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04 Feb 18:30

The Daily Struggle


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04 Feb 19:45

(comic by Doghouse Diaries)

(comic by Doghouse Diaries)

04 Feb 21:45

entirelypets:High five gone terribly wrong…


High five gone terribly wrong…

04 Feb 22:39

kellyangel:There should be some kind of secret handshake … that...


There should be some kind of secret handshake … that no one would initiate.

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05 Feb 06:00

dickmasterson:Phillip doesn’t even have a face and he looks...


Phillip doesn’t even have a face and he looks done.
05 Feb 13:49

Word Problems

by Grant

05 Feb 05:00

the letter, which t-rex doesn't read, says "hey guys remember how we wanted to all hang out while i was still alive well GUESS WHO DROPPED THE BALL ON THAT ONE"

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February 5th, 2015: Hey did you know there's a COMPUTER GAME version of To Be or Not To Be? It's true! AND IT'S OUT RIGHT NOW AHHHH

– Ryan

05 Feb 21:30

gifsboom:Video: Orphaned Lamb Thinks She’s a Dog

05 Feb 23:30

674 -Horóscopo.

by gomba


Meu signo é MURROS!

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(image via jason_cr)


100% verdade =~~

(image via jason_cr)

02 Feb 15:00

King Has Never Looked Better

02 Feb 20:15

Hope You're Grammar Improve

03 Feb 01:44

673 – Oportunidade.

by gomba



“Água não tá gelada, serve?”

03 Feb 15:37

4gifs:Golden Deceivers [video]


Golden Deceivers [video]

03 Feb 20:00

The Worst End to a Date Ever


Como as dorgas destroem o amor

02 Feb 13:13

Mind-Melting Animated Gifs by Nicolas Fong

by Jeff


I stared at this image above for waaay too long; it’s gotta be one of the best animated gifs I’ve ever seen. These incredible looping animations were created by animator Nicolas Fong. Thanks to Russell Alton for helping me I.D. the creator via Twitter. Have a look at some more below.

View the whole post: Mind-Melting Animated Gifs by Nicolas Fong over on BOOOOOOOM!.

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by etiologo

25 Jan 17:30

Meanwhile, in the heat of Brazil

26 Jan 06:12

ronbyrnegundy: !

26 Jan 08:31

Onomatopoeia stained glass windows, Palais de Tokyo - Christian...

Onomatopoeia stained glass windows, Palais de Tokyo - Christian Marclay

28 Jan 13:43

Wow! Today we’ve got five Galileo quotes that will make...

27 Jan 08:58

tumblr_mn83a01owu1qz4s48o2_500.png (500×478)

by eimer
28 Jan 01:23

tekknoir: Jeremy Mann

Time Square Lights

Manhattan Nights

7th Ave. Night

The City Tempest



Jeremy Mann

30 Jan 14:30

Pixellated Hair Is A Wild Look

by Nicole Wakelin


This crazy-cool pixellated hair is a new trend in coloring by X-Presion that was recently featured in a Revlon Professional collection. Hair color is applied to just small sections of the hair to give it a blocky, pixellated look. Sometimes it’s subtle with colors complementing the natural hair color, but some of it is wild with bright greens and reds that will have you rubbing your eyes.

See Also: This Leatherdos Hair Clip Doubles As A Multi-Tool

See more pictures after the break.







(Estetica Magazine via Boing Boing)

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27 Jan 20:46


by geek7freak

29 Jan 02:09


by peta



Se fosse no Mundo Digimon ele seria um Dobermon (e voltaria a ser um Pinscher em algumas horas)