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11 Mar 18:05

It’s 2050 And Feminism Has Finally Won

by Mallory Ortberg
Amy Lynne Grzybinski


It's 2050 and feminism has finally won. Women make up more than 80% of serial killers and serial killer-related entertainment shows. Everyone agrees that Harper Lee wrote In Cold Blood under Truman Capote's name as a favor before beating Ernest Hemingway in Greco-Roman-style wrestling. Sex is just when two or more women take the mathematics portion of the SAT together and kick a businessman's teeth in. It's 2050 and Bob Dylan was never even born.

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24 Feb 16:00

Impression of the Day: Christina Aguilera Does Perfect Britney Spears on ‘Tonight Show’

by TDW
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

This is fucking adorable.

Everyone knows Christina Aguilera can sing, but did you know she can also do an amazing Britney Spears impersonation?

On “The Tonight Show” Monday, the pop diva played the “Wheel of Musical Impressions” with Jimmy Fallon, in which they two sang some random songs in the styles of various celebrities.

Hearing her belt out “This Little Piggy” as Britney is definitely the highlight of the segment.

“That was amazing,” said Fallon, who gave her a standing ovation. “I love that so much.”

She also does a great Cher and Shakira.

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26 Feb 17:15

BU suspends frat for advertising 'blackout' party like a bunch of sexist pigs

by adamg

The Daily Free Press reports on the "withdrawal of recognition" for Kappa Sigma for the way it joined with a group called Blackout University to advertise a party at Royale in the Theater District:

25 Feb 12:50

Man who joined in cyberterrorizing Arlington game developer now says it was all just a joke

by adamg

BuzzFeed introduces us to Jan Rankowski, a Maine man who posted a YouTube video that showed him with the car he claimed he wrecked while on the way to terrorize Arlington game developer Brianna Wu - forced to flee her home last year under a deluge of horrible and specific threats from GamerGate manboys.

Turns out Rankowski is a member of a sketch-comedy group and says, ha ha, he was just trying to satirize GamerGate. And now that his secret is out and GamerGate is doing the same sort of harassment against him that they did against Wu, he says, oops, he has newfound sympathy for Wu and other women game developers.

19 Feb 22:20




12 Feb 06:56

Johnny Cash Wrote the Greatest Love Letter of All-Time

by Kelli
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying

Valentine’s Day is just three days away. So let’s talk about love — true love, the real thing. Recently, Beagle Street, a life insurance company, conducted a poll to determine the greatest love letter of all-time. The winner was a letter handwritten by Johnny Cash to his wife June Carter on her 65th birthday in 1994.


Sadly, nine years later she died after complications during heart surgery in May 2003. Johnny Cash died less than four months later. Many say that his health deteriorated quickly after she passed away because he was suffering from a broken heart.


Greatest Love Letter - Johnny Cash to His Wife
Source: Beagle Street


The letter reads:


June 23 1994


Odense, Denmark.


Happy Birthday Princess,


We get old and get use to each other. We think alike. We read each others minds. We know what the other wants without asking. Sometimes we irritate each other a little bit. Maybe sometimes take each other for granted.


But once in awhile, like today, I meditate on it and realize how lucky I am to share my life with the greatest woman I ever met. You still fascinate and inspire me. You influence me for the better. You’re the object of my desire, the #1 Earthly reason for my existence. I love you very much.


Happy Birthday Princess.




Greatest Love Letter - Johnny Cash to His Wife
June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)


Other letters in the top 10 include a letter from Winston Churchill to his wife Clementine and a letter from Ernest Hemingway to Marlene Dietrich. Check out the rest of the letters at

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12 Feb 15:20

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Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Current mood

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29 Jan 05:01

Old School Rules.

by Matt

it’s soon. the game. the big game

(h/t my pal jessie)


-Two comics on The Nib!

-Bill Murray Stories on The Toast

-Lady Ghostbusters on The Archipelago!


21 Jan 17:00

Misandrist Lullabies

by Mallory Ortberg
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

The horn on the bus goes, "KILL ALL MEN"

Straight man, don't bother me
Straight man, don't bother me
Straight man, don't bother me
You don't interest anybody


Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Men are but a dream

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16 Jan 13:09

Ambulances and protests

by adamg
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Just...ugh. I have empathy for this man and his family, because I'm not shitty, but yes, media, please continue to hammer the fucking ambulance angle, because this is the first time ever in the history of vehicles that an ambulance has been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in an urban area.

The Herald talks to the daughter of the injured guy in the ambulance that had to be diverted by yesterday's I-93 protest shutdown . She's livid.

