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18 May 14:29

First World Programmer Problems

by Don
02 May 13:55

John F. Kennedy's Fried Chicken

by Brad

“Ask not what you can do for your country, ask for fried chicken.” – JFKFC (via Reddit)

02 May 13:30


02 May 13:09

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

by luke


I mean, it’s not creepy if he is so spot on with the name and look-alike right? Serious question though, is Michael Jackson becoming the new Elvis with impersonators? They both have a few different looks you can pull off and so far I haven’t seen anyone look even remotely similar to either so I’m thinking we may have uncovered a new trend here.


23 Mar 12:01

bilvee: i’m making throw pillows! inspired by folks creating...

by absol


i’m making throw pillows! inspired by folks creating customised cushions in animal crossing: new leaf, i thought i’d make some real ones for people to be able to buy for themselves! i’ve just made my favourites to get started, so feel free to request a villager and i’ll add it to the store for you! 

buy the cushions here!