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astudyinawesome: Important information about the fifth doctor


Important information about the fifth doctor

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How a Cemetery Ends Up Underground

by Miss Cellania
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In America’s colonial era, thousands of people were buried in a cemetery that is now the Green in New Haven, Connecticut. The Center Church on the Green, as it is called now, was built in 1814 right over top of a section of the cemetery! They set up pillars in the cemetery, and built the church on top, then put fill dirt around the church to make it ground level. That left a “basement’ of sorts for the remaining graves, complete with their original headstones. And it is there still. But that was only part of the large cemetery on the Green. What of the bodies outside of the church?

Yet in true Poltergeist-fashion, when in the 1820s the graveyard was relocated to the new Grove Street Cemetery, only the headstones were moved. By some estimates there are between 5,000 to 10,000 souls still buried below the Green, although one was disturbed during 2012's Hurricane Sandy when a tree was dislodged from the ground, and a skeleton was found coiled in the roots. Specifically, a skull was spotted just before Halloween with its jaw swung open as if in a silent howl, while a spine and rib cage remained attached.

You won’t see that, but you will see plenty of pictures of the Center Church on the Green and its underground cemetery-turned-crypt that is open to visitors, at Atlas Obscura.

(Image credit: Allison Meier)

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rfmmsd: Artist & Sculptor: Alastair Mackie "Untitled...

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Artist & Sculptor:

Alastair Mackie

"Untitled (Sphere)"

Mouse Skulls, Wood, Glass


11 Oct 22:15

Newswire: Twin Peaks’ Michael Horse says Sheriff Truman will come back for the new episodes

by Sam Barsanti
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After 25 years of Twin Peaks-inspired fashion, Twin Peaks Pop Pilgrimages, Twin Peaks-themed B&Bs, Twin Peaks/Muppet mashups, Twin Peaks recreations on Twitter, Twin Peaks box sets, NES-style Twin Peaks intros, and however many Twin Peaks-related things that The A.V. Club hasn’t reported on, the show that inspired all of that crazy nonsense is finally coming back. Showtime announced just last week that it’s bringing Twin Peaks back for some kind of nine-episode continuation, with co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost fully on board. This being Twin Peaks, the project is still shrouded in secrecy, so while it seems like a safe assumption that guys like Kyle MacLachlan will return, we don’t really know for sure.

However, Michael Horse, who played Deputy Hawk in the original run of Twin Peaks, is certain that Michael Ontkean’s Sheriff Harry S. Truman is coming ...

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Game developer Brianna Wu flees home after death threats, Mass. police investigating

by Michael McWhertor
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Game developer Brianna Wu, head of development at Boston-based Giant Spacekat, fled her home after receiving a series of specific, violent threats directed at her and her family on Twitter last night, she told Polygon. Police confirmed they are actively investigating the threats.

The harassment of Wu is the third such high profile event in the past three months involving a woman in games being the target of death and rape threats. In August, Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn was subjected to threats and harassment, as was Tropes vs Women in Games creator Anita Sarkeesian.

Wu believes she was targeted after tweeting a series of images critical of those who identify with the GamerGate campaign. After tweeting that members of the 8chan message board — a refuge for former 4chan posters — and GamerGate supporters had posted her personal information online, Wu republished a series of disturbing response tweets that contained violent threats and the developer's home address.

"And, here's the part of the night where I call the police," Wu tweeted alongside a disturbingly violent anti-feminist message directed at her. (A good timeline of the events on Twitter are collected at We Hunted The Mammoth.)

Capt. Richard Flynn, investigations commander with the Arlington Police Department, confirmed with Polygon that the incident is now under investigation with the department's Criminal Investigation Bureau. Polygon requested a copy of the police report, but our request was declined.

In an email to Polygon, Wu said she's also been in contact with the FBI and a detective in Boston regarding the harassment. Polygon has contacted the FBI for details on an investigation of the threats.

In the wake of last night's threats, Wu said she and her husband have left their home for "somewhere safe." Wu told Polygon she returned home today to "make sure nothing had been vandalized and to pick up some computer equipment," but said, "I'm not planning on being home for a while."

The attack on Wu has continued through today, she said. "Giant Spacekat's financial accounts are currently being targeted by hackers," she tweeted on Saturday afternoon.

Wu also responded to accusations that harassment toward her was fabricated as part of publicity or self-promotion.

"I am a professional developer, and I'd like to think I'm well regarded in this field," she told Polygon. "I can think of no quicker way to destroy my career than making up a false allegation like this, getting the FBI involved and getting arrested over it. It's absurd."

Earlier this year, Polygon published an editorial from Wu in which she outlined the rampant harassment that women in games regularly endure.

