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23 Jun 18:39

FRI 6/24: Dance Party on Mass Ave

by rob v
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Yayayay this is tomorrow!

Photos from TAS & Phoebe Sinclair

In case you are reading, consider this as the beginning of a "soft return" that will probably happen at the beginning of July...


7pm to Midnight
Annual City of Cambridge Dance Party (FB Link)
in front of Cambridge City Hall, 795 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Cambridge stops the traffic to get down and boogie, and all are welcome. Cantabrigians welcome everyone for dancing in the street until the clock strikes 12, and there should be a few happy pumpkins by the end... I have to believe Prince will be a prime booty-shaker, and David Bowie might be represented...

I have joined the fun in the past; there's an uninhibited atmosphere that might come from the big crowd of all ages. It may also be a good time to express that people shouldn't have to be afraid to dance together.

There are bars in either direction, if you would like to "hydrate" before you gyrate.

23 Jun 18:39

Tough Sh*t

by admin
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

This is appropriate given all the shit I had to read from "responsible gun owners" the past 24 hours

27 May 14:07

On Blast

by admin
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

"That's a chicken."

25 May 11:21

I made an MS Paint cartoon about depression today. #depression...

Amy Lynne Grzybinski

I made this today and thought you might like it, Old Reader friends.

I made an MS Paint cartoon about depression today. #depression #cartoons #MSpaint #fuckingsharks

16 May 16:07

Lamplighter Brewing Will Have Waffles and Cold Brew

by Dana Hatic
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

ohhh mannnn

The upcoming brewery is partnering with Longfellows Cambridge, an all-new coffee concept

Cambridge's newest brewery has its sights set on a June opening date, and as all the necessary brewing equipment gets set, another addition is falling into place. Lamplighter Brewing Co. has partnered with a new coffee concept called Longfellows Cambridge to bring cold brew coffee and waffles to the neighborhood, in addition to plenty of tasty beers.

Over the weekend, Lamplighter shared details about the plans to have Longfellows operate as a coffee and pastry shop within the brewery at 284 Broadway, making use of the space during morning hours. Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., visitors to Lamplighter will be able to grab espresso drinks and cold brew, as well as pastries, homemade sodas, and Belgian liège-style waffles (and beer, once it hits that lunch hour).

"It's a no-brainer for us to have someone use the space in the A.M. when we're not around, and there's the added bonus (or necessity?) of always having really good coffee in close proximity," Lamplighter co-founder Cayla Marvil wrote in a post on the brewery's website.

Alisha Fowler, who has spent years working with Chefs Collaborative and is a good friend of the Lamplighter team, is the founder of Longfellows and has teamed up with Jesse Jenkins, a PhD candidate at MIT, to bring the concept to life.

"We're incredibly excited for Alisha's drinks and food — she's given us lots of samples as she's tested recipes, and they are all really freaking delicious," Marvil told Eater in an email.

Longfellows will sub-lease the taproom space from Lamplighter and run its own program in the morning, with a lunchtime overlap from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. "so folks can get coffee, waffles, AND beer for lunch. Score," Marvil said. In the transition hours from coffee shop to brewery and beyond, guests will be able to get some of Lamplighter's previously announced specialty hot dogs, tater tots, and of course beer.

Here are some highlights of this partnership that will come to life at Lamplighter this summer: orange cardamom cold brew, double chocolate cold brew, yogurt parfaits, rhubarb compote topping for those liège-style waffles, and a magical creation called a "shakerato," made with espresso and simple syrup, shaken with ice, and served with a splash of soda.

Marvil said the Lamplighter team was excited about Fowler's menu and concept. "It matches our vibe and aesthetic really well, and we think that beer and coffee is an unbeatable duo. Plus, Area IV needs another community space, and it's exciting to know that we can help provide this by having extended taproom hours," she said.

As if that weren't enough, there's a good chance of a beer/coffee collaboration going forward. "We also do hope to use their coffee and cold brew in our beers for a bit of fun overlap," Marvil said.

