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11 Jun 11:06

Vintage Chanel Advertising

by Trini

It is always an experience reading old magazines, and by old I mean from the 1960′s. Just by looking at the advertising you can visualize the whole concept of beauty and women back then, its kind of magic going back and observing how it has all evolved into today’s  standards.

11 Jun 09:27

When someone tries to make small talk with me before I've had my morning coffee

by dorasomerville


Thanks to @criadmahna!

11 Jun 09:27

When I am going home for the weekend to be fed and watered by my parents

by dorasomerville
Joana Morgado

é um bocado

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11 Jun 09:25

Neil Young and Dennis Hopper

Neil Young and Dennis Hopper

11 Jun 09:22

Paz Vega

Paz Vega

10 Jun 20:03

primaniallerina: #sitting on the tube after losing the game...

by rekkka
Joana Morgado


07 Jun 14:20

Weekend Life....Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

by Vanessa Jackman
Joana Morgado

VERÃO 2014 ou nada feitolol -_-

Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, South Australia, late April 2013.

There is perhaps no more effective cure for jetlag (nor a more fitting welcome home to Australia!) than a family of five large kangaroos bounding across the road in front of our 4WD. With horror filled thoughts of bounding Skippy turning into squished Skippy and vague recollections of signing a rental car animal damage waiver at the airport, we white-knuckled to a stop and watched as the kangaroos hopped casually off into the bush. Heart racing, the inner tour guide in me laughingly announced “Welcome to Kangaroo Island!”.

Situated 15km off the coast of South Australia, Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island (after Tasmania and Melville Island*), and the location of our destination: the spectacular Southern Ocean Lodge. Our 90 minute drive from the ferry which connects the mainland to Kangaroo Island (flights also operate from Adelaide), was otherwise uneventful with no further roo encounters save for a few wallabies grazing by the side of the road. Feeling rather pleased with ourselves – no damage to car, person or wildlife, tick! – we arrived at Southern Ocean Lodge and began four days of utter bliss. Located on the remote south west coast of Kangaroo Island at Hanson’s Bay, the lodge is perched on limestone cliffs high above the pounding seas of the Southern Ocean surrounded by dense vegetation and native bush. Impossible to see from the private entry road, it wasn’t until we stepped inside the dramatic rusted steel doors of the lodge that the full impact of the brilliant design, and the incredible beauty of the surroundings, becomes apparent. An enormous central, circular room (the Great Room), with its floor to ceiling windows frames breathtaking panoramic views of the rugged coastline while the 21 guest suites snake down the cliff rather like an ancient serpent. Temporarily stunned by the vistas (and a pod of frolicking dolphins in the bay below!), only a thoughtful enquiry by a staff member “Have we eaten breakfast yet” breaks our reverie and diverts thoughts to our grumbling tummies. 

And so began our culinary journey at the Southern Ocean Lodge led by brilliant young chef Tim Bourke. Passionate about sourcing produce locally, Tim works with local farmers on Kangaroo Island to supply much of the fresh produce used by the restaurant including marron, abalone, cheese, yogurt, honey, lamb, angus beef, chickens, eggs, olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables. Herbs for the restaurant are grown in the lodge’s herb garden. With such close proximity to an abundance of superb produce, the food at Southern Ocean Lodge is, as you would imagine, outrageously good. Each day Tim and his team prepare innovative, refined menus (3 courses for lunch and 4 courses for dinner + a selection of cheeses) that are served with matching Australian wines in the relaxed, light-filled restaurant sitting off to one side of the Great Room. Sated by a delicious breakfast (freshly squeezed orange juice, poached mushrooms on sourdough toast with creamy local Island Pure sheep’s milk ricotta and rocket followed by strong flat whites made by our favourite waiter, Fabian) and warmed by the sun streaming through the windows, we were so relaxed our eyes were closing (jetlag: I blame you entirely). Nudged gently to consciousness by another offer of coffee from Fabian, we drifted lazily to the sunken lounge area where lodge manager Alison Heath talked us through a personalised itinerary for our stay. The beauty of Southern Ocean Lodge is that you can do as much or as little as you want: it is entirely up to you and your energy levels. There are beach and clifftop walks, an excursion to Seal Bay (home to Australia’s third largest colony of Australian sea lions), beach fishing, a half day tour of Kangaroo Island plus the very special Kangaroos & Kanapes excursion (more on these later). 

