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25 Nov 22:00

Celery and Olives Dominated Thanksgiving for Nearly 100 Years—Until They Didn’t

by Miss Cellania

I just bought celery and olives yesterday. I always buy them for Thanksgiving, but rarely any other time of the year. Olives are a special treat, and the adults in my family love them. I use celery in my cornbread dressing, and the rest of the stalk is served alone or stuffed. However, I did not know that the two were traditional on everyone’s Thanksgiving tables for almost a century, and then faded out in the 1970s. It all started when fresh produce began to be transported across the country to be enjoyed whatever the season.

The pairing of the two was both a result of the fact that they were introduced and made readily available around the same time and they served a similar purpose: both celery and olives were palate cleansers, and ones that didn’t require a servant.

“People were looking for a palate cleanser in between Thanksgiving’s richer courses,” explained [Rick] Rodgers. “At a family meal where you don’t have servants, the tray of celery and olives could be put on the table and you didn’t need a servant to serve a sorbet course.”

Advertising played a big part, too. Celery and olives eventually became “traditional” at Thanksgiving. But what happened in the 1970s to change that? Read the entire story of celery and olives on the Thanksgiving menu at

POLL: Will your Thanksgiving table have olives and celery?

  • Yes, of course!
  • Celery only.
  • Olives only.
  • No, neither of them.
25 Nov 14:36

Tilda Swinton by Tim Walker for W Magazine

by admin

Tilda Swinton

Oscar winning actress Tilda Swinton stars in The Surreal World story lensed for W Magazine‘s latest edition by fashion photographer Tim Walker with styling from Jacob K. In charge of art direction and concept was Jerry Stafford, with hair by Julien d’Ys and makeup & body painting by Lisa Houghton at Tim Howard Management.

Read the rest of Tilda Swinton by Tim Walker for W Magazine

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14 Aug 17:30

Opinion: Sometimes Unfortunate Things Happen In The Heat Of A 400-Year-Old Legacy Of Racism (by Thomas Jackson)

Russian Sledges

"When emotions run high, it just takes two seconds following dozens of generations of systemic social, economic, and political discrimination toward non-whites—particularly African-Americans—for things to get way out of hand."

By Thomas Jackson, Chief Of Police, Ferguson Police Department

25 Nov 07:33

nevver: Instagramer @ihavethisthingwithfloors

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via rosalind

Regram @weworewhat #ihavethisthingwithfloors emojiemoji

Regram @sincerelyjules #ihavethisthingwithfloors

Regram @camtyox #ihavethisthingwithfloors

Regram @jennikayne #ihavethisthingwithfloors

Regram @cassieklingler #ihavethisthingwithfloors

Regram @bmjaworski #ihavethisthingwithfloors


Instagramer @ihavethisthingwithfloors

25 Nov 02:12

Check out: An Indian Wondermark?

by David Malki
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Indian artist Aarthi Parthasarathy has a new comic called “Royal Existentials”. It’s made of images from vintage Indian Mughal miniature paintings, an art form that dates back to at least the sixteenth century.

I heard about it from this article, where she mentions where she got the idea:

A web-comic fan herself, Parthasarathy was inspired by Wondermark, a comic strip series created by California artist David Malki that has Victorian-era drawings with funny dialogues added in. So, she set out to create something similarly humorous but utterly Indian.

For the series, Parthasarathy picks existing images of Indian miniature paintings and writes contemporary dialogues to them focusing on the joke and the punchline. The social commentary is incidental. “It started out as a way to just have fun with images,” she said. “After the first three, I suddenly realised that this is becoming very social, very feminist.”

I think that’s super turbo cool. Keep at it, Aarthi!! My one note is that I wish the comics were bigger on the site so they’re easier to read!

BONUS RELATED LINK: I’ve mentioned this before — and it’s as old as Wondermark, if not older — but I still love it: the Bayeaux Tapestry Generator, with which you can make something akin to comics, or memes, or just 100% accurate representations of history.



