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Add feeds

Your new The Old Reader account is ready, so the first thing you should do is add some feeds to read.

Use 'Add a subscription' button to subscribe to a feed. If you enter a web page URL rather than direct feed URL, we will add first RSS feed from that page automatically.

If you are migrating from Google Reader or any other RSS software that can export subscriptions to OPML file, you can use the 'Import' feature to add all your feeds. We will even migrate all your feed folders to ensure that you feel yourself at home immediately.

Organize feeds

You can drag & drop feeds and folders to change their position. Creating a new feed folder is as easy as dragging a feed to an empty space below your last folder. Empty folders are removed automatically.

Simply double-click on a feed or a folder to rename it.

It's not possible to rename the default folder ('Subscriptions'), but you can move all your feeds out of it to other folders, and it will disappear completely.

Read posts

Choose what you'd like to read from the menu. You can click on a folder to read all feeds that the folder contains.

Navigation menu allows you to go to the next or previous post with a single click. You can also switch to 'List view' that collapses all posts, lets you glimpse through titles and expand only those articles you are interested in.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate. Press '?' or 'h' to see the list.

There are action buttons below each post. If you hit 'Like' your name will appear in the list of users who liked that post. The post will also go to your 'Liked' folder.

Discuss posts

It's no fun reading RSS feeds alone. Go to 'Find Friends' page to see who among your Facebook friends or Google contacts is using The Old Reader. You can also look for your friends by name.

All posts that you have shared are in the 'Shared' folder. Items that your friends have shared are in the 'Following' folder. As usual, you can either read the whole folder or choose a specific username to see all posts shared by that user.

You can comment on any post shared by your friends — just hit the 'Comment' button and join the discussion.


Drag Add to The Old Reader onto your browser bookmarks bar to add posts from any site.

Tips & Tricks

  • To subscribe to new feeds with a single click, configure '' in your RSS feed handler or extension;
  • If you use Firefox, just press here to add The Old Reader as your RSS feed handler.

Any questions?

Please take a look at our knowledge base and feel free to ask for assistance at the community forums if something is not clear.


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