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03 Aug 21:46

United States electricity map

by Nathan Yau

via ibstopher. Impressed, and proud of the diversity of the generator mix in MN, outside of being 50% coal. It's cool to see this visualized. Click thru to article to see the mix for all 50 states.

Power capacity

The Washington Post mapped power plants in the United States by type and capacity in megawatts. Color indicates the former, and bubble size indicates the latter. There are a lot more natural gas power plants, supplying 30 percent of the nation's energy, than I expected.

See the article for a map for each type, along with a state-level breakdown.

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03 Aug 18:31

everylittlefandom: I am crying. That is all.


via baron. i've never read the books but i'm still a huge fan of the ongoing comic iterations.


I am crying. That is all.

02 Aug 18:30

Björk talking about her TV


via baron. this is beautiful.

31 Jul 23:44

“The Spirit of Decentralization”


It's interesting. I'm pretty much a stalker-only facebook user, but only to the extent that I'm stalking what is currently trending and popular in my newsfeed. I understand that this is furiously curated for me by facebook algorithms, but I still like to know what the algorithms want to show me, so that I know at least enough to be critical of it. I've never felt the ennui that comes from seeing all the vacation photos and happy lives that people feel pressure to put out there. I'm happy being the consumer of that product, without the obvious (to me, so far) side-effects.

This is a very interesting read on the open web. One of the core ideas here is something that we think and talk about a lot, which is that social media and private networks are killing the open web that blogs played such a huge role in creating.

“Blogs gave form to that spirit of decentralization: They were windows into lives you’d rarely know much about; bridges that connected different lives to each other and thereby changed them. Blogs were cafes where people exchanged diverse ideas on any and every topic you could possibly be interested in.”

And this conclusion:

“New, different, and challenging ideas get suppressed by today’s social networks because their ranking strategies prioritize the popular and habitual.“

I’ve always believed that, given time, people will float back to the decentralized web.  Technology moves so quickly these days that I’m really not even convinced that internet providers, social networks, or congress can prevent the open sharing of information.

I gave up Facebook several months ago after reading a few studies about the negative impacts of Facebook on happiness.  I was concerned that my real friends would think I was shunning them or that I’d be out of the loop.  But none of those things have happened.  In the end, the only difference is that I’m spending those precious minutes online reading more blogs.  It’s inspiring and enriching and I’m grateful to have made the change.

31 Jul 13:43

Billy Corgan addresses his trip to Disneyland: “What the fuck do you want from me?” | Consequence of Sound

by OnlyMrGodKnowsWhy

He must have been taking a break from professional wrestling in Chicago.

30 Jul 23:15



via firehose. Much creppy.

29 Jul 20:33

Dies Irae


Turn it on...

29 Jul 12:47



via baron. I'm losing touch. I couldn't immediately place each of those pics in the film.

29 Jul 02:19

Interstellar (2014)


Would watch again.

Interstellar (2014)
29 Jul 00:36

Amanda Manitach


The good life in peace time.

Amanda Manitach

28 Jul 17:27

Toyota mashes Sienna minivan and Tacoma pickup into Ultimate Utility Vehicle

by C.C. Weiss

@Lev. Found your minivan.

The Ultimate Utility Vehicle is traveling across North America and will show up at the SEMA Show later this year

There must be something in the water supply around Toyota HQ. Maybe pure grain alcohol. As if a Lexus hoverboard wasn't enough weirdness for one week, Toyota also revealed the Ultimate Utility Vehicle, a Sienna/Tacoma hybrid that will be trekking across North America. The Swagger Wagon has more swagger than ever, along with the newfound mettle to back it up.

.. Continue Reading Toyota mashes Sienna minivan and Tacoma pickup into Ultimate Utility Vehicle

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28 Jul 02:09



Good luck @lev.

27 Jul 21:14

Postcards from the Arrowhead Bridge

by Paul Lundgren

via Cary Renquist.

New Arrowhead Bridge 1927b

Arrowhead Bridge in the 1940s

The Arrowhead Bridge connected West Duluth to Superior’s Billing’s Park neighborhood across the St. Louis River for 57 years. Built by the Arrowhead Bridge Co., it opened on March 15, 1927. The company charged a toll to cross the bridge until 1963, when Minnesota and Wisconsin state officials paid $200,000 to make it a toll-free public bridge.

The Arrowhead Bridge was dismantled in 1985 after the opening of the Richard I. Bong Memorial Bridge.

Arrowhead Bridge Slow

Arrowhead Bridge postcard

Arrowhead Bridge is the main artery for traffic between Duluth and Superior

Be sure to see the new Arrowhead Bridge

The post Postcards from the Arrowhead Bridge appeared first on Perfect Duluth Day.

27 Jul 20:23

Heaven is (Probably) a Place on Earth

by Michelle Vider

via Sophianotloren. @Lev, perhaps there is further evidence of your purely faithless society coming true.

Mya Frazier writes for Aeon on the “heaven tourism memoir” (seen in books such as Heaven is for Real and The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven) and what its popularity as a genre suggests about the 21st century’s conceptualization of deities/gods/God.

Reading these books catapulted me back into my evangelical past life, reminding me of who I might be still, had I not sought relief from the dissonance of biblical literalism. For me, the genre’s popularity was not a sign of resurgent faith, but symptomatic of faith’s waning – a last gasp at belief, a signal of a coming break.

