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10 Sep 01:20

Toronto Police allowed to turn off body cams if they are planning a surprise party

by Anders Yates

TORONTO – The Toronto Police recently unveiled their new body cameras which will record every interaction officers have with the public unless the officer involved is in the middle of planning a big surprise for somebody. The recording devices are expected to improve public trust in the police as long as there are no significant […]

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02 Sep 21:29

Hyperloops are not yet viable, Transport Canada report says

by Stefanie Marotta

But they have them in Futurama!

Study commissioned by Transport Canada says high-speed concept ‘shows promise,’ but is too expensive and lacks sufficient testing
31 Aug 22:30

Ottawa to look into allegations RCMP ignored warnings about intelligence official Cameron Ortis: Trudeau



The Prime Minister made the comments today about a new civil lawsuit that alleges Ortis engaged in degrading and abusive behaviour toward employees while he was director general of the RCMP’s National Intelligence Co-ordination Centre
29 Aug 23:59

Calling the Kids

by Brian

Bonus Panel

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24 Aug 23:20

Frog and Toad Tentatively Go Outside After Months In Self-Quarantine

by Jennie Egerdie

Monday Morning

Toad woke up.

In his bed was last night’s dinner plate.

And last night’s water glass.

And last week’s pile of laundry.

“Drat!” Toad said. “This room is a mess.”

Frog opened the door.

“Wow,” said Frog, “so this is where all our dishes went.”

“I will clean up later,” said Toad. “It is time to start work.”

Toad changed into his work pajamas.

He reached under a pillow for his laptop and opened up his email.

“I have so much work to do,” sighed Toad.

He set his Zoom background to a picture of his room when it was tidy.

“There,” said Toad. “Now I am professional.”

- - -


Toad and Frog went for a long walk.

They walked across a large meadow.

They walked in the woods.

They walked along the river.

They stopped to take a break.

“I am already tired!” exclaimed Frog.

“My muscles have atrophied from being inside,” grumbled Toad.

Frog looked at his reflection in the water.

“I am out of shape,” said Frog. “I feel ugly.”

“You are not ugly,” said Toad. “You are beautiful.”

“I feel round,” sighed Frog.

Toad stared at Frog.

It was his most intense stare.

“Round is a beautiful shape,” said Toad.

Frog smiled.

- - -

The Restaurant

Toad and Frog stood outside a French bistro.

Inside, a sparrow, two dragonflies, and a field mouse were having dinner together.

They looked like they were having a good time.

“Time to go in,” said Frog.

Toad and Frog did not move.

“Here we go,” said Toad. “Dinner time.”

Toad and Frog still did not move.

“Toad,” said Frog, “I do not feel it is safe yet.”

“I was about to say the same thing,” said Toad.

They were being cautious.

It was a good warm feeling.

- - -


Toad was sitting on the front porch.

Frog came outside and said, “What are you doing, Toad?”

“I’m waiting,” said Toad, “for my stimulus relief check.”

“We already got our stimulus checks,” said Frog.

“I know,” said Toad. “But it was not enough. I am hoping for another one.”

“What would you do with it?” said Frog.

“I would pay off credit card debt and get an eye exam,” said Toad. “How about you, Frog?”

“I would spend some on groceries, and save the rest for the upcoming month’s rent,” said Frog.

“Oh,” said Toad, “that makes very good sense.”

Frog sat on the front porch with Toad.

“I hope Congress passes the relief bill,” said Toad.

“Yes,” laughed Frog, “that would be a RELIEF!”

Toad did not laugh.

They sat there, waiting together.

- - -

The Beach

Toad and Frog went down to the beach.

“There are a lot of people here,” said Frog.

“Yes,” said Toad. “Too many.”

Toad pulled out his tape measure.

He counted out the exact distance between their towels and their closest neighbor, a turtle.

“Sixty-three inches apart is too close by CDC guidelines,” said Toad.

“Frog, please tell that turtle to move away.”

