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27 Mar 19:18

Conservation Agriculture to buffer and alleviate the impact of climatic variations in Madagascar


A research paper on the use of CA in Madagascar

Conservation Agriculture (CA) has been promoted during the last 15 years in Madagascar to develop a sustainable rainfed agriculture in order to cope with low fertility upland soils, soil erosion, low productivity and erratic rainfall. If CA does provide a better sustainability with adapted cropping patterns ...
27 Mar 19:07

Our dying soils: The invisible crisis under our feet


An article on problems of water in Timor and use of CA to combat this problem, including a video on the topic.

A key solution FAO has promoted is conservation agriculture, which entails the three principles the UN agency is promoting in Timor Leste and other project areas: no tillage—that is, disturbing or ploughing the soil—keeping the soil covered with crop residue or plants at all times, and growing a variety of ...
27 Mar 18:58

World Water Day 2018: The answer is in nature


Some suggestions from World Water Day 2018 on changing the ways food is produced including a section on CA

According to the UN, conservation agriculture is based on three principles – minimizing soil disturbance; maintaining a continuous soil cover of organic mulch and/or plants, and cultivating diverse plant species. “Eliminating or minimizing tilling or plowing avoids disturbing and breaking up the topsoil ...
27 Mar 18:53



A good article explaining why Nepal has to reduce the problem of a warming climate and has several suggestions on how to do this including use of CA

Cropland nutrient management through nitrogen-fixing plants and organic fertilizers, conservation agriculture through cover cropping and mulching, agroforestry concept, reduced grassland and shrubland conversion and improved cultivation are also the natural solutions towards agriculture. Improved ...
27 Mar 18:48

Agriculture could fix ecological mistakes of past


An article of the use of CA for remedying agricultural mistakes in the past in South Africa.

Agriculture could fix ecological mistakes of past. By Gerhard Uys. March 23, 2018 9:12 am. Producers have a responsibility to reverse past mistakes made in agriculture, according to Grain SA conservation agriculture (CA) facilitator, Dr Hendrik Smith. Agriculture could fix ecological mistakes of past.
16 Mar 18:23

Southeast Kansas farm family earns NCGA Good Steward award

The program and recognition funding is provided by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation as part of its Harvesting the Potential campaign to raise awareness among United States farmers of the importance of conservation agriculture. Systems approach. As 2S Land and Cattle, Randy, Nicole and their two ...
16 Mar 18:21

Women take lead in agriculture


A report on the role of women in using CA in Namibia

Omatunda gaNekundi-The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has revealed that more women have participated in the agro-ecosystem management training, also known as Conservation Agriculture (CA). CA is aimed at improving food productivity while preserving the environment, especially ...
16 Mar 18:18

Not a DROP to drink!


A good article highlighting the problem of future water shortages as a result of climate change. CA is listed as an important management system to promote to help ease this problem.

That is when the farmers turned to conservation agriculture. They decreased soil disturbance with no tilling; maintained a soil cover of organic mulch and/or plants through the year; and cultivated different plant species in turns. They found the soil became more stable, increased drainage, and the runoff ...
09 Mar 16:56

Kansas farm family showcases new sustainability ethic on the farm


An example from Kansas of management that leads to improved soil health over time that also includes not tilling the land and use of cover crops.

The program and recognition funding is provided by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation as part of their Harvesting the Potential campaign to raise awareness among U.S. farmers of the importance of conservation agriculture. “NCGA is known for taking the lead on many issues in the policy arena that effect ...
09 Mar 16:46

Kenya: Conservation Agriculture - Beating Drought and Poor Harvest


An article on the use of CA in Kenya

FAO is helping farmers across eight counties to have better harvests by training them to use conservation agriculture in the context of good agronomic management practices, including: planting drought tolerant crops and adapted varieties, using certified seeds, planting on time, applying fertilisers ...
22 Feb 20:58

Using cover crops along with manure


An interesting account of how to use cover crops and manure in a no-till system in USA

Allamakee SWCD and four conservation partners were recently awarded funding from USDA through the Innovative Conservation Agriculture Project to provide financial and planning assistance to producers in Allamakee or Clayton county to support the implementation of cover crops and no-till in ...
22 Feb 20:29

Soil erosion


Ditch the Plow, Cover Up and Grow Diversity. The message from Montgomery on how to reduce erosion and improve soil health -- essentially the principles of CA

Conservation agriculture, defined by Montgomery in three general points includes: minimal or no disturbance (direct planting of seeds/no tilling); permanent ... Even when compared to the conservation agriculture approach, Montgomery said, a plant with a heavier fertilizer diet doesn't excrete as many ...
22 Feb 20:21

Sustainable Soil Initiatives Making an Impact


A good paper from FAO on the importance of soil for sustainable food production and security and ecosystem services. The paper has a number of good links to important soil health web sites.

