Community resources

Community resources

We are extremely happy to have a loyal community of users who constantly help us move the project forward. Here are some links to the resources created and supported by our community.


The Old Reader has been translated to many languages. We keep translations in a separate public github repo so that anyone could contribute.

Unofficial themes

Some users created userstyles that change the way The Old Reader looks in your browser. There is no guarantee that these styles will always work and will not break the site for you, but if you are courageous enough to try, they are available at

Feature requests

You can vote for feature requests and suggest new ones on our uservoice page. Please search for existing requests before creating a new one, most probably somebody suggested your idea before. We do not moderate the uservoice page, so when you create a duplicate you actually decrease the chances of it getting to the top, because two requests will compete with each other for user votes.

Community forums

We have created a forum on for our users to communicate. Feel free to join it and ask for assistance, discuss tweaks, and share your thoughts.


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