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03 Jan 14:04

Dogs align their bodies along a North-South axis when they poop

by Lauren Davis

Dogs align their bodies along a North-South axis when they poop

Ever wonder why dogs need to get themselves into just the right position to do their business? As it turns out, dogs align their body axis according to Earth's magnetic field when they squat to poop—a behavior that changes when the magnetic field is unstable. But why do they do it?



02 Jan 14:14

For 2014 it’s 1975 again with this vintage Marvel calendar

by Heidi MacDonald

Return with us to the days of Power Man and flat coloring. It seems 2014 has the same calendar as 1975, and in 1975 there was a Mighy Marvel calendar. Mark Anderson has scanned in the calendar and posted big JPEGS so you can make your own wallpaper or print em out for yourself.

This is actually a very spiffy calendar, and full of valuable information — Aunt May’s first heart attack! – even if doesn’t list conventional holidays, like Presidents Day, preferring to celebrate Baron Mordo’s Washing Day.

14 Apr 14:30

Microsoft creative director "doesn't get" why always-on DRM upsets people, mocks rural internet users

by Rob Beschizza

Douche. I live/ work in a rural community and a lot of people use dial-up.

We no longer need to point out that DRM is an expression of contempt for one's own customers—Microsoft's own employees take care of that task all by themselves. [CNET]