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28 Dec 02:20

Undergrads reinvent the cardboard box

by Mark Frauenfelder
Two juniors at Cooper Union have re-invented the cardboard box, making a tape-free container that's more environmentally-friendly and easier to use. Why didn't the box-making industry think of this 50 years ago? (Thanks, Matthew!)

27 Dec 17:32

Happy Fire is Happy

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27 Dec 00:35

Flowchart: Which Christmas Movie Should You Watch?


26 Dec 20:37

It's Picture Time, When I Say it's Picture Time!

It's Picture Time, When I Say it's Picture Time!

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21 Dec 00:22

It's Like Living in a Dali Painting

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20 Dec 14:35

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Did a bunch of dogs breakup a fight between two cats? Am I seeing this right??

Having none of that shit today.

“Ay man, y’all chill the fuck out. Y’all fucking up the party.”


Pack animals like dogs don’t tolerate dissent in their group because it weakens the pack’s social structure… There are similar clips on youtube of them breaking up rabbit and rooster fights… They don’t care what species you are, they just want you to CUT THAT SHIT OUT.

They don’t differentiate species because dogs think everything else is just a weird dog. 

19 Dec 19:38

Ode to Winamp

by Rob Beschizza

It really whipped the llama's ass. [The Atlantic]


19 Dec 17:27

The Morning Commute for These People Will Blow You Away

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

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18 Dec 20:44

How to Turn Your Entire House Into a Hot Wing Challenge


Poor kitty.

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18 Dec 03:14

Say it Ain't so, Human...Say it Ain't so...


"You mean, Santa isn't real?"

Say it Ain't so, Human...Say it Ain't so...

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17 Dec 00:13

Beam Me Up, Doggie!

Beam Me Up, Doggie!

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17 Dec 00:12

The Best Possible Outcome

by admin

14 Dec 22:58

Bite My Shiny Metal Flank

Bite My Shiny Metal Flank

Listen lady, I got naps to take and booze to drink, so shove it.

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13 Dec 23:50

Not So Yummy...

Not So Yummy...

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13 Dec 04:01

The Hand of Winter

wtf creepy hands ice - 7950515456

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13 Dec 03:24

Unlucky Jake

by admin

13 Dec 03:24

Don't Make me Come Up Here Again

Don't Make me Come Up Here Again

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13 Dec 03:21

What a Devious Smile

What a Devious Smile

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13 Dec 03:07

Soon...I'll be Leaving


I lol'ed.

Soon...I'll be Leaving

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13 Dec 02:28

A Gentle Giant


3... 2.. 1.. SMASH WITH PAWS!

A Gentle Giant

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13 Dec 02:27

Behold Pure Evil

cat evil murder funny wtf - 7948765952

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12 Dec 01:35

This Day is Already Ruined


They should have shown the ice scraper breaking first.

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11 Dec 21:55


no one gets out of coffee alive.

This toaster is always trying to bring down the world economy when it's almost Christmas deadline time!

11 Dec 21:25

New Meme: “The 60-Year-Old Girl!”

by Georgie

It all started when a guy posted this picture of his girlfriend when she was a little girl…



She looks like a 60-year-old woman (his words, not mine.)


The “60-Year-Old Girl” Meme was the Internet’s response…















Why do I have a feeling the guy who posted the picture of his girlfriend’s embarrassing childhood photo is going to be spending some time in the jewelry section this week?



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11 Dec 03:04

KC cop threatened to destroy home and kill pets unless he was allowed to conduct a warrantless search

by Cory Doctorow

Eric Crinnian, a lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri, says that a police officer threatened to destroy his possessions and shoot his dog unless he was permitted to enter Crinnian's home without a warrant. The officer was apparently seeking two men who'd violated their parole; when Crinnian said he'd never heard of the men, the officer asked to come inside to verify that they weren't there. Crinnian told him to go get a warrant, and the officer said that, in serving such a warrant, he would be sure to destroy Crinnian's possessions and kill his pets.

Making such a threat is apparently legal in Missouri, if you are a police officer.

They wanted to know where two guys were, and Crinnian later found out police believed they violated parole.

“I said, ‘I have no idea who you’re talking about I’ve never heard of these people before,’” he said.

To prove it, he said police asked to search his house, Crinnian refused multiple times. He said they needed a warrant.

Then he said one police officer started threatening him saying, “If we have to get a warrant, we’re going to come back when you’re not expecting it, we’re going to park in front of your house, where all your neighbors can see, we’re gonna bust in your door with a battering ram, we’re gonna shoot and kill your dogs, who are my family, and then we’re going to ransack your house looking for these people.”

Man says police officer threatened to kill his dogs [Abby Eden/Fox 4 KC]

(via Techdirt)


11 Dec 00:27

The World Is Strange

The  World Is Strange

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10 Dec 22:23

Winter Wonderland

snow,wtf,web comics

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10 Dec 21:27

Pink preying mantis disguises itself as a flower

by Maggie Koerth-Baker

Native to the Malaysian rainforest, this orchid mantis does such a good job of mimicking local flora that it inspired Alfred Russell Wallace to propose that some animals mimic plants in order to lure in the pollinators they hope to eat.

It would also go nicely in a thematic collection with the pink fairy armadillo.


10 Dec 20:46

What Is the Best Alternative to Milk?

by Adam Dachis

Funny picture.

What Is the Best Alternative to Milk?

Dear Lifehacker,
I've heard cow's milk is actually bad for you, or at least not beneficial when compared to the many alternative options. But if I shouldn't drink milk, what's the best alternative? Are any of them good? I've heard good and bad things about most, so how do I decide?


10 Dec 20:44

Goats vs avalanche

by Rob Beschizza
A group of goats, frozen before a looming avalanche, hunker down as their packmates flee. Doomed? Watch and see. [via Gawker and Digg]