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20 Oct 14:49

JAWS vs FRANK SINATRA (by WhiteSharkCapital)

JAWS vs FRANK SINATRA (by WhiteSharkCapital)

19 Oct 15:45

wish i had thought of that...

by Joy

Duas idéias divertidas e uma idiota.

I get so inspired by seeing some of the crazy-creative solutions that people come up with. Here are a few wonderfully cool things I've been loving lately...


Del Popolo, a mobile pizzeria in San Francisco, specializes in rustic Neapolitan-inspired pizza (my favorite kind!). It's pretty much the coolest food truck I've ever seen and wishing I could go get some right now. The ingredients change daily so they're always offering up new pizza flavors baked up on the spot in 60 seconds.


Sian Zeng's magnetic wallpaper makes for an interactive surface for kids to play with and create scenes and stories of their very own with these beautiful animal magnets.


Finally, the already funded Instant Lab by The Impossible Project lets you turn your iPhone photos into real polaroids. While I love the instant nature of capturing a moment on-the-spot with a Polaroid camera, it can get pricey when the photos just don't turn out. With the cost of Polaroid film being so pricey, I love the idea of being able to print only the best photos of moments that seem to so often get captured on your phone.

What else have you guys seen lately that's blowing your mind with creativity?

16 Oct 16:46

raisins get no love. 

raisins get no love. 

16 Oct 11:54


by Adriano Petrich
12 Oct 16:19

10/12/12 PHD comic: 'notFinal.doc'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "notFinal.doc" - originally published 10/12/2012

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11 Oct 17:10

montt en dosis diarias - 80

by (montt)

10 Oct 03:31


by Adriano Petrich