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25 Feb 15:30

Dogs Playing Poker


The paintings are popular because they are funny and therefore amusing, an inherently pleasure-causing quality. Exactly why they are funny is not fully determinable, but a likely reason is that they are ridiculous, a quality closely associated with humor according to various theories of humor (incongruity theory, computational-neural theory, ontic-epistemic theory, and benign violation theory, for instance).

There is a subtle humorous quality and emotional depth to the paintings based on the following:

  • Dogs have extremely complex emotions and try to “act” cool/excited/sad/upset, which is betrayed by their inability to control certain other physical cues that “give away their hand” so to speak. For example, if a dog was playing poker and got a good hand, he’d put on “a poker face” like nothing happened, but then you’d see it salivating, ears perking or tail wagging uncontrollably.
  • Only dog owners or those with significant experience with canines can really understand canine behavior and the range and complexity of emotions they display, which gives the series a more personal connection and adds an emotional layer of depth.
  • Subtle humor also exists in the fact that dogs do not have opposable thumbs, which prevents them from actually being able to play poker.


25 Feb 15:06

A magazine gave every San Francisco mayoral candidate the replicant test from ‘Blade Runner’

There’s nothing more irritating than the evasive non-answers politicians mete out for the press and public. Education, budget, jobs—the words get thrown around a lot (and always in positive terms), but candidates are cagey and it’s nearly impossible to cut through their bullshit. If the voters want to know who...

01 Feb 18:47

Don’t worry.

Don’t worry.

22 Feb 14:27


17 Feb 03:56

sircreate:Time BobbyInspired by the Comedy Bang Bang...

Chelsea Pearson

Where is Jaye Davidson's penis?


Time Bobby
Inspired by the Comedy Bang Bang podcast
Episodes #150 #215 #286

Featuring Paul F. Tompkins as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Bobby Moynihan as Fourvel atop Scott Aukerman’s Fry Vault

18 Feb 03:09

smartgirlsattheparty:micdotcom:12 famous women who totally owned...



12 famous women who totally owned sexist, racist and transphobic interview questions

More and more women are rolling their eyes at pesky reporters who overlook their accomplishments in favor of their appearance — and it’s about time. Here are a few examples of ladies giving the best answers to the worst questions.

Mindy Kaling, Cate Blanchett, Scarlett Johansson and more


20 Feb 01:52


09 Feb 16:57


13 Feb 15:30

Goodbye, Friends

Chelsea Pearson

l8r sk8r


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13 Feb 11:00

Who Says His Power Is Useless?


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12 Feb 21:07

4gifs:nom…nom…nom. [video]

Chelsea Pearson

Just blue-turtling here.


nom…nom…nom. [video]

10 Feb 22:22

the dogfather

by kris


this stays between us *airhorn*


03 Feb 15:37

4gifs:Golden Deceivers [video]


Golden Deceivers [video]

29 Nov 14:50

I swear this movie was made for this one speech.

29 Nov 17:04

bauske: dewogong: I’ve been trying to find this gifset because...



I’ve been trying to find this gifset because this is relevant now more than ever.

holy crap Adventure Time

08 Jan 15:30



In mass media

  • In Season 6, Episode 7 of ABC’s The Middle Devin Levin eats a bag of FUNYUNS


17 Jan 15:30

Cookie Crisp


In 2005, Chip was redesigned, gaining a change in attitude.


20 Dec 19:01


Chelsea Pearson

And that's how the race was run!

18 Jan 16:14


14 Jan 18:07

cheeks-74: Inspiring!



09 Jan 19:41

nevver: Park bench plaque

01 Jan 21:17

Happy 2015, you bojo’s. xo, Steff Bomb

Chelsea Pearson

You've got power?

Happy 2015, you bojo’s. xo, Steff Bomb

06 Jan 05:23

pug-of-war: probertson said: healo can u plz make animzeon of...


probertson said:

healo can u plz make animzeon of petre grifon from a family’s guy makeing out withe hanke hile from king of hil

My pleasur.

01 Jan 01:31

happy 2015

by kris
Chelsea Pearson

Nike Air Mags for everyone!


we made it! we made it to the year everything looks like it was designed in 1985. toss me a pepsi perfect

in all honestly, i’m upset that more brands didn’t take hold of this. after all, the 80s and 90s came back in, culturally, and what’d we get?

  • ultra-limited nike mags that were like $1,500 and didn’t even have power laces
  • a hoverboard that meets the criterium, but says dumb “hendo” on it and not even mattel
  • NO PEPSI PRODUCTS WHATSOEVER, that was the easiest one to do!!!
  • also usa today is out of business. oh wait it’s not out of business, easy mistake to make
14 Dec 05:38

(image via Gclare1)

(image via Gclare1)

16 Dec 04:18

Random quote from Borat -- no html parsing

by benjabean1
Chelsea Pearson


$ curl -s "" | shuf -n 1 -

Turns out has a text file containing every single one of the borat quotes, each one on a newline. This makes it very convenient, as this can be done without any sed-parsing, and uses less bandwitdth!

Note that borate quotes are quite offensive, much more so than "fortunes-off"!

by David Winterbottom (

24 Nov 05:39

crime bear

by kris


“may your righteous claws rake the guilty flesh from our lawless bones”

recommended by @ianboothby. i only used a fragment of his tweet

24 Nov 14:27

Video: Golden Retriever vs. German Shepherd Spaghetti Eating...

21 Nov 01:36

laws and order: beyond reality

by kris
Chelsea Pearson

Paul Funyons strikes again!


don’t be ashamed, mr. president. thanks to 320×200 full-color VGA technology, the line between reality and the computer world is almost impossible to detect. god help us but the door to a virtual world of crime and eroticism is wide open

have a great weekend everyone

21 Nov 14:31

atencio: Key & Peele - Aerobics Meltdown (Keep...


Key & Peele - Aerobics Meltdown (Keep Dancing)

Here it is, my favorite Key & Peele sketch of the season, and possibly ever. This sketch exists because of the brilliance of Rebecca Drysdale, who wrote a script that I immediately fell in love with for it’s darkness and scope. Then we added the combined talent of Charles Papert absolutely nailing the look for both the period broadcast footage as well as the narrative behind-the-scenes pieces, Gary Kordan and his team delivering an authentic and wonderfully detailed set and faux-backstage world for the actors to play in, and Beth Morgan SanfordMelody KoerberScott Wheeler, and Amanda Mofield doing an incredible job making everyone look just right with their combined eye to detail in wardrobe, makeup, and hair, respectively. Once we were on set, Kathryn Burns provided the beautiful and hilarious choreography, guiding both Keegan and Jordan as well as our amazing background dancers to perfection. Keegan and Jordan displayed incredible stamina, dancing for 8 hours and still giving masterful performances, and Hal Rudnick and Clint Howard added an amazing comedic touch to their characters, bringing depth to the entire piece. After we shot, the whole thing was masterfully cut by Christian Hoffman, who waded through hours of footage to find the perfect moments with which to tell the story. Every part of this one came together so wonderfully, and for me it’s a testament to the fact that everyone on our show can collaborate to make something incredibly unique. It’s funny and emotional and disturbing and very, very unlike anything you’d see on any other show. That’s why it’s my favorite sketch.