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15 Dec 16:00

NCA female farmer successful with conservation agriculture (CA)


Success by a women farmer in Namibia with CA

All thanks to conservation agriculture (CA). “I got plenty of food from my field this year, and I still have enough to take me through the dry season,” she ...
15 Dec 15:52

The Soil Champion Who Might Hold the Key to a Hopeful Climate Future


A book by David Montgomery that explains his ideas of improving soil properties as a key to future food production. Use on no-till and CA are some ways to do this.

I found that farmers who had adopted the general principles of conservation agriculture had not only greatly enhanced the quality and fertility of their ...
15 Dec 15:47

Farmers' unions call for glyphosate renewal


Another article on this very important issue about Glyphosate and its use in CA but also cover cropping.

The unions also argue that the chemical is “an essential tool for farmers and allows conservation agriculture to take place”. “Farmers use cover crops ...
15 Dec 15:44

Conservation Agriculture: Zambia's Double-edged Sword against Climate Change and Hunger


A good account of the benefits of using CA in Zambia even in very drought years.

Considering the country's ambitious emission cuts, conservation agriculture offers a good starting point for climate resilience in agriculture because it ...
15 Dec 15:37

Developing farmers learn about conservation agriculture


A report on training and promotion of CA in KwaZulu-Natal plus a video of the importance of soil cover.

More than 100 developing crop farmers from central KwaZulu-Natal, most of whom farm on traditional authority lands, recently attended an information ...
15 Dec 15:33

'Effective soil management key to agric growth'


Effective soil management through CA a key to future food production

The professor of Soil Science emphasised the need to promote what he called conservation agriculture to address the food crisis and drive foreign ...
15 Dec 15:31

Climate-smart agriculture 'faces severe challenges without #glyphosate'


CA is a way to reduce GHG emissions, but it is far easier to adopt if farmers can use Glyphosate in the early stages to control weeds. This report highlights the issues of not allowing the renewal of its permit in Europe.

A new report by the European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF) found that a production system called Conservation Agriculture (CA) can ...
15 Dec 15:26

FAO programme provides agricultural training and material to support Syrians


FAO provides training on CA and Climate Smart practices to help war torn Syria.

The beneficiaries also received training on topics such as production capacity improvement, climate-smart agriculture, conservation agriculture, and ...
15 Dec 14:49

European farmers: Finding replacement for glyphosate is no easy task


More information on the issue of glyphosate use in Europe. What it did not say is that IARC removed parts of the report that said glyphosate did not cause cancer and then added words that said it did. Very unethical for this organization.

“Where glyphosate is commonly used in the EU is in no-till conservation agriculture and complex multiple cover cropping,” said David Zaruk, risk ...
15 Dec 14:44

Farm machinery can help reduce smog from crop burning in India


Use of new no-till seeders that can handle loose straw after combine harvesting in NW India is one solution for the smog issue in New Delhi.

Additionally, nearly 2,000 happy seeders are being manufactured, which will lead to large-scale adoption of conservation agriculture techniques in the ...
15 Dec 14:41

COP23 - Water, Agriculture and Energy Sectors Join Forces To Address Climate Change Issues


COP23 report on ways to tackle climate change including use of CA.

... enriched seed varieties, developed cultivation practices such as conservation agriculture, improvements in soil organic carbon, organic practices.
14 Dec 18:50

Canadian Foodgrains Bank teaches farmers to grow through dry conditions


An interview of a Kenyan CA advocate by a donor promoting CA in Africa

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank invited a Kenyan expert in conservation agriculture to its dinner meeting in Red Deer yesterday night to share how the ...
14 Dec 18:38

'Conservation agriculture has a role to play in future European farming'


Small report on the use of CA in Ireland to improve soils. Also a link to the debate on Glyphosate

“We believe that conservation agriculture has a strong role to play in helping us cope with the future direction that Europe is taking. For example, restrictions on the use of fertiliser and water quality guidelines.” Byrne, Louis McAuley and Garreth Culligan, who all met with McGuinness on behalf of BASE ...
14 Dec 18:33

Women key to tackling climate change


Women play an important role in Africa in tackling climate change including use of CA

While another project, in Sudan, sees women being encouraged to practice conservation agriculture. They receive access to finance, markets, agricultural machinery, as well as the labour needed to sustainably increase crop yields. Innovators Magazine will continue reporting the impact Momentum for ...
14 Dec 16:51

EU deadlock over glyphosate threatens UK farmers


A good summary of the glyphosate issue and the debate between activists who want to ban it and farmers who rely on it for their farming. Also describes the serious editing of the research report by The International Council of Cancer Research that deleted any statement that showed Glyphosate was not a cancer causing chemical and substituted with their own wording that said it did!!!.