"[P]eople think men and women receive the same harassment online," she wrote at the time. "They do not. I'm not writing this piece to evoke your sympathy. I'm writing to share with you what prominent, successful women in the industry experience, in their own words."

12 Oct 10:58

More fun with Facebook: THE

by Mark Liberman
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The script that I used to make that course assignment about Facebook pronouns ("Sex, age, and pronouns on Facebook", 9/19/2014; "More fun with Facebook pronouns", 9/27/2014) can trivially be focused on any other words — so here's "the":

And "this":

Also "those":

And "that" (though the determiner version is mixed with the complementizer):

And "which":

For some reason, "these" doesn't show an age effect:

We may get a clue about what's going on from "and":

And also "or":

But "but":

02 Oct 17:13

10/2/2014 L’Eixample Valencia,...

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Valencia, Spain

39°27′53″N 0°22′12″W

The urban plan of the L’Eixample district in Valencia, Spain is characterized by long straight streets, a strict grid pattern crossed by wide avenues, and square blocks with chamfered corners.

12 Oct 05:49

Harvard student charged over bomb hoax - Yahoo News

by gguillotte
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A Harvard student has been charged over a bomb hoax that forced the elite US university to evacuate four buildings, call in police and disrupt final exams, prosecutors said. Eldo Kim, 21, is accused of emailing university police as well as the student-run newspaper last year, with a subject line that read "bombs placed around campus," according to a statement from United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz. But he may never see a trial, as the government has asked for an 18-month deferral while Kim completes a "pretrial diversion program" that will include "home confinement for four months, payment of restitution to agencies that responded to Kim's bomb hoax, and 750 hours of community service.
10 Oct 19:58

Beanball: 1920

by Dave
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"Boston Common, 1920. Baseball field and Beacon Hill." An aerial view from the Shorpy skybox. 4x5 inch glass negative, photographer unknown. View full size.
12 Oct 12:55

Teen dead, more than 20 hurt in hayride crash

by By Associated Press

MECHANIC FALLS, Maine — A Halloween-themed hayride loaded with passengers crashed down a hill in the Maine woods and slammed into a tree, fatally injuring a teenage girl and leaving more than 20 other people hurt, police said Sunday.

Seventeen-year-old Cassidy Charette of Oakland died from her injuries after the Gauntlet Haunted Night Ride wagon overturned Saturday night at a rural farm in Mechanic Falls, authorities said.

05 Oct 23:38

Can we guess your job?

by russiansledges
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"Professional Engineer"


We want to try and guess what your current job is by asking you 10 simple questions. Have fun!
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petermorwood: kardiologn: « La geste ou histore du noble...

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« La geste ou histore du noble roy Alixandre, roy de Macedonne, » traduite d’un « livre rimet,… intitulé l’Istore Alixandre, » par ordre de « Jchan de Bourgongne, conte d’Estampes » Date d’édition : 1401-1500 Type : manuscrit Langue :Français

The deeds or history of the noble king Alexander, King of Macedon,” transcribed as a rhyming chronicle entitled “The History of Alexander" by order of John of Burgundy, Count of Etampes. Edition: 15th century; form: manuscript; language: French."

So this is what happened to all the Griffins and Wyverns and Giant Four-Tusked Boar.

Thanks for nothing, Alexander.

07 Oct 20:16

avianrecon: Raptor Surfing - The curious sport in which smaller...

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Raptor Surfing - The curious sport in which smaller birds fearlessly drive hawks & owls out of their territory by being incredibly annoying.

(All pictures are watermarked to their talented owners)

Birb surfing

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Survivor of Mexico Student Massacre: 'It Was Terrifying' -

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"Mexican federal agents have disarmed all police in the city of Iguala and taken over security. Local officers are alleged to have conspired with a criminal gang to kill 43 missing students, with a mass grave discovered."

Survivor of Mexico Student Massacre: 'It Was Terrifying'
TIXTLA, Mexico — As the bullets crackled in the air and police bundled students into the backs of police cars, Eusebio ran with all his strength. Shots were being fired at those trying to escape, but Eusebio was afraid of being taken by the officers, who were ...
Mexico federal agents disarm city's entire police force after student attacksDeutsche Welle
Mexico's president vows to find miscreants responsible for massacreDaily Mail

all 290 news articles »
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Office of The Mayor, Twin Peaks | Submitted by C. Burns The...

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Office of The Mayor, Twin Peaks | Submitted by C. Burns

The letterhead of Dwayne Milford, Mayor of Twin Peaks. Letters written on this stationery were once sent to members of the Official Twin Peaks Fan Club. 

