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17 Apr 04:33

“All you need to do is follow the worms!” #britfloyd


Friends invited us, but Brit Floyd was not half bad!

“All you need to do is follow the worms!” #britfloyd

16 Apr 14:59

Roomba is making a lawnmower. Astronomers HATE this.

by Rob Beschizza

One weird trick.

The proposed lawn-embedded RF barriers could interfere with radio telescopes. Wired's Davey Alba says the fight over 6240-6740 MHz is heading for the rough.

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16 Apr 14:40



Apparently this is become A Thing. (Post removed)

My sugar glider needs a new, loving home with people who will play with her daily. Currently she is living with my parents in Brookline as I have moved, and she is hoping to find a new family ASAP! No adoption fee, cage included. She is a wonderful p [...]
15 Apr 22:34

New Burning Man Laser Policy

by Burning Man

They just flat out banned all handheld lasers, good for them!

Pew pew
Pew pew.

While the list of things you can do at Burning Man is about as long as your imagination, the list of things you can’t do at Burning Man is very, very short. But things on that very short list are the things that can either outright kill you (weapons, speeding vehicles, serving iffy food) or screw up the environment (burning stuff right on the playa floor, visiting the hot springs during the event).

Why is the list so short? Because radical self-reliance, that’s why. We firmly believe that people should exercise their own personal responsibility when it comes to their entertainment and personal safety. The Burning Man organization has long resisted establishing rules when we could instead establish community guidelines that would accomplish the same thing. We believe in acculturation and education over creating a rule when something needs fixing — Leave No Trace is a great example.

But sometimes you have to make a rule, because it’s the right thing to do. And this is one of those times.

At the 2014 Burn, a member of our Black Rock Rangers reported that somebody in the crowd scanned her face with a laser, and that as a result she was blinded in one eye and partially blinded in the other. We didn’t know of any other incidents like this one in the 30 years of our event, but once her story went out on the airwaves, we started hearing from other folks who’d been hit by lasers but had not reported anything to us.

Laser show over BRC, 2011 (Photo by Mark Peterson)
Laser show over BRC, 2011 (Photo by Mark Peterson)

When handheld lasers first came onto the scene, they were expensive and not very powerful. In recent years, they have become stronger and more easily accessible. Lasers are now so powerful that even the handheld ones can do permanent damage to somebody standing 10 miles away. And that, by any definition, by any standard, is a weapon. And dangerous weapons — ones that can permanently and irreparably injure somebody standing literally on the other side of Black Rock City — really have no place at Burning Man.

So this is one of those times. Starting in 2015, handheld lasers will be prohibited in Black Rock City. Mounted lasers are only permitted on art pieces, Mutant Vehicles and in theme camps if they comply with specific restrictions.

To learn more, visit our Lasers page on the Burning Man website.

14 Apr 11:33

Before they went into the electrolysis tank you could barely see...

Before they went into the electrolysis tank you could barely see the threads. I thought they were a lost cause but now they run free! I am impressed with this process!

14 Apr 21:43

A Helmet Cam Video of a Cyclist Hilariously Narrating a Frightening Descent Down a Mountain Bike Race Course

by E.D.W. Lynch

Nope nope nope.

Bicycle racing team manager Claudio Caluori narrates his frightful descent down a mountain bike race course in France in this breathtaking yet humorous helmet cam video. The video was shot in Lourdes on a downhill course at the 2015 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, a competition that took place last weekend.

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15 Apr 01:00

Free Baby Sloth


OK, now you are just messing with me Craigslist Free.

Hey, you've always wanted a baby sloth, right? Maybe you didn't realize you did until you just read that sentence, but there's no denying the allure of one. Well lucky for you I have to move away due to a family emergency and have to give away my bab [...]
11 Apr 18:07

Craigslist find: $100 homebuilt 200 amp welder with a 4 cylinder...


It is mine. I am seriously impressed with the workmanship! The engine is a 4 cylinder from a 1947 Austin Dorset!

Craigslist find: $100 homebuilt 200 amp welder with a 4 cylinder Austin engine from 1947 and a surplus aircraft alternator!

14 Apr 15:03

Free Apple Trees (Georgetown)


Well that got dark quick.

Hi, Free APPLE TREES!!!! You cut them down and take away.
14 Apr 17:15



That's rather nicely integrated.

14 Apr 12:33

Two Free llamas, free flat screen TV (LUDLOW)


More Llamas!

I have two very good llamas I need to get of my hand since I'm moving. The TV is a samsung 32 inch tv that is in mint condition. Text and call me!
13 Apr 23:00

amish-trucker: losing-it-lovingly: roguetelemetry: Future...


That's Sam, Jake McGraw's truck. Also father. Well an AI encoded by aliens from Jake's father's memory engrams. Man I loved this trilogy!




Future Truck


Yikes! This is just too far out there. Lolol

12 Apr 20:30

Garden planning.


I think we are going to end up with (6) 4x8' raised beds and (2) 2x8' beds at the back for peas.

Garden planning.