Itinerary settled, Alison showed us down the gently curving, sloping breezeway (or belly of the Serpent as I liked to call it after a few glasses of wine!) to our suite. Each suite is named after a notable Kangaroo Island shipwreck, the rugged and dangerous coastline of the Island having claimed many vessels over the years. Ours, Vale, was named in tribute to a schooner that sunk off Cape Borda in 1900 (thankfully no lives were lost). Pushing open the door to Vale (with a silent Ahoy there me hearties from me**), we were met with creamy limestone floors, gorgeous Scandinavian-style furniture, a free-standing tub (yippee!), lavish king-sized bed and of course, uninterrupted views of the coastline and bay below. I almost turned to Alison and said “So about those activities, NOT doing any of them. Staying right here until I am forcibly evicted!”. Um, but I didn’t of course ☺

Exploring our suite further, a plate of tiny Lamingtons (a classic Australian treat) sits on the handsome blonde-wood coffee table waiting for me us to devour them. Subtle Australiana accents mix harmoniously with the Nordic décor: Kangaroo print fabric covers books, pieces by local artists adorn the walls, chocolate koalas hide in the fridge door and two very sweet little wind up platypuses are tucked away in a drawer just waiting for some bath time action. Bathrooms are stocked with beautifully fragrant products from the Southern Ocean Lodge spa (including three pots of bath salts: Wild Lavender milk bath, Bay of Shoals mineral salts and Vanilla Honey bath crystals all of which I used liberally, and often, during our stay!). Each suite comes equipped with a generously stocked complimentary petite-bar with packets of Red Rock chips, Medlow sweets, sticky date and ginger cookies, nougat, Kangaroo Island cheese and crackers plus Croser sparkling wine, Vale Ale beers and other assorted drinks. 

Sitting outside on our private terrace with my legs curled under me, a glass of The Islander red in one hand and a book (on shipwrecks!) in the other, with the sound of waves crashing powerfully against the rocks below, it was hard to imagine anywhere more wonderful. And then a tiny wallaby popped out of the brush….Oh yes, perfection, indeed. 


For those worried about an extra kilo or two (and I am not talking about luggage!) going home with them, there are plenty of activities to counter the indulgence in excellent food and wine. Elevated boardwalks to the beach or clifftop cut through the dense vegetation and facilitate bracing walks along deserted beaches and coves, or along the precipitous cliffs. A guided amble along the coastal clifftop was included in our stay but unfortunately my fear of heights prevented me from going on this outing. Instead we packed a backpack (supplied by the lodge along with dinky Safari-style water flasks) with wine, cheese and crackers and sat on the beach watching the waves, Hooded Plovers dart in and out of the water, and dolphins riding the ocean swell gracefully. Bikes are also provided for guest use and there are guided or self-guided hikes to do as well. 

Also included in our stay was a half day “Wonders of KI” excursion, a trip to Seal Bay to see the sea lions on the beach and the wonderful Kangaroos & Kanapes: a dusk visit to see kangaroos grazing, followed by drinks and canapés on the veranda of a historic cottage. The Wonders of KI excursion was particularly memorable. Run by an external company, Exceptional Kangaroo Island, our knowledgeable local guide had us enthralled with stories about the Island’s history, flora and fauna (including his lucky escape from the bushfires which decimated Flinders Chase National Park in 2007, and a close encounter with a Great White Shark!). We were lucky enough to see kangaroos, wallabies, a fur sea colony, koalas (my photos are rubbish – one clearly needs a zoom lens for photographing wildlife!), as well as the Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch and Cape du Couedic lighthouse. 

By the end of our stay I had seen: 

1 echidna (waddling across the road as we drove to Seal Bay). 

1 black tiger snake (slithering across the road as we drove to Seal Bay). 

1 pygmy copperhead snake (at Seal Bay). I really do not like snakes but feel fortunate to have seen, from a safe distance, the only two species of snake on Kangaroo Island. 

1 possum built like a linebacker! Each night at dinner he would wander past the window (the giggles and oohs and aahs from the other diners would signal his arrival), ensure that everything was right with the world and then lumber off again. I almost expected him to tap, tap, tap on the window demanding some of my dinner! 

2 platypuses (of the toy wind-up variety only unfortunately) 

3 koalas 

Numerous seals, sea lions (including one little baby suckling on its mama), kangaroos, wallabies, cockatoos, dolphins plus many varieties of birds. 

Eat and Drink: 

The tariff at Southern Ocean Lodge is all-inclusive so lodge guests are able to help themselves to drinks in the always-open long bar in the Great Room and impressive walk-in cellar. At 6:30pm each night, guests gather in the Great Room for canapés and cocktails before dinner. The atmosphere is convivial and a wonderful opportunity to meet other guests and discuss the days activities. During our visit we met a fascinating raconteur from Melbourne, a couple from Germany who were on a glamorous world tour, 2 lovely couples each celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, a young couple from Spain celebrating their wedding anniversary and a family from New York. 

