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13 Apr 19:40

Japanese Fabric Cotton Seersucker - elephants - grey and chartreuse by MissMatatabi

5.00 USD

100% cotton seersucker

The perfect lightweight fabric for hot weather, kid's and baby clothes.

1/2 metre (50cm x 110cm , 19" x 43")

If you would like continuous yardage please change the quantity at the checkout.

Parcels are shipped via small packet international airmail from Japan.

Japan Post does not provide tracking numbers for small packet airmail.

A shipping upgrade with a tracking number and insurance can be purchased
for an additional $5. If you would like to upgrade to registered small packet airmail
please let me know.

Thank you.

14 Apr 11:15

Prubechu: For the love of Guam

by Michael Bauer
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Prubechu: A San Francisco love letter to Guam

Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu Dining13 Prubechu

I can’t tell you exactly why, but diners can taste the difference in food that’s made with love and passion. It’s much like a singer who knows all the right notes, but the song falls flat. It’s not until he or she is invested in the words does the song come to life.

While not every dish was perfect on my review visits to Prubechu, it was clear that chef/owner Shawn Naputi cares deeply about what he is doing. He is from Guam, and at this modest restaurant that took over the space of Roxy’s Cafe, he and co-owner Shawn Camacho share their connection for their homeland on the five-course fixed-priced menu ($40).

It is to my knowledge the only Chamorro restaurant in San Francisco, and it’s another example of why food is so exciting — it connects people to their homeland and gives others a glimpse of where they’ve came from.

14 Apr 13:47

KFC Peddling Drumstick Corsages Because High School Dances Aren’t Weird Enough Already

by Mary Beth Quirk

You smell like an original recipe kind of gal.

You smell like an original recipe kind of gal.

As if it’s not hard enough to be a teenager dressed to the nines in a formal outfit that probably cost too much and won’t change your life in the way you’ve always dreamed of, in a room filled with other teenagers awkwardly swaying/pawing at each other, why not strap fried chicken to your arm and just call it a night? To wit: KFC is peddling customizable chicken drumstick corsages for those discerning promgoers looking to go that extra weird mile.

If you’re sniffing the distinct scent of publicity stunt, we’re with you: There are only 100 available, and you’ll have to bring a coupon in to get your own chicken when the time is right.

Looking for a corsage that will make your date’s eyes light up and her mouth water?

This KFC drumstick corsage is the Secret Recipe to making sure this year’s dance will be one you both remember.

Don’t delay. Order today! Only a limited edition of 100 chicken corsages are available.

Just like the last piece of chicken in the bucket, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

The corsage kits come with a $5 KFC gift check that said date can present at his or her local eatery and choose which kind of chicken will satisfy your date’s appetite. It’ll rest on a town of fresh baby’s breath, while ” out-of-town corsages will have silk baby’s breath.”

If you happen to attend a prom that doesn’t come with dinner included in the price of the ticket, this is actually a pretty economical choice. You can gnosh while you wait for your mother to take the 19,003rd photo of you and some guy whose tuxedo was way too big and whose name you won’t remember 14 years later anyway so whatever, just hurry up.

14 Apr 05:29

vixyish: solarbird: xgenepositive: mmmahogany: #john...

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#john barrowman is having none of your misogynist bullshit

i love that barrowman’s response also distances him from the contestant
"hahahaha women do laundry right john?  you with me, john?"
"don’t lump me in with you, you fucking martian”

This is what I’m talking about when I keep saying that men have to deny the endorsement. This guy wanted Barrowman’s tacit support or agreement for his sexism, as part of bonding through humour. John went nope.

Bolding mine.

14 Apr 01:29

Yup, Probably a Hate Crime

by Josh Marshall

Local news video of the alleged perpetrator of that shooting in Kansas City screaming "Heil Hitler" while cuffed in the backseat of a police cruiser. Video after the jump ...

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14 Apr 10:33

Jewish Community Center Shooting Suspect Was Ku Klux Klan Leader


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (AP) — The man accused of killing three people in attacks at a Jewish community center and Jewish retirement complex near Kansas City is a well-known white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader who was once the subject of a nationwide manhunt.

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10 Apr 22:05

Girls’ rifle team of Drexel Institute, Washington, D.C.,...

Girls’ rifle team of Drexel Institute, Washington, D.C., ca. 1925

12 Apr 20:59


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13 Apr 19:01

bag-of-dirt: Portrait of a Soviet medical orderly of the 1st...

by joanna-molloy
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Portrait of a Soviet medical orderly of the 1st Guards Cavalry Corps during the Battle of Moscow on the Eastern Front, January 1942.