03 Oct 12:43

Mr. President, I’m not saying we won’t get our hair mussed. I do say, no more than ten to twenty million killed, tops! Depending on the breaks

by but does it float
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my birthday is at the end of january

Photographs of nuclear slide-rules Title: Dr. Strangelove Folkert
23 Sep 20:51

Who Says You Can Never Go Home?

by sarah
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'36% off any one item or single cut of fabric, discount is off MSRP for sewing machines, but off lowest price for all other merchandise"

multitask, you could buy yourself a pfaff for pretty cheap today

Working from home is weird. There, I said it. How freeing to admit it out loud!  Since moving to Michigan, I’ve been trying to come up with Innovative! Business! Ideas! to keep Grey’s going strong and I have to admit that it is strange and sort of confusing not being able to just pop on down to the shop where I’ve spent most of my time for the past four years.

Luckily, I’ll be visiting Boston the first weekend in October! We’re having a bit of a Crafty Fox reunion/employee birthday party/shop birthday party and you, sweet sewists, are invited.


Saturday, October 4th, starting at 5pm and going until whenever, we’ll be partying it UP chez Grey’s. Come to tell me how much you’ve missed my smiling face and get 36% off one item for your troubles (because you only turn 36 once, right?)*. And you can drown your aforementioned troubles at the same time, if you like! We’ll have snax, booze, booze-free dranks, and generally amiable camaraderie, so stop on by to say hey. I will also be able to tell YOU how much I’ve missed you!  Because working from home is weird.

Sure, at Grey’s Michigan Office I can stare into space as much as I like and the dogs don’t care if I’m actually wearing pants or not, but it’s not the same as having likeminded sewing peeps swinging by day in and day out.

*36% off any one item or single cut of fabric, discount is off MSRP for sewing machines, but off lowest price for all other merchandise.


05 Oct 21:58

How cats have trained us to pet them

by whyevolutionistrue

Among the other benefits for which cats have domesticated humans, one is the procurement of fusses. Here is a video, sent by reader Diana MacPherson, showing the variety of ways that cats demand petting. As she said, “My favourite is the last one because the kitteh is so polite.” And so it is!

02 Oct 19:40

Tummler and Solomon: You've Worn Out Your Welcome (2014)

by Full Metal Attorney
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via multitask suicide ('I'm going to go ahead and call this "shoegaze doom" and say that it's real fucking nice.')

Three Bearded Dudes from Washington StateDoom just seems so simple. Why is it that there is such a wide gulf between the good ones and the bad ones, when, on the surface, they don’t seem all that different? Tummler and Solomon don’t seem all that remarkable. Which is why it’s so remarkable that their level of quality on this debut album is so high. You’ve Worn Out Your Welcome is an example of
03 Oct 21:34

Plural data

by Mark Liberman
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Today's xkcd:

Mouseover title: "If you want to have more fun at the expense of language pedants, try developing an hypercorrection habit."

That should be "…developing another hypercorrection habit", since making data plural in that situation is exactly analogous to using whom in "Whom are you, anyways?". But then, as Ben Zimmer has pointed out to me, that would spoil the joke involved in the choice of an in "an hypercorrection".

01 Oct 18:58

oldloves: Helen Mirren & Liam Neeson had a four year...

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Helen Mirren & Liam Neeson had a four year relationship after starring in the 1981 film Excalibur. The couple lived together and Mirren was instrumental in getting the 28 year old Neeson an agent.

Neeson has since remarked in an interview: “I fell in love with Helen Mirren. Oh my god. Can you imagine riding horses in shiny suits of armor, having sword fights and stuff, and you’re falling in love with Helen Mirren? It doesn’t get any better than that.” (.)

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check out the scorpion dagger augmented reality book!

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This Is the Greatest Cat-Related Tumblr You Have Ever Read

by Annalee Newitz
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in which io9 praises an acquaintance's non-cat cat tumblr

This Is the Greatest Cat-Related Tumblr You Have Ever Read

The Tumblr known simply as The Worst Cat reads like an angry letter from a parallel universe. It chronicles the confused, enraged response of one person to the emergence of a "popular breed" of cat that is just too shiny, moist and sticky for her taste. No really. You have to read it now.


30 Sep 18:37

‘Anonymous Gods’, Screenshots of Google Street View Automatically Blurring the Faces of Statues

by EDW Lynch
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Anonymous Gods by Marion Balac

In her series “Anonymous Gods,” artist Marion Balac documents the wonderfully absurd instances when Google Street View automatically applies its face blurring effect to statues of gods and other monumental figures.

