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11 Sep 16:49

Arvo Pärt showing off his chicken.  Happy Birthday, Arvo Pärt!

Arvo Pärt showing off his chicken. 

Happy Birthday, Arvo Pärt!

11 Sep 17:05

OK Go Claims Apple Stole Its Music Video Concept To Kick Off iPhone 6 Event

by Mary Beth Quirk

A shot from OK Go's "The Writing's On The Will" video, left and Apple's "Perspectives" video, right.

A shot from OK Go’s “The Writing’s On The Will” video, left and Apple’s “Perspectives” video, right.

In the video “Perspective” used by Apple to kick off its event unveiling the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch earlier this week, the company encourages people to “see things differently.” But the band OK Go — known for its colorful, quirky (I can use that word whenever I want, legally) music videos — says Apple saw things pretty much exactly the same way as it did when the group first pitched a video concept to the company last April.

That collaborative pitch was rejected by the company, OK Go’s manager tells Businessweek, so the band decided to go ahead and make the video anyway for its song “The Writing’s On The Wall.”

As you can see below, the video employs a single, long camera shot that tracks through a room and shows the band members popping in and out of different set=ups that appear to look one way when approached from a certain angle, and have a new meaning when viewed from another. You, know, perspective.

Meanwhile, Apple’s, ahem, “Perspectives” video employs a lot of the same technique, only in that video, words appear in unexpected ways throughout, instead of guys with mirrors on their head and polka dot sweatshirts that match the backgrounds:

They do feel similar, but that can happen, right? One style influences another? After all, OK Go’s video has been viewed over 10 million times since it was posted in June, so maybe some of its visual trickery simply rubbed off on Apple.

Except not really, the band’s manager says: After Apple declined the band’s pitch, the company hired the same production company behind OK Go’s video and used the same director.

While Apple hasn’t returned Businessweek’s request for comment, “The videos speak for themselves, and you can draw your own conclusions,” the band’s manager says.

Whaddya think?

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OK Go: Apple Ripped Off Our Video [Businessweek]

09 Sep 15:00

Dogs with Anime Eyes of Versailles

Russian Sledges

via firehosalind

Dogs with Anime Eyes of Versailles

Check out these adorable doggies that freckledtrash perfectly matched with eyes from the anime, Rose of Versailles!

Submitted by:

10 Sep 18:57

Old Photos From the Library of Congress Turned Into Wonderfully Bizarre Animated GIFs

by EDW Lynch
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Flux Machine by Kevin Weir

In his ongoing Flux Machine project, artist Kevin Weir turns archival photographs from the Library of Congress into wonderfully bizarre animated GIFs.

Flux Machine by Kevin Weir

Flux Machine by Kevin Weir

Flux Machine by Kevin Weir

Flux Machine by Kevin Weir

GIFs by Kevin Weir

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09 Sep 20:20

Satanic FOIA Reveals Deep Confusion About 1st Amendment

by Joseph Laycock
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joe laycock autoshare

'Several callers demanded to know whether the governor was for or against erecting a monument to Satan. One caller from Florida, who did not understand that the Ten Commandments monument was on government grounds, reported that his pastor had told him that all religious displays in Oklahoma must now feature displays of Satanism as well. Others believed the monument would have seven heads, or that it would be appear on “The White House.”

'One caller tearfully confessed that in the 1960s she had used peyote and crystal meth, and read Nietzsche. The voicemail service cut her off before she could finish her point.'

The Satanic Temple, best known for its offer to build a monument to Satan...
09 Sep 21:30

Cliff House, A Five-Story House That Hangs Off the Edge of a Cliff

by EDW Lynch
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via GN

makes me want to become a bond supervillain with an awesome accent

Cliff House by Modscape

Cliff House is a design concept for a five-story home that hangs off the face of a cliff. Entry to the modular structure is through the top floor garage, and the house is anchored to the cliff by steel pins. The Cliff House concept was designed by Modscape, an Australian company that specializes in prefabricated structures.

