6'x6' bed left. We'll fill them with dirt this weekend and start on the fence.

Cranking out raised beds for the SuperMax garden.

14 May 13:00

A Backyard Roller Coaster the Whole Family Can Build

by Jordan Bunker

Hi Jordan! *waves*

CoasterDadWill Pemble might just be the coolest dad ever. “Once upon a time, my son asked me if we could make a roller coaster in our backyard. I thought it over — for about 15 seconds — and said ‘Yes.’” Pemble says.  Most people would be intimidated by the thought […]

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13 May 16:22

Free Harvey Window never installed (Tewksbury)


For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

31"x33" in Harvey Bronze