13 Apr 21:57

Astronomia card deck, an astronomically themed Victorian card...

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Astronomia card deck, an astronomically themed Victorian card game, 1829 

13 Apr 14:39

Pope Francis poses for 'selfies' after Palm Sunday homily - Fox News

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Pope Francis poses for 'selfies' after Palm Sunday homily
Fox News
April 13, 2014: Pope Francis poses for pictures with faithful at the end of a Palm Sunday service in St. Peter's Square, at the Vatican.AP. Vatican Pope Palm Sunday-1.jpg. Pope Francis, background center, walks in procession as he celebrates a Palm Sunday ...

and more »
13 Apr 20:54

Book Review: The Signature Series

by Christopher Null
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multitask suicide: to which bar(s) do we donate this?

5895304 225x300 Book Review: The Signature SeriesTired of cocktails that include rhubarb-bacon bitters or crystallized foie gras garnishes? Well have I got a book for you.

The Signature Series isn’t really a book so much as a life experience. At least that’s the goal of New Jersey-based author Erik G. Ossimina (aka “EGO”), who has collected 100 of his own homegrown recipes and self-published them in this weighty, 8.5 x 11-inch tome. Ossimina’s recipes are, well, unique and … er … potent. Let’s just say you’ll need to stock up on Everclear if you hope to make many of these concoctions at home.

As for the other ingredients, they’re quite varied, as the beverages run the gamut from martinis to tall drinks on the rocks to punches to Tiki cocktails. At least one is designed to be set on fire, so take the appropriate precautions.

One cocktail, the first in the book, is composed of Jack Daniel’s, “Absolute Vodka,” and Pepsi. A straw is also ordered.

Another drink (#8) is actually a series of three shots: 1 1/2 oz. each of green creme de menthe, Jagermeister, and Everclear. “If you have to walk alone and do all three shots yourself then I applaud you,” writes Ossimina. (FYI: The first page of the book discusses alcohol poisoning and what to do if you suspect it.)

“The Train,” drink #34, consists of five shots followed by a Budweiser.

If I have to pick a favorite, and that is tough, I may have to go with The Widow Maker (#49), which is vodka, Southern Comfort, and gin, mixed with equal parts Sprite and “Bartles and James Strawberry Wine Cooler.”

I mention the order of the drinks because the name of the book, The Signature Series, suggests how it is supposed to be used. Each recipe page is abutted by a blank page — a page which you are supposed to sign when you complete the consumption of the adjacent cocktail. Then, when you’re all done (or have had enough), you are supposed to pass the book down to your son or daughter, so they can continue the tradition of the Signature Series, creating, per Ossimina, “an historical record that will recount on the times shared over the years with your family and friends.”

“It could be like a rite of passage.” Presuming, I guess, that you can still get Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers 40 or 50 years from now.


13 Apr 23:12

▶ Transformer Owl - YouTube

by russiansledges
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turn off sound

Name: Northern White-faced Owl (Ptilopsis leucotis)
13 Apr 20:24

‘This Is Iceland’, A Stunning Time Lapse Video Documenting the Northern Lights Over Iceland

by Lori Dorn
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I want to go there

Photographer Oli Haukur Myrdal has captured the stunning beauty of the Northern Lights over the Iceland sky in this time lapse video taken during the winter of 2014.

Northern Lights - OZZO Photography

Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis - OZZO Photography

12 Apr 21:30

Cards Against Humanity and the art of hyper-local crowdsourcing

by Samit Sarkar
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Seven co-creators of Cards Against Humanity spent much of their PAX East 2014 panel soliciting suggestions that would, presumably, make it into future expansions for "the party game for horrible people." It's unlikely, however, that the audience expected to see their ideas realized quite so soon.

Here's a brief primer for those unfamiliar with the game. Cards Against Humanity can be described as an adult-oriented version of the card game Apples to Apples. In the standard version of the game, one player selects a black card, which contains a prompt of some kind — a question to be answered or a statement with blanks to be filled in. Each of the other players submits a white card (or multiple ones, if there's more than one blank) to respond to the prompt, and the first person selects what they judge to be the best answer.

The co-creators used the panel — which took place in a room packed with hundreds of Cards Against Humanity fans — as a giant brainstorming session. The panelists explained that they can spend hours coming up with cards and refining them, and with an original game and four main expansions under their belt, they've developed pretty high standards for new entries into the game.