Cliff House by Modscape

Cliff House by Modscape

Cliff House by Modscape

images via Modscape

via Inhabitat

08 Sep 18:54

A Comet Foreshadows Wars, De Naturæ Diuinis Characterismis, 1575

Russian Sledges

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A Comet Foreshadows Wars, De Naturæ Diuinis Characterismis, 1575

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Russian Sledges

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08 Sep 13:44

Fantasy Map: Mock-Up Boston MBTA Map Spotted in LA for...

Russian Sledges

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otters: "I remember when Russian Sledges used to live off of Cabrerra"

Fantasy Map: Mock-Up Boston MBTA Map Spotted in LA for Filming

Posted by Seiji Tanaka on his Twitter account, here’s a fictional MBTA map at an LA Metro station for film/TV shooting. The map is at the fictional “Rockwater” station on the equally fictional Yellow Line (replacing the real world Orange Line).

We’ve covered fictional transit maps from TV shows and movies before (this weird DC Metro map from the TV show “Leverage” springs to mind), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one where the prop designers have just downloaded and edited the official map, which is obviously what has happened here. What’s more, it’s been edited really badly.

The blue water and white background of the official map has been removed and the whole map has been placed on a grey/beige background instead… but all the white boxes behind bus route numbers and white keylines around the route lines that were used to separate them from other elements are still in place. Which means there’s a lot of weird, random white elements on the map for no apparent reason. There are also ferry routes, but no water for them to sail across.

Most of the commuter rail routes have been removed, but not all of the stations: Yawkey is just floating in the middle of the map by itself, for example, and interchange stations still retain their extra “blob” for commuter rail platforms.

The real-life Blue line is now Purple, the Green Line is now Blue (with all sorts of branch name errors) and the Orange Line is now Yellow. This line has also had all of its station names changed, mostly to very un-Bostonian names, like “San Jacomo” and “Cabrerra”. Is this the MBTA or Grand Theft Auto? To me, this suggests that this part of the map might feature a little more prominently in whatever scenes it is featured in.

Yes, I know that these maps tend to appear fleetingly in the background of whatever show they’re used in, so it’s a little unfair to subject them to the same scrutiny as a real transit map, but this one struck me as particularly odd, seeing as it’s so directly and obviously based off the official map (it even has the crossed-out station icon for Government Center).

P.S. Anyone know what TV show/movie this prop is from?

04 Sep 14:19

V&A’s First Games Designer in Residence Takes On 19th-Century Textiles

by Allison Meier
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by William Morris, indigo-discharged & block-printed cotton (1883) (via Victoria & Albert Museum)

Detail of “Strawberry Thief” by William Morris, indigo-discharged & block-printed cotton (1883) (via Victoria & Albert Museum)

Curiosity was piqued across the games and museum communities last May when the Victoria & Albert Museum announced their first games designer in residence. Now games designer Sophia George has unveiled her first project in the residency, which transforms a vivid Victorian textile into an iPad experience.

strawberry-thief-320Called “Strawberry Thief” after the 1883 William Morris work it explores, George unveiled the game last month at the Dare ProtoPlay festival in Dundee, Scotland. George decided, as part of the V&A’s task to reinterpret British art from the 1500-1900 galleries, to concentrate on the Arts and Crafts Movement, specifically Morris. In collaboration with the V&A, V&A Dundee, and Albertay University, her “Strawberry Thief” deconstructs the botanical pattern into a tablet game where you fly as one of the fruit-stealing birds to draw and color the screen with picked up flowers. BBC Scotland’s science correspondent Kenneth Macdonald got a preview of the game, earlier this month, showing the beauty of the Morris art replicated digitally, with gently soaring music against the simple gameplay.

Later this year, it’s planned that the game will be available for free. Meanwhile, you can check out the build progress on George’s website. The density of the details in the textile and wallpaper designs by William Morris can be hard to mentally break down, but the “Strawberry Thief” looks promising as encouraging a real appreciation for how the fantasy in floral unfolds. Perhaps if it’s a success more museums will invite game designers into their collections, as while it can be a novelty to turn art into a game, it’s even more interesting when the game environment is giving a better understanding of the original work.

