Privacy policy

To make your The Old Reader experience enjoyable we have to obtain some information about you. We take your privacy very seriously and are 100% transparent about the ways we use your data.

Information that we access

Information that you make available to us depends on login type that you use to access The Old Reader.


  • We get your name and e-mail address. We use them to authorize you and to send you email notifications that you can enable in your profile settings;
  • We get list of your friends. We use it to help you find fellow The Old Reader users among them;
  • The Old Reader can post your shared items to your Facebook timeline, but only if you enabled the corresponding option in your profile settings.


Public information

The following information is visible for everyone:

  • your shared items (excluding comments);
  • list of your followers and people your follow;
  • link to your Facebook profile (if you enabled the corresponding option in your profile settings).

When you "like" a post, your name is getting added to list of users who liked it, and that list is visible for all users who see that post. However, there is no straightforward way for other users to get a list of all posts you liked.

Personal Data

  • We do not collect any personal data other than the information you provide such as registration information, feeds, and liked posts.
  • You may request the removal of your user account and personal data at any time by clicking on the “cancel your account” link at the bottom of the "manage settings" page here.

Credit Card Information

For those that sign up for our premium service, your credit card information and email is sent directly to our payment processor Stripe. At no period in time is the card number transferred to our servers. You can view the Stripe privacy policy here.


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