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31 Jul 17:59

Indonesian farmers befriend soil to protect harvests from climate stress


CA use in Indonesia and the benefits to farmers.

Lombok farmers who practiced conservation agriculture were more resilient to the effects of El Nino, harvesting about 70 percent more than those ...
31 Jul 17:58

The Value of Residues in Conservation Agriculture Systems


Good video from US on the role of residues in CA and soil health.

The Value of Residues in Conservation Agriculture Systems. Sustainable California. Premiere Date: 6/9/2017; 8 minutes. COMING SOON: Watch this ...
31 Jul 17:55

Demonstration farms can help revolutionise African agriculture


The role of demonstration farms in accelerating adoption of improved practices

Or conservation agriculture – a sustainable agriculture production system comprised of three linked principles; minimal soil disturbance, mixing and ...
31 Jul 17:53

Farmers Must Adopt Agricultural Practices that Improve Soil Health


The link between CA and soil health explained as the way forward.

These practices are the basic principles that underpin conservation agriculture. Apart from improving soil health, these practices also eliminate soil ...
31 Jul 17:51

COLUMNS: Agriculture and global warming and ranch musings


A new book edited by Paul Hawken, called Drawdown that describes ways to reduce climate change.

Third, Conservation Agriculture is # 16 in capacity to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. This book argues that the plowing of soil is potentially ...
31 Jul 17:50

Assessment of Conservation Agriculture Practices by Smallholder Farmers in the Eastern Cape ...


A good review paper on CA practices in the Eastern Cape of Africa

Conservation agriculture (CA) can sustainably address soil degradation and improve crop yields. However, the success of CA amongst South African ...
31 Jul 17:46

Smart agriculture interventions


Some information about successes in Zambia ttributed to the Conservation Farming program

Thanks to the Conservation Farming Unit (CFU), which has been promoting conservation agriculture among small-scale farmers in Zambia since 1996 ...
31 Jul 17:38

Report: Conservation Agriculture can cut emissions “more than closing 50 coal-fired power plants”


Another report on using CA in Europe to reduce C02 emissions

A report presented at the European Parliament Agriculture and Rural Development Committee (AGRC) today shows that Conservation Agriculture, ...
31 Jul 17:37

Report says 'conservation agriculture' can remove 200m tonnes of CO2


The reduction in C02 emissions by CA in Europe.

A major new research study shows that farmers could remove nearly 200 million tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of closing 50 coal power plants - from ...
31 Jul 17:32

Climate-friendly farming solution fizzles in Zimbabwe


An interesting account of CA in Zimbabwe and why some farmers have dis-adopted.

Best intentions don't always translate into best practice, as David Dzama found out to his cost. At first, conservation agriculture seemed liked the ...
31 Jul 17:28

Conservation agriculture in Uttar Pradesh has not taken off despite advantages; know why


CA adoption issues in UP of India. Good account of some of the issues related to adoption.

Gupta is an advocate of conservation agriculture, which for the Indo-Gangetic plains means tilling and laser-levelling the land initially, so water ...
31 Jul 17:25

Conservation Farming Means Healthy Soil and Profits


Good article on CA and its role in keeping soils healthy

By using the techniques of “conservation agriculture”, they say farmers can save their land and save money, at the same time. This is becoming more ...
31 Jul 17:21

DFID Multi-Year Humanitarian Programme (MYHP) Pillar 1 Quarterly Newsletter (July 2017)


Report of DFID support for activities in Pakistan including monitoring their CA work

Continued monitoring of conservation agriculture and adaptive demonstration plots for crops, vegetables and fodder. In 2017, the NDC established 66 ...
31 Jul 17:19

Climate change, agriculture, and food security


An interesting article about climate smart agriculture and the role for CA and other practices.