The brewery has recently been bringing in all its equipment, from its fermentation tanks to its brew kettle, and it poured the concrete floor inside in early May. Lamplighter also plans to stock a selection of board games and host a weekly trivia night, monthly events like tastings or collaborations, and brewery tours.

Lamplighter could start brewing the first week of June, Marvil said, with a plan to start growler fills in late June and open the taproom in July. The brewery will also offer growler fills of Longfellows cold brew.

Meanwhile, nearby in Somerville, the taproom-and-cafe concept is proving to be a winning one — the recently opened Winter Hill Brewing Company features cafe hours in the mornings, with a steady stream of area residents stopping by for coffee and espresso drinks and a small selection of breakfast pastries.

15 May 01:36

shitfacedsuzie: hollyhocksandtulips: 1940’s lingo tag urself...

by annagoldfarb
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Not sure if drape shape or frame dame



1940’s lingo

tag urself I’m dog biscuit

Dream puss

11 May 16:18

Count Your Blessings

by admin
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Oh. What. Honey. No.

04 May 17:33

Coleslaw Review

by admin

02 May 18:35

an open letter to my nieces, who are currently fighting over a dude.

by samantha
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

"i have never been embroiled in emotional combat with one of my homegirls over a dude because LOL WHAT IS THE PRIZE. have you dated a man before!? that's like arguing over who gets to fistfight a possum inside a dumpster or who gets to sleep with a dude so heartless that he actively pursued two cousins at the same time. what is even the point? THERE CLEARLY IS NO WINNER." Samantha Irby is mY QUEEN

you need to give it up, because i've had about enough. okay you little assholes, court is in session. i have reviewed all of the documents submitted into evidence; read all of the texts, carefully studied every screenshot, scrolled past all of the instagrams, and sat through 137 tutorials on how to understand snapchat because listen i don't have room for another fucking thing on my phone what with my heartwise blood pressure tracker and all of my large print books, and i have come to this decision: you guys have to kiss and make up because this is dumb and group texting you is much more convenient for me than trying to maintain two separate conversation threads so please get over this silly nonsense: I'M OLD. *bangs gavel*

i was only 6 when you were born niece 1 and i was incredibly skeptical of the dubious reasons for your existence. they didn't need another baby, i was already alive! and amazing! you grew on me though, like mold on the most exquisite french cheese, and eventually became almost tolerable. by the time niece 2 came along a couple years  later i was a cool and confident miniature adult, fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of irregular feedings and pee-only diaper changes provided that they exclusively occurred during the daytime and when i wasn't 1 halfheartedly doing my homework 2 napping fully clothed in the bathtub to hide from my chores 3 eating little debbie oatmeal pies or 4 reenacting scenes from the television show hunter with my barbies. now that i am 142 i can fully appreciate your collective worth, especially since you're both old enough to do useful things like drive me to the airport and introduce me to drug dealers who might get me some celebrex.

i have never been embroiled in emotional combat with one of my homegirls over a dude because LOL WHAT IS THE PRIZE. have you dated a man before!? that's like arguing over who gets to fistfight a possum inside a dumpster or who gets to sleep with a dude so heartless that he actively pursued two cousins at the same time. what is even the point? THERE CLEARLY IS NO WINNER. besides, you queens are both shining beams of light, women who are bright and capable and have an encyclopedic knowledge of drake's back catalog. you are better than this.

some okay things the niece who bagged ol' boy got from this brief courtship:
1 someone to shower for.
2 lots of time to think about her choices and the consequences of her actions during the hours spent in her car driving back and forth from his house.
3 a perfectly steady instagram-stalking trigger finger.

and some pretty nifty things the other one missed out on:
1 thinking about leg hair.
2 not getting enough sleep and/or keeping a change of clothes on hand at all times.

