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14 Dec 21:12

Can Drought-Proof Maize Save Zimbabwe's Farmers?


The combination of drought tolerant maize and CA needed to help mitigate GCC in Zimbabwe

"With conservation agriculture we are also minimizing the amount of runoff out of the system, that means reducing the amount of the water that runs ...
14 Dec 21:09

Tag: Plowman's Folly


An article on CA from CASI where UC at Davis promote CA

Mitchell passion helped found Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation Center (CASI) in 1998. CASI operates under the auspices of the ...
14 Dec 21:06

Bringing the Concept of Climate-Smart Agriculture to Life : Insights from CSA Country Profiles ...


World Bank report on Climate Smart agriculture. PDF available

... intercropping, organic inputs, and conservation agriculture--account for almost 50% of all CSA technologies identified by experts as climate-smart ...
14 Dec 21:02

Agro-ecology: A way for farming systems in the global South to adapt to climate and global change


Agro-ecology that includes CA described as a way to meet future food needs

"Organic farming, conservation agriculture, agroforestry, etc are all types of agro-ecological systems intended to ensure sustainable agricultural ...
14 Dec 20:59

Comment: A more transparent regulatory system is key to public trust


A good comment on the use of Glyphosate in agriculture -- balanced report that concludes a good regulatory system needed.

As the patents started to come off in the early 1990s, the price quickly dropped — and the conservation agriculture movement in Canada took off.
14 Dec 20:53

Campaigners call for 'radical rethink' of farming practices to help regenerate soil


UK farming article on the need and ways to rejuvenate soil needed for future food production

Soil sensitive farming such as conservation agriculture, agroforestry, pasture-based livestock farming and farming on rewetted peatlands, if scaled up, ...
14 Dec 20:45

UNL professor leads next generation of agricultural innovators in Rwanda


The first CA University in Africa -- in Rwanda where the next generation can get a degree on this management system.

Students who complete the program receive a bachelor's degree in Conservation Agriculture, which they will use to develop their land.
14 Dec 20:41

Agro-environmental aspects of conservation agriculture compared to conventional systems


A good review paper looking at CA versus conventional management systems

An evaluation of the effect of the conservation agriculture (CA) on agro-environmental aspects is needed at the farm scale in intensive production ...
14 Dec 20:35

Soil organic carbon boosts soil productivity potentials, mitigates climate change


A link to FAO's initiative on soil organic carbon and using as a way to mitigate global warming

... promote carbon sequestration in soils through the application of agricultural practices such as agro-ecology, agro forestry, conservation agriculture, ...
06 Dec 21:09

Climate smart agriculture benefits Zim smallholder farmers


Combines CA and climate smart agriculture as ways to help farmers in Zimbabwe

Climate smart agriculture also known as conservation agriculture (CA) is generally defined as an agricultural management system based on three ...
06 Dec 21:05

How fertile are soils of our farms for optimum crop yield?


An article on the importance of soil health for productivity from Borneo

... particularly in farming activities which significantly negate the benefits of conservation agriculture could be avoided through in-depth understanding ...
06 Dec 21:00

Farmers' tears dampen growth prospects in agricultural sector


An interesting article about farmers demise in Kenya and lack of incentives.

... sustainable improvement of yield requires a comprehensive strategy that focuses on irrigation, improved seeds, fertiliser, conservation agriculture, ...
09 Nov 15:16

Greater diversification in farming needed, says professor


A good summary of what is needed to obtain food security globally by 2050.

He saw this as being achieved with conservation agriculture including diverse systems, healthy soils, more efficient crops and livestock, better water ...
09 Nov 15:07

Sustainability, something farmers can promote


An interesting piece on what farmers think about sustainability and what practices they have adopted.

They promote conservation agriculture as part of what they do to assure ample food, safe to eat, at reasonable prices. I talk to more and more farmers ...
02 Nov 14:20

Times Foundation event to tackle air pollution menace draws immense support


An article on how CA is being promoted to stop crop residue burning and =help alleviate the severe air pollution problems in India

... of stubble plays a role in the month of October) that promotes climate-smart agriculture through conservation agriculture which will benefit farmers.
02 Nov 14:08

Conservation and Regenerative versus Intensive Agriculture


A good analysis of the benefits of regenerative versus intensive agriculture with some good references

In the scholarly literature, the case for conservation agriculture is compelling for rain fed agriculture. Yields are higher and are sustained over long ...
02 Nov 14:02

Living Soil: A Universe Underfoot


A short report about the Nobel Conference related to discussion of Soil Health, a key component in the challenge to feed the World.