"that's a tweet"

They quickly dismissed plenty of ideas, and often for reasons that might not have been immediately apparent to the audience. Sometimes the suggestions simply weren't funny, or they were too crass or too tasteless (in other words, crass or tasteless without being funny). Sometimes, the cards were too similar to existing cards. Some white cards wouldn't work with enough of the black cards; some black cards were too limiting. Some white cards worked as jokes on their own, but wouldn't fit as responses to black cards — "that's a tweet," co-creator Max Temkin (pictured above at left) explained.

But in many cases, the panelists found a nugget of something compelling about a particular card, then spitballed alternate ways of wording it. Comedians know that the presence or lack of a single word, or a shift in the order of a sentence, can make all the difference in how hard a joke hits.

One attendee suggested some version of the phrase "the floor is actually made of lava" as a white card. The Cards Against Humanity makers immediately tweaked it to "a floor that is literally made of lava. Later on, when the panelists were winnowing down the list of suggested cards, co-creator David Pinsof (fourth from left above) said, "I could lose the 'literally' on 'the floor made of lava.'" But the others downvoted that thought, and an audience vote agreed, so 'literally' stayed.

"a floor that is literally made of lava"

The panelists kept teasing a special surprise for the end of the show, and they didn't disappoint. Temkin began a video call with a woman who turned out to run a Boston-area printing house, and she brought her phone over to a press to show the attendees freshly cut sheets of the cards they had created together with the Cards Against Humanity developers less than an hour beforehand.

Temkin followed up with the kicker. The cards being printed at the time would be packed up and shipped to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for Saturday, April 11. He told everyone to find the pin taped under their seat — a pin good for a pack of brand-new, PAX-East-2014-panel-exclusive Cards Against Humanity cards that they had a hand in making. You can see three of them working together below.


13 Apr 20:17

Geeshie Wiley and Elvie Thomas Lyrics

by russiansledges
And I’m a little bitty mama, baby and I ain’t built for speed Cryin’ I’m a little bitty mama, baby and I ain’t built for speed Aaaaaaah and I ain’t built for speed I’ve got everything that a little bitty mama needs I’ve got little bitty legs, keep up these noble thighs I’ve got little bitty legs, keep up these noble thighs Aaaaaah, keep up these noble thighs I’ve got somethin’ underneath them that works like a bo' hog's eye But when you see me comin’, pull down your window blind And when you see me comin’, pull down your window blind You see me comin’, pull down your window blind So your next door neighbor sure can hear you whine I’m gonna cut your throat baby, gonna look down in your face I’m gonna cut your throat babe, gonna look down in your face Aaaaaaaaa, gonna look down in your face I’m gonna let some lonesome graveyard be your restin’ place
13 Apr 13:50

Pyramid made out of German helmets, Grand Central, New York,...

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Pyramid made out of German helmets, Grand Central, New York, 1918

21 Mar 05:12


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12 Apr 16:46

The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie

by editors
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"’s as if a subgenre of major American art had been preserved only on vintage View-Master slides."

this song:

today is that very rare day when the times actually publishes a piece that I was really hoping somebody would write.

On the trail of the phantom women who changed American music and vanished without a trace.

[Full Story]
03 Apr 18:00

The Mental Life of Plants and Worms, Among Others

by Oliver Sacks
Oliver Sacks

The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms: with Observations on Their Habits
by Charles Darwin

Jelly-Fish, Star-Fish, and Sea-Urchins: Being a Research on Primitive Nervous Systems
by George John Romanes

Mental Evolution in Animals
by George John Romanes

In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind
by Eric R. Kandel

What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses
by Daniel Chamovitz

The Foundations of Ethology
by Konrad Lorenz

Behavior of the Lower Organisms
by Herbert Spencer Jennings

Cephalopod Behaviour
by Roger T. Hanlon and John B. Messenger

An Introduction to Nervous Systems
by Ralph J. Greenspan

We all distinguish between plants and animals. We understand that plants, in general, are immobile, rooted in the ground; they spread their green leaves to the heavens and feed on sunlight and soil. We understand that animals, in contrast, are mobile, moving from place to place, foraging or hunting for food; they have easily recognized behaviors of various sorts. Plants and animals have evolved along two profoundly different paths (fungi have yet another), and they are wholly different in their forms and modes of life. And yet, Darwin insisted, they were closer than one might think.

