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06 Jan 09:01

Android Set Top Box Lets You Stream and Record via HDMI Input

by Brandon Dunson

While on the hunt for some hardware that would let him stream video throughout his LAN [danman] got a tip to try the €69 Tronsmart Pavo M9 (which he points out is a re-branded Zidoo X9). With some handy Linux terminal work and a few key pieces of software [danman] was able to get this going.

The Android box was able to record video from the HDMI input with pre-installed software found in the main menu as [danman] explains on his blog. File format options are available in the record menu, however none of them were suitable for streaming the video (which was the goal, remember?).

[danman] was able to poke around the system easily since these boxes come factory rooted (or at least the Tronsmart variant that [danman] uses in his demo did). Can anyone with a Zidoo X9 verify access to the root directory?

Long story short, [danman] was able to get the stream working over the network. Although he did have to make some changes to the stream command he was issuing over ssh. He finds the fix in the ffmpeg documentation which saves you the trouble of reading through it but you’ll have to check out his blog post for that (pro tip: he links to a sweet little .apk reverse engineering tool as well).

We’ve seen set top box hacks before, however, streaming and recording HDMI at this price is a rare find. If you’ve been hacking up the same tree let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to send in those tips!

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29 Dec 20:18

PINE64 Computer


PINE64 Computer

A fifteen dollar computer might seem suspect until you see what’s inside—which you can, with the see-through PINE64, a powerful 64-bit expandable single board computer. Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, this little unit packs a 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core Processor, supports up to 2 Gigs of RAM & can output 4K video.

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24 Sep 17:29

Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Power Station


Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Power Station

A portable wind turbine power station will allow you to generate your own power in places beyond the grid & in places where solar won’t work. At just 1.5 pounds, the smallest model is truly portable and will charge your iPhone 6 three to four times via efficient, Li-Ion batteries. Larger models will charge your electric car & home.

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05 Aug 02:01

No Windows Drivers? Boot up a Linux VM!

by Elliot Williams

[Voltagex] was fed up with BSODs on his Windows machine due to a buggy PL2303 USB/serial device driver. The Linux PL2303 driver worked just fine, though. A weakling would simply reboot into Linux. Instead, [Voltagex] went for the obvious workaround: create a tiny Linux distro in a virtual machine, route the USB device over to the VM where the drivers work, and then Netcat the result back to Windows.

OK, not really obvious, but a cool hack. Using Buildroot, a Linux system cross-compilation tool, he got the size of the VM down to a 32Mb memory footprint which runs comfortably on even a small laptop. And everything you need to replicate the VM is posted up on Github.

Is this a ridiculous workaround? Yes indeed. But when you’ve got a string of tools like that, or you just want an excuse to learn them, why not? And who can pass up a novel use for Netcat?

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04 Mar 17:31

Creators of 3Dponics indoor gardening system to launch Cloud-based 3D modeling app

Ask any hobbyist 3D printer without previous CAD experience what one of their biggest hurdles in creating new objects is and it’s likely to involve 3D modeling. While existing CAD programs including SolidWorks and Rhino offer professional-level CAD tools designed for creating real-world products, they can easily cost over $1,000 and even up to $10,000 depending on add-ons and other features.

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26 Jan 18:40

This Web App Easily Turns Your Selfies Into 3D Models

by Matt Stultz
Smoothie-3DSmoothie-3D is trying to make the 2D-to-3D process easier with their free online modeling tool.

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28 Jan 13:18

New Project: Browse Anonymously with a DIY Raspberry Pi VPN/TOR Router

by Nathan Hurst

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.47.31 AMSurf the Internet securely with your very own portable WiFi VPN/TOR router

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30 Jan 23:25

Manual Log Splitter

by Gareth Branwyn
logSplitterA simple wood splitting machine that lets gravity do all of the hard work.

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02 Feb 21:01

Control This Robot Arm – With Your Brain

by Nathan Hurst
3I1A8813"We are aiming to make a change, show the world that BCI is not something in the future, it is something that is already happening."

