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31 Mar 02:42

abseas: theclearlydope: For anyone out there having a terrible...



For anyone out there having a terrible Saturday or just shit week in general …


All better?


29 Mar 19:30

The Business Of Building Roller Coasters


"In 2010, Julijonas Urbonas, a student at the Royal College of Art in London, conceived the Euthanasia Coaster, a steel coaster designed to “take lives with elegance and euphoria.” The concept calls for a 500-meter descent at 220 miles-per-hour which leads straight into seven consecutive loops (clothoid inversions). Hypothetically, the coaster’s passengers would die of cerebral hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) after the first or second loop."

The Business Of Building Roller Coasters:

A look at the rough and tumble history of roller coasters and the people who make them happen.

29 Mar 11:20

Crocheted Sweaters for Tortoises

by catcat

An Australian artist knits adorable crocheted sweaters for tortoises to keep them warm and cozy and let them ...Continue Reading
29 Mar 05:18

Snickers' anti-misogyny advert actually kind of misogynistic



Oh, what's this? Snickers Australia has got a load of builders to shout empowering comments rather than cat calls at passers-by? That sounds a refreshing change for the brand, albeit a fairly obvious attempt
This probably would have been the response to the latest advert for the chocolate bar, had they not turned it on its head in the last five seconds.

The video sees the workers shouting things like "You wanna hear a filthy word? Gender bias," and "I'd like to show you...the respect you deserve" to women passing on the street below, subverting the stereotype of construction workers' leering behaviour.

"You know what I'd like to see? A society in which the objectification of women makes way for gender neutral introductions, free from assumptions and expectations," another adds, to the surprise and delight of the woman it is directed at.

The advert concludes with the slogan 'You're not you when you're hungry' however, suggesting that their actions have been those of someone driven crazy by hunger, and leaving a sour (and faintly peanuty) taste in the mouth of the viewer.

Let's hope those builders get a Snickers in them soon so they can return to their usual lecherous antics, eh? Maybe a Yorkie before they start treating everyone like equals!

The ad is pretty cringey even without the last 5 seconds. Trust Australia ofc.
28 Mar 01:14

Video Game Name Generator

by John Struan

Seems to me this generator already hit on my video game name.
\m/ UಠᴥಠU \m/

Video Game Name Generator

Video Game Name Generator

Video Game Name Generator

Video Game Name Generator

These actually sound pretty good.


21 Mar 16:20

Soccer Broke My Brain


ATTN: Ally

Soccer Broke My Brain:

I was 17 when concussion put me on the bench for good. Only now do we understand how sports injuries affect the mind.

25 Mar 11:21

A Unicorn Mask for Your Dog

by catcat

Adorable accessory for your dog that wanna be a unicorn or for you who wish to have a ...Continue Reading
26 Mar 01:15

Ultimately, a rough way to find out if you’re buzzed,...

Ultimately, a rough way to find out if you’re buzzed, tipsy, or drunk.

(Photo: Daniel Hennessey; Dwell)

27 Mar 05:06

Appetite for Protection


Seems a little soon considering the movie's not out for another few months & we have no idea if it's any good.

Appetite for Protection Hola! My name is Oliver, a graphic designer and t-shirt artist from Spain who loves movies, tv shows, soundtracks, videogames, Harley-Davidson bikes and Scotland!
26 Mar 16:27

Amy Acker cast as Coulson's cellist girlfriend on SHIELD



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Whedonverse alum Amy Acker has landed a pivotal role on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., has learned exclusively.

Acker will appear in at least one episode of the ABC series as Audrey, the famous cellist first mentioned in Marvel's The Avengers as being the love of Phil Coulson's (Clark Gregg) life. A talented musician turning heads in Portland, Audrey believes Coulson to be dead and has no idea that he's guarding her from a distance as a super-powered threat from her past re-emerges.

The cellist, who had remained nameless until now, was mentioned earlier this season when Raina (Ruth Negga) goaded Coulson by saying his former long-distance lover had cried for days after his death.

Acker will appear in an episode slated to air Tuesday, April 22.

26 Mar 02:34


24 Mar 16:00

COMMANDER KRAKEN by Daniel Sanchez

by Calamity Jon

Victarion Greyjoy

Daniel Sanchez
Original illustration by Carl Potts and Joe Rubinstein
13 Mar 02:40

Hark, a Vagrant: Sexy Science


NSFW stop scrolling now if you don't want to see hark, a Bewb-ding!

buy this print!

All this time you wait... and you get this!? I know.

It's my firm belief that if we knew how sexy science really was, we wouldn't have dropped out of school like we did. Joke's on us right? I can't even read.

I'm illustrating a kids book right now and it's silly and fun.

Just so you know though, I do post comics, mostly journal sketches, on my tumblr, along with other things I find interesting. Do come along for that ride as well! Here is a link.