Frog walked over to the turtle, taking care to keep his space.

“Turtle,” said Frog, “you will have to move over a few inches.”

“Why should I?” asked the turtle.

“Because there is a pandemic,” said Frog.

“The pandemic is fake,” said the turtle. “Wearing a mask makes you sick. This is all a hoax caused by 5G and planned by hospital executives—”

Frog backed away quickly.

“Let’s just go home,” said Frog.

“I am right behind you,” agreed Toad.

- - -

The Calendar

Frog looked at Toad’s calendar. The April page was on top.

“Toad,” said Frog, “do you think it is still April?”

“No,” said Toad, “I know it is August. But my brain feels stuck in April.”

“Mine too,” said Frog.

Frog ripped off the April page.

“Toad,” said Frog, “I do not understand time anymore.”

“Time means nothing now,” said Toad. “It is just the thing that happens between snacks.”

- - -

7 O’Clock

Frog stood out on the front porch.

“Toad!” said Frog. “Toad! It’s almost time!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” said Toad.

Toad ran out to the porch. The clock chimed 7 o’clock.

Frog and Toad clapped their hands together.

They clapped and clapped until their palms were sore.

“Are we the only ones still doing this?” said Toad.

“I don’t know,” said Frog.

“Can they hear us?” said Toad.

“I hope so,” said Frog.

Toad reached over and squeezed Frog’s hand.

“I hope so too,” said Toad.

- - -


Frog and Toad Are Self-Quarantined Friends

19 Aug 00:28

We Are Committed to Making a Safer Trampoline

by David Guzman

At Tumbo’s Trampolines, we recognize that you want a fun and safe experience when on a trampoline — not one that ends up in the E.R.

With the rising popularity of backyard bounce houses, we know we need to listen to consumers if we want you to choose our trampolines for your home jumping recreation. So, based on your feedback, we are committed to making the following changes to our products and promotional materials:

  • Trampolines should only have four components: the legs, the frame, the springs, and the mat. We’ve taken all wheels off our trampolines because no one wants their trampoline to roll out from under them when they’re midair.
  • We will no longer sell trampolines with ceilings installed on them. And, therefore, no ceiling fans.
  • Our trampolines are now made to fit the typical netted-safety enclosure. We regret making our trampolines oddly-shaped (trapezoid, puddle-shaped, large ring missing a center) to prevent sales of safety enclosures from our competitors.
  • Mats and springs will be manufactured to withstand far more than the 28 bounces that the typical Tumbo Trampoline can handle. We’re aiming for something in the triple digits.

(We should note here that bounce houses are no stranger to causing broken bones and joint injuries. And yet, no bounce house manufacturer we know of is changing their designs to be safer. Don’t you wonder about that?)

  • We will discontinue selling trampolines in the color “grass-green” or in shades of camouflage.
  • Our safety guidelines will no longer suggest a minimum number of eight jumpers at once.
  • We will no longer in any way suggest trampolines make useful sinkhole covers.

(Bounce houses seem safer than trampolines because they have walls. But those walls mean they can quickly collect with rainwater and drown whoever’s in one. Not so with trampolines.)

  • To any customers that purchased our trampoline-slip and slide hybrid: these were prototypes and were not meant to go on sale. We can’t refund you, but if you bring it to our warehouse, we will gladly separate it back into a full slip ’n slide and a half-trampoline.
  • The picture on the box will no longer feature a cool child using his bike to jump on a trampoline.

(Bounce houses are known to attract drifters, who can make your bounce house their legal residence if they spend the night in it.)

  • We will no longer sell our trampolines in the ladder aisle of home improvement stores as a ladder replacement.
  • Though our fold-up trampolines made for convenient storage, they were prone to abruptly folding up when landing on one so are being discontinued.

(NASA astronauts training to go into space routinely die when training in bounce houses. If they’re not safe for resilient spacemen, are they safe for you?).