Particularly memorable dishes prepared by chef Tim Bourke during our stay included pan roasted local snapper in a native thyme, lemongrass and herb broth, slow cooked limestone coast wagyu beef with smoked bone marrow, shallot and fresh horseradish and a stunning apple crumble. If you are hiking or taking a day trip, the restaurant will also prepare a picnic of rolls, fresh fruit salad and a treat or two. 

*I am ashamed to admit that I had never heard of Melville Island until chatting to one of the guides from Southern Ocean Lodge. For anyone curious, it is a remote island off the coast of the Northern Territory. 

**Jetlag: Definitely, definitely your fault.

We stayed as guests of the Southern Ocean Lodge

Thank you also to the South Australian Tourism Commission for assisting with travel arrangements.

07 Jun 11:47

Paris Fashion Week SS 2013....Suvi

by Vanessa Jackman
Finnish model Suvi Koponen, after Hermes, Paris, October 2012.

Recreate Suvi's look (kind of):

Print tee (inspiration for those souvenir tee's purchased at concerts or festivals, or vintage rock t-shirts from charity shops): Ksubi Baddies muscle tee, R13 Concert printed tee, WGACA Vintage Bruce Springsteen vintage concert tee, Chaser Jimmy Page long sleeve tee, Chaser Judas Priest boxy tee or Chaser Little Richard Raglan top
07 Jun 11:45


by nathalie

Montauk June 2013

Believe it or not but we got company at the beach from a seal (!) this weekend. She didn’t want to go into the water, instead she tanned like the rest of us. Some of you might have already seen the photo at my instagram so if you want to stay up to date you can also follow me @nathaliewillebrand xx


07 Jun 11:41

On the Street…..27th St., New York

by The Sartorialist
Joana Morgado

sempre bom ver estes braços nas miúdas <3

On the Street…..27th St., New York

07 Jun 11:34

Walking through Whitechapel markets

by dorasomerville

Thanks to Ruairi!

07 Jun 11:33

"We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all."

“We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt
07 Jun 11:31

Ursula Andress and James Dean

by pleasingaesthetics

Ursula Andress and James Dean

05 Jun 11:39

Miguel Was Told Not To Jump Over Crowd.

Joana Morgado

clareira em frente ao palco no Super Bock Super Rock

Miguel was ORDERED not to attempt a dangerous jump over the crowd during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards because producers believed it was too dangerous ... but the singer ignored them ... sources connected to the production tell TMZ.

We're told ... Miguel approached producers before rehearsals and asked if he could try to jump over the crowd during his performance ... but producers shot down the idea, telling Miguel it was just too dangerous.

But when showtime came around, Miguel blew off the order ... and producers' fears were realized when he botched the jump and leg dropped a female fan ... slamming her head against the stage.

Now, the victim's lawyer says she may have suffered a brain injury as a result ... and a lawsuit could be on the way.

We reached out to Miguel for comment -- but he never called us back.


sorry about locking the previous posts comments :)
05 Jun 11:18

“Heartbeats” - Jose Gonzalez Ten days of perfect...

Joana Morgado

2005 ligou e pediu aquelas versões que não conseguíamos parar de ouvir...<3

“Heartbeats” - Jose Gonzalez

Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love

To call for hands of above to lean on
Wouldn’t be good enough for me, no
To call for hands of above to lean on
Wouldn’t be good enough for me, oh

04 Jun 17:27

Dan Stevens Teases Benedict Cumberbatch over Downton Abbey Remarks


Former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens has admitted that he teases Benedict Cumberbatch for the remarks he made about the ITV show.

The Sherlock actor described the series as "f**king atrocious" last year and the pair are now working together on new film The Fifth Estate.

Stevens, 30, told Event magazine (via Now): "Poor Benedict. I tease him about it every time I see him.

"It's an easy way to make him feel bad."

Cumberbatch criticised Downton Abbey for its portrayal of the First World War while promoting his own period drama Parade's End.

He told Reader's Digest: "We're living in a culture now that's revering, or having a nostalgia trip with, the beginning of the 1900s.

"Although Downton traded a lot on the sentiment in the last series... but we won't talk about that series because it was, in my opinion, f**king atrocious."

