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29 Sep 14:59

Woman Farmer Heads-Up Conservation Agriculture Techniques in Malawi


As the title suggests, Malawi has a program of expanding CA techniques but managed by women

Conservation Agriculture improves the long-term environmental and financial sustainability of farming by adopting soil management practices that ...
29 Sep 14:58

Rs 484 cr can help douse stubble fire


An article about ways to reduce the problems of burning stubble in the India Punjab by investing in equipment that allows farmers to farm using CA

During his 20 years experience, Dr Sidhu has focused on machinery related to conservation agriculture like strip till drill, no till drill, no till drill with ...
29 Sep 14:56

Leaving behind conventional methods in agriculture to cope up with changing climate


An interesting article explaining the role of CA in India and the Rice-wheat systems of the IGP in coping with climate change.

'Conservation agriculture' is touted as a new approach based on the principles of minimum soil disturbance, appropriate crop rotation and retention of ...
29 Sep 14:54

New frontier in heat-tolerant wheat to counter climate extremes


A paper from Australia about the need to use CA to complement breeders developing heat tolerant crops needed as climate changes

“We want a conservation agriculture system where, if you are retaining stubble, there are cooler soils, cooler roots and plants are much more able to ...
29 Sep 14:52

Conservation Agriculture to Mitigate Global Land Use Change Emissions


Some data from Brazil on how CA can help soils conserve SOM.

Abstract: Soils store about 2500 Pg carbon (C) in 2 m depth and can act as a source or sink of atmospheric carbon depending upon the histori.
29 Sep 14:51

Degraded soils cost farmers billions annually


The role of CA for improving degraded soils in Canada

True conservation agriculture focuses on building carbon in the soil, not its steady depletion. “CO2 loss is proportional to the volume of soil disturbed,” ...
29 Sep 14:48

Helen Keenliside was part of 2016 Nicaragua tour


Canadian Foodgrain support CA in Nicaragua

Keenliside said in an interview the Nicaraguan projects use conservation agriculture, which is basically organic gardening. It involves teaching people ...
11 Sep 19:08

Malawian Farmers Adapt in the Face of Climate Change


Farmer in Malawi producing plenty of food using climate smart techniques including CA

Many of these farmers have since started practicing conservation agriculture themselves, hoping to protect their crops if and when harsh weather ...
11 Sep 19:06

Glyphosate ban will kill 'conservation agriculture', French farmers warn


An interesting article on the role of Glyphosate for CA success and the opposition to its use by environmentalists.

Conservation agriculture (CA) is based on three principles: no-till (or minimal soil disturbance), organic soil cover, and diversified crop sequence.
11 Sep 19:03

Conservation Agriculture is an Urgent Need, Says FAO


CA need in Cuba for those interested.

Havana, Sep 5 (Prensa Latina) Conservation agriculture has become an urgent need, said today official for programs of FAO Cole Genge in an article ...
11 Sep 19:01

Reaping benefits of integrated farming in Zambia


An example of the benefits of basin farming in Zambia using CA principles.

However, things changed when she adopted diversified, integrated production system, in particular, conservation agriculture (CA) and integrated ...
11 Sep 18:58

Enhancing the role of conservation agriculture in disaster risk reduction in Southern Africa (OSRO ...


Good summary of CA work in Southern Africa including a downloadable PDF and two videos.

404 DRR decision-makers from 11 countries were exposed to the benefits of CA through regional and country-level meetings and field days.
11 Sep 18:18

Healthy soils can boost food security and climate resilience for millions (commentary)


How to manage drylands so future food production is assured. This meeting in Mongolia focuses on the drylands of Asia and Africa and suggests CA is one route to consider.

Conservation agriculture is another sustainable farming method based around maintaining vegetation cover, rotating crops, and minimising soil ...
11 Sep 18:16

Overall CASNR enrollment increases for fall 2017


Good report to show enrollment of students in agricultural sciences is on the rise.