  • A trampoline we sell under the category of “poolside trampoline” will be sold with a more neutral name.
  • We are discontinuing our service where we install a trampoline in the bed of your pickup truck.

(I can’t get over how bounce house companies changed the name from “moon bounces” so they could avoid associations with all those astronaut deaths. I’m sure you agree it was a real low move.)

  • We are recalling our Trampolines For the Elderly.
  • We are recalling our Trampolines For the Frail.
  • We are recalling our Trampolines For Patients Recovering From Trampoline Injuries.

(Trampolines are for jumping, which is a muscle-building exercise natural to the human body. Bounce houses, though, are for bouncing, a dangerous movement known to shake up the blood and rotate your internal organs, particularly the organs of those preparing for space flight)

  • We are recalling all trampolines sold to be used inside of a bounce house (of course the presence of a bounce house is what caused the danger here, NOT the trampoline).

So with that, we are now proudly only selling one simple trampoline designed entirely with safety in mind: our Astronaut-Bounce House Death Memorial Trampolines. Fill your backyard edge-to-edge with them to pay your respect while having a blast!

04 Aug 05:02

Coffee Break: Tile Stickers

by Kat

We’ve just bought out SECOND four-pack of these, so I thought I’d do a mini-review of Tile Stickers if you feel like you’re constantly hunting for objects like remotes: They’re amazing. They stick to everything; we have yet to have one come off. They’re very easy to set up in the Tile App. They make a nice happy loud sound if you need to find them. They even have GPS so you can figure out where you left them. 

We’ve mostly just been sticking them to remotes (my kids somehow misplace these all the time!), but we also stuck one to the back of my son’s Kindle (after he lost it for weeks). I could see this being a great thing to stick on a nice piece of equipment, or I know some moms of elopers who’ve stuck them to bikes. 

The Tile stickers, like the Tile keychain thingys before them, are a bit big to nicely fit inside a wallet — but there’s a new wallet-sized “Tile Slim” that is perfect for that.

The Tile Stickers are $54 for a pack of 4; they’re available at Amazon, Target, Walmart and more. 

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

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28 Jul 18:05

NIST study finds that masks defeat most facial recognition algorithms

by Sabrina I. Pacifici

Wear a mask, the man is watching!

NIST: “Now that so many of us are covering our faces to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, how well do face recognition algorithms identify people wearing masks? The answer, according to a preliminary study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is with great difficulty. Even the best of the 89 commercial facial recognition algorithms tested had error rates between 5% and 50% in matching digitally applied face masks with photos of the same person without a mask. The results were published today as a NIST Interagency Report (NISTIR 8311), the first in a planned series from NIST’s Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) program on the performance of face recognition algorithms on faces partially covered by protective masks. “With the arrival of the pandemic, we need to understand how face recognition technology deals with masked faces,” said Mei Ngan, a NIST computer scientist and an author of the report. “We have begun by focusing on how an algorithm developed before the pandemic might be affected by subjects wearing face masks. Later this summer, we plan to test the accuracy of algorithms that were intentionally developed with masked faces in mind.”…

06 Jul 03:11

Don't Tread on My Hawaiian Shirt!

by allwaysinfashion


At least he's wearing gloves...

The New York Times this week reported a simmering phenomenon I wish they hadn't noticed. Members of alt-right groups called the Boogaloo Movement have adopted the Hawaiian shirt as part of their regalia. Their aim, besides trashing my husband's beloved shirts, is to inspire a second civil war. You can just imagine all the ugly things that entails.

I absolutely see no connection.

This has something to do with a 1984 movie called "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo", the word  mashed into "big igloo" and "big luau". So references to igloos and Hawaiian shirts represent the group's aims from civil libertarian rebellion to all-out race war. The Hawaiian shirt is even meant to be ironic, representing as it does a middle aged man's shirt of comfortable choice.  

As the wife of one of those middle aged men, I welcomed my husband adopting the uniform. They were more dressed up than a crew neck t-shirt and more original than a collared polo. Besides, the shirts were more flattering to his middle aged man shape, the one I probably fueled with too many homemade apple pies.

