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24 Nov 16:38

My Brain, It Hurts!

by admin

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29 Sep 20:25

September 28, 2013

Early update because I'll be at Festiblog all day!
16 Sep 12:38


by swissmiss

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity”.
- Simone Weil

09 Sep 01:52

whosthewhatnow: My other idea involves a Lazarus pit. I love...


My other idea involves a Lazarus pit.

I love that my bear hat has a little hat. Thanks Chris!

09 Sep 01:45

Snappy Butter Burst Oil

by drew


This is a gallon of butter-flavored oil, which looks to be the same kind that’s used at the movies. What caught my eye was the reviewer who said “Have had it about 6 weeks and time to order more.”

A gallon of vegetable oil contains 30,000 calories. That means that this reviewer is either consuming 700 calories of oil daily, or 4200 calories (in one “movie night” sitting) every week.

27 Aug 22:24

Cat Owners Will Understand (24 Pics)

by Jeff Wysaski
If you own a cat, then you can definitely relate to the following pictures… via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via You may also … Continue reading →

Have you visited Pleated Jeans today?

27 Aug 00:11

August 26, 2013

BAHFest is back.
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21 Aug 19:55

Feeling plucky

by David


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21 Aug 19:24


by SEAN (The Jeep Guy)

It's an impressive looking knot.
I thought I'd post it for the one or two of you who still wear ties AND
have the ability to follow the directions or were boy scouts or
are into bondage. ;)

15 Aug 22:15

Frank Bruni On Hand-Holding

by Joe
"After all the education that we Americans have had and all the relished progress we’ve made, being gay does mean feeling constrained in situations where most people aren’t, scared in circumstances that wouldn’t frighten others in the least, self-conscious when you shouldn’t have to be. Like when you’re holding someone’s hand. It’s the sweetest, most innocent and most natural of gestures: to interlock your fingers with those of a person for whom you’re feeling a sudden rush of affection. A person you maybe love. And yet when my partner takes my hand in public in New York City, I look at the sidewalk ahead. I note how many pedestrians are coming our way, and how quickly, and whether they’re male or female, young or old, observant or distracted. And I sometimes take my hand back, wishing I were braver, wishing our world didn’t ask me to be." - Frank Bruni, in a New York Times essay which refers to yesterday's gay-bashing in Chelsea.

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14 Aug 17:35

A Softer World

14 Aug 16:42

Getty Open Content

by Paul Hsieh
The Getty Museum is now offering thousands of high-resolution digital images free, as part of their Open Content program.

(They merely request attribution in the form of "Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program.".)
12 Aug 23:35

Where The Rubber Ducks Landed

by Paul Hsieh
"In 1992, around 29000 rubber ducks fell off a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean. This is where they made landfall."

12 Aug 23:35

The Science of the Great Molasses Flood

by Paul Hsieh
"The Science of the Great Molasses Flood: In 1919 a wave of syrup swept through the streets of Boston. Fluid dynamics explains why it was even more devastating than a typical tsunami."

Basically, the problem arises because molasses is a non-Newtonian fluid.
12 Aug 21:29

How Your Brain Becomes Addicted to Caffeine

by Paul Hsieh
"This Is How Your Brain Becomes Addicted to Caffeine".

"Addiction" is such an ugly word. I prefer the term "special relationship".
12 Aug 03:25



11 Aug 18:15

TRAILER: The Hunger Games II

by Joe
11 Aug 14:45

 Incredible Long Exposure Photographs Shot from Orbit Wonderful...

 Incredible Long Exposure Photographs Shot from Orbit

Wonderful long exposure photographs taken by astronaut Don Pettit. While there are many photos like these taken from the perspective of the Earth’s surface, Pettit’s images are unique in that they incorporate the passing blur of entire illuminated cities, aurora, and the sporadic flashes of lightening from thunderstorms. Check out many more photos from the series here.

Credit: Don Pettit/NASA

[h/t: spaceplasma]

06 Aug 14:41

Well Played, Kid

Well Played, Kid

Submitted by: Unknown (via metaf)

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06 Aug 11:36


by Paul Hsieh
06 Aug 11:32

xkcd Backstory

by Paul Hsieh
05 Aug 21:22


05 Aug 21:20

She Did Say You Can Be Anything You Set Your Mind To

She Did Say You Can Be Anything You Set Your Mind To

Submitted by: Unknown

05 Aug 12:35

Travel Tips for Apple Users

by Paul Hsieh
"What to do (and not to do) when traveling overseas with Apple gear"
05 Aug 12:33

Brooklyn, Block by Block

by swissmiss


Thomas Rhiel created this stunning, colorful map of all of Brooklyn’s 320,000+ buildings. He plotted and shaded each of them according to its year of construction. The result is a snapshot of Brooklyn’s evolution, revealing how development has rippled across certain neighborhoods while leaving some pockets unchanged for decades, even centuries.

05 Aug 12:31


by Greg Ross

“History is philosophy teaching by examples.” — Thucydides