In Europe, such a ban would entail a major reconfiguration of agricultural systems, requiring farmers to shift from methods like conservation agriculture to more expensive techniques like ploughing, which can be worse for biodiversity and cause more soil erosion. In total, according to research complied ...
14 Dec 16:45

Want to Save the Planet? Scientists Lay Out 20 Natural Solutions to Curb Climate Change


An interesting Newsweek article on ways to resolve the climate change problem. Includes a video

Other solutions included putting trees in croplands, nutrient management by reducing excess fertilizer and improving water quality, conservation agriculture techniques including reducing tillage-systems and using cover crops during the off-season and avoiding grassland conversion. There were various ...
14 Dec 16:41

Fighting stubble burning: New harvester endorsed by state government may help (Special to IANS)


Another way to tackle the air pollution issue in NW India involves the use of a new combine harvester cuts and spreads the straw and when combined with a Happy Seeder can plant wheat after rice using CA

Though the Borlaug Institute for South Asia has been demonstrating conservation agriculture at its 500-acre station in Ludhiana for the past five years, its scientists have been unable to be heard widely. The Punjab government and CNH had adopted Kallar Majri village in Patiala district this winter to ...
14 Dec 16:32

'Happy Seeders' to help tackle smog


The use of locally made "Happy Seeders" allow farmers to plant into loose straw by no-till without burning the straw. The burning of rice straw is a major factor in air pollution in NW India.

Farmers and research partners are satisfied with the locally manufactured seeders that support conservation agriculture, cut costs and avoid rice residue burning in rice-wheat farming rotation that cover more than 1.7m hectares in Punjab. In the rice-wheat area of Punjab, more than 80pc rice fields are ...
14 Dec 16:30

World Soil Day 2017: Healthy soils key to ending global hunger


Links of soil health with CA and a number of web links to other organizations and papers.

“You can't talk about an end to global hunger without addressing the issue of soil fertility,” says Theresa Rempel Mulaire, who manages Scaling-Up Conservation Agriculture in East Africa for Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Through the program, which is supported by a $14 million matching grant from the ...
14 Dec 16:28

#WorldSoilDay: Soil conservation is everyone's responsibility


Worls Soil Day highlights soil health and CA. This article also has three other articles at the bottom worth reading.

Dr Hendrik Smith, conservation agriculture facilitator with Grain SA, said that his organisation viewed UN World Soil Day as “very important” because “soil is at the heart of conservation agriculture practices and critical to the sustainability of grain production in South Africa”. “Yet, there is still a big ...
14 Dec 16:21

Namibia: Communal Crop Farmers' Hopes Dwindle, As November Stays Dry


An interesting account of what happens when rains don't come and UN funding ceases. It has affected CA adoption, but the paper explains that interest in CA is still there from farmers

Windhoek — The most critical period for crop farmers in the rain-fed northern communal areas, October and November, which is vital for crop planting, has come and gone, casting doubts on the prospects of good mahangu and maize crops in May and June next year. Northern communal farmers are ...
14 Dec 16:19

To Ensure Food Security, Keep Soils Healthy


A good summary about the need to maintain healthy soils if food security is to be met. Use of CA, mulches, cover crops are some suggested ways to do this.

Accompanying these initiatives is the promotion of scientifically proven soil health-building practices including conservation agriculture, mulching, reduced tillage, and cover cropping. Their adoption could prevent, or even reverse, widespread soil degradation. These practices can also help mitigate ...
29 Sep 14:59

Woman Farmer Heads-Up Conservation Agriculture Techniques in Malawi


As the title suggests, Malawi has a program of expanding CA techniques but managed by women

Conservation Agriculture improves the long-term environmental and financial sustainability of farming by adopting soil management practices that ...
29 Sep 14:58

Rs 484 cr can help douse stubble fire


An article about ways to reduce the problems of burning stubble in the India Punjab by investing in equipment that allows farmers to farm using CA

During his 20 years experience, Dr Sidhu has focused on machinery related to conservation agriculture like strip till drill, no till drill, no till drill with ...
29 Sep 14:56

Leaving behind conventional methods in agriculture to cope up with changing climate


An interesting article explaining the role of CA in India and the Rice-wheat systems of the IGP in coping with climate change.

'Conservation agriculture' is touted as a new approach based on the principles of minimum soil disturbance, appropriate crop rotation and retention of ...
29 Sep 14:54

New frontier in heat-tolerant wheat to counter climate extremes


A paper from Australia about the need to use CA to complement breeders developing heat tolerant crops needed as climate changes

“We want a conservation agriculture system where, if you are retaining stubble, there are cooler soils, cooler roots and plants are much more able to ...
29 Sep 14:52

Conservation Agriculture to Mitigate Global Land Use Change Emissions


Some data from Brazil on how CA can help soils conserve SOM.

Abstract: Soils store about 2500 Pg carbon (C) in 2 m depth and can act as a source or sink of atmospheric carbon depending upon the histori.
29 Sep 14:51

Degraded soils cost farmers billions annually


The role of CA for improving degraded soils in Canada

True conservation agriculture focuses on building carbon in the soil, not its steady depletion. “CO2 loss is proportional to the volume of soil disturbed,” ...
29 Sep 14:48

Helen Keenliside was part of 2016 Nicaragua tour


Canadian Foodgrain support CA in Nicaragua

Keenliside said in an interview the Nicaraguan projects use conservation agriculture, which is basically organic gardening. It involves teaching people ...
11 Sep 19:08

Malawian Farmers Adapt in the Face of Climate Change


Farmer in Malawi producing plenty of food using climate smart techniques including CA

Many of these farmers have since started practicing conservation agriculture themselves, hoping to protect their crops if and when harsh weather ...