21 Nov 15:00

Tips For Giving Your A-Line Skirt A More Flattering Fit

by Andrew Salomone
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line-skirt-fitting-1Our own Haley Pierson-Cox has put together some tips to help give your A-line skirt a more flattering fit over at The Zen of Making.

Read more on MAKE

24 Nov 06:00

Dead Raisers, a traveling band of evangelical resurrectors

by David Pescovitz
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via multitask suicide


Tyler Johnson, 31, claims he has brought 13 corpses back to life as part of his work on the Dead Raisers Team, a group of evangelicals who travel around sharing their gift for resurrection and faith healing, and teach others how to make miracles too. Read the rest

24 Nov 04:01

reflectionsofghosts: free-parking: Xu Bing — Tian Shu (Book...

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overbey: "It HURTS to look at this. It makes me twitch in horror."



Xu BingTian Shu (Book from the Sky), 1987-1991

Tian Shu is comprised of a display of books spread in a large rectangle across the ground, above which voluptuous scrolls unroll in long, pregnant arcs. The books—four hundred of them—are handmade with reverential adherence to the standards of traditional Ming dynasty fonts, bookbinding, typesetting and stringing techniques. 

To make them, Xu painstakingly carved Chinese characters into square woodblocks, in just the way his ancient printing predecessors would have done, had them typeset and printed, and the printed pages mounted and bound into books and scrolls.

Yet, there’s the astonishing, Borgesian catch: out of the three or four thousand Chinese characters used in these volumes and scrolls, not a single one of them is a real Chinese character. They are made up of recognizable radicals and typical atomic components of Chinese characters, but Xu laboured to ensure that while they all retain the unmistakable look of Chinese script, they are all, so to speak, nonsense. They do not exist in any dictionary, and do not mean anything. Chinese speakers and non-Chinese speakers alike approach the books with the same sense of wonder at their beauty, and the same sense of incomprehension at their content. It’s a piece of art whose meaning is to be found in its meaninglessness. (via)

My kind of asshole.

24 Nov 21:31

‘Visions of Arrakis’, An Art Show Tribute to the Sci-Fi Worlds of ‘Dune’ at Bergeron’s Books in Oakland, California

by Justin Page
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via firehose

Visions of Arrakis
poster art by Jose-Luis Segura

Visions of Arrakis is an upcoming art show tribute to the amazing characters, creatures, and worlds from Frank Herbert‘s sci-fi masterpiece Dune at Bergeron’s Books in Oakland, California. The show, which will feature original artwork created by over two dozen local artists, is scheduled to open on December 5, 2014 from 7 – 10 PM PST. Interested parties can RSVP for the event online via Facebook.

Second Sight of the Bene Gesserits by Steven Russell Black
Second Sight of the Bene Gesserits by Steven Russell Black

Guild Navigators by Tiffany Turrill
Guild Navigators by Tiffany Turrill

images via Justin Lawrence DeVine and credited artists

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

24 Nov 20:54

Harlequine dress worn by Swedish queen Ulrika Eleonora at a...

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Harlequine dress worn by Swedish queen Ulrika Eleonora at a masquerade about 1675.

24 Nov 17:32

kazu721010: Paul Smith Albemarle Street store facade / 6a...

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Paul Smith Albemarle Street store facade / 6a Architects

24 Nov 22:01

naturally dyed silk |

by russiansledges
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plaid silk

Are you looking for a seriously organic fabric? Here it is. The villager raise their own silk worms. It is handreeled, hand-dyed with natural dyes and then handwoven. How much time is spent for this beautiful fabric? Cannot count. It is a miracle that they can still do this. The color is so deep and complex.
24 Nov 15:21

gotitforcheap: tepitome: For their single Blue Ice Swedish...

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Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.



For their single Blue Ice, Swedish band The Shout Out Louds sent fans a kit for making a record out of ice. Pour water into a silicon mold, freeze it, then play the record.

my new single dropping soon it’s a bunch of bees and you gotta put them into hives and get the honey out of them and then take that honey and mold it into a vinyl or some shit oh well pitchfork already told me i’m getting best new track 

24 Nov 19:59

Hark, A Vagrant: Broadside Ballads 2

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fire for life

buy this print!

