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04 Feb 18:30

The Daily Struggle


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(comic by Doghouse Diaries)

(comic by Doghouse Diaries)

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entirelypets:High five gone terribly wrong…


High five gone terribly wrong…

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(image via jason_cr)


100% verdade =~~

(image via jason_cr)

02 Feb 15:00

King Has Never Looked Better

02 Feb 20:15

Hope You're Grammar Improve

03 Feb 01:44

673 – Oportunidade.

by gomba



“Água não tá gelada, serve?”

03 Feb 15:37

4gifs:Golden Deceivers [video]


Golden Deceivers [video]

03 Feb 20:00

The Worst End to a Date Ever


Como as dorgas destroem o amor

02 Feb 13:13

Mind-Melting Animated Gifs by Nicolas Fong

by Jeff


I stared at this image above for waaay too long; it’s gotta be one of the best animated gifs I’ve ever seen. These incredible looping animations were created by animator Nicolas Fong. Thanks to Russell Alton for helping me I.D. the creator via Twitter. Have a look at some more below.

View the whole post: Mind-Melting Animated Gifs by Nicolas Fong over on BOOOOOOOM!.

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by etiologo

22 Jan 11:38

Almost certainly.

by Lydia Marks
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More Brilliant Shower Thoughts (images via imgur)Previously: 20...

More Brilliant Shower Thoughts (images via imgur)

Previously: 20 Mind-Boggling Shower Thoughts

25 Jan 17:30

Meanwhile, in the heat of Brazil

26 Jan 06:12

ronbyrnegundy: !

26 Jan 08:31

Onomatopoeia stained glass windows, Palais de Tokyo - Christian...

Onomatopoeia stained glass windows, Palais de Tokyo - Christian Marclay

28 Jan 13:43

Wow! Today we’ve got five Galileo quotes that will make...

27 Jan 08:58

tumblr_mn83a01owu1qz4s48o2_500.png (500×478)

by eimer
28 Jan 01:23

tekknoir: Jeremy Mann

Time Square Lights

Manhattan Nights

7th Ave. Night

The City Tempest



Jeremy Mann

30 Jan 14:30

Pixellated Hair Is A Wild Look

by Nicole Wakelin


This crazy-cool pixellated hair is a new trend in coloring by X-Presion that was recently featured in a Revlon Professional collection. Hair color is applied to just small sections of the hair to give it a blocky, pixellated look. Sometimes it’s subtle with colors complementing the natural hair color, but some of it is wild with bright greens and reds that will have you rubbing your eyes.

See Also: This Leatherdos Hair Clip Doubles As A Multi-Tool

See more pictures after the break.







(Estetica Magazine via Boing Boing)

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by geek7freak

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by peta



Se fosse no Mundo Digimon ele seria um Dobermon (e voltaria a ser um Pinscher em algumas horas)

21 Jan 21:27

The X-Files reboot is happening


"Hank Moody" wakes up in a weird chamber. He discovers he was in an induced coma dreaming hedonistic/dramatic dreams for the past decades. He looks around and sees Scully with a big gun and with the electric outlet of his chamber in her hand. She says: welcome back, Mulder. Now let's kick some ass.

*theme song starts* tooo dooo doo doo doo doooooooooooo

28 Nov 12:25

My Job


My Job

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to some of you folks out there! I hope your turkey was moist, your stuffing plentiful, and your portions non-lethal. What else is involved in your job? Let us know on Facebook!

28 Nov 17:40

Space Noir

by Geoff Manaugh

creepy bagarai

[Image: The International Space Station at night, photographed by astronaut Alexander Gerst, courtesy of the ESA].

The European Space Agency recently released a group of photos taken by astronaut Alexander Gerst showing the International Space Station at night. The only real contextual information provided is that "the six astronauts on the weightless research centre live by GMT, and generally sleep at the same time."

[Image: Photo by Alexander Gerst, courtesy of the ESA].

Gerst—so close to Geist!—thus took advantage of the downtime to produce some images that make the ISS look uninhabited, a dead mansion rolling through space.

[Image: Photo by Alexander Gerst, courtesy of the ESA].

This is perhaps what it would look like to arrive somewhere in the middle of night, hoping to say hello to your comrades, only to find that you've actually boarded the Mary Celeste.

[Image: Photo by Alexander Gerst, courtesy of the ESA].

The dimly lit corridors of this house of sleeping astronauts take on the atmosphere of film noir, as if this is secretly a crime scene, still flickering with the last lights of its drained batteries, and these are the first photos to be taken upon arrival.

[Image: Photo by Alexander Gerst, courtesy of the ESA].

Small details take on narrative suspense. Why was that cupboard door left open, its contents bare for all to see? And are those objects messily scattered about, as if a struggle has taken place, or is this just the normal state of things in zero-g?

Where is everyone? Imagine performing forensic crime-scene analysis in the absence of gravity, three-dimensionally reconstructing a moment of violence by tracking objects back along all of their possible trajectories; you would need holographic models of every legally admissible collision and variation.

[Images: Photos by astronaut Alexander Gerst, courtesy of the ESA].

In any case, to browse more of astronaut Gerst's collection, you can basically start at this image and click backward through the rest; one or two, unfortunately, feature other astronauts drifting around, perhaps staring down at the earth through the red eyes of insomnia, which ruins the illusion of this being a ruin, but the photos are still worth a glimpse.

[Image: Photo by Alexander Gerst, courtesy of the ESA].

Finally, proving that international scientific organizations have an active sense of humor, the photos were actually released on Halloween.
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