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02 May 14:15

Comment on NPDE Lecture 1 Discussion by admin

by admin

Just a note on the comments: as written below, you can use some HTML to format your posts. However, on this blog we can also use some LaTeX commands to typeset mathematics.

For an overview of LaTeX mathematics notation, look to one of the following references: 1, 2, and any others you find online.

For example,

\[ u_t-(u^m)_{xx} +b u^\beta=0\]

\[ u_t-(u^m)_{xx} +b u^\beta=0\]

20 Feb 01:41

Mentalist Keith Barry plays tricks on used car salesmen

by Mark Frauenfelder

Mentalist Keith Barry works his powers of manipulation on used car dealers and customers in this video, like figuring out exactly how much people imagine they are willing to spend on a car. (Via Dooby Brain)


19 Jul 05:36

Existence of periodic solutions for the periodically forced SIR model. (arXiv:1307.5050v1 [q-bio.PE])

by Guy Katriel

We prove that the seasonally-forced SIR model with a T-periodic forcing has a periodic solution with period T whenever the basic reproductive number R0>1. The proof uses the Leray-Schauder degree theory. We also describe some numerical results in which we compute the T-periodic solution, where in order to obtain the T-periodic solution when the behavior of the system is subharmonic or chaotic, we use a Galerkin scheme.