David Montgomery kicked off the conference with a lecture on conservation agriculture, encouraging the three pillars of soil conservation: ditch the ...
02 Nov 13:38

Lalaina Ranaivoson. Study on agroecological functions of conservation agriculture principles on ...


A good paper on CA in rice production in Madagascar. PDF available. A student thesis

Conservation agriculture (CA) is based on the principles of minimum soil disturbance, permanent soil cover and diversification of crop species grown ...
27 Oct 21:32

Expanding Conservation Agriculture in East Africa


The use of CA in East Africa to increase yields but also conserve the environment

SEATTLE — Conservation agriculture in East Africa is a simple, yet transformative process to increase crop yields while preventing environmental ...
27 Oct 20:11

Emeritus Professor Jim Pratley says fake news is spreading about glyphosate


Another thought on Glyphosate. Makes a good point that this herbicide has been used since 1978 so if if it was carcinogenic there should be many more cases.

Charles Sturt University Emeritus Professor Jim Pratley says a “fear campaign” against glyphosate could have far-reaching impacts on the agricultural ...
27 Oct 20:07

How new crop is turning around farmers' fortunes


Use of Canola in CA systems. One of the benefits is its deep rooting that helps with water infiltration

“As a strategy we have adopted conservation agriculture and helping farmers understand the three key principals: minimum disturbance of the soil so ...
27 Aug 19:13

Farmers consider a world without glyphosate—and it's less than ideal


A good report on what would happen if Glyphosate was banned. This is a herbicide that has been responsible for many millions of farmers adopting CA. Worth reading.

Speaking at the AGRI Committee of the European Parliament in July, Gottlieb Basch, President of the European Conservation Agriculture Federation ...
27 Aug 19:10

The conservation agriculture roadmap for India : policy brief


For those interested in knowing what plans are for CA in India.

The conservation agriculture roadmap for India : policy brief. 2018. Jat, M.L; Biswas, A.K.; Pathak, H.; McDonald, A.; Patra, A.K.; Acharya, B.; Sharma, ...
20 Aug 14:02



An interesting article on saving fertilizer and water using CA in Nebraska

“The more I learn about conservation agriculture, the more I think it's the only way to go,” Govier said adamantly. “It all started when we wanted to ...
20 Aug 14:00

How Makueni fruit farmer outsmarts climate change


CA used for successful fruit production in Kenya

“I was told Pafid was training small-holder farmers and cotton growers in the arid and semi-arid counties of eastern Kenya on conservation agriculture.
27 Mar 19:18

Conservation Agriculture to buffer and alleviate the impact of climatic variations in Madagascar


A research paper on the use of CA in Madagascar

Conservation Agriculture (CA) has been promoted during the last 15 years in Madagascar to develop a sustainable rainfed agriculture in order to cope with low fertility upland soils, soil erosion, low productivity and erratic rainfall. If CA does provide a better sustainability with adapted cropping patterns ...
27 Mar 19:07

Our dying soils: The invisible crisis under our feet


An article on problems of water in Timor and use of CA to combat this problem, including a video on the topic.

A key solution FAO has promoted is conservation agriculture, which entails the three principles the UN agency is promoting in Timor Leste and other project areas: no tillage—that is, disturbing or ploughing the soil—keeping the soil covered with crop residue or plants at all times, and growing a variety of ...
27 Mar 18:58

World Water Day 2018: The answer is in nature


Some suggestions from World Water Day 2018 on changing the ways food is produced including a section on CA

According to the UN, conservation agriculture is based on three principles – minimizing soil disturbance; maintaining a continuous soil cover of organic mulch and/or plants, and cultivating diverse plant species. “Eliminating or minimizing tilling or plowing avoids disturbing and breaking up the topsoil ...
27 Mar 18:53



A good article explaining why Nepal has to reduce the problem of a warming climate and has several suggestions on how to do this including use of CA

Cropland nutrient management through nitrogen-fixing plants and organic fertilizers, conservation agriculture through cover cropping and mulching, agroforestry concept, reduced grassland and shrubland conversion and improved cultivation are also the natural solutions towards agriculture. Improved ...
27 Mar 18:48

Agriculture could fix ecological mistakes of past


An article of the use of CA for remedying agricultural mistakes in the past in South Africa.

Agriculture could fix ecological mistakes of past. By Gerhard Uys. March 23, 2018 9:12 am. Producers have a responsibility to reverse past mistakes made in agriculture, according to Grain SA conservation agriculture (CA) facilitator, Dr Hendrik Smith. Agriculture could fix ecological mistakes of past.