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31 Aug 17:09

The Ethiopian Fashion Tribe that turns Nature into Haute Couture

by MessyNessy


Remember when you tried to get creative and bejewel your jean shorts or decorate your new tennis shoes with a Sharpie pen? Well this is not that. In the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia, the Surma and Mursi people don’t have glue guns, sewing machines, sequins or Sharpies to accessorise with. Inspired by the tools and textiles provided by nature alone, these ancient African tribes manage to create their own unique fashion that could easily rival and certainly influence the avant garde looks of Haute Couture Fashion Weeks around the world.




These rare photographs of what is believed to be among the most unique and remote tribal people in the world, were captured by German-born artist Hans Silvester. Born in 1938, with an impressive career behind him, Hans has documented everything from the ravages of deforestation in the Amazon to the lives of women in the Great Indian Desert.




For his most recent work featuring the Surma and Mursi people, the photographer immersed himself into daily tribal life to chronicle and “save…as much as possible of this truly living art.”


The two tribes reaching the southern end of Ethiopia and the northern part of Kenya share a similar culture. Their homelands are remote, located in desolate mountains in a largely unexplored region. But as civilization encroaches and civil war becomes more violent, Hans worries that these people will lose their delightful tradition.


They have practised some of the same traditions that their ancestors did centuries ago living in the same remote area, but most tribes now carry AK47s to hunt or protect themselves from tribal rivalries, provided by parties in the Sudanese Civil War. Police allow foreigners to travel there only with a hired armed guard.


Still, despite the inevitable contamination from the outside world, the tribespeople, women and adolescent children in particular, show an innate artistic sense.



Because they are a nomadic people without permanent architecture on which to express their art, they use their bodies as their canvases, embelleshing their skin with mineral pigments from powdered volcanic rock and dressing themselves in “textiles” obtained from the natural world around them.


Body accessories and spectacular avant-garde looking headpieces are made with just flowers, leaves, grass, shells and animal horns. They have an exquisite and innate sense of form, shape and colour.





What I love most about this, is that it’s 100% original. You can be certain the tribespeople aren’t flicking through the pages of Vogue or looking back at style icons of the 60s for inspiration. Their fashion is truly inventive and they are each natural born fashion designers.


Far from the runways of Paris and the fashion houses of Milan, they are from an alternate fashion world, where what you wear is subject to mother nature’s infinitely changing elements, the colours “in season” truly do depend on the season, and individuality is the only trend.

Hans Silvester has two books featuring his stunning photographs. Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa and Ethiopia: Peoples of the Omo Valley, both available on Amazon.

Photographs via the Marlborough Gallery.

P.S. Thanks for the tip Brian! 

04 Sep 03:15

Fluffy Chicken and Two-Legged Chihuahua are Best Friends


Roo, the handicapped but energetic chihuahua, and Penny, the fluffy silkie chicken, became instant, unusual best friends with they were rescued and re-homed together.

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13 Aug 15:12

New edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with Dali artwork!

by David Pescovitz


In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Princeton University Press just published a special edition of Lewis Carroll's classic, illustrated with Salvador Dalí’s incredible 1969 artwork for the story. Read the rest

12 Aug 16:00

Artist Cai Guo­-Qiang Sends a 500-Meter Ladder of Fire into the Sky Above China

by Christopher Jobson

Sky Ladder, realized at Huiyu Island Harbour, Quanzhou, Fujian, June 15, 2015 at 4:49 am, approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Photos by Lin Yi & Wen-You Cai, courtesy Cai Studio.

In the early morning hours of June 15, a huge white balloon filled with 6,200 cubic meters of helium slowly ascended into the sky above Huiyu Island Harbour, Quanzhou, China. Attached to it was a 500-meter long ladder coated completely with quick burning fuses and gold fireworks that was then ignighted by artist Cai Guo­-Qiang (previously) who has become known for his ambitious pyrotechnic artworks.

