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22 Apr 08:52

Maine baby lobster decline could end high catches

- The number of baby lobsters settling off the rocky coast of Maine continues to steadily decline -- possibly foreshadowing an end to the recent record catches that have boosted New England's lobster fishery, scientists say.
22 Apr 08:52

Fugitive killed in Oregon had 'moveable dungeon'

- Authorities say a man fatally shot by a Portland officer last month had been stalking young women in a van that he converted into a "moveable dungeon" with chains and handcuffs after one of his victims managed to escape from it in January.
22 Apr 06:04

Fugitive killed in Oregon kept notes on girls

- Police detectives in Portland, Ore., say a man fatally shot by an officer last month had been stalking young women in a van containing ropes, zip ties and pornographic magazines featuring teenage girls.
22 Apr 15:18

Court upholds traffic stop based on anonymous tip

- The Supreme Court says an anonymous tip can be sufficient to justify a decision by police to pull a car over on suspicion of reckless or drunken driving.
22 Apr 12:28

Toddler seriously injured by family dog

- Baltimore County Police say a 2-year-old boy was mauled by the family dog.
22 Apr 06:14

Domino Sugar takes iconic Baltimore sign solar

- Domino Sugar is taking its iconic sign along Baltimore's harbor solar.
22 Apr 07:20

Zoo launches 'endangered song' to help save tigers

- Indie rock band Portugal. The Man and the Smithsonian's National Zoo released an "endangered song" Tuesday for Earth Day to demonstrate the dwindling number of about 400 Sumatran tigers left in the world.
21 Apr 11:10

Ex-Girl Scouts CEO pleads guilty to embezzling

A former Girl Scouts executive in Virginia has pleaded guilty to embezzling nearly $23,000 from the organization.
21 Apr 09:27

Kentucky inmate starves to death, exposes lapses in prison medical treatment

A prison doctor has been fired and two other staffers are in the midst of being dismissed after an inmate at the Kentucky State Penitentiary starved himself to death.
21 Apr 08:44

Local pediatricians: Codeine not effective treatment for children

It's not a surprise to local doctors that codeine now has the FDA's black box warning, cautioning doctors against writing prescriptions for the opiate painkiller.
21 Apr 16:02

Irony alert: Possible food poisoning at food-safety conference

It's about the last thing you'd expect to happen at a food-safety conference: an outbreak of food poisoning.
21 Apr 16:02

Salaries rising for fundraisers at top charities

- Raising money for charity has become a lucrative line of work.
21 Apr 15:58

Danville muffler shop gets stolen robot dog back

- Muffles the robot dog has come home.
21 Apr 14:43

Osprey nest blocking traffic camera destroyed for second time

For the second time in a week, the Maryland Transportation Authority has removed the nest of a federally protected bird, which built its home in front of a traffic camera at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
21 Apr 13:20

Easter eggs with racist notes upset Va. residents

- Residents of a Henrico neighborhood are upset after finding Easter eggs containing racist notes on their lawns.
21 Apr 12:10

Sheriff's office: Woman mixed cleaners, died

- The Worcester County Sheriff's Office says a 75-year-old woman died after cleaning her home in Berlin.
20 Apr 09:50

Smithsonian to host summer sleepovers for students

- A "Night at the Museum" will be a reality for students at the Smithsonian this summer.
19 Apr 08:50

Autopsy to ID dead boy; body cast off side of road

- All Massachusetts authorities could say for sure is that they found the lifeless body of a small boy, apparently cast off the side of a highway.
18 Apr 12:30

Autopsies done on 7 Utah babies found in garage

- The Utah State Medical Examiner's Office has completed autopsies of seven infants found in cardboard boxes in a woman's garage, but it is unclear when the results will be released.
18 Apr 07:48

Former Blue Angels commander relieved of duty

- A Navy officer was relieved of duty Friday because of unspecified alleged misconduct while he was commanding officer of the Blue Angels precision flying team, the service said.
18 Apr 05:20

Dirty creek, old purse solve four-decade mystery

- Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson had planned to celebrate the end of the 1971 school year by gathering with classmates at a quarry along a gravel road.
18 Apr 16:11

Ospreys return to the Potomac River

Ospreys are building nests. An osprey cam has been set up to watch one of them.
19 Apr 08:51

Post-rehab, injured snowy owl released into wild

- A rare snowy owl that was apparently hit by a bus in the nation's capital and sent to Minnesota for rehab is back in the wild once again.
18 Apr 13:50

Delmarva Chicken Festival to end after 65 years

- The Delmarva Chicken Festival, an annual tradition to promote the region's poultry industry, will hold its final event this summer.
18 Apr 16:27

Polar Vortex has lead to a Pollen Vortex

The pollen count was above 1,000 last weekend. A count of 75 is considered high.
17 Apr 06:46

All-female country-rock band to rock Jammin Java

Antigone Rising performs Saturday night at Jammin Java.
17 Apr 07:57

Osprey nest removed from traffic cam location near Bay Bridge

A pair of federally protected birds built a home in front of a Maryland highway camera along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, but efforts to relocate their nest Friday morning led to its destruction.
17 Apr 09:23

Answers about Maryland and Virginia drivers' licenses

The Washington area is used to getting carded: federal buildings, downtown offices and military facilities -- all require some ID.
17 Apr 07:57

Ospreys settle into traffic cam nest near bay bridge

A pair of ospreys have decided to build their nest in front of a traffic cam above the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
17 Apr 14:11

National Zoo names two baby animals

A sloth bear cub and a seal pup at the National Zoo have new names, the zoo announced.