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27 May 12:05

Chicago Makers Meet-up on Thursday!

by Ken Denmead
JG6Sok8L5ZMwdV8wATTuCeYHF6GytW5arzsvxYpwCHgHey Chicagoland Makers. . . MAKE is coming to town and wants to meet up on Thursday, June 27th, at 7pm to 9pm. We're joining awesome, local makerspace, Pumping Station: One in welcoming the community of makers and visiting librarians in town for ALA to meetup with the local CNC club at PS:1!

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01 Apr 12:17

Environmentalists rejoice as Agenda 21 is implemented across North America!

by Lloyd Alter
A green, sustainable future awaits us all as the United Nations proposal for sustainable development becomes the law of the land.
29 Mar 20:54

TSA screener finds pepper spray on the floor, gasses five other screeners because he thought it was a laser-pointer

by Cory Doctorow

A TSA screener at JFK pepper-sprayed five of his colleagues at Terminal 2 on Tuesday, according to the New York Post. The screener, Chris Yves Dabel, found a pepper-spray cannister on the floor and believed it was a laser-pointer, so (for some reason), he aimed it at five other screeners and pressed the trigger. The six were sent to Jamaica Hospital.

The screener sprayed five other TSA agents around him, sending all six to Jamaica Hospital and halting security checks at Kennedy for at least 15 minutes, police said.

No passengers reported injuries. Dabel refused medical attention.

TSA officials scrambled to keep the embarrassing incident under wraps yesterday — until The Post began inquiring about it, a source said.

Oops, TSA guy goes spray-zy! [NY Post/Josh Margolin]

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(Image: Pepper Spray Cop - White background, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from donkeyhotey's photostream)