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14 Jan 15:09

Enko Running Shoes


Enko Running Shoes

Enko has created a next-generation runner with mechanical, impact-absorbing shocks. The interchangeable shocks are adapted to the wearer’s weight and switch between walking & running mode for comfort when you’re walking & supportive joint protection while running. Available via Indigogo crowdsourcing February 2015. via

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22 Dec 22:07

ESP8266 based web configurable wifi general purpose control (Part II)

by HoracioBouzas
On Part II I will go over how to program the ESP8266 so a USB to serial module and a terminal is not necessary: it will all be done via web. Also, I will explain how to drive a binary counter and control 4 relays (multi on/multi off) using GPIO0 as control and GPIO2 as reset. This way the ESP8266 re...
By: HoracioBouzas

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23 Dec 18:13

ESP8266 based web configurable wifi general purpose control (Part III)

by HoracioBouzas
The electronics partIn Part I and II we saw how to program and remotely configure the ESP8266 to turn it into a processor of TCP events and use GPIO to communicate with the world. Now we will take those events and turn them into something useful by controlling a set of switches. We start with a dual...
By: HoracioBouzas

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26 Dec 03:00

Laser-Etch Stainless with Only Plaster & Alcohol

by Matt Freund

Many hobbyists and hackerspaces have the $500 Chinese 40W lasercutters which most of us know are about as successful at etching metals as a featherduster is at drilling. [Frankie] and [Bryan] have figured out a way to use the laser to chemically activate an etching process. See experiment part 2 as well.

First, to be clear, they are using a quality 40W Epilog Zing, not the cheap one, but40W is40W. They mixed the plaster (calcium sulfate) with Isopropyl until it resembled white ketchup. After either thinly painting or airbrushing the material onto the stainless surface (both worked), the mixture is dried with a heatgun then put into the laser. 100% power and 5% speed was what worked for them.

The result was an engrave with a noticeable bite. Something they claim had no effect at all without the mixture.

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and some chromium – not the same as chrome-plated steel. [Frankie]’s explanation of the chemistry is that the surface layer of the stainless is a transparent chromium oxide. With the heat of the laser, the calcium and chromium swap dance partners. Calcium takes the oxygen and chromium takes the sulfate. The calcium oxide washes off but the chromium sulfate causes the etch.

Next time you’re at your local space, give this a try.

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23 Dec 15:57

How to make USB OTG cable

by chemlife
Did you forgot to put an important file on your USB key or you want to type faster on your smart phone? If your one of those watch this tutorial where I build nice and compact USB OTG 'On-The-Go' cable from an old Usb connectors.Video: What you will need -First thing you are going to need is a f...
By: chemlife

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23 Dec 08:07

Husband and wife create superfood ‘3D printer’ to get their kids to eat their vegetables

A new Israeli startup wants to change all of that (for their kids) and not just with regular food, but superfood. Partly inspired by additive manufacturing, Tsipi and Ben Shoham, founders of Green Onyx, want bridge the gap between agriculture and 3D printing in a way that makes eating vegetables fun for kids (and adults).

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19 Dec 19:00

Make Meringues in Three Minutes, No Whisking Required

by Melanie Pinola

Meringues are delightful, airy little desserts, but if you don't have the time or motivation to whip the egg whites until they're the right consistency, just use the microwave.


19 Dec 19:30

Track Your Time with a Colorful Chronodex to Get More Done

by Melanie Pinola

Track Your Time with a Colorful Chronodex to Get More Done

The Chronodex is a graphical way of visualizing and keeping tabs on your time every day. For very visual people, this might be the perfect system for adding more accountability to your activities and motivate you to use your time better.


19 Dec 22:30

Hone a Knife on the Rough Edge of a Vehicle Window

by Patrick Allan

If you're out fishing, hunting, or camping, a decent knife is a good thing to have on hand. If you haven't honed the blade in a while, you can do it along the top edge of your vehicle's window.


20 Dec 19:00

Know If Your Pet Is Tax Deductible

by Dave Greenbaum

Know If Your Pet Is Tax Deductible

Pets are great companions in our daily lives, but they are expensive. In limited circumstances, you can get some money off your taxes with them.


20 Dec 20:00

Avoid the Underage Car Rental Surcharge by Renting from USAA

by Dave Greenbaum

Avoid the Underage Car Rental Surcharge by Renting from USAA

Most car rental companies charge you extra if you're under 25. If you're a military service member (or have one in the family), you can rent from USAA to avoid the fee.


22 Dec 19:00

This Start-to-Finish Tutorial Helps You Build Your First iPhone App

by Tori Reid

When you're learning to code, it's best to start with small projects. This tutorial, for example, will get you started with a simple to-do list app, and it walks you through the whole process, from start to finish.


22 Dec 21:00

Google Search Now Displays Lyrics Right In Search Results

by Thorin Klosowski

Google Search Now Displays Lyrics Right In Search Results

If you're searching for lyrics for a song on Google, you'll now get instant results right at the top of the results page. All you need to do is type in "[song title] lyrics."