The students are pursuing a bachelor of science degree in integrated science that is focused on conservation agriculture, entrepreneurship, ...
11 Sep 18:13

Canada's soils still degrading, albeit more slowly


An interesting article about the need to manage soils so they improve. Tillage is a key but farmers need help in reducing tillage to reduce the problems it creates for soil health

Our one chance boils down to conservation agriculture.” — John Greig is a field editor for Glacier FarmMedia based at Ailsa Craig, Ont. Follow him at ...
25 Aug 13:56

PARC, USAID organise national meeting on Conservation Agriculture


Some news about progress on CA in Pakistan

The event is titled 'AIP-Agronomy: National Meeting on Conservation Agriculture' and its inaugural session was attended by 75 agriculture ...
25 Aug 13:49

Conservation Agriculture Sprouts in Cuban Fields


An article about CA in Cuba that is an interesting new development in that country

Sheep are raised for meat on the Tierra Brava farm, which also produces fruit, expensive and scarce in Cuba. (Photo Credit: Jorge Luis Baños/IPS).
25 Aug 13:45

Farming smart to raise farm output


An article from Kenya on smart farming linked to conservation farming.

... $14 million (Sh1,442,000) to promote conservation agriculture in five counties in Kenya, namely Busia, Machakos, Makueni, Kitui and Murang'a.
25 Aug 13:42

The Soil Solution: One Reason to be Optimistic About the Environment is Right Beneath Our Feet


An article by David Montgomery of the importance of soil and promotion of his books on the topic

In Growing A Revolution, I describe how adopting conservation agriculture practices—combining minimal ground disturbance, cover cropping, and ...
31 Jul 17:59

Indonesian farmers befriend soil to protect harvests from climate stress


CA use in Indonesia and the benefits to farmers.

Lombok farmers who practiced conservation agriculture were more resilient to the effects of El Nino, harvesting about 70 percent more than those ...
31 Jul 17:58

The Value of Residues in Conservation Agriculture Systems


Good video from US on the role of residues in CA and soil health.

The Value of Residues in Conservation Agriculture Systems. Sustainable California. Premiere Date: 6/9/2017; 8 minutes. COMING SOON: Watch this ...
31 Jul 17:55

Demonstration farms can help revolutionise African agriculture


The role of demonstration farms in accelerating adoption of improved practices

Or conservation agriculture – a sustainable agriculture production system comprised of three linked principles; minimal soil disturbance, mixing and ...
31 Jul 17:53

Farmers Must Adopt Agricultural Practices that Improve Soil Health


The link between CA and soil health explained as the way forward.

These practices are the basic principles that underpin conservation agriculture. Apart from improving soil health, these practices also eliminate soil ...
31 Jul 17:51

COLUMNS: Agriculture and global warming and ranch musings


A new book edited by Paul Hawken, called Drawdown that describes ways to reduce climate change.

Third, Conservation Agriculture is # 16 in capacity to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. This book argues that the plowing of soil is potentially ...
31 Jul 17:50

Assessment of Conservation Agriculture Practices by Smallholder Farmers in the Eastern Cape ...


A good review paper on CA practices in the Eastern Cape of Africa

Conservation agriculture (CA) can sustainably address soil degradation and improve crop yields. However, the success of CA amongst South African ...
31 Jul 17:46

Smart agriculture interventions


Some information about successes in Zambia ttributed to the Conservation Farming program

Thanks to the Conservation Farming Unit (CFU), which has been promoting conservation agriculture among small-scale farmers in Zambia since 1996 ...
31 Jul 17:38

Report: Conservation Agriculture can cut emissions “more than closing 50 coal-fired power plants”


Another report on using CA in Europe to reduce C02 emissions

A report presented at the European Parliament Agriculture and Rural Development Committee (AGRC) today shows that Conservation Agriculture, ...
31 Jul 17:37

Report says 'conservation agriculture' can remove 200m tonnes of CO2


The reduction in C02 emissions by CA in Europe.

A major new research study shows that farmers could remove nearly 200 million tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of closing 50 coal power plants - from ...
31 Jul 17:32

Climate-friendly farming solution fizzles in Zimbabwe


An interesting account of CA in Zimbabwe and why some farmers have dis-adopted.

Best intentions don't always translate into best practice, as David Dzama found out to his cost. At first, conservation agriculture seemed liked the ...
31 Jul 17:28

Conservation agriculture in Uttar Pradesh has not taken off despite advantages; know why


CA adoption issues in UP of India. Good account of some of the issues related to adoption.

Gupta is an advocate of conservation agriculture, which for the Indo-Gangetic plains means tilling and laser-levelling the land initially, so water ...