Read more about “Strawberry Thief” and see the game’s development at Sophia George’s site.

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Russian Sledges

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Russian Sledges

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06 Sep 21:17

Invisible afterthought smocking: a useful (and mysterious!) trick

by TECHknitter
Looking through the TECHknitting list of posts, I've found some which were finished but never posted. Here's one on smocking.

Pretty, and useful, too
Smocking on knitting is very pretty. It also has the wonderful property of narrowing fabric without having to use decreases or any shaping at all.  So, not only can you make very pretty sweaters with smocking, but you can use smocking to narrow a too-wide fabric without having to alter the underlying knitting pattern.  Two examples.*

First, a sweater too wide across the top of the body (actually, this is a very common problem for women, because the bust typically requires a larger width of fabric than the overbust area).  Adding bust-shaping is one solution, but adding smocking above the bust requires less pattern-alteration. 

narrowing a sweater in the overbust area via smocking

A second example: a sweater too wide in the waist. (As with the first example, this common problem in women's sweaters caused by the necessity to fit the bust, which can be significantly wider than the waist.) Adding waist shaping would have solved this problem in the first place, but smocking is a simple way to solve the problem, because it can be added to a pattern which has no waist shaping, without much pattern-alteration.

narrowing a sweater in the waist area via smocking

Invisible afterthought smocking
This post is about a kind of smocking which is done using a threaded blunt-tipped sewing needle, after all the knitting is done--it's called afterthought smocking, and it is a combination of knitting and sewing.

As the below illustration shows,  the yarn inserted by the sewing needle is pretty-near invisible: I used purple for the sewing yarn, and even though this is purple-on-white, the purple yarn shows only at very sides the pinch-pleat. If the pleating yarn had been the same color as the underlying fabric, it would be completely invisible.

Another invisible aspect is that the pleats are formed with no outward clue as to how they were made--no yarn travels over the top of the pleats, leaving their formation quite mysterious.

For both these reasons, I call this trick "invisible afterthought smocking."

The purple yarn is for illustration purposes only, normally the pleating yarn would be the same color as the underlying fabric

When smocking is worked on woven fabric, the fabric must first be painstakingly pleated.  The smocking then hold the pleats in place.  As knitters, we have the privilege of creating our own fabric, and therefore can make a "pre-pleated" fabric by working ribs: as you see in the above illustration, the ribs form the basis of the pleats.  Stated otherwise, smocking in knitting is worked on knitted ribs. The sewing acts to pinch the ribs together in an alternating high-low pattern, forming the "pinch-pleats" characteristic of smocking.

If you are planning a garment for smocking, working every fourth column in knit on a purl (reverse stockinette) background is a good standard of spacing. This type of ribbing, called 1/3, is shown above.

If you have a too-wide item you'd like to tighten, it is possible to re-work (convert into ribbing) an already-finished reverse stockinette fabric into 1/3 ribs--here is a link to a post about re-working stockinette scarves into ribbing, and the idea is identical with sweaters (the fabric shown above was converted from a reverse stockinette fabric---> ribbing in this manner).

If you are starting with a stockinette fabric made smooth side out, it's a bit more complicated.  Instead of converting a single column of reverse stockinette---> knit rib every fourth column, the three in-between columns have to be converted from stockinette
---> reverse stockinette, making three times as much work.   However, even at three times the work, converting is still a whole lot less work than knitting a whole new garment.  Further, if the item is a sweater, the area of actual smocking need not be very wide--the effects of smocking reach down considerably below (and, for waist-shaping, also reach above) where the actual smocking starts.

Once you have your ribbed fabric, the work is quite simple. Smocked pleats are usually made in sets of two at a time, a high pleat followed by a low pleat as shown on the illustrations. As you can see, the stockinette ribs are colored pink/red.  There are three columns of purl between the ribs. Each pair of red stitches represents the pinched end-points of a smocked pleat, and these pleat-pinches are joined by a loop of yarn worked through the fabric, which draws them together.  In other words, the pinch-pleats are formed over the four red stitches and the columns are pinched alternately, giving the unique smocked look. 