04 Jun 16:15


by blameitonfashion


dagmar dress shop online

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Acne leather jacket

dagmar dress

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And just like that, the calendar reads June and summer finally decided to show its sunny face. I’m celebrating (and showing off the palest legs in town) in this pretty LBD, comfy flats and a leather jacket – just in case… Wearing this dress made me take a look in my wardrobe – or more specifically on the dress situation. I’ve quickly realized I’ve got plenty of skirts and shorts, but only a few dresses. I better do something about that…

Dress/DAGMAR, leatherjacket/ACNE, bag/CÉLINE, shoes/ZARA

And just like that… Kalenderen siger juni og sommeren har endelig besluttet sig for at vise sit solrige ansigt. Jeg fejrer det (og viser byens blegeste ben frem) i den smukkeste minikjole fra Dagmar, sandaler fra Zara og en læderjakke – just in case… Kjolen fik mig til at tage et kig i min garderobe – eller nærmeste bestemt på kjole-situationen og det blev hurtigt ret tydeligt, at der hænger alt andet end kjoler, men endnu vigtigere, at der skal gøres noget ved det.


04 Jun 14:13

When my boss tries to tell me at 5pm on a Friday that there is a problem

by dorasomerville
Joana Morgado



Thanks to Corinna K!

04 Jun 14:13

When American tourists get on my train

by dorasomerville
Joana Morgado

substituir american por "spanish" e train por "Primavera Sound"

Thanks to Jillian C!

Part of the Friends Special

04 Jun 12:59

When I am caught breaking the 'team diet'

by dorasomerville
Joana Morgado

história da minha vida

04 Jun 12:54

When my hipster friend insists we go to an underground gallery opening in Hackney

by dorasomerville
04 Jun 12:51

When you realise that your 1000th grumble was posted a couple of weeks ago

by dorasomerville
Joana Morgado

ahaha <3

and you didn’t even celebrate it:

04 Jun 12:39

l-echappee-belle: bb

04 Jun 12:36

Golden details

by The Locals
Joana Morgado

quero aqueles botins

The Locals in New York
04 Jun 12:35


by Rackk and Ruin
How amazing was this real-life dollhouse installation created by Canadian artist Heather Benning?! 
**Thanks to The Jealous Curator for posting about this!

 Back in 2006,  Heather came across this abandoned farmhouse in the Manitoba prairies and knew she needed to give it a second life.  Over the course of the next year Heather fixed up and redecorated each of the houses rooms with the simple and cheery style of a retro childhood dollhouse.  The removal of the walls on one side of the house completes the dollhouse look (she replaced them with plexiglass). 

Six years after the dollhouse's completion Heather set it ablaze.  It was loosing its structural integrity and Heather didn't want to see it fall down, or get vandalized.  It was always her intention to eventually destroy the dollhouse.  

Below is an excerpt from an interview Heather did with the CBC.  Read the full interview HERE   

How did you come up with the idea of turning it into a dollhouse?  
When you drive down that highway, this little house sort of stood out from the prairie. It was a small house and it had a charm to it--old cedar shake siding, a quaint dormer on the second storey and large picture windows in the kitchen and living room. 

So I pulled over to look through the windows. The house had the layout of a dollhouse. Its stature and presence somewhat informed me that it should live again. I was, perhaps still am, preoccupied with a notion of nostalgia and the idea that one longs for a simpler place in time. 

With The Dollhouse I wanted to show both the romantic nostalgia of that ideal and simultaneously show the reality. So I left the exterior of the house to appear as it was after 40 plus years of abandonment, with the interior looking as though the house was just left as it was. 

The idea was to show this romantic ideal of what a lovely life it was in that lovely little house, but then to bring the viewer into the real--it wasn't that lovely, the house became abandoned, no one lived in it ever again. 

What did you want to say about the prairies with this project?
This is a surprisingly tough question for me, and I don't feel I can answer it adequately. I grew up with great storytellers: my father, mother, and grandmother, who talked about what it was to come to Canada and dig a hole in the side of a hill and try to survive the winter.
 . . . .
This project is/was about the difficulty and sadness of leaving home due to economics. It's about remembering home--a home when you were a child and there were moments of complete stability, as though nothing would ever change, like the walls of a dollhouse--then becoming an adult and realizing that one's world will always change. And there is always something left behind--some trace, a structure, a toy, a tea kettle...

04 Jun 12:32


by Tessa-Jay
Joana Morgado

onde se compra o bikini mais o corpo?

triangl swimwear have done it again. love the new range and colours!

with a trip to port douglas just around the corner, all i can think about is sun, sand and relaxation! my bags are now packed and my triangl bikini's are ready to go.
04 Jun 12:31


by Tessa-Jay


the best thing ever.

04 Jun 12:03


by kristin

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 7.34.39 AM


there once was a shirt named SOLD OUT ;(

04 Jun 10:43


Joana Morgado

sdds <3

04 Jun 10:41

Kit Harington | out & about in Toronto,Canada [May...

by rekkka

Kit Harington | out & about in Toronto,Canada [May 29th,2013]