Climate-smart agriculture includes proven practices such as conservation agriculture, intercropping, crop rotation, integrated crop-livestock ...
26 Jun 12:52

Conservation Agriculture: Zambia's Experience


A good video on CA use in Zambia by World Bank

Standing on the three pillars of i) Minimum Soil Disturbance; ii) Crop Rotation; and iii) Soil Organic Cover, Conservation Agriculture is a tenable ...
15 Jun 16:23

To Fight Drought, Kenyan Women Farmers Adopt Conservation Agriculture


Interesting article on woman using CA in Kenya

Margaret Gaceke was an early adopter of conservation agriculture in her village in Kenya's Meru County. Her neighbors asked her to teach them the ...
10 Mar 16:14

How M&E data can hide development impact


An interesting report from Ghana that explains that farmers don't always adopt the entire CA package at least at first.

The official statistics on conservation agriculture didn't seem to match up with what he was finding on the ground. The data FAO had reported was ...
10 Mar 16:13

The Positive Impact of Conservation Agriculture


A report from One Acre fund on the positive impact of CA

Conservation agriculture is critical for modern farming. With pressures from climate change and the need for sustainability, smallholder farmers and ...
10 Mar 16:12

Scaling up conservation agriculture in Zambia


A good article on the status of CA in Zambia and scaling up its adoption.

Moreover, policies have favoured maize at the expense of crop diversification. Conservation agriculture is a way of increasing productivity even under ...
10 Mar 16:11

FAO introduces conservation agriculture to mitigate climate impacts


FAO promotion of CA in Indonesia

FAO introduces conservation agriculture to mitigate climate impacts. Soe, South Central Timor | Mon, October 17, 2016. FAO introduces conservation ...
15 Feb 19:07

Africa: Is Africa Really Undergoing a Smallholder Agricultural Revolution?


Proposal to use new and better ways to understand whether small holder farmers can adopt CA and why they don't

Conservation agriculture packages three principles together: minimum disturbance of the soil, using crop remains to cover and protect the soil and ...
15 Feb 19:03

Kenya's Potential in Agriculture Lies in Rural Transformation


CA promotion in Kenya to help feed the food insecure.

The project focuses on the promotion of conservation agriculture and targets 80,000 farmers with at least 40 percent being women. Its strong ...
19 Jan 20:10

Kenyan scientists urge farmers to reclaim soil fertility


Promotion of CA in Kenya to help reclaim soil fertility

Khaemba said maintaining crop residue in the field is an appropriate conservation agriculture practice which should be adopted by both small and ...
19 Jan 20:08

Kariba REDD+ project support conservation farming


A good report on the present status and reports of CA in Zimbabwe

While only five percent of Zimbabwe's maize-growing area is currently under conservation agriculture, those farmers who have adopted it have been ...
19 Jan 20:06

Conservation agriculture


Good report on the status of CA in India at the present time.

This set of resource conserving technologies is now being adopted under the term 'Conservation Agriculture'. Conservation Agriculture (CA) refers to ...
12 Jan 14:49

Conservation agriculture leads to remarkable improvement in crop production and livelihood of ...


A similar report for the same research paper in Bangladesh but with a mention of the research paper and where it was published.

The research on Conservation agriculture practice and its impact on farmers' livelihood status in Bangladesh conducted in Mymensingh, Bogra, ...
12 Jan 14:47

Conservation Agriculture Results in a Significant Improvement in Crop Production and the ...


An account of benefits to adoption of CA methods in Bangladesh

The study of the conservation agriculture techniques as well as the impact on the farmers' life status in this country held in places like Sherpur, ...
12 Jan 14:46

USDA, partners invest in new eastern Iowa conservation projects


A USDA funding of a CA project in Iowa USA

Innovative Conservation Agriculture. Led by the Allamakee Soil and Water Conservation District in northeast Iowa, this project will address water ...
22 Dec 21:38

Support grows for conservation farming


More information on CA being promoted in eastern Indonesia

Conservation agriculture projects organized by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and East Nusa ...
22 Dec 21:37

Developing Eastern Indonesia with Conservation Agriculture


CA in Eastern Indonesia promoted by FAO

"Based on the positive results of this project, we hope that Conservation Agriculture can be adopted and extended massively in Indonesia. We need a ...