Titled Sky Ladder, the piece burned for approxmiately 2 minutes and 30 seconds above the harbor and was the fourth and final attempt to realize the performance. Guo­-Qiang had earlier attempted Sky Ladder in Bath (1994), Shanghai (2001), and in Los Angeles (2012), to varying degrees of success, but never considered his vision complete until now. He first imagined a ladder of fire as a child and has pursued the idea for 21 years. He shares about this last successful iteration of the event:

Behind Sky Ladder lies a clear childhood dream of mine. Despite all life’s twists and turns, I have always been determined to realize it. My earlier proposals were either more abstract or ceremonial. Sky Ladder today is tender, and touches my heart deeply: it carries affection for my hometown, my relatives and my friends. In contrast to my other attempts, which set the ignition time at dusk, this time the ladder rose toward the morning sun, carrying hope. For me, this not only means a return but also the start of a new journey.

Unfortunately there’s no official video of the performance available yet, but a few shaky cell phone videos have emerged. You can see more images of the performance on the artist’s website. All photos by Lin Yi and Wen-You Cai courtesy Cai Studio. (via Booooooom)






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24 Jul 02:15

Meow The Jewels enlists Massive Attack, album due in September

by FACT Team

All profits will go towards victims of police brutality. 

El-P took to Twitter earlier today to provide an update on Meow The Jewels. The cat-themed remake of RTJ2 is set to arrive in September. It will be available on streaming platforms as well as vinyl and digital formats.

Earlier this year, Massive Attack announced they were in the studio with Run The Jewels. The Bristol legends have contributed a track to the album, joining a list of contributors that includes The Alchemist, Boots, Zola Jesus, Just Blaze, Baauer and Portishead’s Geoff Barrow.

The digital version of Meow The Jewels will be available for free. All proceeds from the vinyl sales will go towards victims of police brutality. ‘Meowrly,’ the first track from the album, was premiered last weekend.


— el-p (@therealelp) July 23, 2015

#MeowTheJewels is being made strictly to put money in hands of people in need. huge shout to all the amazing producers contributing. <3

— el-p (@therealelp) July 23, 2015

#MeowTheJewels will be released to everyone for free as well as on limited deluxe edition vinyl.

— el-p (@therealelp) July 23, 2015

%100 of all profit of #MeowTheJewels will go to charity.

— el-p (@therealelp) July 23, 2015

.@yarthox yes it will be available on streaming services.

— el-p (@therealelp) July 23, 2015

as for when it is dropping, we will be announcing an exact date very soon but if all goes right it drops in september.

— el-p (@therealelp) July 23, 2015

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20 Jul 14:20

Listen to a Choir of Cats Interpreting a Run the Jewels Song

by Julianne Escobedo Shepherd on The Muse, shared by Julianne Escobedo Shepherd to Jezebel

Run the Jewels, the rap superduo consisting of Killer Mike and El-P, have spent months promising Meow the Jewels, a forthcoming version of their Run the Jewels 2 album as interpreted by cats.


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02 Jul 16:21

Venus de Milo Action Figure, Now with Arms

Japanese toymaker Figma offers a posable 6-inch plastic Venus de Milo action figure. She has her arms back...(Read...)

08 Jul 12:02


23 Jun 07:33

An Amazing Sleeve Tattoo Inspired By Hayao Miyazaki Films



This amazing tattoo by Andy Kurth of Electric Chair Tattoo in Clio, Michigan. Characters from Hayao Miyazaki's most famous films come to vibrant, colorful life as they inhabit one universe on this man's arm. Impressive!(Read...)