12 Jan 19:51


by annagoldfarb

01 Jan 20:55

twisteddoodles: Adverts at Christmas

by annagoldfarb
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Cereal for dinner


Adverts at Christmas

05 Jan 19:05

Dirtbag Dionysus

by Mallory Ortberg

Previously: Dirtbag Theseus.


you think i dont
you think i cant see that my dick looks like a little orange thumb, like a Cheeto
fuck you is why
ive got a fruit hat
im a BABY goddammit
i already have gout
whats your excuse
hand me that flagon
im sorry
im sorry
i didnt mean that

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.26.21 AM



no let's
shut up
no shut up lets go over there
take me over there there's a bunch of girls over there
youre my best friend
they look like sluts lets go over there

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29 Dec 00:30

Cargo Leggings

by drew
Amy Lynne Grzybinski


22 Dec 19:17


by annagoldfarb

18 Dec 17:00

How To Make Sure You Get Enough To Eat At Holiday Parties

by Mallory Ortberg
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Remember the hidden calories in drinks. Look very carefully for them; they’re hidden. Who knows how many drinks it will take for you to find them. Thank you, Mallory.

This post originally appeared on November 11, 2013.

Well, the holidays are at last upon us, as “upon us” is a holiday’s favorite place to sprawl, and that means one thing: making sure that you get enough to eat at holiday parties. There’s nothing worse than waking up in January and realizing you’ve practiced careful moderation in the face of temptation, also watching that waistline, and cravings, and jeans that fit: food is everywhere. Here are a few tips to make sure you get your fair share of empty calories between Thanksgivukkah and New Boxing Day.

Don’t fill up on water. Water is full of empty fluids. If you’re trying to keep yourself from over-imbibing on cocktails, try matching every alcoholic beverage you drink with a glass of nog. Any variety of nog will do, as long as it leaves a film on your glass. Remember: if the glass ain’t fogged, your drink’s not nog, as the elves sing right before they get you. 

Avoid the crudités. They’re a pointless vehicle for dip. Think of all the other foods you could be smearing that dip on: french onion smeared over a pimiento olive; pâté on sausage rolls. Celery is for suckers.

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15 Dec 17:00


16 Dec 18:00

What A Cute Little Blue-Footed Booby!


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11 Dec 20:30

Meet Harlow And Indiana’s New Baby Sister, Reese Lightning

by Leslie Simon
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

AGH this is making my biological dog-mom urges go nuclear

In case you’re unfamiliar, Harlow and Sage were a pair of puppy besties who took the interwebz by storm once their owners started posting pics of the pups hanging out and being all adorbz.

Sadly, Sage passed away in 2013. But that’s when Indiana, a Miniature Dachshund, popped into the picture and became instant BFF’s with Harlow. Oh, but the cuteness doesn’t end there. Recently, another new canine friend has entered the fold and our heart is almost bursting from all the feels.

Meet, Reese Lightning. Here’s her story:

Reese Lightning is a 9 week old miniature Dachshund. Her parents couldn’t keep her and so Harlow said: “Move her in!” And now she is ours. Reese’s mom had black hair and her dad was a brunette like Indiana. They were both nice. Reese loves biting Indiana’s tail, Harlow’s ears, playing with socks and last night she couldn’t take her eyes off of the TV while the movie Elf was on.

Despite the fact that Reese looks like she’s got the head of one dog and the body of another, we can’t help but swoon over her big, floppy ears and speckled belly.

As a daily dose of cuteness, allow us to show you what happens when the lil’ pup sees her reflection for the first time. We recommend you watch this on a loop because it only gets cuter with each viewing. Trust.

Photos: Harlow And Sage’s Instagram

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27 Nov 17:30

This is maybe the whitest rant of all time

Amy Lynne Grzybinski

What even is "suavitel".

This is maybe the whitest rant of all time

21 Nov 21:50

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13 Nov 18:00

Book of the Day: Original, Horrific Grimm’s Fairy Tales Translated Into English for First Time

Amy Lynne Grzybinski


Book of the Day: Original, Horrific Grimm’s Fairy Tales Translated Into English for First Time

Your kids may never sleep again.
Jack Zipes, a professor emeritus of German and comparative literature at the University of Minnesota, has released the first English translation of the original book of fairy tales by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
The first edition was published in December 1812, and over the years, the stories went through a gradual transformation, edited to be less disturbing and and to include more Christian references.
"The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm: The Complete First Edition" included all the really creepy stuff that was originally filtered out.

For example, in the heartwarming tale "How the Children Played at Slaughtering":

A boy cuts the throat of his little brother, only to be stabbed in the heart by his enraged mother. Unfortunately, the stabbing meant she left her other child alone in the bath, where he drowned. Unable to be cheered up by the neighbours, she hangs herself; when her husband gets home, "he became so despondent that he died soon thereafter".

Look out "Frozen." Sounds like Disney has its new princess!