My husband has quite a collection of Hawaiian shirts now that he's even beyond middle age. One of his favorites cost $1.98 on sale at Sears. I love it too as it machine washes and tumble dries like a dream. Another favorite is a classy Ralph Lauren design, the first Father's Day gift our son chose and paid for himself. Who can deny my husband showing his team pride? Although this one is a dreadful rayon blend that wrinkles as you button it on. A Hawaiian shirt is the answer to How do I get him to look dressed up without making him put on long pants? In fact a Hawaiian shirt and long pants is too Miami Vice, and not in a good way.

The not-in-a-good-way way

The last thing my husband wants to promote is civil unrest. He's already put away red baseball caps. The Times wasn't clear whether the Hawaiian shirt can ever be reclaimed unless everyone starts wearing one. The best way to lick 'em may be to join 'em. Who knew camo looked so good with Hawaiian shirts? Just ditch the accessories.


16 May 21:47

For off-the-grid Vancouver Islanders, self-isolation is a way of life, virus or no virus

by Melissa Renwick

nice portraits of island people!

As the world is forced into isolation to combat COVID-19, there are people on the west coast of Vancouver Island whose preferred lifestyle already cuts them off from the world. From remote islands to float homes tucked in quiet coves, their lives have been mostly unchanged by the pandemic
11 Mar 05:45

Pit Stop

by Team Awkward

cars just don't break down the way they used to!

“Every summer, we drove from Southern California to Iowa. Every summer, the car broke down.”

(submitted by Ginger)

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03 Mar 22:17

Cartographers Have Been Hiding Covert Illustrations Inside of Switzerland’s Official Maps

by Sabrina I. Pacifici

bored cartographers?

For Decades, Cartographers Have Been Hiding Covert Illustrations Inside of Switzerland’s Official Maps – They’ve eluded one of the most rigorous map-making institutions in the world to do so: “The first three dimensions—length, height, and depth—are included on all topographical maps. The “fourth dimension,” or time, is also available on the website of the Swiss Federal Office of Topography (Swisstopo). In the “Journey Through Time,” a timeline displays 175 years of the country’s cartographic history, advancing in increments of 5-10 years. Over the course of two minutes, Switzerland is drawn and redrawn with increasing precision: inky shapes take on hard edges, blues and browns appear after the turn of the century, and in 2016, the letters drop their serifs. Watching a single place evolve over time reveals small histories and granular inconsistencies. Train stations and airports are built, a gunpowder factory disappears for the length of the Cold War. But on certain maps, in Switzerland’s more remote regions, there is also, curiously, a spider, a man’s face, a naked woman, a hiker, a fish, and a marmot. These barely-perceptible apparitions aren’t mistakes, but rather illustrations hidden by the official cartographers at Swisstopo in defiance of their mandate “to reconstitute reality.” Maps published by Swisstopo undergo a rigorous proofreading process, so to find an illicit drawing means that the cartographer has outsmarted his colleagues. ..”

24 Feb 03:45

The thin white line: How Northern Ontario’s winter roads are built and kept safe to drive

by Marcus Gee

Interesting story and good photos when you feel like a read!

It takes hard, dangerous work to keep isolated Indigenous communities connected – and increasingly, it is those communities who do the work themselves, ensuring truckloads of vital supplies can make it over unforgiving terrain. Here’s how it’s done
03 Feb 04:57


by Brian

we never tried the trick in the bonus panel!

Bonus Panel

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19 Jan 03:49


by Lunarbaboon

we can always hope the children will eventually fix the roof!

06 Nov 07:11

Bear Hug

by Team Awkward

babies make a great substitute for underwear

“Me and my Dad. It looks like I was raised by Ron Jeremy.”

(submitted by IG @mackadacious)

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06 Nov 07:09

Once Bitten

by Team Awkward

I know let's take a photo of a raccoon being forced to sit beside a toddler!

