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21 Jun 20:33

Photos of ruined and rotting themeparks around the world

by Cory Doctorow

IO9's Vincze Miklós has collected a marvellous gallery of photos from abandoned and rotting themeparks around the world. Several of these have been featured here before, while others are entirely new to me. The Katrina-wrecked Six Flags park in Louisiana and Walt Disney World's sadly abandoned Discovery Island are both especially compelling in their graceful ruin.

The Crumbling Chaos of Abandoned Amusement Parks

(Photo: Pain of Death, Squared2x)


21 Jun 19:53

Remember 1990, A Video of Popular Culture From the Year 1990

by Rusty Blazenhoff
Mary Cooley

It's all been downhill from here.

Remember 1990” is a Remember video by The Peterson that features things made popular in the year 1990 including movies, music, and lots more. We previously wrote about The Peterson’s series of Remember videos.

21 Jun 19:52

James Gandolfini Talks About Feeling Scared on ‘Sesame Street’

by Justin Page

As a tribute, Sesame Street has recently released a clip from an earlier 2002 episode that features late actor James Gandolfini, who passed away earlier this week in Italy. In this clip, James talks with Zoe (a muppet on the show) about how it’s okay to feel scared sometimes. He then lists off his three worst fears, which are: the dark, getting a haircut, and large talking vegetables.

Sesame Street is saddened to learn of the death of James Gandolfini. His heartwarming appearance on our show is beloved by everyone who works here. Watching it brings a smile to our faces so we wanted to share the segment with you. Our thoughts go out to his family.

via Sesame Street