These broadside images come to you courtesy of the hard working history folks at the University of California's English Broadside Ballad Archives!

In order:

A Godly Warning for All Maidens
Anne Wallen's Lamentation
The Husbandman's Delight
A New Merry Ballad
An Excellent Song
A True Sense of Sorrow

And of course, the merchandise plug! We have new whiteboards, hot off the press@

The store has updated with lots of exciting new things! Including Wee The People drawings.

Clicking on the image will take you to the store. Hooray!!

24 Nov 06:14

mistresscurvy: artset: James Dean and Paul Newman Screen Test

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24 Nov 00:53

hautekills: Chanel s/s 2015


Chanel s/s 2015

24 Nov 01:07


16 Nov 23:30

Hunting sword, by-knife and scabbard Dated: 1544 Maker: Diego de...

Russian Sledges

"now are the ill-scented lilies uprooted and prostrate, the cock is expelled"

Hunting sword, by-knife and scabbard

  • Dated: 1544
  • Maker: Diego de Çaias (active circa 1530-52)
  • Provenance: Commemorating Henry VIII capture of Boulogne sur Mer from the French in 1545. Private museum of George Wallis, Hull, by 1798; Earl of Londesborough, by 1857; his sale, Christie’s, London, 4-11 July 1888; Frederic Spitzer sale, Paris, 10-14 July 1895; Prince Ladislao Odescalchi, Rome; from whom acquired by HM The Queen, 1966.

This is one of the few surviving works made by the Spanish decorator of arms Diego de Çaias while he was employed by Henry VIII between 1543 and 1547. It was probably one of the items described in the inventory of the King’s possessions taken after his death in the latter year as 'iij longe woodknives ij of them of Dego his makinge'.

The sword is in the form of a hunting weapon, with an auxiliary knife decorated in the same style of ‘counterfeit’ damascening (in which thin gold wires are pressed into lines incised on a hatched background). The wooden scabbard, covered in tooled black leather, is probably an eighteenth-century replacement, with the original iron mounts reapplied. The grip of the sword, which is made of wood and bound with iron wire, is also thought to be a replacement.

The decoration includes hunting scenes of a kind to be expected on a weapon of this type, but the great interest lies in the miniature topographical scene at the top of the sword blade. It depicts with some accuracy the siege of Boulogne, which began on 19 July 1544 and was conducted under Henry VIII’s direct command from 26 July; the French defenders eventually capitulated on 14 September.

The city of Boulogne appears to the upper right, while on the left can be seen the offensive mound on which the English artillery was arranged. The Latin elegiac inscription on the other side of the blade may have been written by a court poet in celebration of the victory; the sword was presumably made soon afterwards. It is unsigned, but the style of the gold decoration is extremely close to signed examples of Diego de Çaias’s work, in particular the mace made for Henry II of France now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

The sword is inscribed on one side of the blade, damascened in gold "HENRICI OCTAVI / LETARE BOLONIA / DVCTV PVRPVREIS / TVRRES CONSPICIE / NDA ROSIS IAM / TRACTA IACEN [sic] / MALE OLENTIA / LILIA PVLSVS G / ALLVS ET INVI[C]TA / REGNAT IN ARCE / LEO SIC TIBI NEC / VIRT[V]S DEERIT / NE[C GR]ATIA FOR / MAE [CV]M LEO / TVTELA CVM / ROSA [S]IT DECORI" meaning “Rejoice Boulogne in the rule of the eighth Henry. Thy towers are now seen to be adorned with crimson roses, now are the ill-scented lilies uprooted and prostrate, the cock is expelled, and the lion reigns in the invincible citadel. Thus, neither valour nor grace of beauty will fail thee, since the lion is thy protection and the rose thy ornament”; translation by Claude Blair.

Source: Copyright 2014 © Royal Collection Trust/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

24 Nov 00:54

1080x420: shinondraws: The evolution of the Pokémon...