13 Apr 19:45

spike58kw: Sweet



10 Apr 22:23

RU 800 S, A Massive Machine That Renews Railroad Tracks With a Mobile Assembly Line

by E.D.W. Lynch



RU 800 S is a truly massive piece of machinery that renews railroad tracks by replacing rails, railway ties, and gravel track beds simultaneously. The machine accomplishes each task on-site in what is essentially a mobile automated assembly line the length of many train cars. Its various functions are depicted in this curiously enthralling video. The RU 800 S is built by Austrian manufacturer Plasser & Theurer. It is not the largest machine of its kind–that distinction belongs to the Plasser & Theurer SVM1000.

RU 800 S Giant Railroad Track Renewal Machine

RU 800 S Giant Railroad Track Renewal Machine

photos via Plasser & Theurer

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13 Apr 18:32

mllescarlet: No that’s perfect


No that’s perfect

13 Apr 04:47

Electric kazoo

by David Pescovitz

Paging Nathan Fhtagn!



The HUMMbucker is an electric kazoo that you plug into a guitar amp for a new kind of buzz. Read the rest

12 Apr 22:16

fatandnerdy:theprettiestsiren and I in our Punk Bajoran cosplays...




theprettiestsiren and I in our Punk Bajoran cosplays from Friday at Wondercon!

12 Apr 21:02

Electrolytic rust removal.


Busy weekend but I finally got around to trying this and it it's working really well!

A video posted by Jake von Slatt (@vonslatt) on

Electrolytic rust removal.

10 Apr 21:30



It's got davits!

09 Apr 23:12

real-faker:chasingdreamsasiscream:eleven49pm: psychiatral: Writ...


Kids today. <3





Written by an 8th grader


I’m blown away, wow.

Literally a downfall vs. an uprising. ******* incredible.

09 Apr 14:52

FREE DONKEY (Gloucester ma)



FREE DONKEY LOOKING FOR A GOOD HOME!!!!!!!! Contact me for more info!!!!
09 Apr 01:13

FREE LLAMA (tewksbury)



Free llama- can no longer take care of it. Txt for more information show contact info
09 Apr 10:00


08 Apr 17:38



Applied for. Though I suspect they will not be able to offer me enough money to put my daughter's through college. :-(

PROJECT ENGINEER FOR INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS -- MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL (NORWOOD, MA) JOB DESCRIPTION ----------------------------------------- 5 Wits Productions is seeking a hands-on, jack-of-all-trades engineer to add to our team of expert "makers [...]
07 Apr 22:16




08 Apr 17:23

fantastictimemachinenight:b1gr1gs: What is it??????? поезд...





What is it???????

поезд Москва -Воронеж хрен догонишь !

This is a locomotive converted to wheels by students at a Russian engineering school.  Why would you do such a thing?  Well, diesel-electric locomotives are basically giant generators, so this thing could probably pump out at least half a megawatt.

08 Apr 05:07

Pool scene from "Fast Times" in the age of scrambled subscription TV

by David Pescovitz

We actually had a full on porn station (after 10 PM) in Boston that used the same "scrambling" method. If you ordered the service they came out and installed a descrambler and a dedicated antenna with a unique design on your roof. You could walk around the neighborhood and see who had the porn channel!

Above, the classic pool scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High as seen by late night TV viewers in 1984 who didn't subscribe to ABC's convoluted TeleFirst service involving scrambled broadcast TV, home VCRs, and set-top converter boxes.

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07 Apr 14:48

I work at a swim school and we occasionally have birthday parties. I over hear a conversation one of the kids had with their mom


Good parenting.




Hears conversation between a mom and daughter who is like 6.

Mom: Looking at news article on phone about Sam Smith**

Girl: Mommy why is Sam Smith kissing a boy?

Mom: it’s because he’s gay honey.

Girl: Mommy what does gay mean?

Mom: Like girls like boys, it’s when boys like boys.

Girl: Oh….well why can’t girls like girls?

Mom: They can they’re called lesbians.

Girl: lessions?

Mom: No, Les-Bee-Ens.

Girl: Oh Okay,….can I be lesbian?

Mom: Sure, only if you feel that way, why?

Girl: Cuz there’s this girl name katey and she’s really really pretty like prettier then Elsa.


Girl: Yeah, I want her to be my girlfriend.

Mom: Okay, wait…what about that other kid you liked, that boy named Jimmy.

Girl: I don’t like Jimmy anymore, I only said that cause I thought I didn’t have anymore options but boys.

Mom: *starts dying laughing*

Me *starts dying laughing*


Omg that’s amazing. What a good mom. :)

02 Apr 20:08

Homemade, Portable Arc Welder (Melrose, MA) $100


Wrote the guy, this is the second time it's come up in my feed. What an awesome bit of DIY history! If I get it it's definitely a web page, maybe an article for Make: Magazine.

My father built and used this arc welder after WWII. It has been sitting idle in the garage for many years. Similar to the manual located in the DropBox location below, it has an engine, an aircraft generator and all the things needed to operate. The [...]