Anonymous Gods by Marion Balac

Anonymous Gods by Marion Balac

Anonymous Gods by Marion Balac

Anonymous Gods by Marion Balac

images via Marion Balac

01 Oct 18:19

I made Blixa Bargeld laugh

by villeashell
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I made Blixa Bargeld laugh:


So, I made Blixa Bargeld laugh.

The venue was tiny and I was sitting nearly directly in front of him, front row. Introducing the song Axolotl, he asked the audience if they knew what the axolotl was. I said yes, at which point he asked me what it was. Instead of saying a word,…


29 Sep 22:24

Dress Codes for Girls: Are Teachers the New Objectifiers?

by Corinne Gaston
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shamesuitWhen I was in seventh grade, a teacher at my very small Quaker school once sent the boys out of the room and started talking to us girls about how we dressed. It wasn’t too far from “The Talk,” but it focused on our clothing. This teacher told us that we had to be more mindful with the way we would sit and that we had to be careful not to move our legs the wrong way because, well, you know, the boys.

“They’re at that age when they’re just waiting for you to move your legs the wrong way,” she said, laughing a little, but clearly warning us.

Most of us giggled at that idea, although I thought the image she had painted was disturbing: The boys were predatory, and because of that we were the ones tasked with the responsibility to self-consciously keep ourselves covered and folded up from their prying eyes while they allegedly scanned under the desks for the girl in the skirt with her legs apart.

I personally was never heavily policed for what I wore to school, although I have gotten “strikes” for being out of dress code (never amounting to detention). What I remember more that the strikes, however, was the awkward, revealing spotlight I felt was shining on me when, in high school, a male teacher cocked his head and asked if my skirt was the appropriate dress-code length. Because that was going to help me concentrate in class and be a good student: knowing my teacher had been looking at my legs and had then called me out in front of my peers. This was a change from middle school, where the people we were told would be objectifying us were the boys in our grade. Then it became teachers who were supposedly just enforcing the dress code.

While the dress code policing at my high school was present, it was never over the top. It was leagues away from the middle-school girls now getting punished for wearing leggings, girls forced to wear “shame suits” and the superintendent in Oklahoma who is currently taking heat for allegedly having a “bend over” dress code check for girls wearing skirts, and refers to some of the girls as “skanks.” The policing of women’s bodies, especially the policing and punishing of middle-school and high-school age girls, has always been absurd. But now the policing has become downright obscene.

School officials have become so fixated on girls’ clothing at school and whether or not they are “distractions” to boys (which is insulting and dehumanizing on its own), that they have created an environment of exacerbated self-consciousness, humiliation, sexualization and dehumanization for those students. Instead of focusing on school, they are being forced and conditioned to obsess over their appearances and objectify themselves by constantly worrying about how other people are looking at their bodies.

The so-called “predatory boys” whom I was told would be objectifying me (and I’m sure some of them are) are being erased from the issue, with teachers and deans taking their places. As authority figures in schools, they need to take it upon themselves to not only stop overly policing girls’ bodies, but to also develop holistic programs to discuss sexualization and objectification with students of all genders and how that affects their development. Forcing a girl to wear a “shame suit” when she doesn’t want to doesn’t solve the problem, it simply objectifies her body further.

READ MORE: What Do Dress Codes Say About Girls’ Bodies?

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Photo courtesy of @KPRCLocal2 on Twitter.

Hat Photo


Corinne Gaston is an editorial intern at Ms. Follow her on Twitter @elysehamsa or go to her personal blog.

30 Sep 17:04

Some people have been saying that these are not cats. I...

Some people have been saying that these are not cats. I understand wanting to believe that. It’s like wanting to believe that racism is over. We all want to believe that the world is a better place than it is.

However, it is clear that what you see here are in fact cats.They are just not very good cats.

30 Sep 17:07

Things that are good about cats soft fur cute face fluffy...

Things that are good about cats

  • soft fur
  • cute face
  • fluffy tail
  • adorable
  • dry

This cat fails on all levels

22 Sep 21:01





19 Sep 01:30

UNIFORM | Radcliffe College

by Lizzie
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"Did Normcore start at Radcliffe?"

attn otters

Photos via Radcliffe yearbooks.

Did Normcore start at Radcliffe?

[Photo 1]: Garrett Leight Milwood frames ($285); Uniqlo silk blouse ($60); Keds Champion Originals ($45), beat up pair of Vans Authentics pictured, but I think she's probably in Keds). [Photo 2]: Bud Heavy; Snake Bite earrings ($130); J. Press Shaggy Dog sweater ($230). [Photo 3]: Ann Mashburn crewneck pullover ($295); vintage field hockey stick ($42); Chance button down oxford ($118); Levi's 501s ($88).

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