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15 Feb 00:18

Damn Those Vile Floppies.



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15 Feb 00:04

Everyday carry handcuff key

by Cory Doctorow

Tihk sells a tiny, easily concealed handcuff key for "everyday carry," and intended for "law enforcement, military, and security professionals...[to avoid] being restrained with their own cuffs, captured person release and evading capture themselves." $13 for a two-pack.

The perfect handcuff key for everyday carry (via Sean Bonner)


06 Feb 02:21

No Child Deserves This



02 Feb 02:12

Birthday Parties Are Kind of Gross When You Think About it

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02 Feb 02:06

Your Life Is Waisting Away

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02 Feb 02:00

Press X to Pinkie


Sean! Sean! Jason! Jason!

Press X to Pinkie

Never played Heavy Rain. Just saying.

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01 Feb 22:47

Serving The Queen

25 Jan 23:39

Stop Sweat Stains from Ruining Your Shirts with a Little Baby Powder

by Melanie Pinola

Stop Sweat Stains from Ruining Your Shirts with a Little Baby Powder

You know what's better than knowing how to get rid ofstubborn underarm stains? Keeping those horrid yellow stains away in the first place. Real Simple tells us we can use baby powder as a stain guard for our clothing.


25 Jan 00:23

Mark Brown runs for governor in bid to recover seized raccoon

by Rob Beschizza

@Clint, hehe, this can't be serious! Hannah Montana raccoon guy running for governor?

Mark "Coonrippy" Brown, the Tennessee man whose pet raccoon was seized after video of him playing with the furry creatures went viral, is running for governor.

"I have officially tossed my hat into the ring," says Brown in his first campaign video. "... I think it's time to bring the United States back to where it belongs, beginning with Tennessee. We are one nation, under God, not above God. And just like the purity of this apple ... well, I don't know where I was going with that. But I guarantee you there'll be changes made, changes you'll like. You call me, I promise I'll answer the phone."

He really just wants the beloved raccoon back, though, reports WBIR's Tena Lee.

This is all about the raccoon," Brown said.

Brown gained national attention in July following the seizure of his pet raccoon, Rebekah, by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officials. Brown claimed he was targeted by the agency after videos of him with another raccoon, Gunshow, went viral. His quest to regain ownership of Rebekah was eventually featured on CNN when he appeared on the Anderson Cooper 360 RidicuList in August.

Brown said his letter to TWRA officials seeking a permit went unanswered and a petition to Haslam with over 60,000 signatures was returned unopened.


24 Jan 21:44

With Great Shame Comes Great Responsibility


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24 Jan 02:42


(Note: Not actually a wildebeest.)

24 Jan 01:23

I've Had it Up to HERE With This Snow!

I've Had it Up to HERE With This Snow!

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22 Jan 00:04

Google And Starbucks Don't Mix


The Starbucks logo got me.


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20 Jan 01:20

Lets Hope They Never Learn

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20 Jan 01:18

Responsibility Be Damned, There's a Lot of Capybara Videos to Watch

20 Jan 01:03

The Cat Knew Exactly What He Was Doing


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08 Jan 11:22

US farmers cautiously growing hemp again after 56 years of brain-dead prohibition

by Mark Frauenfelder

Hemp is a useful crop. It's used to make paper, cloth, food, fuel, and many other products. But hemp farming in the United States has been illegal for 56 years. The government outlawed hemp cultivation because it didn't want people hiding marijuana crops in hemp fields (they look the same, but hemp does not contain psychoactive compounds, at least not enough to matter).

Interestingly, products made from hemp are legal in the US, but they must be imported from countries that aren't as insufferably schoolmarmish. This year, however, US farmers are starting to grow hemp again. Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for recreational use, and some farmers are taking this as permission to grow non-psychoactive hemp in those states. (Hemp, both the inert and psychoactive varieties, is still prohibited under federal law). The first company in line to buy US-grown hemp is Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. Alternet's April M. Short has a good article about the movement.

The U.S. is one of the fastest expanding markets for hemp in the world, and imports currently come primarily from Canada and China. America imported $11.5 million worth of hemp products in 2011, up from $1.4 million in 2000, the majority of which is used to make granola bars, cooking oils, and personal care products.

Steenstra says in addition to supporting American farmers, a local hemp industry will bring the prices down, and mitigate ecological impacts. Dr. Bronner’s is based in California, where just last month a bill to legalize hemp was passed— contingent upon the Justice Department’s reaction.

The law requires California to regulate the farming, processing, and sales of hemp for oilseed and fiber, just as soon as the federal government says it’s okay to do so.

Hemp Returns to U.S. Soil After 56 Years -- and Magic Soap King Dr. Bronner's Is Ready to Buy

04 Jan 23:56

Futurama: all the characters, illustrated

by David Pescovitz

Above is the cast of Futurama, as illustrated by an artist named Unrellius. See it larger over at deviantART. "The Cast of Futurama"


03 Jan 15:33

A Guy Recreated Iconic Movie Images with His Dog

by Georgie

I can laugh at all of these, except that Top Gun Image.  Why would you recreate that Top Gun image???







































Okay, actually I’d say about 90% of those were hilariously uncomfortable on some level.  But this one kills me:





It’s all fun and games until Sparky tells him he just wants to be man’s best friends.



Images via Reddit user mmsspp.

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03 Jan 02:10

So Romantic


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02 Jan 20:43

Power Pellets and Revelations

Power Pellets and Revelations

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01 Jan 23:59

Ninjas Beat All


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31 Dec 17:59

Sure, Just Jump That Canyon Like it's No Big Deal

Sure, Just Jump That Canyon Like it's No Big Deal

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30 Dec 22:28

The Game "Operation" Comes Out with an Internet Edition


30 Dec 20:34

Sounds Like a Fun Place


Eyup, even autocorrect makes Manassas jokes.


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28 Dec 22:09

It Really Screws You Up

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28 Dec 03:11


28 Dec 03:07


28 Dec 03:01


28 Dec 02:11

Iron Maiden's social-media/piracy success story was wrong(ish)

by Cory Doctorow

@Clint, update on the Iron Maiden thing.

Contrary to my post from earlier this week, Iron Maiden did not decide to tour latinamerica based on Internet analytics about the countries where their music was most pirated. The author of the story made an "error." However, there was research showing that the countries where Maiden was making millions from live shows were also the countries where their music was pirated most.