listen, i don't get disappointed in things because life is trash and happiness is for people with higher credit scores than i have, but i am something resembling disappointed in you both. how are you still not speaking even though that relationship ran its course and homeboy has moved on to the girl he never stopped seeing in the first place!? i know i'm oversimplifying it (um am i really tho) but this cold war has gone on for, like, three months longer than even the most petty among us (ie: me) deem acceptable. which is also three months longer than this courtship even lasted. and fine, one of you got breakfast in bed and the other one didn't but so what? say the word and i'll come over and make you a pancake before ignoring you to play video games in the other room with my friends. see!? it's just like i'm your almost-boyfriend, except you ain't gotta act all weird at the pharmacy when you go in to pick up your plan b after i kick you out. feeling lonely? don't call that dead-behind-the-eyes placeholder with the curly hair! i am always available to red box and chill, if you understand "chill" to mean falling asleep upright at the dinner table and returning the dvd so late it overdrafts your bank account. i'm sorry not sorry that this is over but neither of you was going to marry a dude who spells something "summ'n" anyway.

remember that time i stopped talking to my oldest sister for two years because she made a joke about the back of my black-ass neck and everyone said i was ~immature~ but listen hoe hyperpigmentation is a real thing that is totally not my fault? well this is kind of like that, except i put my foot down and demanded an apology and hey! i eventually got one! and we don't really talk all that much now but at least i can die knowing my refusal to acknowledge her birthdays prompted 160 penitent characters.

SO MAYBE ONE OF YOU COULD JUST APOLOGIZE. can we talk about how lucky we are that neither of you is pregnant? and that you kids these days fight with tweets instead of fists!? one time i kicked jane in the stomach during one of our many inexplicable altercations and she went flying off the bed into a wall, taking down several of my new kids on the block posters with her, then played like she was dead for sixty real seconds and i was too scared to tell mom i'd killed her so i just put on my shoes and walked out the fucking door for two days? BE GLAD FOR A COUPLE SHITTY FACEBOOK MEMES, YOU ANIMALS. back in 1987, omg why am i still alive, this could've been over for you. (also my sister is a demon i mean who tf does that to someone!?)

remember when the three of us used to hang out? that was so much fun! i can picture it like it was yesterday: your eyes dancing mischievously as we accidentally tugged at the same greasy strand of bloomin' onion, steaks as tough as elephant bacon shimmering with gristle on the dishwasher-spotted plates below us, our soundtrack the sweet sweet serenade of several 2007 honda odysseys stuck in traffic on the nearby expressway, their horns a lively staccato tapped out by roadraged north suburban soccer moms. oh, the halcyon days of our fading youth! what i wouldn't give to transport us all back to that place, to that dimly-lit too-small booth at outback steakhouse, where we created so many happy memories. how can i continue living in this misery? without you two i wouldn't know how to hit the dab or correctly use the word "sus" in a sentence. WE COULD CAPTURE THAT MAGIC AGAIN, GUYS. and we should. especially since hanging out with you separately is both time-consuming and incredibly expensive.

if you jerks don't talk soon then the terrorists win. we are for real about to have donald trump as president and you clowns are subtweeting at each other!? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN HE TRIES TO SHIP US BACK TO AFRICA, LADIES. you are going to need every ally you can scrounge up, especially since i know for a fact you bitches can't swim. explain to me why this young man, whom neither of you is with at the moment and never will be again, was worth the loss of your relationship. better yet, please make me understand why despite his noticeable absence you guys still aren't talking. oh, i know: complicated feelings fleek disrespectful low-key turnt selfish lit basic apology squad or however you young people talk to each other. and i get it. KIND OF. but like i said, i've never fought with any of my friends over a boy. and yeah okay they're all pretty and kind and talented and i'm mean and look like someone shoved a bag of wet gym towels in a trash bag so i would never stand a chance anyway, but even if i did i'd never go there bc feminism. anyway let's not stray too far from my point: sisters before misters.
29 Apr 16:16

Ye Olde Medieval Manor May Maketh a Comeback

by Dana Hatic

Rumors of a Kickstarter are swirling

For those who crave themed dinners filled with raucous guffaws, flagons of mead, and plates full of hearty meats, luck may be on your side: The folks behind Medieval Manor, which closed after its New Year's Eve show in 2015, plan to move forward with a resurrection plan, according to Boston Restaurant Talk.

