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17 Apr 04:00

Code Quality

I honestly didn't think you could even USE emoji in variable names. Or that there were so many different crying ones.
05 Sep 04:00


The days of the week are Monday, Arctic, Wellesley, Green, Electra, Synergize, and the Seventh Seal.
23 Jun 04:00

Throwing Rocks

::PLOOOOSH:: Looks like you won't be making it to Vinland today, Leaf Erikson.
30 Jun 04:00

Subduction License

'Dude, why can't you just be a normal roommate?' 'Because I'm coming TOWARD you!'
23 Oct 04:00


The LEGO Group is already the world's largest tire manufacturer.
15 May 04:00

Interstellar Memes

The strongest incentive we have to develop faster-than-light travel is that it would let us apologize in advance.