The sewing needle is used to put the smocking yarn into the fabric (each pleat-pinch is shown a different color).  Once the loop is threaded into the fabric, it is tightened to draw the four red stitches together.  Note that you actually tighten each loop as you make it: the schematic shows the loops untightened just so you can see what's going on.

This is an color-coded overview, each pleat shown in a different color. Below are closeups of the line taken by the pleating-yarn as it travels from pinch-pleat 2 to pinch-pleat 3 along the on the fabric-back, as well as a closeup of the looped path which the pleating-yarn takes as it forms a pinch-pleat

Specifically, these pleats are 4 stitches apart, the pinch-pleat takes two stitches, so each repeat is 6 stitches long (ie: high).  However, you can make your own pleats longer or shorter, the only important thing is consistency. This diagram shows one set of high-low pleats.  To add a second set, use the same spacing between sets of pleats as within a set of pleats.

The above diagram shows the path of the smocking-yarn as seen from the front.  However, the yarn travels from pleat-pinch to pleat-pinch (in our example, from pleat-pinch 2 to pleat-pinch 3) through the fabric back. When the fabric is flipped to the back, the stitch columns are reversed.  Specifically, the rib on which the smocking is performed shows as a purl column while the three intervening reverse stockinette columns now show as knit columns.

The below illustrations shows the path of the needle as it travels from pinch-pleat 2 (green) to pinch pleat 3 (blue), along the back face of the fabric. The stitches are colorized in accordance with the arrows on the above chart.  As shown, the needles travels in the half-stitch bordering the purl column.

beginning the travel from pinch-pleat 2 to 3, through the fabric back

Showing the position of the sewing needle just before drawing the pleating yarn through to travel from pinch-pleat 2 to 3. Secured into this half-column, the traveling yarn will not show from the front.

The final illustration, below, is a closeup of the path of the needle as it creates the pinch-pleat.  As you see, the pleating yarn goes in and out THROUGH THE SIDES of the pleat-stitches (highlighted in red), NOT over the top.

It is this path--not over the top--which distinguishes this form of smocking from any other. Further, it is this through-the-sides maneuver which keeps the pleating yarn invisible.

In fact, when your pleating yarn is the same color as the background yarn, the pleating yarn does not show at the pleats on the front nor as it travels on the back, making this a truly "invisible" form of afterthought smocking.  So invisible, in fact, that it is quite mysterious--suitable for mystifying your eagle-eyed knitting friends.

to create each pinch-pleat, the yarn travels in  loop through the sides of the four highlighted rib stitches, NOT over the stitch-tops

* * *
One last thing:  Not only can you smock on a 1/3 ribbing as shown in this post, but it is also possible to smock on any 1/X ribbing, such as 1/2 (k1, p2) , 1/1 (k1, p1), etc. The important thing is a single row of knit rib on a background of reverse stockinette.
 * * *
Good knitting!
* * *

* A third example of where afterthought smocking is useful: 1/1 ribbing is fairly common, and commonly stretches out.  Stretched-out 1/1 ribbing on a sweater- or mitten-cuff or on a hat brim can be tightened the back into usefulness via this trick.  The actual pleating is done the same way, with one difference: when pleating 1/1 ribbing, best to use a thinner yarn--a color-matched sock yarn, perhaps--or the amount of pleating yarn might make the fabric stiff.

This is a TECHknitting blog post on invisible afterthought smocking, which is about smocking handknits, also know as smocking knitting or smocking knits.  This trick is an invisible replacement for the smocking stitch on knits. Thanks for being a TECHknitter reader!
06 Sep 22:44

This Map Shows The States Where Adults Binge Drink The Most

by Pamela Engel
Russian Sledges

that's because we all decided to be at Drink for 8 hours

Binge drinking is typically thought of as a college activity, but in some states, it's popular with older adults as well.

A map created by Ramiro Gomez and posted on Reddit shows the states where binge drinking among people age 26 and above is most common (the data comes from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and Bloomberg):

Drunks in the US: % of adults age 26+ who binge drank the previous month

As the map shows, more than 30% of adults in North Dakota and South Dakota admitted to binge drinking during the previous month. Those in surrounding states had high rates of binge drinking, as well.