22 Dec 07:21

A newbie's guide to setup ESP8266 with Arduino Mega 2560 or Uno

by shinteo

Make an arduino wifi capable

For any open source products to be successful or adoption en masse by the "makers"/ "DIY-ers" / "dev" / "etc"; an up-to-date and accurate documentation or quick start guide has to be provided. User's posts in discussion forums are good, but the bits and bites of (usable) information are hidden in th...
By: shinteo

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22 Dec 07:59

Control Electrical Devices From your android phone and create your own android app

by Magesh Jayakumar
Hi , do you want to control all your electrical devices at your home controlled from your android mobile, do you want to create your own app to achieve this task, This post explains step by step procedure to create android app for controlling electrical appliances using MIT app inventor. you don't n...
By: Magesh Jayakumar

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22 Dec 08:31

Control devices by Voice command using android and arduino

by Magesh Jayakumar

Old android devices

This ible will serve questions like, How to control devices by voice commands , speech recognition available in android.All the android devices comes with the inbuilt speech recognition. This can be used to convert speech to text, by calling bluetooth function these text can be sent to device in thi...
By: Magesh Jayakumar

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18 Dec 19:42

Create your own fluorescent plant

by ualbuquerque
One day I was with nothing to do and decided to play God, so I decided to create a new species, but WHAT create? A squirrel shoot lasers for eyes, a hamster part fish, and despite all this not be a bad idea, I chose to make a fluorescent plant. Jokes aside, this instructables, will teach you ...
By: ualbuquerque

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13 Dec 00:00

A Simple Hoverboard Everyone Can Understand

by James Hobson

To be honest, we were wondering when we would see someone try this…

[Ryan Craven] has successfully built a working hovercraft that looks like a skateboard. It floats on two pockets of air generated by four Black and Decker leaf blowers — and by golly, it certainly looks like it works!

Ever since the HUVr hoax earlier this year, [Ryan] has had the goal to make a real, working hoverboard. Hendo may have beaten him to the punch with their $10,000 eddy current inducing halbach array board, but alas, it only works on copper or aluminum floors. [Ryan’s] can be used anywhere a normal skateboard can be. It’s far from sleek, but it’s only just the prototype — though we’re curious to see how far this could actually go.

Which is precisely why he’s shared it over on and is hoping to draw some support and ideas from our wonderful community here.

What do you guys think? Is it worth continuing the pursuit of a hovercraft style hoverboard? Can we shrink the technology enough to make it feasible? It’s come a long way from the classic hover craft using a giant shop vac…

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13 Oct 15:05

How-To:Quick & Easy Digitigrade Stilts For Halloweeen

by Kyle Scheele
stiltsHalloween is fast-approaching, and makers everywhere are gearing up. They’re strolling right past the aisles full of mass-produced costumes, heading instead to the hardware aisle, the fabric section, or the arts & crafts department, gathering materials for their own custom costume creations. One item that can play a starring role in a […]

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31 Jul 02:00

A Dead Simple, Well Constructed FM Transmitter

by Brian Benchoff


[Angelo] is only 15, but that doesn’t mean his fabrication skills are limited to Lego and K’Nex. He’s built himself an amazingly well constructed FM transmitter that’s powerful enough to be received a quarter mile away.

The FM transmitter circuit itself is based off one of [Art Swan]‘s builds, but instead of the solderless breadboard construction you would expect to find in a small demo circuit, [Angelo] went all the way, etching his own PCB and winding his own coil.

Using photosensitized copper clad board, [Angelo] laid out the circuit with Fritzing, etched a board, and went at it with a drill. The components found in the transmitter are pretty standard and with the exception of the trimmer cap and electret mic, can be picked up in the parts drawers of any Radio Shack. He gets bonus points for using a 1/4 – 20 bolt for winding the coil, too.

The power supply for the transmitter is a single 9V battery, the battery connector being salvaged from a dead 9V. Awesome work, and for someone so young, [Angelo] already seems to have a grasp of all the random, seemingly useless information that makes prototyping so much easier. Video below.

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16 May 09:45

A Process for Lost PLA Aluminium Casting from 3D Prints

by Staff
Very detailed procedure to cast aluminium! This page describes my first successful attempt casting aluminum parts directly from 3D printed PLA parts. The process is practically identical to lost wax, but instead of burning out the wax, I burned out the PLA plastic (which is a bio-plastic). I needed some aluminum parts to mount my […]

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