Just before its final show, Medieval Manor displayed a message on its website: "Long live the King!" It also indicated eventual plans to reopen, though no timeline was given.

Now, it seems the Medieval team has a Kickstarter campaign in the works to get the dinner theater restaurant back up and running for 2017.

The restaurant first opened in the Eliot Hotel back in the early 1970s before moving to its most recent location at 246 E. Berkeley St. Stay tuned for the Kickstarter to see what the plans are for the Medieval Manor space — and rejoice for future feasts.

19 Apr 18:21

Girl takes wedding photos with snapchat

by admin
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

I'm having a bad day but this made it better

07 Apr 16:40


by admin
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

I wonder what the desired outcome of this was...?

22 Mar 16:36


03 Feb 20:37

Every Perfect Sentence I Have Found In The Lady

by Jaya Saxena
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Allie, did you see this? I feel like you would find it as delightful as I do.

The Lady is a British magazine that was introduced to me by my dear friend Victoria, and something that I’m sure many of you are familiar with already. But oh how my life has improved since reading it.

Read more Every Perfect Sentence I Have Found In The Lady at The Toast.

03 Feb 16:45


by admin

12 Oct 13:49

Hark, A Vagrant: Baby in a Corner

Amy Lynne Grzybinski

looool I love Kate Beaton

buy this print!

I'm still on book tour with Step Aside Pops! We hit #1 on the New York Times graphic novel bestseller list! Thank you! Ahh you are the best!

Soon there will be the annual rollout of TOPATOCO merchandise so I'll be sure to let you know when! There will be some fun new shirts as well as PLUSHIE PONIES! I hope they get here soon! They look great.

Check them out here! I've been waiting so lonnggg for them to commmee (we hear November from the company).

The North American leg of this fall tour is over, and I was really lucky to meet a lot of great people! SPX was great as always, and the brand new CXC in Columbus was a delight. Now we are off to the UK! Dates here:

October 16-17: Kendal
Lakes International Comic Art Festival

October 20: London
GOSH! Comics
launch party 7-9pm

November 9-15: Leeds
Thought Bubble Festival

November 23: Bristol
Bristol Festival of Ideas
Cape Comic Creations Night

12 Oct 13:47

Enter if you dare!

by admin

08 Oct 18:19


08 Oct 15:58

For the Masses

by admin
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Me, pretty much.

01 Oct 15:13

Marked Up

by admin
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Oh man I want this to catch on SO BADLY

30 Sep 16:03

The Menu Fort

by admin
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Literally me

21 Sep 16:45


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14 Sep 20:31

Dudley Cafe Is Now Caffeinating — and Boozing Up — Dudley Square

by Jacqueline Cain
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

My friend is the GM here. Boston friends - go visit!

The coffeehouse and wine bar in the new Bolling building is now open.

Dudley Cafe debuted with grab-and-go pastries, coffee drinks, Mem Tea, hot breakfast options, and more at 7 a.m. today in the newly-renovated Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building. It also serves a few wine and beer options.

The cafe is the latest venture from Solmon and Rokeya Chowdhury, the couple behind Shanti in Dorchester, Roslindale, and soon, Kendall Square, as well as Moksa and Naga in Central Square. The team also includes general manager Biplaw Rai, a Nepal native and alumni of local companies including Darwin's Ltd., Hi-Rise Bread Co., and Q's Nuts. Robert Garcia is in charge of the coffee program. Garcia trained at the Counter Culture coffee lab in Somerville and is sourcing Dudley's beans from Square One Coffee Roasters in Lancaster, Penn.