13 Apr 10:53

How many dating websites do you need Somerville? - m4w (Somerville)

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sounds like somerville dodged a bullet

Seriously? I found you on all of them ... with your fake words... nothing you say describes the real you. The selfish you. You left a once in a lifetime opportunity because you didn't want to give your half of the 50/50 ... now what??? you've been on [...]
11 Apr 15:42


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WGif is a command line tool for creating animated GIFs from YouTube videos.

Original link was broken;

11 Apr 14:49

'Cherry tree from space' mystery baffles Japan - Yahoo News

by gguillotte
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Tokyo (AFP) - A cosmic mystery is uniting monks and scientists in Japan after a cherry tree grown from a seed that orbited the Earth for eight months bloomed years earlier than expected -- and with very surprising flowers. The four-year-old sapling -- grown from a cherry stone that spent time aboard the International Space Station (ISS) -- burst into blossom on April 1, possibly a full six years ahead of Mother Nature's normal schedule. Its early blooming baffled Buddhist brothers at the ancient temple in central Japan where the tree is growing.
11 Apr 02:22

Seven Lines From NPR’s Interview With Brittney Griner That Put Me On The Floor

by Mallory Ortberg
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thanks for finding my new girlfriend

Courtney shared this story from The ToastThe Toast:
RIP ivy once she sees this

brittney47. “Brittney Griner is 23 years old, 6 feet 8 inches tall and one of the best female basketball players in the world. She was the WNBA top draft pick last year, and in college she set records for the most blocked shots in a season and the most career blocks in history — for male and female players. She’s so good that the owner of a men’s team — the Dallas Mavericks — has said he’d recruit her.”

Taller than a man. Faster than a man. Better than a man. That’s what butches are made of.

6. “She plays with a kind of emancipated abandon,” he says, and he admires her openness about the sexism and homophobia she’s encountered in the not-particularly-progressive world of college athletics.

Emancipated abandon. What else does she do with emancipated abandon, one wonders. One wonders and one shivers.

5. “Now she’s made it something of a mission to address closet culture in women’s sports.”

Brittney Griner cleaves through shadows and secrets with a hammer of flame and righteousness. She wears a breastplate of truth, and a girdle of strength, and a helmet of integrity, and she is arm’d so strong in honesty that your threats pass by her as th’ idle wind, which she respects not.

“I had a girl come up and tell me how her coach basically told them that they could not be gay on their team,” she says. “And I’ve heard stories of some coaches will not recruit you if you are.”


brittney24. “When Nike endorsed her as its first openly gay athlete, the company asked her to model its menswear line.”

Brittney Griner in Oxford wingtips. Brittney Griner in form-fitting white suits. Brittney Griner in bowties, but it’s not pretentious or affected when she does it, somehow. Brittney Griner in those lightweight zip-up sweaters that are cut kind of square but wouldn’t look square on her, not at all, with the sleeves that fall just a little bit past the wrist.

She is poor. Poor and perfect. With eyes like the sea after a storm. She can track a falcon on a cloudy day.

Brittney Griner and I are joined by the bonds of true love. And you cannot track that, not with a thousand bloodhounds. And you cannot break that, not with a thousand swords.

“What I’m looking for in a woman is a blogger, someone who sits a lot, and just wants to watch Futurama episodes together and let me reenact all of Wesley’s scenes from The Princess Bride while she stays in her bathrobe all afternoon,” Griner probably continued. “Someone who will come to the gym and watch me bench press weights until all the veins in my forearms pop out, but won’t actually participate in any working out herself.”

3.”She dresses like a 1920s male dandy,” Zirin marvels. “And it’s pretty amazing to see. I don’t know anybody who pulls off argyle socks quite like Brittney Griner.”

*whispers weakly* a 1920s male dandy

2. “Griner is taller than 99 percent of the American population.”

*slides bonelessly to the floor*

1. “Now I want to stand out,” she says. “I want to show off how big I am; I want to show off my long arms, my big hands — just loving myself.”

She pauses, then adds: “It’s just a place of peace.”

Arms — hands — woman — guhhhhhhnnhhnhnh –

Mallory Ortberg was co-editor of The Toast from 2013-2014. She will be deeply missed.

Read more Seven Lines From NPR’s Interview With Brittney Griner That Put Me On The Floor at The Toast.

12 Apr 23:02

Changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier...

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Changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier in Kiev, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Photo by Eve Arnold, 1975.