18 Mar 13:30

Rad Vehicles Transformed by Darren Rawlings

by Dean Trippe










These transforming fictional vehicles couldn’t be radder. “If They Could Transform” is a new series by our pal, Darren Rawlings. Head over to Rawls’s DeviantArt or Tumblr for more! -Dean

21 Mar 01:38

Botmobiles by Darren Rawlings

by Dean Trippe

LOL the proportions of the 2nd one!


Breaking: Darren Rawlings takes requests from pals. :D

See more of his series of fictional cars made into transforming robots here. -Dean

23 Mar 17:50

@markmargolis1: Game of Thrones meets Breaking Bad. We r working...

22 Mar 04:38

Gallery of Call of Duty: Ghosts concept art and graphic design by Thomas Szakolczay.

by John Struan

Gallery of Call of Duty: Ghosts concept art and graphic design by Thomas Szakolczay.


22 Mar 16:12

by (John)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster by Paolo Rivera.
22 Mar 21:42

'Fast & Furious 7' Will Shoot Scenes with Doubles and Use CGI


Fast 7, starring Beowulf O'Conner.

Shooting has now resumed for “Fast & Furious 7,” and Confidenti@l has learned exactly how Paul Walker will remain in the film.

“They have hired four actors with bodies very similar to Paul’s physique and they will be used for movement and as a base,” one source close to production tells us. “Paul’s face and voice will be used on top using CGI.”

Our insider adds that this is option number one producers and Universal Pictures have decided on, and that the studio feels confident fans of the franchise will feel satisfied with the result. Walker plays cop Brian O’Conner in every film in the series except for the third installment, “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.” Universal had confirmed in December that Walker would appear in the latest installment, but never addressed exactly how they would pull it off.

“Continuing the global exploits in the franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker lead the returning cast of ‘Fast & Furious 7,’ which will be released by Universal Pictures on April 10, 2015,” the studio had said in a statement. “James Wan directs this chapter of the hugely successful series, and Neal H. Moritz and Vin Diesel return as producers.”

The cast and crew have been shooting scenes along the streets of downtown Atlanta, while Diesel took to his Facebook to post a picture of the last scene he filmed with Walker, writing, “There was a unique sense of completion, of pride we shared … in the film we were now completing … the magic captured … and, in just how far we’ve come … ‘Fast and Furious 7’ will be released … April 10th 2015! P.S. He’d want you to know first.”

21 Mar 18:42

And it’s not like you and I always see eye to eye. I mean,...

And it’s not like you and I always see eye to eye. I mean, Friday Night Lights?
19 Mar 20:37

'Game of Thrones' producers: George R.R. Martin's secret ending is 'absolutely' satisfying


Everybody dies, and Westeros sinks into the sea.

The end.

It’s a question George R.R. Martin’s fans have wondered for many years: Will the bestselling author’s five-books-and-counting Song of Ice and Fire saga have a satisfying ending? Will the destination, not just the journey, pay off?

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss know Martin’s planned final arcs of his as-yet-unwritten story. So we asked them.

First, some context: HBO’s Thrones is about to launch the fourth of a planned seven seasons (possibly eight) on April 6. Martin has two books left to come in his series, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. When it comes to fan expectations, the Thrones producers are generally quite cautious about getting fans’ hopes up, especially since expectations tend on this saga to be so high already (asked if they’re “confident” season 4 of Thrones is their best yet, Weiss replied, “I wouldn’t say we’re too confident. I would say we’re terrified that it won’t be.”)

So last September at a seaside park grove in Croatia, inside a dim tent full of camera monitors, we asked the duo: “You know George’s ending for the saga. A lot of fans have wondered whether it’s going to pay off in a satisfying way. Non-specifically, do you feel the saga’s ending is creatively satisfying? Is it an ending you’re excited to work towards?”

Their replies were immediate and emphatic.

Benioff: “Absolutely yes.”

Weiss: “100 percent.”

So there you go. No details, naturally. But however Martin’s story may conclude, at least two huge fans of his work have high praise for its mysterious, long-planned conclusion (once again: no pressure, George!). Of course, an absolutely satisfying ending by Thrones standards could also mean everybody dies in some spectacular fashion, but we kinda doubt that. Martin himself has used one word to describe it: “Bittersweet.”
This subject will also invariably raise the show-catching-up-to-the-books issue. Recently there’s been a lot of coverage about this after another outlet addressed the topic. In case you missed it, see our exclusive last year which was the first to detail the various positions (all still current) of the producers, Martin and HBO on this tricky situation.

19 Mar 13:18

Coming in July, The X-Files board game:

by John Struan

"You dip your finger in an unknown substance at a crime scene & proceed to lick it off. Skip 3 turns."

Coming in July, The X-Files board game:


17 Mar 19:44

Photos of the movie-style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have leaked.

by John Struan

I put this on Twitter but I thought I'd share it here, too, because woah.

Photos of the movie-style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have leaked. Raphael looks pretty good.


19 Mar 01:04

Game of Thrones stars pose with Funko figurines!


When did they recast Bran with Alan Partridge?

Carice van Houten poses with Renly

John Bradley poses with a White Walker.

Sibel Kekilli kisses Tyrion.