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21 May 01:03


19 May 14:40

Japanese Falconry

by peacay
These woodblock illustrations of falcon 
training come from a mid-1860s
album called 'Ehon Taka Kagami' 
(~The Illustrated Mirror of Falconry)

"Kawanabe Kyôsai (Gyôsai) (1831-89) was a Kano painter, printmaker, and illustrator, the son of a Samurai. At the age of six he entered the studio of Utagawa Kuniyoshi^, and from the age of nine became a student of the academic Kano school, studying under Maemura Towa and then Tohaku Chinshin, who gave him the name "Toiku". He exhibited at the Vienna International Exposition in 1873, and at the first and second Paris Japanese Art Exhibitions of 1883 and 1884. In the early years of the Meiji period (1868-1912) he attained considerable popularity with his political caricatures, for which he was arrested and imprisoned in 1870. His famous 'Kyosai Gadan' (1887), an attempt to show a variety of traditional Japanese and Chinese painting styles, was widely appreciated in Europe, and was issued with English captions for the export market.

Kyosai's 'Ehon Taka Kagami' is the major resource on Japanese falconry, with wonderful woodcuts of hawks, field work, breeding, hoods, gloves, and other associated tools and items of equipment. It records the ancient Japanese methods of care, raising, and training of the Siberian Goshawk, considered the best variety for use in falconry since ancient times. Harting 371. Schwerdt III p. 245; see G. Schack. Kyosais Falkenjagd." [source]

"A major resource on Japanese falconry, the capture, taming & teaching of falcons, the grooming, feeding and culture of the bird of prey. Wonderful illustrations of falcons, the associated tools & equipment, stands, methods of warming in winter before the hunt, winter hunting, respect for. On the flushing to expose game birds to be hunted by the falcon, the kill, capture of the quarry. How to tether, hoods, master's gloves and other accoutrements, field work, breeding, bathing &c." [source: removed ebay auction listing]

Ehon Taka Kagami 8

Ehon Taka Kagami 15

Ehon Taka Kagami 12

Ehon Taka Kagami 7

Ehon Taka Kagami 3

Ehon Taka Kagami 4

Ehon Taka Kagami 10

Ehon Taka Kagami 15

Ehon Taka Kagami 6

Ehon Taka Kagami 5

Ehon Taka Kagami 13

Ehon Taka Kagami 1

"This magnificent work was issued once in a single first and only edition, and is complete in five volumes. The first series: 3 vols. were published in 1877, followed by the second series consisting of 2 volumes in 1879. [..]
This marvelous work uses crushed mica as an integral part of the hand-made Washi paper. These tiny flecks of mica give a sparkle to the illustrations, and are especially effective on the feather portion of the falcons. Mica gives a realistic and "high-tech" touch to the wood-cut printing technique. [..] The collation of the set is: vol. 1,3,4,5, each have 10p.; vol. 2 has 11p. Every page is nicely illustrated, it contains some 111 illustrations in all. [..]

This work is the most comprehensive single monograph devoted to Japanese falconry ever published in the 19th century or in prior periods. Gyôsai's superb artistic skill and solid ability to capture the essence and feel of real and live Japanese falconry has yet to be surpassed in woodcut media. The application of mica dust is now a lost art, and never done. The work outlines the ancient methods and culture of the falcon. This work records the last of the ancient falconry methods of care, raising and training, again a lost art in Japan." [source]

11 May 15:00

Alice Smeets’ Re-Imagines 20th Century Tarot Cards In The Streets Of Haiti

by Christina Nafziger

Alice Smeets - Digital PhotographyAlice Smeets - Digital Photography

Artist Alice Smeets re-imagines 20th century tarot cards through contemporary photography. Having always been interested in spiritual themes and fascinated by tarot cards, Smeet recreates the many different faces of tarot cards using the streets of Haiti as her subject. Her goal was not just to interpret the deck of tarot cards through her lens, but to also have them hold a deep, personal element. Cards like “Justice” and “The Hanged Man” become more intimate by collaborating with each of her subjects represented in this series.