Utah — which has a high population of Mormons compared to the rest of the U.S. — ranked low, as did North Caroline and Tennessee.

North Dakota is also one of the biggest consumers of beer in the U.S., and Utah usually ranks low when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Binge drinking is commonly defined as drinking five or more drinks on the same occasion.

SEE ALSO: Here Are The Drunkest Countries In The World [MAP]

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06 Sep 22:00

More than 8,000 Massachusetts residents without power after slow-moving thunderstorms prompt tornado warning, cause damage across commonwealth

by Robert Rizzuto |
Several communities in Massachusetts sustained damage Saturday afternoon as a slow-moving series of thunderstorms moved through the commonwealth prompting a tornado warning and a prolonged severe weather watch.
07 Sep 12:53

amalthea shorts

by sushiesque
Russian Sledges


second pair of shorts

just the right size

also, unicorns

sushiesque posted a photo:

amalthea shorts


main fabric: kokka echino solids linen/cotton
pocket fabric: heather ross far far away unicorn

05 Sep 12:08

cragmont shorts

by sushiesque
Russian Sledges


first pair of shorts

slightly too big

06 Sep 22:29

Boston Calling evacuated on account of potential impending doom

by adamg
Russian Sledges

that's a pretty low bar for "hipster"

As increasingly dark clouds rapidly closed in on downtown late this afternoon, organizers called off the Boston Calling concerts for tonight. Jeremy Stanley photographed the scene.

Will reports:

They told us to shelter in a parking garage. I guess they dont want thousands of sweaty hipsters inside city hall.

06 Sep 22:47

This Robot Maximizes Your Chance of Finding Love on Tinder

by Robert Sorokanich
Russian Sledges


This Robot Maximizes Your Chance of Finding Love on Tinder

Tinder is a great way to find hookups romance near you, but it still relies on you and your potential partner finding each other mutually attractive. Since you can't always rely on that, why not boost your odds—say, with a robotic finger that can "like" up to 900 Tinderers per hour?


06 Sep 23:23

Sorry, history buffs, but Woodrow Wilson will *not* be speaking at Harvard

by Jim

From Harvard’s announcement about a September 15th event:

How Boston Magazine apparently interpreted Harvard’s release:

* A conversation with feminist protest art collective Pussy Riot (
* Pussy Riot will be joined by scholar Woodrow Wilson (

- h/t Jim McGrath

07 Sep 00:05

Report of naked woman swimming across Jamaica Pond brings fire, police response

by adamg

Fire crews looking for swimmer near the boathouse. Photo by Kevin Murray.

UPDATE, 11 p.m.: Boston Fire Department reports not finding anything, all units leaving.

UPDATE, 8:12 p.m.: Dive team being called in to search the pond.

Witnesses told police and fire responders the woman got in the water around 7:15 p.m., then swam toward the center of the pond. Only problem is while one witness said she walked into the water near the boathouse on the Jamaicaway, others said they saw her enter the pond on the opposite side, off Perkins Street.

06 Sep 18:48

NYC Teachers Wear Shirts to Support Cops After Cop Murders Black Man

by hodad
Russian Sledges

'Critics of the teachers' protest pointed out that a teacher wearing a pro-police shirt to a classroom full of public school children might send kids who had been victimized or seen victimization by police the message that what teachers really mean by the shirts is fuck you.'

via firehose

NYC Teachers Wear Shirts to Support Cops After Cop Murders Black ManExpand

So hot right now: white people showing support for white cops who kill unarmed black people. The latest group to hop on this bandwagon is New York City public school teachers who, after expressly being told to refrain from wearing pro-cop shirts to the first days of school, are going to go ahead ahead and keep wearing NYPD shirts, anyway.