Conleith Hill licks Tyrion.

Yuri Kolokolnikov holds a White Walker.

Nathalie Emmanuel poses with a baby dragon.

Kristian Nairn poses with a direwolf.

Peter Dinklage poses with Tyrion.

Sophie Turner poses with Ned and Greywind!

Jack Gleeson poses with Joffrey

Michael McElhatton poses with Robb Stark *insert 'The Lannisters send their regards' joke here*

Masie Williams strikes a pose with Ghost.

Rose Leslie poses with Yigrite.

Rory McCann poses with The Hound.

Emilia Clarke poses with one of her dragons.

bb BranFlakes poses with Grey Wind

And last but not least: A Troll poses with Ned Stark's severed head.

14 Mar 03:04

by (John)


Pug picks a fight with SWAT officers.
16 Mar 03:00

See You Space Cowboy by MeganLara - $11

by (Layne Hunter)


Mens: Dark Chocolate Womens: Dark Chocolate

14 Mar 08:32

homolion: yer darn tootin’ kids an’ yer’ darn contraptions ger...


yer darn tootin’ kids an’ yer’ darn contraptions ger tha’ darn camra outta ma’ face

13 Mar 19:24

Complete GoT spread in Vanity Fair

Game of Thrones cover story in Vanity Fair, April 2014

Cast chooses which other character they want to play

Sources: 1 2 3
Mods, tumblr is the source of these scans.
13 Mar 00:11

GRRM just wrote another novella instead of TWOW



From GRRM's livejournal:

The Rogues Are Coming...

. . . and much sooner than expected.
Our good friends at Bantam Spectra have just informed me and my partner-in-crime Gardner Dozois that they have moved up the publication date of our next mammoth crossgenre anthology ROGUES. . . to June 17. Yes, this year. Three months from now, in other words.

If you enjoyed WARRIORS and DANGEROUS WOMEN, we think you'll love ROGUES. It may be our strongest anthology yet. We have some amazing writers and some incredible stories in this one. The table of contents, as previously announced:


Twenty stories not enough for you?

Okay, okay, we've decided to add a twenty-first, for all you fans of fake history.

"The Princess and the Queen," Archmaester Gyldayn's somewhat abbreviated account of the Dance of the Dragons, got a great response from all the folks who read it in DANGEROUS WOMEN, so we've dipped back into the archmaester's somewhat disorganized piles of scrolls and crumbling manuscripts, and brought forth another piece of his unpublished history. "The Rogue Prince, or, the King's Brother," will tell the story of the years leading up to the calamitous events of "The Princess and the Queen" during the reign of King Viserys I Targaryen, with particular attention to the role played by the king's brother, Prince Daemon, a rogue if there ever was one. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as you did "The Princess and the Queen."

(And yes, sadly, "The Rogue Prince" is an abridged account as well. For the full version, you will all need to wait some years, until we publish the complete history of House Targaryen in the GRRMarillion... which, by the way, I've decided I am going to call FIRE AND BLOOD, since the GRRMarillion joke has grown somewhat stale by now).

We're got something for everyone in ROGUES -- SF, mystery, historical fiction, epic fantasy, sword and sorcery, comedy, tragedy, crime stories, mainstream. And rogues, cads, scalawags, con men, thieves, and scoundrels of all descriptions. If you love Harry Flashman and Cugel the Clever, as I do, this is the book for you.

Oh, and speaking of DANGEROUS WOMEN... it's now HUGO NOMINATION time, and we have lots of great stories in both DW and OLD MARS that are eligible, so I hope you'll remember some of them when filling out your ballots.

12 Mar 01:58

Disney X EDM: Your Favorite Disney Songs Are About To Be Given The EDM Remix Treatment, ONTD



Under The Sea. Circle of Life. Hakuna Matata. A Whole New World.

They’re the Disney soundtrack of our childhoods. But you know what they really need? Some soaring synths, dirty bass, snapping kick drums, and a filthy drop.

Disney Music revealed on Twitter and Instagram today that they’d be releasing a new album on April 22, #DCONSTRUCTED, featuring “new versions of Disney classics” by—wait for it!—dance music royalty like Armin van Buuren, Kaskade, BT, Avicii, Mat Zo, Stonebridge, and James Lavelle & Tim Goldsworthy’s side-project, UNKLE.

A teaser video posted to Instagram reels off the list of house, electro-house, prog and trance names involved (which also includes The Japanese Popstars, Yogi, Shy Kidx, Trion, Shinichi Osawa, Alfred Montejano, and Kinsey Moore) while a kicking trance track (possibly Mat Zo’s remix of "Circle of Life"?) plays briefly in the background.

The full tracklist hasn’t been revealed as yet, but you can already get your pre-order in on Amazon—and finally justify that Princess Jasmine/Pocahontas/Ariel costume you were planning to wear to the next EDM festival.


SOURCES ( UN ) et ( DEUX )

Disney goes EDM? Fuck yeah!

So ONTD... What Disney song with an EDM remix treatment are you curious to hear?