“My little sister, brother and teenage neighbor playing with a baby raccoon. Begs the question- how did we survive the 70s???”

(submitted by Cat)

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02 Nov 04:14

Manager, Sanitation, Recycling & Cemeteries  (City of Nanaimo)

City of Nanaimo is now hiring.
Posting expires: Monday, November 18, 2019.

The job posting service is provided in partnership by CivicInfo BC and the Local Government Management Association of BC.

To post a job, please e-mail or
15 Sep 04:10

This Map Lets You Plug in Your Address to See How It’s Changed Over the Past 750 Million Years

by Sabrina I. Pacifici

Smithsonian Magazine – The interactive tool enables users to home in on a specific location and visualize how it has evolved between the Cryogenian Period and the present

Ancient Earth, the tool behind this millennia-spanning visualization, is the brainchild of Ian Webster, curator of the world’s largest digital dinosaur database. As Michael D’estries reports for Mother Nature Network, Webster drew on data from the PALEOMAP Project—spearheaded by paleogeographer Christopher Scotese, the initiative tracks the evolving “distribution of land and sea” over the past 1,100 million years—to build the map. Users can input a specific address or more generalized region, such as a state or country, and then choose a date ranging from zero to 750 million years ago. Currently, the map offers 26 timeline options, traveling back from the present to the Cryogenian Period at intervals of 15 to 150 million years…”

12 Sep 05:42

The Replacement Plan

by Team Awkward

when grandparents photoshop...

“My grandpa replaced my ex-boyfriend’s face with his own. Nothing like revenge of the grandpa.”

(submitted by Rachel) 

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02 Sep 03:48

Wet Things

by Brian

What is that slime on the doorknobs anyway?

Bonus Panel

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20 Aug 05:54


by Sarah Andersen

if erik starts doing art again...

31 Jul 15:24

Who wants to live forever

by Scandinavia and the World

I know how much you love influencers!

Who wants to live forever

Who wants to live forever

View Comic!

12 Jun 21:02

Court Says Using Chalk On Tires For Parking Enforcement Violates Constitution

by Sabrina I. Pacifici

thought this was sort of interesting as we were just talking about chalking tires and more high tech ways to monitor parking!

Wow – via NPR – “The next time parking enforcement officers use chalk to mark your tires, they might be acting unconstitutionally. A federal appeals court ruled Monday that “chalking” is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. The case was brought by Alison Taylor, a Michigan woman whom the court describes as a “frequent recipient of parking tickets.” The city of Saginaw, Mich., like countless other cities around the country, uses chalk to mark the tires of cars to enforce time limits on parking…

Trespassing upon a privately-owned vehicle parked on a public street to place a chalk mark to begin gathering information to ultimately impose a government sanction is unconstitutional under the Fourth Amendment,” Taylor’s lawyer, Philip Ellison, wrote in a court filing. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit unanimously agreed. Chalking tires is a kind of trespass, Judge Bernice Donald wrote for the panel, and it requires a warrant. The decision affects the 6th Circuit, which includes Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee…”

08 Jun 00:32

Swing Shift

by Team Awkward

Joylessly swinging on the adult swings...sorry little girl from Humans of New York!

“The photographer caught me and my dad trying to hide from having to take more pictures for my sister’s wedding.”

(via source)

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20 May 07:44

Moment of Silence

by Brian


Bonus Panel

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09 May 18:58


by Lunarbaboon


18 Apr 02:35

The Golden Arches

by Jim Rowley

maybe your dad should take an art class!

“So this is what my Grandpa made in art class.”

(via source)

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11 Apr 14:08


by Team Awkward

I want one of these pics of our family :)

“Taken on our 2004 family road trip. Obligatory angsty teens against picturesque backdrop.”

(via source)

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09 Mar 02:18

Monster Mash-Up

by Kailee

her photoshopping was ahead of its time!

“Mom’s photoshop skills on an ex-husband.”

(submitted by Heather)

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