The evolution of the Pokémon logo.


North America doesn’t even care just come get your Pokemon you piece of shit

23 Nov 00:26

Benjamin Britten sippin on a soda.  Happy Birthday, Benjamin...

Benjamin Britten sippin on a soda. 

Happy Birthday, Benjamin Britten!

10 Jul 18:27

eastwoodwong: Utena in Balmain Fall 2012 because it’s not...

by sleepnaked


Utena in Balmain Fall 2012 because it’s not enough just having pink hair.

22 Nov 18:04

Harvard's kicker wears glasses

by Rodger Sherman
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via firehose

Not goggles. Glasses. Under a facemask.

College GameDay at The Game between Harvard vs. Yale brought many great nerd jokes -- Sign vs. Sine, etc. -- but nothing anybody could've come up with could be as good as this:

We've reached peak Harvard Yale....@PhilHecken @SBNationCFB

— Victory Cheeseballs (@VictoryCB) November 22, 2014

That's Harvard's Andrew Flesher wearing legit glasses on the field under his facemask. His Harvard athletics profile pic:

Before you say AHHHHH THAT'S SUCH A BAD IDEA GET CONTACTS GET CONTACTS THOSE GLASSES WILL BREAK EVERY PLAY, it should be noted that Flesher is a kicker, so he doesn't have to make a lot of hits on the field. The senior playing in his final college game has no career tackles.

But it could happen! Sometimes kicks get blocked! GET GOGGLES OR CONTACTS WE'RE WORRIED ABOUT YOU, ANDREW.

Flesher nailed a 25-yarder to open the scoring for Harvard in their biggest game of the year as they seek an Ivy League championship.

22 Nov 18:55

historicaltimes: The last Mughal Emperor of India, Bahadur Shah...

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The last Mughal Emperor of India, Bahadur Shah in 1858 before his exile to Burma. This is possibly the only photo ever taken of a Mughal Emperor.

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23 Nov 09:07

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17 Nov 22:00

Twin Peaks House by Apparat-C has a zigzagging roof profile

by Amy Frearson
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via Shakadelic

The zigzagging roof of this family residence in South Korea prompted architecture studio Apparat-C to name it Twin Peaks House (+ slideshow). (more...)

22 Nov 16:53

Conchita Wurst Releases 'Heroes' Video

by gguillotte
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Conchita Wurst, winner of the 2014 Eurovision song contest, released "Heroes" this week, the first single since her victory. The song is slow but powerful and showcases Wurst's impressive range of vocals.
23 Nov 12:58

The Overdub Tampering Committee - Music Features

by russiansledges
In 2008, I created a hoax. Armed with an idea, a hastily written manifesto, a press release, and some software to disguise my computer's IP address, I was able to raise the question, "How do you know that what you're illegally downloading is the actual music it claims to be?"
20 Nov 17:50


by Heather Lou

Watson Bra by Closet Case Files

Let’s take a little sewalong break, shall we? Because today I saw that Amy at Cloth Habit finally dropped her new pattern and I couldn’t wait to show you my new Watson Bra!

Amy is the reason I started making my own lingerie; her bra sewalong last year was so detailed, thoughtful and smart, and I seriously cannot get enough of her colour sense and design aesthetic. We share a love for 1970’s style, in particular the sexy, insouciant glamour of 70’s lingerie, so I was super elated when I heard her first pattern was inspired by this period. Full disclosure: Amy and I are pals. We’ve been there for each other over the last few months, since pattern-making can be a lonely and frustrating business from time to time. It’s been lovely having someone to talk about crotch curves with, share information, and in general be an encouraging support system when needed.

I was sort of an informal tester for this pattern. After I launched Ginger, I needed a break from making jeans so I asked to have a sneak peak at Watson to give my hands a denim break. I haven’t made any new bras in a while and everything I have is getting a little raggedy; perfect timing to make an easy, breezy bra doncha think?