Each Haitian shown in her Ghetto Tarot cards are actually artists themselves. Smeet, aiming to keep authenticity in her work, collaborated with an artist corporation in Haiti called Atiz Rezistans, or “resistant artists”. The photographer worked with these fellow artists to construct her tableaus to capture the captivating imagery in each card. In fact, Smeet includes the work of each “resistant artist” as props in the series. Working in partnership with these artists, she was able to form a relationship and learn what the word “ghetto” means to them. Smeet states that by titling the series Ghetto Tarot, she is giving the word new meaning, a more positive connotation. By exploring this theme of reappropriation, she discovers new ways of changing ideas and implications about certain imagery and words. Smeet explains,

“If we realize that its a choice whether we look at destruction and see despair or to regard it as the start of something new, we can change the meaning of every word, action and sentiment.”


(via The Creators Project)

Alice Smeets - Digital Photography Alice Smeets - Digital PhotographyAlice Smeets - Digital Photography Alice Smeets - Digital Photography Alice Smeets - Digital Photography Alice Smeets - Digital Photography Alice Smeets - Digital PhotographyAlice Smeets - Digital Photography Alice Smeets - Digital Photography


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16 May 19:52

Garbage Cat accurately simulates the one great pleasure of being a cat

by Rob Beschizza
cat Ruining human sleep. Will Herring created this 5-minute browser game in honor of his "garbage cat." Read the rest
01 May 01:54

Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Def, to perform J Dilla tribute show in London

by FACT Team

life ain't fair

Yasiin Bey will perform over nothing but classic Dilla beats for the one-off show.

Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Def, will perform a J Dilla tribute concert at London’s Indigo 02 arena on June 11. The two collaborated on a number of tracks together before J Dilla’s passing in 2006.

A statement released by the show’s promoter, Soundcrash, stated: “Mos Def’s respect within the Hip-Hop world is of great distinction. He has worked with De La Soul, Kanye West, Madlib, Talib Kweli and The Roots. Yasiin Bey himself has been responsible for bringing some of Dilla’s work to light after the producer’s death, notably using his beats on Mos Def tracks ‘History’ (2009) and ‘Sunshine Screwface’ (2012). Bey’s understanding of the life and work of [James] Yancey leaves him as the ideal candidate to lead a celebration of an extraordinary musician’s life at The O2’s Indigo.”

You can purchase tickets to the event here from 10am Friday 1 May. [via Ambrosia For Heads]

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28 Apr 19:51

Guy Hilariously Attempts to Read Dr. Seuss' 'One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish' with Speech Jammer


For his new series "Speech Jammer Storytime," a guy named Brian reads the classic Dr. Seuss children's book "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" while using a speech jammer, which he describes as a "device that records your voice and plays it back at a slight delay, thus confusing your brain and ultimately rendering you completely incomprehensible."

[speechjammerstorytime/via zero020]

23 Apr 23:29

Monkey Teaches Kid a Lesson About Respect


A rhesus macaque monkey from the city of Shimla in northern India responds with an impressive WWE wrestling move when a kid taunts him with a rude hand gesture.

[keep_with/via velvetthread]

26 Apr 04:03

President Obama Uses an Anger Translator at the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner


mostly for the end of this

President Obama's "anger translator," Luther (comedian Keegan-Michael Key), translates his thoughts during his speech at the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Watch Obama's full speech here


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15 Apr 22:11

Cell Phone Holder

by Chauncey Plantains
09 Apr 13:09

Lightning Bolt's bassist is making a 'rhythm violence' game

by Leigh Alexander

10/10 would happily have a seizure playing this.

You're a space beetle careening toward a confrontation with a futuristic giant head. That's the premise of Thumper, an upcoming music game from Brian Gibson, bassist of tooth-rattling classic Lightning Bolt, and Seoul-based programmer Mark Flury. Read the rest

31 Mar 13:09

Google Maps Pacman time! Just find an area with...


haha this rules!

Google Maps Pacman time! Just find an area with enough roads and click the pacman button next to satellite view.

(Want more? See and