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09 Jun 08:05

More Warning Signs That You Are Becoming Dutch

by Invader Stu

Have you been living in Holland for a while? Do you think you might be becoming Dutch or do you think you might actually be Dutch? Here are a few more warning signs to look out for:

  • You are familiar with and have used the two tone sigh.
  • You enthusiastically over extend the word ‘Goedaaaaaaaaaa’ until you’ve figured out what time of day it is and whether you should end with morgen, middag or avond.
  • You consider ice cream toppings on bread a healthy breakfast.
  • You are no longer impressed by windmills.
  • You have a calendar hanging in the toilet which contains the birthdays of all your friends and family.
  • Your throat no longer hurts when you try to pronounce any Dutch words containing the letter G.
  • You regularly use the word ‘so’ to communicate a wide variety of thoughts and emotions, without feeling the need to put it into a full sentence.
  • You no longer pause to consider what a frikandel is made of before eating it.
  • You know what a kroket is and know to avoid the orange ones.
  • You’ve started making your own sandwiches to take to the office (but often eat them on the train).
  • The Albert Heijn layout has started to makes sense.
  • You have used your bicycle to transport one or more of the following: an item of furniture, a mattress, a suit case, a crate of beer, another bicycle, newly purchased electrical equipment, the weekly shopping or other large objects.
  • You consider 15 degrees warm and will happily have a barbeque under such conditions.
  • When you speak Dutch the Dutch actually reply in Dutch.
  • You are aware that it is ‘The Netherlands’ and not ‘Holland’.
  • You no longer freak out and start to panic in front of your friends when the emergence alarms are tested at the start of the month.
  • You are able to eat more than two oliebollen in a day.
  • You own, have owned or know someone who owns a caravan.
  • You’ve started using strange sign language to indicate when something is ‘lekker’.
  • You never lose hope about the Elfstedentocht.
  • For more warning signs that you might be becoming Dutch check out part 1.