Watson Bra by Closet Case Files Watson Bra by Closet Case Files

I have been stockpiling lingerie fabric and notions for the last year, so thankfully I had everything I needed to make Watson in my stash. I chose a purple mesh, a pretty scalloped elastic for the top edge, and some standard bra strap and band elastic, all in black. Since the band needs to be less stretchy, I doubled up the mesh there, but the cups are a single layer and the cradle is lined. I made a 34D in the longline version and didn’t bother making a proper muslin with this bra because I trust Amy’s grading; I wasn’t disappointed. The fit is fantastic. The cups are flawless and the cradle lays perfectly beneath my bust. I’ve had some issues in the past with bra fit when there wasn’t an under-wire present to cradle the girls, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the cradle worked. Amy doesn’t call for adding stretch to the cup elastic, but I think my particular elastic could gave used a touch of stretch at the top; the scalloped trim doesn’t lie perfectly flat, especially under my arms. For my next version, I may lengthen the band by about 1cm, but otherwise I’m really happy. If it wasn’t so sheer I would have tried to model it for you, but you guys really don’t need to see the nips.

While I like the support it gives, it’s not a big, pushup-y padded bra that we’re probably more used to wearing. It’s more of a natural “these are my boobs, but prettier” look and I’m super into it. My explorations in bra making has taught me that I much prefer celebrating what I actually have, rather than trying to make the girls look like something they’re not, if that makes any sense. And not to be too TMI or anything, but the fella, who is not normally into lingerie, was pretty delighted when I flashed him.

Watson Bra by Closet Case Files Watson Bra by Closet Case Files Watson Bra by Closet Case Files

Construction wise, this is a pretty simple pattern to assemble. The instructions are really thorough and I think it’s a perfect introduction to lingerie making because there is no under-wire; in my opinion channeling is the hardest thing to sew but you don’t have to worry about it here. I have a bunch more planned since I can whip one up in a few hours – I have this crazy silver spandex that I’d like to use to make a pretty bralette with a regular band to wear under drapey tops. The pattern also includes a pair of bikini undies (I will NOT say the “P” word) but my big booty is really a boy shorts only sort of situation so I didn’t bother making a pair. I’d like to make a matching pair of Ladyshorts with some leftover mesh so I’ll have a matching set since that pattern really works for my caboose.

Anyway, I really, truly love this pattern. It’s a unique design and a great alternative to more traditional bras. What about you? Think you’d like to give the Watson Bra a try?

18 Sep 19:56

Bra Making: What is Sister Sizing?

by Amy

Have you heard the term “sister sizing”? It’s a great term for explaining how bra sizes shift in band and cups. The basic idea is this: Sister sizing refers to the same cup but on a different size band. As a bra band size gets smaller, the same cup volume will have a bigger letter, and vice versa.

In other words, a B is not a B is not a B. A 36B is a full cup size larger than a 34B. So I’m not just “basically a C cup”. Nor is someone else “an F”.

The use of cup size in non-bra sewing patterns like blouses or dresses can make this a bit more confusing for sewists. Your cup size in dress patterns (like Simplicity’s Amazing Fit series, for instance) might be completely different from what you need in a bra. Dress patterns use the difference between the upper chest and full bust measurements to determine cup size, but bras are more dynamic in their sizing.

So how can sister sizing help you?

If you can’t find your size in a bra pattern, there’s a good chance the pattern has a “sister size”, and you can find the equivalent cup on another band, and simply alter the band to your preferred fit (a very easy adjustment!). For example a 28F on a 32 band would be a 32DD or 32E.

Sister Sizing for Bras | Cloth Habit

(Note: in the U.S. and UK “DD” is usually the cup size above “D”. There are other double letters, too, but most bra patterns use the normal alphabet. I personally find the normal alphabet less confusing!)

Obviously I didn’t fill out the chart with all the possible bra sizes and cup letters, but hopefully you get the idea!


There are some exceptions to the sister sizing “rules”, both in lingerie brands and in home sewing patterns. These exceptions do what I call “jump grading”, where the cups on the same band size will jump by two cup sizes after D cups. I won’t go into details of how that works because it can get confusing unless you’re really into the nerdy ins and outs of bra grading. Suffice it to say, there are a few upscale brands that use this kind of size grading (Empreinte, Prima Donna) and Pin-up Girls patterns use this method as well.