13 Apr 06:46

New-Age Bullshit Generator

by overbey
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After sitting through hours of New Age rhetoric, I decided to have a crack at writing code to generate it automatically and speed things up a bit. I cobbled together a list of New Age buzzwords and cliché sentence patterns and this is the result.
09 Apr 20:24

Cloud To Butt, A Google Chrome Web Browser Extension That Replaces ‘The Cloud’ With ‘My Butt’

by Rollin Bishop

Cloud to Butt Extension

Cloud To Butt is a Google Chrome web browser extension originally created by technology enthusiast Steven Frank that replaces instances of the phrase “the cloud” with “my butt” for comedic value. Cloud To Butt Plus, which is a fork of the original GitHub project, replaces “cloud” with “butt” in certain appropriate contexts in addition to the regular “the cloud” and “my butt” swaps.

image via Alex Pretzlav

via Ross Doran

12 Apr 19:01

Google Maps Displays Crimean Border Differently In Russia, U.S.

Google Maps Displays Crimean Border Differently In Russia, U.S.

A Google Maps image from its Russian service depicts Crimea (bottom center) with a solid line, reflecting an international border between it and Ukraine. Versions of the map on other Google sites show it with a dotted line.i i

A Google Maps image from its Russian service depicts Crimea (bottom center) with a solid line, reflecting an international border between it and Ukraine. Versions of the map on other Google sites show it with a dotted line.

Google Maps

The U.S. sees Crimea as "occupied territory," as the government said in a recent statement. But in Russia, Google Maps now shows the peninsula as part of Russian territory. America and its allies have refused to accept the region's separatist move to join Russia.

A look at the maps available on two Google Maps Web addresses — one ending in .com and another in .ru — shows the disparity. In Russia, Web visitors see a solid line dividing Crimea from neighboring Ukraine. In the U.S., a dotted line separates the two, implying a disputed status within the country.

NPR's Corey Flintoff reports for our Newscast unit:

"If you check Google Maps from the United States, you'll see Crimea portrayed as part of Ukraine. If you check from Russia, you'll see an international boundary drawn between Ukraine and the Black Sea peninsula, indicating that Crimea is part of Russia.

"A spokeswoman for Google Russia told the Itar-Tass news agency that Google follows local laws on representing borders — and since Russia claims Crimea, that's represented on the Russia version of the map.

"Google says it tries to be objective in marking disputed regions in various parts of the world."

A version of Google Maps on its U.S. site shows the Crimean Peninsula with a dotted line instead of an international border.i i

A version of Google Maps on its U.S. site shows the Crimean Peninsula with a dotted line instead of an international border.

Google Maps
Ukraine's Google Maps uses a thin dashed line, which simply indicates a provincial border.i i

Ukraine's Google Maps uses a thin dashed line, which simply indicates a provincial border.

The tech company's approach also reflects its need to follow the laws wherever its servers are located. Many countries keep a close eye on maps that cover disputed areas.

"Google maintains different versions of their mapping platform in different countries," John Gravois of Pacific Standard magazine tells NPR guest host Tess Vigeland on All Things Considered. "Last time I counted, there were over 30."

Other companies that create widely referenced maps have taken slightly different tacks on the Crimea issue.

"National Geographic has done sort of a version of what Google has done," says Gravois. "They note the border, but they shade Crimea differently from the rest of Russia, or Ukraine."

Rand-McNally has a different approach, he says. Following the lead of the U.S. State Department, the mapmaker continues to show Crimea as part of Ukraine.

Gravois says the sensitivity over how countries and territories are depicted on maps is both old and real.

"Historically, the most powerful mapmaker in the world was often the most powerful country in the world," he says. He adds that for many years, that distinction was held by the British Empire.

Instead of making one binding decision, Google can represent the viewpoints of different states in its maps, Gravois says.

But that doesn't mean everyone is happy with its approach. Take, for instance, the tech company's portrayal of the same body of water as the Persian Gulf for users in Iran and as the Arabian Gulf for those in neighboring states.

"And in the process," he says, Google "infuriates Iranians."

Copyright 2014 NPR. To see more, visit
12 Apr 17:34

Chelsea Wolfe & Russian Circles Live at MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic - YouTube

by russiansledges
12 Apr 18:48

Pouring Reign - Features | Improper Bostonian

by russiansledges
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autoshare: tyler, ezra, fred, et al.

ADVICE FOR ASPIRING BARTENDERS? Two quotes neatly encapsulate the profession for me. [Backbar manager] Sam Treadway: “Bartending is about watering down spirits and babysitting adults.” [Drink GM] John Gertsen: “If you know where everything lives and know how to smile, you’ll be a great bartender.”