The cafe is on the ground floor of the former Ferdinand furniture building at 2262 Washington St. in Dudley Square, Roxbury. With renovations complete on the six-story, renamed Bolling building earlier this year, the headquarters of the Boston Public School system moved into the building, as well as a public-private business incubator, the Roxbury Innovation Center. Retail space on the ground floor will also include a location of Tasty Burger and a new pizza cooperative called Dudley Dough, from Haley House.

Dudley Cafe has a variety of coffee and espresso drinks, herbal iced teas, Thai iced tea, matte lattes, and Arnold Palmers, along with challah French toast, oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches, and a weekend potato waffle special for breakfast. Lunch options include uncommon sandwiches (priced $6.75 - $8.50), like Malcolm's, with grilled eggplant, sambal-miso sauce, pickled cucumber, and shredded carrots; and Pacman, with pulled pork, mango chutney, Sriracha mayo, cilantro, and tomatoes.

There are also salads, like Rinda's Papaya Salad, a riff on the Thai favorite; and one with roasted beets, kale, hard-boiled egg, quinoa, hazelnuts, and tahini called Drop that Funky Beet. Rice bowls, like Shanti (sticky rice with cauliflower curry, potatoes, and green peas) and Malala's (brown rice with hard-boiled egg, kale, mushroom, Sriracha, and soy sauce) round out the savory options, and there are also a plethora of house-made baked goods.

The Chowdhurys received a beer and wine license for Dudley Cafe back in June, as previously reported. The list includes a house red and white, a Harpoon offering and Pabst Blue Ribbon on draft, and a handful of imported bottled options.

The cafe is open daily from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on weekends.

03 Sep 18:34

Reasons I relate to cats

by annagoldfarb


  • don’t touch me
  • wait, no, come back, i need snuggles
  • that’s enough snuggles
  • i want to be near you, please don’t leave me alone
  • tch, it’s not like i happen to be in the same room as you all the time because i miss you
  • “i got wet. this is the worst thing that’s ever happened”
  • “why is this door closed? this door doesn’t need to be closed”
  • “i need a nap.” “didn’t you just wake up 2 hours ago?” “yes but i could sleep for a week”
  • (hisses)
  • “i want food”
  • “but not this food”
  • (wanders around)
31 Aug 22:56

This Octopus Is a Little Camera Shy

31 Aug 16:02


by admin
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

KIRK KOBAIN bahahhaa

10 Aug 16:27

Locally owned shoe store in Harvard Square bites the dust

by adamg
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

I'm SO MAD about this. I have purchased many a shoe from Berk's but I'm probably part of the problem because I get most shoes from Zappos these days :/

Berk's, which opened in Harvard Square in 1980, is announcing its imminent demise - at the end of the month:

It's a sad day for us and a sad day for Cambridge as we watch yet again another small business fall. From the bottom of hearts thank you all so much. Please SHOP SMALL, SHOP LOCAL & whenever you can please SHOP INDEPENDENT. A friend made a great analogy to me yesterday that rings very true. When you shop at a corporation you're lining the pockets of folks buying new cars/houses. When you shop local/independent your lining the pockets of of folks getting dance/music lessons for their children. You can see the difference.

14 Jul 23:32

Watch This Baby Skunk Stomp Your Cares Away

Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Jesus. Its little TAIL.

Submitted by: (via Ogichidaakana)

Tagged: skunks , cute , Video
13 Jul 16:28

Reinvent Rice Krispie Treats With Potato Chips, Pretzels, and Stout

by Morgan Eisenberg
Amy Lynne Grzybinski


Rice Krispie treats aren't good only to those of us nostalgic for our childhoods—they're actually really delicious. But that doesn't mean we can't upgrade them. Here we swap out the puffed rice for salty/savory pretzels and potato chips, then infuse the marshmallow with a bitter chocolate stout and finish the bars off with melted milk chocolate. Childhood snacks are great. These are even greater. Read More