Whatever size you start out with, there will always be a good chance that a bra pattern doesn’t fit the same way as your size in your favorite brand. That’s just the nature of the beast. There are many measurements that go into bra drafting, not just the bust and ribcage, and no measuring method is going to capture them perfectly. Before you try online bra calculators remember that you are making a bra, which is a bit different than buying one. Find a starting size by using the pattern’s measuring suggestions, and then go from there to make a “you size”!

Some tips for fitting a bra pattern:

1. Fit a wire before you do anything else. A good-fitting wire solves other fitting problems further down the road.

2. Try to stick with the same band pattern, tweaking it until it is firm enough for you, in the fabric you want to use.

3. You may end up needing to try different cup sizes. Sewing has a way of tuning our eye to fit issues we never noticed before and bras are no different. Nearly everyone I’ve fit has had to go up at least 1 cup sizes, usually two, from their “usual” size. And my top tip: it is better to start large in the cup and take in adjustments, than starting too small and trying to figure out where the room needs to be.

Have you had trouble fitting a bra pattern? I’ve got more pattern fitting posts in the pipeline so I’d love to hear what ails you.

The post Bra Making: What is Sister Sizing? appeared first on Cloth Habit.

22 Nov 23:46

badass-bharat-deafmuslim-artista: Raven Wilkinson, one of the...

Russian Sledges

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Raven Wilkinson, one of the first Black/African American ballerinas to join a major ballet company

via Andros on Ballet:

When Raven Wilkinson was about five years old, her mother took her to the City Center Theater to see the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. The ballet was Coppelia and when the curtain opened, Raven was enraptured by what she saw on the stage.

After seeing her first ballet, Raven wanted to be a dancer. But because of her age, no school would accept her. When she was nine, her uncle gave her a gift of lessons at Ballet Russes School. Her teacher, Vecheslov Swoboda, took an interest in little Raven and nurtured her. Madam Swoboda was the biggest influence in her life and dance career. Later, as an adult, Bill Griffith became her mentor.

Sergie Denham, director of the school and company, was impressed with Raven’s progress. He offered her a strange proposal: Denham wanted her to be part of the company without a contract. He told her that there was another girl in Chicago he wanted to see before giving her a contract. Raven felt they wanted to see how she would be accepted in the south. Raven made it clear that she would not advertise that she was black, but she would not deny it either. When they got to Chicago without any problems, it turned out that there was no other girl. In 1954 they gave Raven a full contract, making her the first African American to be a member of a major ballet company. In the second season she was promoted to soloist, and stayed with the company for six years.

On a tour of one-night stands she roomed with Eleanor D’Antuono. For two years there was no problem until a black elevator girl recognized her as African American and reported her to the management in Atlanta, Georgia. Even though she had roomed at the same hotel in the past, the clerk wouldn’t let her stay. They called a cab to take her to a black hotel. Eleanor was going to go with her, but because of segregation Eleanor wasn’t allowed to stay in a black hotel.

In Montgomery, Alabama the KKK heard there was a person of color performing in the theater. During rehearsal they marched down the aisle in their white robes and on to the stage. They asked each group of girls if they knew which one was a negress; no one would answer, even in her group. That night Raven danced in performance. When the season was over they didn’t fire her but suggested that she had gone as far as she could in the company. Raven was tired after six years of one-night stands, and she took this as a sign that it was time to leave.

Getting another job as a dancer was very difficult, so Raven, who had always been a devout Catholic, joined a convent. After eight months her love for ballet and theater made her realize that the stage was where she wanted to be. Raven found that no other major ballet company would hire her, even though she was willing to go back into the corps de ballet. In 1967 she went to Holland and became a soloist with the Dutch National Ballet.

Missing her homeland, she returned to the USA in 1974 and became a permanent member of the New York City Opera, performing character parts. Today she can still be seen in many performances.