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20 Oct 09:03

Stimuli-responsive tertiary amine methacrylate-based block copolymers: Synthesis, supramolecular self-assembly and functional applications



Publication date: June 2014
Source:Progress in Polymer Science, Volume 39, Issue 6
Author(s): Jinming Hu , Guoying Zhang , Zhishen Ge , Shiyong Liu
In the past decade, responsive polymers exhibiting reversible or irreversible changes in physical properties and/or chemical structures in response to external stimuli have been extensively investigated. Among them, tertiary amine methacrylate-based block copolymers represent a unique category considering their responsiveness to multiple external stimuli (e.g., pH, temperature and salts), which are essentially relevant to the biological milieu. These intriguing properties allow for their applications in a variety of fields ranging from drug or gene delivery, imaging, diagnostics, antibacterial coatings, catalysis, and bio-separations. This review article highlights tertiary amine methacrylate-based block copolymers, focusing on recent advances in the synthesis of tertiary amine methacrylate-based block copolymers with varying chemical structures and chain topologies, their supramolecular self-assembly in aqueous media as well as in the bulk state, and the emerging functional applications.

02 Oct 07:03

Poly(trehalose): Sugar-Coated Nanocomplexes Promote Stabilization and Effective Polyplex-Mediated siRNA Delivery

by Antons Sizovs, Lian Xue, Zachary P. Tolstyka, Nilesh P. Ingle, Yaoying Wu, Mallory Cortez and Theresa M. Reineke

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Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/ja404941p