The Initiative promotes sustainable agricultural farming techniques which combat soil erosion and improve soil health, such as agroecology, agroforestry, conservation agriculture, or landscape management. More than 30 countries and numerous international organizations have committed to a ...
22 Feb 20:13

WFP Zambia Country Brief, January 2018


Country brief for Zambia including a large number of farmers registered and verified for CA

12,200 smallholder farmers registered and verified for conservation agriculture, savings, input credit and weather index insurance. WFP conducted an aggregator selection exercise in five districts. This exercise was aimed at assessing aggregators' potential to offer and extend their marketing services to ...
13 Jan 04:23

Too dry for maize? Try cowpeas: Kilifi farmer reaps big from new crop,style


A good example of CA and a change to cowpeas instead of maize as a successful way for a women farmer to be successful

The FAO project coordinator says climate change is real, and adopting conservation agriculture will mitigate it. He says growing green grams takes 60 days from the date of planting, while maize takes four months. “Farmers should move away from growing maize. The area is dry. They need to plant ...
13 Jan 04:14

Drivers of good practices


A good peer reviewed paper on adoption and disadoption of CA in South Asia

Alwin D'Souza and Ashok Mishra from Arizona State University, US, use data from a survey of 936 farmers across Bangladesh, India and Nepal to analyse the issues that influence adoption and abandonment of conservation agriculture technologies, such as, for example, residue retention to enhance ...
13 Jan 04:11

Peer Effects Explain Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Malawi


An article on that can be downloaded about CA in Malawi

Abstract: Adoption of the trinity of practices known commonly today as conservation agriculture. (CA)—maintaining soil cover, reducing tillage, and enhancing soil nitrogen through legumes—is a critical process to the management of erosion in rural landscapes, and maintenance of aquatic habitats and ...
13 Jan 04:09

Policy Support Gap for “Climate-Smart” Agriculture


An example and information on use of CA in Zimbabwe. CA gave a farmer a crop in a serious drought year whereas tilled fields yielded nothing.

Italy has promoted conservation agriculture, no tillage practices, climate-smart production systems and knowledge transfer which have collectively been ... Another Zimbabwean farmer, Fungisai Masanga (44) saved 150 dollars in labour in the last season after adopting conservation agriculture, another ...
13 Jan 03:57

How El Karama ranch mastered art of rearing cattle in the wild


An interesting use of CA principles for producing fodder for animals

Sahiwal cattle feeding at El Karama Conservancy in Nanyuki. The conservancy is committed to conservation agriculture and holistic grazing aimed at preserving, protecting and restoring the natural environment and protecting wildlife. PHOTO | COLLINS OMULO | NATION MEDIA GROUP ...
02 Jan 12:56

More people went hungry in Africa in 2017. But new initiatives also bore fruit


A good paper on the link between climate change and food security and new technology including CA

And in Kenya, the practice of conservation agriculture has taken root, resulting in bigger yields. Equally important are the growing number of innovations in financing. To improve productivity, and achieve food security, farmers must be able to invest in technology. But, many African farmers live below the ...
26 Dec 18:29

Seattle professor sees hope in agriculture's future


Good account of the need to conserve our soils and the use of CA as one way to do so.

But shortly after writing Dirt, Montgomery said he became somewhat of a pessimist, believing the widespread acceptance of conservation agriculture practices would prove impossible. Yet inspiration and optimism later came from his own backyard. After publishing the book, Montgomery and his wife ...
26 Dec 18:26

How much soil goes 'down the drain' each year?


A good report on soil erosion and how CA can help mitigate this problem.

... soil per year. Conservation agriculture currently covers about 15.3pc of the observed cropland globally, reducing soil erosion by an estimated 7pc. The highest reductions in soil loss due to conservation agriculture are estimated in South America (16pc), Oceania (15.4pc) and North America (12.5pc).
15 Dec 16:00

NCA female farmer successful with conservation agriculture (CA)


Success by a women farmer in Namibia with CA

All thanks to conservation agriculture (CA). “I got plenty of food from my field this year, and I still have enough to take me through the dry season,” she ...
15 Dec 15:52

The Soil Champion Who Might Hold the Key to a Hopeful Climate Future


A book by David Montgomery that explains his ideas of improving soil properties as a key to future food production. Use on no-till and CA are some ways to do this.

I found that farmers who had adopted the general principles of conservation agriculture had not only greatly enhanced the quality and fertility of their ...
15 Dec 15:47

Farmers' unions call for glyphosate renewal


Another article on this very important issue about Glyphosate and its use in CA but also cover cropping.

The unions also argue that the chemical is “an essential tool for farmers and allows conservation agriculture to take place”. “Farmers use cover crops ...
15 Dec 15:44

Conservation Agriculture: Zambia's Double-edged Sword against Climate Change and Hunger


A good account of the benefits of using CA in Zambia even in very drought years.

Considering the country's ambitious emission cuts, conservation agriculture offers a good starting point for climate resilience in agriculture because it ...
15 Dec 15:37

Developing farmers learn about conservation agriculture


A report on training and promotion of CA in KwaZulu-Natal plus a video of the importance of soil cover.

More than 100 developing crop farmers from central KwaZulu-Natal, most of whom farm on traditional authority lands, recently attended an information ...
15 Dec 15:33

'Effective soil management key to agric growth'


Effective soil management through CA a key to future food production

The professor of Soil Science emphasised the need to promote what he called conservation agriculture to address the food crisis and drive foreign ...
15 Dec 15:31

Climate-smart agriculture 'faces severe challenges without #glyphosate'


CA is a way to reduce GHG emissions, but it is far easier to adopt if farmers can use Glyphosate in the early stages to control weeds. This report highlights the issues of not allowing the renewal of its permit in Europe.

A new report by the European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF) found that a production system called Conservation Agriculture (CA) can ...
15 Dec 15:26

FAO programme provides agricultural training and material to support Syrians


FAO provides training on CA and Climate Smart practices to help war torn Syria.

The beneficiaries also received training on topics such as production capacity improvement, climate-smart agriculture, conservation agriculture, and ...