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Una pa las sukuballs

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Kirtan Pizza: yoga, meditación, música, mantras y… pizza (todo junto y gratis)

by Somos Malasaña

Ay que vuelven!! si es que son los mejores!!


Kirtan Pizza es una propuesta tan original como ecléctica para las tardes de los sábados que viene a unir el yoga, la meditación, la música en directo de instrumentos tradicionales de la India y el canto de mantras con el buen ambiente y el comer pizza casera.

Desde las 18:30 horas, el programa Kirtan Pizza del centro Hare Krisna de Madrid llega con entrada libre y gratuita hasta las 19 horas. Participando de la celebración y meditación, el centro invita a la pizza a partir de las 20 horas.



Dónde: Espíritu Santo 19, Hare Krisna – A.C.K
Cuándo: todos los sábados, desde las 18:30 horas
Cuánto: Entrando antes de las 19 horas, gratis


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jejejeje como el Miguelico!

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$100M Bel Air Mansion For Sale With Two Gold Cars

by naomijanehansen

sparkling_heartsparkling_heart Como en casa en ningún lado sparkling_heartsparkling_heart

Los Angeles knows how to do luxury living well, and to prove it, a new seven-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion just came onto the market and is stacked with everything from exotic cars to an Andy Warhol painting and a Champagne vault. The recently completed residence is located in the Trousdale Estates neighborhood, comes fully furnished and is priced at $100 million. The hefty price tag is more than worth it though considering everything you get with your purchase.

Designed by ex-movie producer turned real estate developer Nile Niami, the 20,500-square-foot home dubbed “Opus,” overlooks the city and the Pacific Ocean from its hilltop location. Trousdale Estates has long been known as one of the most elite communities in the city and is even nicknamed “Billionaire’s Row” by locals. Typically lots are priced between $32 to $50 million each, and next door to Opus is a $70-million spec house purchased by Minecraft founder Markus Persson.

Inside, the residence features a retractable glass wall that opens up to the patio, motorized sliding doors, 12-foot ceilings, a 15-person screening room, Roberto Cavalli flooring, and Longhi doors in suede and embossed leather. On the other side of the living room is a TV that rotates 360-degrees so you can watch it from wherever you are. The master suite comes with large, floor-to-ceiling windows, dual closets and baths and unobstructed views. The mansion also comes with a full-time manager whose salary is factored into the price for the first two years.

One of its coolest amenities, though, is its car museum which can hold up to 10 vehicles. Thrown into your purchase is also a gold Lamborghini Aventador roadster and a gold Rolls-Royce Dawn, to get your car collection started. For art lovers, the residence features contemporary art pieces such as two large Damien Hirst originals (valued at over $2 million) and an Andy Warhol portrait of Muhammad Ali.

When it comes to relaxing, owners can lounge outdoors by the infinity pool or head indoors to the heated pool when the weather begins to drop. Plus, Niami created a wellness center within the house which boasts a massage room, steam room and beauty salon (with manicure and pedicure station) to allow for in-home treatments. Of course, no home is complete without a wine room and Opus not only has a 944-bottle space but also includes a separate Champagne vault. The vault is stocked with $250,000 worth of Cristal, about 170 bottles.

Opus was clearly built for the super-rich and has positioned itself to be one of LA’s most desirable residences. The estate is being listed by Hilton & Hyland through agent Drew Fenton. If this still isn’t up to your caliber, don’t worry, Niami plans to list another property in Bel Air next year for $500 million. So you can expect some pretty impressive offerings for that home.

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ultrafacts:(Fact Source) Follow Ultrafacts for more facts


(Fact Source) Follow Ultrafacts for more facts

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NiNJA GAiDENSIMS / SegaMaster System1992Source:...

SIMS / Sega
Master System


Ask me anything!

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king-owl: youknowyourebritishwhen: i just thought might want to...



i just thought might want to see this.

90s pigeon rap metal band poster

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fiilme: there he is its john zelda

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there he is its john zelda

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ultrafacts: The Navajo have a unique tradition. When a baby is...


The Navajo have a unique tradition. When a baby is born, it is regarded as the ultimate, precious gift and must never be abused. From the moment of birth, the child is watched over continuously by family and friends, who patiently wait for the child’s first…laugh.

“Has your baby laughed?” is common question posed to parents who have infants around the age of three months. The first laugh of a Navajo child is a very significant event. It marks the child’s final passing from the spirit world to the physical world, meaning he or she is now fully human. This milestone warrants a party, and what a party it is!

Whichever brother, sister, parent, cousin, aunt, uncle, or passing acquaintance is present at the first laugh is deemed to have caused it.  The laughter instigator then receives the honored privilege of preparing a special ceremony to welcome the child into society.

Once a baby has laughed, training in generosity begins immediately—a value held in high regard among the Navajo people. At the party, where the baby is considered the host, the parents or person responsible for the first laugh help hold the baby’s hand as he or she ceremonially gives the rock salt, food, and gifts to each guest. There are also bags of candy, money, and other presents that the child “gives” along with the food. [x]


Fact Sources/more info: [1] [2] For more facts, follow Ultrafacts

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tinysport:wow the new samurai jack season looks great


wow the new samurai jack season looks great

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La pared de Duarth

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Esto es cierto Viti?

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Comprensión relativapor Ernesto Sánchez

Comprensión relativa

por Ernesto Sánchez

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