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08 May 02:48

Removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper

by (Jessica Jones)

I'm pleased to announce a new print on a new product: removable wallpaper! Chasing Paper has just launched my Sunburst print in nine— that's right, NINE— colors in their shop.

I'm super excited. This stuff is like regular wallpaper, except it's self-adhesive and no paste is required. It's low-tack, so peeling it off won't harm your paint. (Or your 70s wood paneling.) Renters, rejoice! It's repositionable, so if you stick a piece on crooked or start putting it up on one wall and then decide it would look better somewhere else, no problem. Just move it. It's not contact paper; it's actually printed fabric and has a visibly woven texture so it looks richer than a wall decal. And it's wipeable!

Chasing Paper's wallpapers come in 2 ft. by 4 ft. panels, so you can buy a little for a small project, or a lot for a big project. Cover an accent wall. Or the inside of a bookshelf, or the top of a TV tray.

There's a bit of satin sheen to the paper.

I covered a plain white cabinet in my dining room.

Since I'm always skeptical about claims of durability, I decided to find out how easy this stuff is to clean. Let's pretend you accidentally throw some chocolate sauce at your wall.

It wipes off easily, leaving the wallpaper unharmed.

Let's pretend you accidentally run your wallpaper under some water. No problem. The ink doesn't run and you can dry it right off.

You know what that means. I have to put a wallpaper backsplash behind my sink.

Buy this design from Chasing Paper right here, or browse their other fun patterns!

06 May 22:33

donutrabbit: Katie said I should put up the whole set, so here...


Katie said I should put up the whole set, so here it is!

You know I love Nancy