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27 Jul 19:45



@tm. Perhaps a follow-up message on OKC with this image would do the trick.

27 Jul 19:45

killedtheinnocentpeople: mishasminions: sizvideos: Video THIS...


Finally, definitive proof that jif is wronj.






I know it’s not b&w but I couldn’t not to reblog

27 Jul 13:55

bblackgoldd: richbitchmello: When bae wont eat booty like...


via rosalind. same as that last comment.



When bae wont eat booty like groceries pt.1

I really can’t breathe

I hate how ugly this made me laugh.
24 Jul 01:36

Raw Diet

by John martinez

via bernot. fking raw zombies.

Raw Diet

23 Jul 23:04

webcardz u can uze


Hi firehose.

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July 22nd, 2015: Happy pi approximation day! Hey, this is unrelated to that, but did you see my NINE shirt designs available for two weeks only? HOPEFULLY YOU DID??

– Ryan

23 Jul 18:15

Borderlines, Valerio Vincenzo


Why did the chicken cross the border? It's sick of Holland's shit in the first one.

© Valerio Vincenzo

© Valerio Vincenzo

© Valerio Vincenzo

© Valerio Vincenzo

© Valerio Vincenzo

© Valerio Vincenzo

© Valerio Vincenzo

Borderlines, Valerio Vincenzo

23 Jul 16:20

frauleinninja: lledra: sharped0: gobigorgoextinct: Steve Irwin in a Jaeger would be...


via Jordan. Gd I miss Steve Irwin.





Steve Irwin in a Jaeger would be entertaining.

Look over there. There’s a Catergory 3 Kaiju. Biggest one yet. 

Ah’m gonna wrassle with it. 

#yeah but who’s his drift partner. a crocodile. just a crocodile. its not a special or humanoid croc its literally just a croc strapped in.



23 Jul 00:13

Artisanal Landlord Price Hike Sale


I don't have a ton of sympathy for the anti-gentrifiers.

22 Jul 14:48

social media expertise

by kris

via firehose via Osiasjota.


“once, you told me to ‘break my neck in a mexican sewer’ because i tweeted that you charged my card twice by mistake”

Oops! We must have had the grumpies that morning. Thanks for letting us know! :) #starwars

21 Jul 13:16

#1144; The Silver Foil Lining

by David Malki

Can we make, "At least you got practice" a default response to insults?

Lose your keys through a sewer grate? At least it's practice for when you lose your keys through a hole in a bridge!

21 Jul 00:12

What coffee does to your body

by Rob Beschizza

This article perfectly summarizes what I can attest to. Namely, no noticeable coffee buzz anymore, and I can fall asleep super easily (when not drinking coffee for a few hours.)

CoffeeCaffeine is the world's most widely-used psychoactive drug. Four cups a day is, for average adults, about as much as it's safe to take, because of the mildly unpleasant things it does to us.

20 Jul 21:46

sorayachemaly: Women scientists made up 25% of the Pluto fly-by...


via cooper. But what was the source of the 70 second deviation? Was it dark matter? Was it extra terrestrial intelligent life glomming onto it, or giving it a little nudge to see if we would notice? Inquiring minds want to know.


Women scientists made up 25% of the Pluto fly-by New Horizon team. Make sure you share this, because erasing women’s achievements in science and history is a tradition. Happens every day.


more of this.

20 Jul 02:05

Wolfram Mail [Link]

by Gabe

omfg. via fh.

The Wolfram API now handles email processing and this post describes some mail rules beyond anything you've probably ever seen.

Now I can subscribe to the mailing list as “,” and I will only receive messages about tables. But I can do better. Why not search messages for the price and create a log with the information I want? The function func below will run in my Wolfram Cloud account every time the mail receiver address receives an email

I wish I was like 10X smarter so I could use the Wolfram Language for more than dinking around.

By way of John D. Cook

20 Jul 01:53

Unnamed bidder drops $40,000 on one of Tom Brady’s deflated balls

by Hayley Byrnes

via fh. For headline alone. #sportsballisleastinterestingpartofsportsball beat.

To many, Tom Brady is the perfect man. He's just so damn dreamy.

In fact, he is sooooo popular that one individual went and paid over $40,000 for one of his deflated, discarded balls. Hey! Keep your mind out of the gutter! We are talking about footballs, ya with me?

Yes, it appears that one of the footballs used in the AFC Championship that led to "DeflateGate" was sold at an auction on Saturday for a whopping $43,740. That's gotta be over the market price for balls.

Sports auction house Lelands took an opportunity and ran with it, making one of the biggest profits ever for a football.

The buyer has not yet been identified, although we have our suspicions ...

H/T to The New York Post

18 Jul 07:57

Advanced Drinking Aphorisms


Via cary. This struck me perfectly.

15 Jul 18:29

Why Should Any Journalistic Standards Apply to Reproductive Freedom?

by Scott Lemieux

Good summary of the bullshit flying around out there. via Sophianotloren.


I’m sure this version of heavily edited Candid Camera will turn out to be solid!

See also.

And the thing is, even if the video were honest it would be neither here nor there. The fact that something sounds gross isn’t actually a reason to ban something unless you think the practice of medicine should be eliminated entirely. Over to you, Justice Stevens.