The teachers' "protest," according to DNAInfo, comes on the heels of an anti-police brutality rally presided over by Al Sharpton. Sharpton, like most people who agree that death is an inappropriate punishment for suspicion of selling loosie cigarettes, thought that the death of Eric Garner in the hands of New York City police officers was kind of fucking terrible, and that maybe cops should be less murdery toward unarmed black people. Some teachers disagreed with the union's support, swarming to pro-cop Facebook groups like Thank You NYPD.

Eager to #NOTALLCOPS a terrible tragedy, the educators in Staten Island and Queens "showed their support" for the NYPD by wearing NYPD shirts to work this week and posting images of them to the aforementioned Facebook group.

NYC Teachers Wear Shirts to Support Cops After Cop Murders Black Man

Critics of the teachers' protest pointed out that a teacher wearing a pro-police shirt to a classroom full of public school children might send kids who had been victimized or seen victimization by police the message that what teachers really mean by the shirts is fuck you. And so, on Wednesday night, teachers at schools where the protest had gotten legs were told by a union rep via email that teachers should aim to wear neutral clothing that doesn't support one political side or another, and that continuing to wear the NYPD shirts to work could result in punishment for the teachers.

Whether or not you believe that teachers protesting on behalf of another group of people seems an odd hill to die on for a group of people who have plenty to protest on behalf of themselves, or that this whole protest is in incredibly poor taste, one thing is clear: every teacher who wore those ugly shirts to work is definitely, beyond a shadow of a doubt guilty of a fashion crime. We need Joan Rivers now more than ever.

Overall, 550 shirts reading "New York's Brightest Support New York's Finest" were ordered in the runup to the first week of school, and humanity continues to be puzzling and terrible.

Images via Facebook

Original Source

05 Sep 13:07

You Got Into College, Now Here’s A $1M Condo - Luxury living -

by russiansledges
Feijo estimated that as many as one of ten buyers in Cambridge are parents hunting for condos or townhomes for their children, some of whom aren’t even out of high school yet. He noted running into one eager father, who, having just completed a tour of Harvard with his 14-year-old daughter, proceeded to tour a million-dollar townhouse in anticipation of her eventual admission at the university. Other parents are buying for their kids on a budget, looking for something safe and convenient, rather spectacular. Coldwell Banker’s Rich Hornblower just sold a one-bedroom condo in Brighton to parents from the New York area, who bought the 747-square-foot unit for their daughter attending graduate school.
05 Sep 17:59

It's Almost Time to Abandon Twitter

by Paul Constant
Russian Sledges

via firehose

I've been a fan of Twitter for five years now, and a vocal Twitter advocate. But over the last year, I've become less and less enchanted with Twitter, to the point where I've thought about quitting the service multiple times. My complaint has nothing to do with advertising in the timeline—they've gotta make money somehow—but with the normalization of Twitter discussion. It's become a boring stew of self-promotion, self-righteous finger-wagging over the latest media event, pointless arguments that never change minds, and inane chatter about television shows. I roll my eyes at Twitter a lot these days.

Part of the reason I've not quit Twitter yet is that I still believe in the simplicity of the service: Short bulletins, arranged in strict chronological order, amounting to a real-time view of how thousands of people see and understand the world. I've harbored the suspicion that if I unfollowed a number of people who I now follow—especially the media types, who are the most infuriating—I could remake my timeline into something worth my attention again. There must still be people out there in the world who are intelligently toying with the formal constraints of Twitter, who have something interesting to say, who don't want to bludgeon the world to death with their boring opinions?

Today, though, it occurs to me that maybe it's time to quit Twitter once and for all. Twitter can't stop talking about Twitter—specifically, they're discussing this Wall Street Journal overview of a presentation by Twitter CFO Anthony Noto:

Twitter’s timeline is organized in reverse chronological order, a delivery system that has not changed since the product was created eight years ago and one that some early adopters consider sacred to the core Twitter experience. But this “isn’t the most relevant experience for a user,” Noto said. Timely tweets can get buried at the bottom of the feed if the user doesn’t have the app open, for example. “Putting that content in front of the person at that moment in time is a way to organize that content better.”