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13 Nov 19:00

Pixel Protest of the Day: PETA is Opening an HQ in Minecraft

Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Vegans amirite

PETA is launching a new headquarters in Minecraft on Saturday, as a safe haven where players are not allowed to harm animals… or at least their pixelated counterparts.
So for all you creative sickos out there - that means no compact chicken cookers, barbaric egg farms, cow torture chambers or pig slaughterhouses.
From PETA's website:

Visitors to PETA's custom-made digital island will explore vast expanses of landscapes where the animals of Minecraft roam free. They can also visit extensive vegetable and flower gardens, walk through a fantastic re-creation of PETA's HQ, and discover an abandoned and decaying slaughterhouse.

PETA has gone to the aid of video game animals before, including Pokemon, World of Warcraft seals, the Tanooki suit in Mario Bros., and dogs in Call of Duty.

What a world we live in...

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21 Nov 17:00

Mystery of the Day: Is This a Drug Deal on Live TV?

Amy Lynne Grzybinski

It's probably not a drug deal. I mean, it's in Worcester, after all.

The latest viral mystery making some news today is an apparent drug deal taking place behind a Fox 25 news reporter in Worcester, Massachusetts.
In the video, two men are seen meeting in the background and engaging in some sort of transaction before fleeing the scene.
Drug deal or not, the clip appears to be fairly old, as the reporter in the video, Jim Polito, no longer works for Fox 25 (as of September of this year) and the video was also posted in February 2013 on WTAG's site.
But what do you think? Most idiotic drug deal ever, or overreaction by Internet?
Polito apparently knows he is going viral as well, as show by this retweet.

RT "@bobbernier: @JimPolito you're going #viral today. See you and JOHNSON Monday."

— Jim Polito (@JimPolito) November 20, 2014

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19 Nov 18:00

Bookish Beauty Tips

by Sara Colvin

Position yourself, whenever possible, at the top of a flight of stairs. This will inspire, either in you or your beholder, a visceral recognition of mortality. Remember: mortality is beauty.

Alternatively, just be always on the verge of death. Achieve a frailty so extreme that rainwater collects in the hollows between your bones.

If you can swing it, be a horse or a boat or a whale.

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07 Nov 19:00

Tim And Eric Make Completely Wack-A-Doo Commercial For Totino’s Pizza Rolls

by Leslie Simon

Pizza freaks unite!

At least that’s what it says on the video for the new Totino’s Pizza Rolls commercial created by cray-cray comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. The snack company actually asked the pair to “cook up” some video concepts as part of the brand’s Idea Oven and this is the fruit pizza of their labor.

The clip is part commercial, part music video and part acid trip.

Aside from the discomfort of watching three elderly people talk in double-entendres about pizza rolls, perhaps the best/worst part of the video is when Tim starts riffing about what happens when he puts the rolls in his mouth.

(Hint: He wishes he had more mouths to put them in. Whatever that means.)

Watch, try not to crawl out of your skin and then go grab some friggin’ pizza rolls, yo!

As you can tell, the clip is totally kid tested, Shrim approved.

Photos: Totino’s Pizza Rolls’ YouTube, DevilCross

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30 Oct 20:17

This Will One Day Be Thunder Road

by Rachel Leah Blumenthal
Amy Lynne Grzybinski


The upcoming music venue and restaurant is taking over the short-lived Radio space in Somerville's Union Square.

Work has begun at Thunder Road, and the upcoming addition to Somerville's live music and food scenes has shared some construction (well, demolition) photos and videos on Facebook today. Above, see the remains of the kitchen that never quite came to fruition when Radio was open. Thunder Road does intend to serve food.

Here, walkthroughs of the downstairs and upstairs:

31 Oct 19:00

What Can I Make with Apple Pie Moonshine? — Good Questions

by Christine Gallary
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Drink it. Drink it out of the jar, you fancy jerks.

Pin it button big

Q: My in-laws bought us a bottle of apple pie-flavored moonshine. We are attending a pumpkin carving party this weekend and I'd like to bring a drink to share that includes the moonshine.

Any recipe ideas or suggestions?


23 Oct 12:45

The Return of Rummy Bears: Cocktail-Inspired Drunken Gummies

by Max Falkowitz
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

Hello, weekend.

Rummy bears = gummy bears soaked in alcohol. But little bears with boozy bellies are just the beginning. Read More
22 Oct 17:00

Songs From A Neutral Milk Hotel Album That Does Not Reference The Holocaust

by Mallory Ortberg
Amy Lynne Grzybinski

I have nothing but love for J. Mangum but this gave me the giggles.

Previously: a Decemberists album where nobody gets murdered.

"Everything In This Song Is Spelled According To Modern Convention"

"A Girl Who Is Alive And Not Anne Frank Plays A Piano Without Any Semen On It"

"No One Visited The Penny Arcade That Day"

"The Characters On This Old-Timey Postcard Have Not Come To Life To Comfort You About Your Parents' Divorce"

"The Boy With One Head On His Body"

"I Have Pictures Of My Living Family And No Pictures Of Executed Criminals In This Photo Album"

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