Noto does clarify that chronological order isn't going completely away: "Individual users are not going to wake up one day and find their timeline completely ranked by an algorithm.” But that's not enough of a promise for me. If Twitter fucks with the chronological order of the service, I will be done with Twitter. If I couldn't trust Twitter to provide me with real-time updates of protests in Ferguson, or the Occupy protests, or the Boston Marathon bombing, I would have no use for Twitter. I can find some other way to hang out with friends. I already belong to one social network that whitewashes the news and churns out a repetitive slurry of feel-good posts; I don't need another one.

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05 Sep 16:09

The beer marketing dystopia has arrived in Colorado

by Colin Lecher
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via firehose

Once there was a town. The town was called Crested Butte, Colorado. One day, the town government met the company Anheuser-Busch, the makers of the beer Bud Light. The company offered the town $500,000 to host a Bud Light-themed party. The town accepted, but many of the people in the town were sad:

On Friday, the company will fly in 1,000 young adults for a weekend of spring-break-style revelry, a stunt designed to publicize Bud Light. The town's main thoroughfare, Elk Avenue, has been adorned with outdoor hot tubs, a sand pit, concert lights and a stage. Restaurants and hotels have been stripped of many local markings and given beer-branded umbrellas and signs instead. When the filming starts, drinks will be unlimited, access to the main street will be restricted to people with company-issued bracelets, and beautiful, mountain-ringed Crested Butte will be rebranded as "Whatever, U.S.A."

But the party went on:

This week, the town bustled with party preparations. Employees of a local construction company dumped sand into the street. A bridge welcoming visitors to "Whatever, U.S.A." went up over Elk Avenue, right next to the heritage museum. A big, blue cowboy boot was placed in front of the mayor's office.

Once there was a town. The town was called Whatever, U.S.A.

More can be found at The New York Times.

05 Sep 17:12

Newswire: Werner Herzog will guest star on Parks And Recreation

by Sean O'Neal
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via firehose

Director Werner Herzog has revealed he will appear in a brief cameo in the upcoming final season of Parks And Recreation, a show about man’s pointless wandering through the lies of wilderness planted inside his city, as he distracts himself from the stench of death with flowers and seesaws. Herzog Werner-Herzog-version-of-casually dropped the information during a talk at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where he described his “tiny cameo part” thusly:

[I play] an elderly guy who sells his decrepit house to the young couple who are the leading characters in this, and directly to the camera, I address the audience and I say, ‘You know, I lived in this home for 47 years. And I decided to move out now and sell this because I’m moving to Orlando, Florida, to be close to Disney World.’ I’ve never seen the show, but I hope they kept some ...

04 Sep 14:40

Woman Discovers 'Rape Room' in Comic Book Store; Is Promptly Fired

by Rebecca Rose
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hey local nerds

Woman Discovers 'Rape Room' in Comic Book Store; Is Promptly Fired

Welp. Here's another depressing story about a woman who tried to speak up against workplace sexist bullshit.


05 Sep 00:24

Mattie Brice on Twitter: i won't spend any energy making you feel like your consumer products are art and deserving of critical attention

by russiansledges
i won't spend any energy making you feel like your consumer products are art and deserving of critical attention
13 Aug 21:03

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves by Mat Brown

by Christopher Jobson
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via Shakadelic

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves by Mat Brown resin furniture

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves by Mat Brown resin furniture

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves by Mat Brown resin furniture

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves by Mat Brown resin furniture

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves by Mat Brown resin furniture

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves by Mat Brown resin furniture

A few days ago, UK industrial designer and jeweler Mat Brown shared with the Reddit community his ingenious idea for a set of resin inlaid chestnut shelves. Starting with a cracked piece of chestnut wood he mixed standard resin with some mysterious glow-in-the-dark powder he bought on Ebay which he used to fill in the gaps. And voilà, instant glowing furniture with unknown side effects. Seriously though, they look amazing, and you can see his fully detailed tutorial over on his blog. Brown also makes lots of funky jewelry which he sells over on Etsy.

05 Sep 00:00

wolvensnothere: ladythatsmyskull: wolvensnothere: Always...

Russian Sledges

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ripley autoreshare




Always Reblog Ripley